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Mexerris Microfiber Floor Mop Review

Invention and innovation never go out of trend. Mexerris is here to show you something new and exciting. Introducing a brand new household product that gives you something exciting to clean your home.

Read on to learn more about the Mexerris microfiber spray mop, its features, what you benefit from, and areas that need improvement. You can’t afford to miss out on this unique opportunity to upgrade your cleaning experience.

In-depth Overview of the Mexerris Microfiber mop

spray mop

The Mexerris Professional Spray mop is a unique microfiber mop, a must-have for every home. This product is made from top-quality aluminum material and is designed to be anti-rust and anti-corrosion.

It features an adjustable handle that’s extended and a cleaning cloth that offers super cleaning ability to your floors.

Your search for a sturdy spray mop is over with the Mexerris Floor mop. In addition to its excellent cleaning ability, it comes with high-quality materials that can last you a long time.

Here’s an affordable spray mop of outstanding quality and well worth the price. It is suitable for use on different floor types, ranging from hardwood, tiles, vinyl, linoleum, concrete, high-quality, and cement floors.

With Mexerris professional spray mop, you’ll say goodbye to cleaning as a chore and appreciate the fun and ease that comes with cleaning.

What You Benefit from This Mop

how can you benefit from the microfiber mop

  • Flexible swivel head designed for easy cleaning and access to all corners

The Mexerris mop is designed with a rotatable, flexible swivel head that rotates 360° and offers full cleaning of your surfaces.

This swivel design offers easy maneuvering and access to hard-to-reach corners that may be difficult with a regular mop.

It also features a sturdy adjustable telescoping handle that can be extended or reduced to your desired height.

Now you don’t need to bend over anymore or live with hidden dust or stains.

  • 4 packs of reusable microfiber floor mop pads that you can attach and remove easily

This spray mop comes with 4 reusable mop pads that are cost-effective, and you can easily put them on and off.

It has top-quality microfiber material that offers high water absorbency and traps dirt and dust from your floors.

The microfiber mops are washable, and you don’t need to wring them yourself. When you’re washing one, you can always make use of the spare.

There’s also a scrubber for dirt removal that helps remove dirt easily from the mop pads.

  • Durable mop offers 2 in 1 wet and dry use

These high-quality microfiber pads are effective for use in dry and wet cleaning.

You can use it as a dry mop to collect dust and remove dog hair, cat hair, and other types of pet hair from your floors.

Likewise, you can use it as a wet mop for cleaning hardwood, cement, tile, laminate, and vinyl floors.

  • Confidence in your purchase knowing you’re buying the best

Here’s an excellent microfiber mop that guarantees optimum performance in removing dirt with ease, and achieving improved water absorbing.

It also features reinforced stainless steel poles that are durable and last long. The various parts are specially sourced to give you an exciting cleaning experience for more than 12 months.

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What Do Other Users Say About This?

One user stated how easy cleaning their home with pets was with this spray mop. They further mentioned the extra attachments that you can store in the mops original package, and how much they love this.

Users of the Mexerris Microfiber spray mop have dropped reports of how much they love their spray mop because it is very lightweight, with a wide pad that covers the floor.

They also seem to enjoy that they save money when they purchase this steam mop and it also allows for using any desirable cleaning solution.

They seem to enjoy the super absorbency of the cleaning pad as they reported that it covers a wide cleaning area, making the job faster. The machine-washable microfiber pads are of excellent quality machine-washable and are cost-effective.

The one-hand trigger control system on this spray mop is a hit. With one squeeze of the trigger, users say they can spray mist on the floor and it dries immediately.

It makes it easy to remove pet hair, debris, and dirt from the floor. From small messes to all stains on your floors, you are assured of a streak-free experience. A user commented that it fixed their spots and stains with little effort.


What You May Care?

spray steam mop

  • A refillable water tank that eliminates the use of heavy buckets

Gone are the days where you carried a heavy mop bucket around to clean your house. The Mexerris spray mop has a refillable 410 ml capacity water tank that you can fill and continue cleaning.

  • Lightweight design, with one hand easy operation and moving around

Cleaning is as simple as pushing the trigger situated on the handle. This spray mop turns water to mist quickly, and also saves water, making your mopping efficient and reducing the effort needed in cleaning, unlike the regular mop.

  • Unique fan-shaped most pump spray nozzle

This spray nozzle is specially designed for full spraying coverage of the full width of the mop head thus preventing water from splashing around. It sprays a good amount of mist and supplies sufficient moisture in mopping your windows and floors.

What You May Prefer

  • Leak-free container that also allows you to fill it with your favorite cleaner

The refillable container is an upgraded sealed container with a sturdy build that guarantees lasting and does not leak.

It also allows you to fill with any cleaner of your choice, including plain water or essential oil without changing water or washing your hands. Mopping doesn’t get any better.

  • Improved plate design in an ergonomic installation design

The Mexerris spray mop has an upgraded plate design that is easy to open and very flexible. It keeps your hands protected from injury when you want to install the mop pad.

There’s a unique double-row tooth rotating in a clockwise direction that keeps the pad stuck tightly to the plate so you can mop freely without it falling off.

  • An extra scraper and scrubber

There’s an additional scraper that removes pad hairs or dirt from your mop, and also helps you to clean stubborn stains from your floors.

The scrubber is safe in the environment and gives balanced friction for an excellent mopping experience. The scraper is your handy assistant for the removal of tough stains and dirt.


What Could Be Better?

Mexerris spray mop unlike other brands keeps making improvements and upgrades to their products. The poles are stainless steel reinforced with the best quality material and are also rust-resistant.

There’s increased gravity on the mop plate and is the best solution to flip over.

The floor cleaning solution should be bigger in volume, and also have a bigger opening. It will be great to reduce the number of refills when using the spray mop.

How Does It Compare in Value?

Mexerris Spray mop is priced at the mid-value range. Although some people may consider this a high-end purchase, it is quite cheap compared to other similar mops in this category.

If you compare with other competitors, you’ll discover that Mexerris offers quality at the best price and is also very affordable.

They are committed to providing quality products and also give a quality assurance warranty of a few years but it is expected to last long. Some of the cheap parts need upgrades to ensure they outwit a long while.


Does this spray mop allow for several sprays in a row?

Yes, it does. It sprays in the same manner as your typical spray bottle.

Can you store cleaner in the tank when not in use?

You can store the cleaner in your tank when you’re not using the mop. It is also possible to remove the head of the mop and store the tank and cleaner.


Mexerris Professional spray mop is a durable product, and although the Mexerris brand is fairly new to the market, it has proven to be one of excellent value.

This product is designed to give you a hassle-free cleaning experience, and also leave your house streak-free and spotless. If you’ve been searching for a durable spray mop of high-quality materials, and long-lasting use.

Mexerris has the solution to all your cleaning needs. Get one for your home today to enjoy using this product. Click here now.

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