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The 7 Libman Mop Reviews for 2022

Cleaning can sometimes be tedious, and therefore, for this reason, the Libman company came up with the idea of producing good cleaning mops for effective cleaning.

Libman mops are available in different types. In this post, we’ll look at the different kinds of Libman mops and their features plus the pros and cons.

libman mop review

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Specifically designed to remove 20% of rubbish from your floors – Libman Wonder Mop for Tough Messes

Powerful precompression spray mechanism in dispensing your preferred cleaning detergents – Libman Freedom Wide Mop

Wrangling water out of the mop head is made more accessible – Libman Tornado Mop

Tear-resistant mop head for lifting the dirt away from vinyl and robust Surface – Libman Roller Mop

Durable mop with microfiber finger side to pick up pet hair dirtLibman 117 Wet and Dry Mop

What Type of Libman Mop Should I Choose?

You should lookout for the following factors when choosing a Libman mop:

  • Surface Type

The type of Libman mop you should choose largely depends on how you want to clean your floors. It also depends on the surface you’ll want to clean. For example, you can’t get yourself a wood floor mop while your exterior is made of ceramic tiles.

You will be doing absolutely nothing. Therefore, to clean a ceramic tile floor, you’ll have to use the Nitty Gritty mop or any other mop to clean your story efficiently.

Some floors located in the tougher-to- clean areas will need mops with the features that will make cleaning these areas more accessible.


  • Maintenance

Maintaining these mops is also an essential factor. You should, therefore, choose the mop, which is easier to maintain. Remember, the mop heads also need to be cleaned, and the water rinsed out.

Thus, the easier the maintenance, the better. This means that you should avoid the mops with the hard to maintain or clean features or materials.


  • Price

Price is also an essential factor to consider when choosing a mop. Most mops will be a bit expensive. However, cheap is costly too.

It’s advisable to go for the cheaper ones who will get the job done at your convenient time. Some mops are cheap but are good and can do even more than the most expensive ones.

So, in this factor, you’ll need to be very careful. You should go for something you can afford while doing the intended job rather than go for something expensive but does not deliver.


  • Durability

It doesn’t make sense to spend a considerable amount of money on a product that won’t last enough to fulfill its purpose. Therefore, when going for a Libman mop, you should not only look for the price but also durability.

Ensure that the product is a lasting one, and you will use it for a given and sufficient time.


Top 7 Libman Mop Reviews

In as much as there are different types of Libman mops available, some mops also have the edge over the others. This may be due to functionality or effectiveness. Some may function more than the others.

Therefore, let’s look at the top 7 Libman mops available and their pros and cons plus some essential and unique features.

1. Best Recommended – Libman Wonder Mop for Tough Messes


  • The GRIP STRIPS helps in removing stubborn dirt
  • An-ti bacteria materials
  • The ability to cover a variety of surfaces makes it convenient
  • It can be kept tidy most of the time because it is machine washable


  • Leaves floor a little wet

libman wonder mop

Your Wonder Mop needs to be kept in great shape with the Wonder Mop Refill. It is considered a good alternative to the original Wonder Mop head.

This mop has complete GRIP STRIPS specifically designed to remove 20% of rubbish from your floors and ensure they are left clean from any other form of dirt.

Additionally, It is also cheaper to maintain because it is washable by machine up to 50 times. You will only need to detach the head, wash, and then reinstall it.

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2. Spray Mop for Tight Spot – Libman Freedom Wide Mop for Easy Cleaning


  • Penetrates through grease, scum, grime, and more
  • Affordable price
  • The spray makes your cleaning easier
  • Fresh and clean odor


  • Needs to be cleaned after every time use

libman wide spray mop

Libman wonder mop makes your cleaning easier. It has a lid that perfectly measures the 1 oz. of cleaning solution, making it easier to fill your freedom spray mop tanks and sufficient water and cleaner.

It has a powerful precompression spray mechanism, which helps in dispensing your preferred cleaning detergents from it’s easy to refill tanks.

Mop neck is easy to control and reaches tight spots because of its ability to rotate at 360 degrees. It’s thick and absorbent microfiber pad is easily removable and cleans deep and is also washable by machine.

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3. For Larger Area – Libman Tornado Mop With Washable Mop Refills


  • Durable and absorbent mop head
  • The handles are durable and last longer
  • Excellent for use in ceramic tiles, marble, wood, linoleum, and laminate
  • One year warranty


  • It’s a bit costly because of its durability

libman tornado mop

Libman Freedom Wide Spray Mop covers more area than the other mops. Wrangling water out of the mop head is made more accessible by the presence of the integrated Grip N’ Click ratchet wringer.

You get to clean more quickly because the head is washable by machine and is also replaceable.

