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O Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop Review

Brilliant innovations have revolutionized mop designs in-floor cleaning. Mops are popular among homeowners because they can be used to clean floors and corridors. In this article, we are going to look at the O Cedar Spin Mop review. This mop comes in handy for homeowners as it has a triangular mop head which allows you to clean corners efficiently.


The Overview of O Cedar Spin Mop

  • REMOVES OVER 99% OF BACTERIA: Genuine O-Cedar mop heads remove over 99% of bacteria using only water. They don't need bleach or detergent. Bleach can harm microfiber, but O-Cedar Floor Cleaning PACS won't. PACS help to remove grease and dirt from hard floors, to give you an even deeper clean. * BMA Labor GbR Labs tested O-Cedar EasyWring refills on May 3, 2019. The tests confirmed the effectiveness of the refills. This claim remains accurate and true today.
  • HANDS-FREE WRINGING: Our exclusive mop bucket design features a built-in wringer that allows for hands-free wringing while Splash Guard keeps water splash and spray inside the bucket when wringing or when transporting the bucket from room to room.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: The EasyWring Microfiber Mop Head is machine-washable and reusable, so they don’t need to be tossed in the trash after each clean, saving you money and better than the environment that disposable wipes.
  • DEEP CLEANING MICROFIBER: O-Cedar's EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop & Bucket Floor Cleaning System uses millions of strands of advanced microfiber to effectively capture dirt and grime with just plain water, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals. Safe for all hard flooring, including finished hardwood, wood, laminate, tile, vinyl and more.
  • HANDLE EXTENDS FULLY TO 48 INCHES: With a telescopic handle that extends up to 48 inches, anyone can mop comfortably without bending over
  • CLEAN BETTER WITH A MICROFIBER MOP: Our streak-free microfiber mops easily attracts and locks in dirt, dust, pet hair, grime, dried-on or sticky messes better than a traditional cotton wet mop. It can be used wet or dry for mopping or dusting

O Cedar has been manufacturing mops for over 100 years, making it an experienced and trusted manufacturer. The O cedar Spin Mop is popular among customers and has generated a lot of positive reviews. This spin mop and bucket is one of the biggest game-changers in the cleaning industry from its affordable price to its unique cleaning qualities.

O Cedar Spin Mop has been designed such that all people can use it comfortably including young and old. The mop head is triangular making it easy to clean deep corners and hard surfaces. The spinning action of the mop is really good. Thanks to the 360 degrees mop head, people with back pain can clean floors effectively without bending.

Also, this spin mop is fitted with a self-cleaning floor cleaning system that you can use with hand or machine. It comes with a bucket which you can use for cleaning and wringer for wringing the mop. The built-in bucket wringer is a wonderful feature because you will not need to use your hands to clean the mop. Instead, what you need to use is the pedal and clean comfortably without touching the mop.

To use this feature, all you have to do is deep the mop in water to be wet then use your foot to pedal the wringer which makes the mop spin. This helps you control the amount of water you want on the floor while cleaning because the more you spin the less water in the mop.

The microfiber mop strands are used for cleaning the deep places in your house thus removing tough dirt and stains. O Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop is an eco-friendly mop for both machine and hand wash without bending. However, you should not use bleach or fabric softener or use a drier but lay the mop flat on the ground to dry. The refill is highly affordable and it should be replaced between 3 to 6 months depending on how much is used.


Main Features of O Cedar Spin Mop

use o cedar spin mop

This great mop from O Cedar comes with several wonderful features such as a spin mop, a telescopic pole, a plastic base, microfiber mop head, and a push pedal bucket.

  • Design 

The O Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop has a nice overall design. This spin mop comes with a durable wand that connects to a cleaning head, thus housing the cleaning pad.

On the side of the bucket, the water reservoir consists of two-thirds of the bucket. This is the section where you fill with water if you want to mop the floors. The other third is the “EasyWring” where users place the mop head and use the foot pedal to wring it out.

  • The Triangular Shape 

The O Cedar Spin Mop has a triangular shape that allows you to clean the tight, small, and hidden corners of your home with no problem.

Those places where a round mop cannot clean is now thoroughly cleaned by the O Cedar triangular spin mop. Also, the flexible mop head is designed with 360-degree rotation such that it can maneuver furniture and fit in corners.

  • Microfiber Mop Strands 

Microfiber mop strand is more absorbent than any other material and superior in removing tough dirt and stains. This gives you an opportunity for deep cleaning including the smallest hard to reach places.

It is worth noting that you can remove the handle from the mop and use it to dry clean, vacuum, and dust surfaces in your home. Microfiber mop strands are also eco-friendly, meaning that it is safe environmentally and machine washable. You can use it to clean everything on the floor including your pet’s hair. The power of microfiber mop strands absorbs and removes grime and tough dirt.

