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Libman Wonder Mop Review 2022

We all love to have our houses in tip-top shape, clean and free from any debris, visible stains, and grim. Well, the Libman Wonder Mop is tailor-made to ensure that you get the best cleaning results as you mop or dust your way through your house. This mop comes with excellent features that make your light and heavy-duty cleaning of floor or wall surfaces stress-free.


The Overview of Libman Wonder Mop

  • GRIPSTRIPS: Microfiber gripstrips lift 20% more dirt from floors, with advanced microfiber tech that removes even the smallest particles for impeccably clean floors
  • POWER WRINGER: Each Wonder Mop has a built-in power wringer. This innovative feature enables the mop to remove even more water, resulting in faster drying times and a more efficient cleaning process
  • MULTISURFACE: The mop is a multi-surface tool, suitable for use on a wide range of flooring types, including vinyl, linoleum, wood, laminate, marble, stone, and ceramic tile
  • WASHABLE: The Eco-Friendly mop heads can be machine or hand washed in warm water up to 50 times, saving you money on disposable pads and reducing your carbon footprint
  • 3 TOTAL REFILLS: Included are three Wonder Mop Refills, which are the direct replacement for your Libman Wonder Mop. Enjoy the same high-quality experience with these convenient and durable refills

With very minimal effort required to operate the sturdy mop, your mundane everyday cleaning problems are guaranteed to be a thing of the past. Tired of the annoying pools of water you leave behind while cleaning? Or the obnoxious task of wringing out the mop with your bare hands every time you switch rooms? These and more are effectively addressed in the ingenious design of the Libman Wonder Mop.

The Mop is designed with you in mind and endeavors to address every foreseeable hiccup encountered while we clean. You will enjoy using this ‘wonder-working’ mop and here’s why.


Main Features of Libman Wonder Mop

libman wonder mop review

  • Absorbent and Long lasting Mop Heads

The Libman Wonder Mop can easily spot clean small messes with just one whisk! The mop head is fitted with several strands of fabric which give it a large surface area.

Its fabric is highly absorbent and does not easily dampen like other mops. It can retain a considerably large amount of fluid before it may need to be wrung out.

The mop head is tightly fastened to the steel handle, allowing it not to detach while cleaning. Having a mop head that is loosely-fitted or one that ‘dances’ around, is quite irritating to anyone who wants to get the job done with no fuss or waste of time. This Wonder Mop head, however, sits in place to ensure a great overall cleaning experience.


  • Long Sturdy Steel Handle

The Libman Wonder Mop is long enough to ensure that you go about cleaning without breaking a sweat. It consists of a full handle that is 3/4″ in length which minimizes any unnecessary stretching and over-bending while cleaning.

The steel handle is thick and strong enough to handle any undue pressure while cleaning stubborn stains without bending or breaking it. This makes it ideal for heavy-duty cleaning as well.

At the top of the steel handle, there is a wide hanger grip, that enables you to easily and comfortably grip and use the mop without any abrasion on your hands.

Additionally, the paint on the steel handle does not flake or chip off even with consistent contact with water and household detergents. This makes it long-lasting and durable for long term use.


  • Plastic Wringing Cup

Gone are the days you had to stoop over and wring your mop with your own bare hands! The yuck feeling when you have to remove debris and wet particles that cling onto your mop so that you may wring it out and use it is now over.

With the Libman Wonder Mop, you can easily wring out any excess water using the plastic wringing cup which is attached to the steel handle. It is designed to easily slide over the mop head and compress the fabric draining out any excess water.

Simply slide the wringing cup over the mop head and twist as many times as you desire to ensure you have the adequate ‘wring’ you want.

The wringing cup feature enables you to regulate the amount of water your mop leaves behind. At every given moment, you have absolute control over the amount of water your mop head holds. This curbs any occurrences of unintended excess water paddles being left on the floor. Ultimately, this leads to quick-drying floors.


  • Formidable Stain Remover

The Mop Head is designed with microfiber grip strips on the outer fabric pieces. The use of microfiber technology enables the positively charged fabric to attract negatively charged dust and dirt particles. This enables easy removal of even the toughest of stains.

With the microfiber technology at play, you do not have to exert a lot of energy while cleaning, let technology work its spell for you. Whether its animal debris, spills, smudges, or dark and greasy grim stuck on your floor, this mop gets the job done easily and fast.

To clean stubborn stains, you can opt to use a mild detergent that will help lift off the stain from the ground. The Libman Wonder Mop can be used with common household detergents and natural disinfectants such as vinegar or lemon water to clean. Just ensure you pour the detergent or disinfectant into a bucket of water and not directly onto the mop.


  • Works on Every Kind of Floor Surface

Lastly and most definitely not the least, the Libman Wonder Mop works on any type of floor surface.

Whether it be rough or with a smooth finishing; wooden, tiled, vinyl, marble – you name it.  The Libman Wonder Mop promises to always have any floor space in tip-top shape.


  • Great Perks! – 3 Replaceable Heads

Yes, you read right. This is an ideal value pack offer. The Libman Wonder Mop comes with 3 replaceable heads bringing it to a total of 4 mop heads in a single purchase.

How great is that?  When dirty or worn out, the attached mop head can be easily be replaced. The package typically comes with instructions on how to replace the mop head – which can be done in under a minute!


  • Easy to Clean

The mop heads are machine washable. You can throw in your mop head alongside your house rugs and have them clean in no time.  While cleaning, avoid using bleach or fabric softener, these two tend to have adverse effects on the mop fabric. Instead, use mild detergents.

For those who may not have a washing machine, this mop is also very easy to clean with bare hands. Simply use a bucket full of water and a mild detergent to hand wash the fabric and then hang it out to dry. A single mop head can be cleaned up to 50 times before any signs of wear and tear are seen on it. Now that is value for money.


Libman Wonder Mop Review

Overall Score: 8.8/10

libman wonder mop

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Brilliant features

  • Great surface area for ease of cleaning
  • Can reach into corners and small spaces
  • No rug marks left while cleaning
  • The handle does not rust
  • Affordable price
  • Comes with a value pack of 3 easily replaceable mop heads
  • Durable and sturdy

Watch out for

  • You cannot purchase the handle alone
  • The mop cannot bend

Final Thoughts

Cleaning is a paramount day to day exercise and should not be tedious or hectic. Have all your cleaning needs effectively addressed with great equipment such as the Libman Wonder Mop.

The Wonder Mop ensures ease in cleaning and guarantees excellent performance in removing mild and stubborn stains etched on your floor. It is light-weight, sturdy, absorbent, and is designed to endure consistent daily use for both ordinary house cleaning and thorough cleaning without wearing out.  This mop gives you value for money and is a highly recommendable house cleaning staple.


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