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4. Sponge Mop with Scrub Brush – Libman Roller Mop for Tough Stains


  • The cleaning pads ensure the dirt is drifted away
  • Easy to pull wring handle
  • Comes with a scrub brush that breaks down grout, tough dirt, and more hard surfaces
  • The mop head is heavy duty and absorbent.
  • Easier to use


  • Can be tedious to clean

libman nitty gritty roller mop

The Nitty Gritty mop squeezes every bit of dirt out of your floor. The tear-resistant mop head assists you in lifting the dirt away from vinyl, wood, and other more robust surfaces.

You can get the dirty water out of the absorbent mop while maintaining tidiness. It gets to even stricter areas because it has a convenient brush.

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5. For Hardwood Floors – Libman 117 Microfiber Wet and Dry Mop


  • Rotates to 360 degrees to reach a tight area
  • Its head spins easily for you to use the other side.
  • Microfiber finger picks up dirt and dust by the side
  • The pad can last longer because it can be washed by machine and reused
  • Comes with refills


  • Not the most awesome mop

libman microfiber mop

In case you intend to dust or mop your floor, Libman Nitty Gritty Sponge Mop will serve your intended purpose.

Therefore, use the microfiber finger side to pick up pet hair, dust, and dirt. The smooth team is excellent for washing trash and mopping. Moreover, the head is washable by machine up to 100 times and is as well removable.

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6. Economically friendly – Libman String Cotton Deck Mop


  • Equipped with a four-ply cotton yarn
  • It is economically friendly
  • Ideal for intense cleaning whereby, after a few uses, you can replace the mop head
  • It is durable due to the presence of steel handles and polymer yarn connector.


  • Better to be bigger

libman cotton deck mop

When looking for a low-cost mop, this is probably the best option. It works well by wringing out using your hand or a wringer bucket attached. It is ideal for messy clean-ups.

The mop head is also replaceable and can simply be replaced by unscrewing the old mop head and attaching the mop head refill.

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7. With Scrub Brush – Libman 955 Roller Mop with Stiff Plastic Fibers


  • The sponge resists tears, and the availability of red cleaning pads helps lift the dirt away easily
  • It has a scrub brush that eliminates tough dirt with it’s recycled and stiff plastic fibers
  • Durable because it has a tear-resistant sponge
  • Cheaper price
  • Easy to pull wringing handle


  • Can sometimes get messy

libman roller mop

When mentioning the top 7 mops, this mop has rightfully earned its place among the top performers.

It has a powerful sponge that wipes dry and while also resisting tearing. Pulling the wring handle is easy hence removes more water. It is greatly absorbent and makes the floor dry fast. Additionally, refilling it is also easy.

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How to Remove A Libman Mop Head

Libman mop head is detachable. So, when washing the head, you’ll just remove it. You can clean the microfiber up to 50 times, at least according to Libman. You can use the wringer to twist the mop head and, therefore, remove the dirty water.

Moreover, detaching the mop head is simple and requires no unique tool, and reattaching it is also quicker. The mop head should be air-dried, and this is because it as a plastic connector.  So, we’ll look at the steps involved in removing the Libman mop head below.

  • Step 1

Hold the Libman mop with the collar of the wringer. The white piece used in wringing out the mop head is the wringer collar.

  • Step 2

Use your hand to lift the wringer collar away from the mop head.

  • Step 3

Use your free hand to pull the mop head from the mop handle. After doing this, you can now release the wringer collar.

You can now proceed to do whatever you wanted with the mop head, whether it’s cleaning or maintenance, and after you are done, you can reattach it.


How to Clean Libman Wonder Mop Head

libman wonder mop

The Libman wonder mop is made up of an absorbent microfiber material that is washable by machine, enabling you to wash any hard surface floor with just a single mop.

Therefore, wash your Libman wonder mop by using the washing machine and clean it as often as you can and depending on how much you use it.

Step 1

Detach the mop from the handle. Slide the elastic band at the top of the mop to remove the part of the mop.

Step 2

Use the warm water in the sink to rinse the mop. Remove as much rubbish as possible.

Step 3

Set your washing machine to delicate. Add laundry or cleansing detergents to the water.

Step 4

Insert the mop into the washing machine to wash. Hang the mop to dry when finished.

Step 5

Drop the mop in a bleach-water solution and wring out between washings. This will ensure that the mop doesn’t get a musty or moldy smell.

The above steps are effective in ensuring the mop stays clean and free of any odor-causing germs when followed appropriately.



Keeping a floor clean may require some time and effort. The floor needs to be kept clean at all times to prevent bacteria, which can make the surface have a terrible smell or cause diseases. It is, therefore, imperative to ensure that the surface is well cleaned.

The above mops can assist in performing the general cleaning of the floor or surface. There are different surfaces in different buildings or houses. Some houses have ceramic tiles, and some have wooden floors and e.t.c.

However, to ensure the floors are kept clean will largely depend on the type of mops you’ll choose.

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