  • Bucket 

This is a high capacity mop bucket that can hold a lot of water, which makes it capable of holding a lot of water. The bucket comes with a foot pedal which you press using your foot so that you can spin the mop head which releases the excess water. Also, O Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop bucket does not come with wheels, so it is not easy to move around with.

  • A Built-in Bucket Wringer  

O Cedar Spin mop bucket is uniquely designed such that the reservoir holds more water. The bucket system requires no assembly and has two sides, one that holds water and the other side that wrings out the mop.

The built-in wringer can be operated by pedaling with your foot. This push pedal helps you control how much water you want in the mop, and the more you pedal the less water is in the mop.

If you like using vinegar and water as a cleaning agent, then you will prefer the O Cedar Spine mop as a solution is not put inside the unit’s reservoir. You just keep the mop in the water and vinegar solution until it is evenly wet then put the mop in a wringer and pedal.

The only concern of the wringer is that it is plastic, while other spin mops come with metal wringers. While fairly durable, plastic wringers can break after some time.

  • Foot Pedal Wringing 

This is another useful feature of O Cedar Spin Mop, especially if wringing a mop with your hands irritates you. After dipping the mop in the water you put in a wringer and pedal using your foot. The more you pedal, the less water is in mop which allows you to mop comfortably.

  • Excellent Splash Guard

With the O Cedar Spin mop, you cannot be worried about any splash which might give you more work and waste your time. The O Cedar Spin Mop has been fitted with splash guard which keeps any splashing and drops in the bucket off the ground when wringing out the mop.

  • Aesthetic 

When it comes to aesthetics, O Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop has a clean look. O-Cedar moved away from the traditional look of the bucket mop to a cleaner look overall. The red and black color scheme is another of O Cedar’s staple design.

  • Refills

O Cedar Spin Mop refills are cheaper. With around 10 dollars you get yourself refills. If you are mopping regularly then you should replace refills after every three months but if you are using the mop once in a while then you can change after six months.


O Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop Review

Overall Score: 9.0/10

o cedar easywring spin mop review

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Brilliant features

  • The microfiber mop head tackles tough dirt and stains
  • Hands-free wringing
  • Leaves no particle on floors
  • The mop can be used whether dry or wet
  • Triangle shaped mop head allows you to clean corners with ease
  • It has an excellent splash guard which ensures there is a minimal mess while mopping
  • The mop head absorbs a lot of water excellent for cleaning beverage

Watch out for

  • Mop head must be replaced after a few months
  • No bucket divider to separate dirty and clean water


O Cedar Spin Mop vs. Hurricane Spin Mop

Both of these spin mops have a 360-degree pivoting mop head which allows them to slide under the tightest of furniture gaps. Besides, they come with microfiber mop head which allows users to mop smarter and maneuver around impossible to reach areas.

Both the Hurricane mop and O cedar mop gives you an opportunity of cleaning without bending. These mops can lie flat on the floor meaning that you will not have to bend or move furniture. Therefore, if you have a back pain problem you can clean your house comfortably without too much pain.

Additionally, Hurricane Spin Mop uses a patented centrifugal spinning technology that spins away dirty water, which leaves you with a clean mop head.

Hurricane spin mop has a 5-year warranty but that process of returning the mop now and then inconveniences the customer. But generally, the bucket is lightweight, has foot pedals for spinning and 360-degree spin.

However, compared with O Cedar Spin Mop, Hurricane Spin Mop’s microfiber fiber is thinner, smaller and fall out quickly. Also, the quality of the new bucket is poor even though the mop handle and foot pedal are stronger. When you compare Hurricane Spin mop with O Cedar, you will find that the latter stands out in cleaning floors thanks to the triangular mop head which penetrates all the corners of the house.

Also, the O Cedar features a splash guard that keeps spray and splash inside the bucket thus giving you ample time washing the surface. Assembling the mop is quicker and easier for you to operate. You just fix the telescopic pole into the mop handle then adjust the height by turning the mop handle to the left also turning to the right to lock it in place After that you attach the handle to the plastic base.



Choosing between a regular mop and a good quality mop can make a huge difference if you want to mop through and ensure a good quality floor after mopping.

The O Cedar Spin Mop is one of the best spin mops you can find in the market. This spin mop which features a flexible mop head and microfiber can be used to clean a wide array of messes. The material construction of the bucket and mop are very good.

Compared to other mops that are expensive to buy, the O Cedar Spin Mop is an inexpensive option offering great value and performance. Hopefully, the above O cedar Spin Mop and buying guide features will help you choose the best mop that suits your needs.



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