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O-Cedar ProMist Max Microfiber Spray Mop Review

Innovations span many sectors, and we can appreciate the ones that feature in the home maintenance, which make the entire process smooth. Several household items are the advancement of their former selves, for example, the o-cedar promist max microfiber spray mop.

It is a unique mop that you should have in your home to uphold hygiene standards. Featuring a unique design, this is one utility that you will appreciate.


Overall Review of O-Cedar ProMist Max Microfiber Spray Mop

As mentioned, one of the things that you will notice about this cleaning equipment is its unique design, sporting a water tank and a wide mop pad. This gives you a rough hint of what to expect when you put it to use, where you are sure of covering large areas in a single swipe.

It is ideal if you have a large space, and you can also bring it in for commercial uses. Talking about commercial uses, the mop pad is highly adaptable, where it brings its hardy nature to deal with various surfaces, leaving them spotless.

The mop has been through third-party lab testing, with results showing that it can deal with stains and microorganisms such as bacteria, particularly e.coli and staph.aureus. The two are stubborn bacteria, which can cause several diseases.

With this mop as part of your cleaning arsenal, you are sure of speedy cleaning times. Cleaning is also fun, as its design makes it easy to handle. The mop’s collection of features makes it an excellent addition to your household.

  • Super-absorbent microfiber effectively cleans with just water
  • DUAL-SIDED MOP HEAD - The large, dual-sided microfiber mop head flips allowing you to clean floors fast without having to change the mop pad.
  • REFILLABLE BOTTLE - Just fill bottle with water and add 2 small teaspoons of your favorite cleaning solution and you are ready to shine your floors.
  • POWER OF MICROFIBER - The ProMist MAX Spray Mop uses the magic of thousands of microfibers to absorb the smallest dirt and dust particles. When switching between cleaners or preparing for storage, fill bottle with water and spray 5 times, discard remaining water
  • USE WET OR DRY - Versatile microfiber pad allows you to use wet for a deeper clean to shine your floors or use dry for dusting your floors.
  • ONE-TOUCH BOTTLE RELEASE - The innovative one-touch release allows you to remove the spray bottle quickly and easily. For best results, change refill every 3-6 months
  • REUSABLE MOP PAD - Save money by washing your microfiber pad for repeat use. Pad is machine washable up to 100 times.
  • NO BATTERIES - ProMist MAX allows you to easily control the amount of spray with our comfort grip handle and trigger without the need for costly batteries.


Main Features of O-Cedar ProMist Max

cedar promist max microfiber spray mop

  • Dual-Sided Mophead

The mop head is one of the unique features of this cleaning implement, as it is dual-sided. When cleaning and one side gets extremely dirty or wet, you flip it over to the other and continue with your task.

The mop flips at a 180-degree angle and improves your cleaning speeds as you do not have to pause and change the mop.

  • The Microfiber Surfaces

The mop pad has a microfiber surface, making it suitable for dealing with microorganisms that infest your floor surfaces.

The fibers increase the mop pad’s surface area, and with some water and detergent, you will have a clean spot, with 99% of germs eliminated. This feature makes it the best mop to have if you have children in the house.

  • Refillable Bottle

A refillable bottle, situated towards the mophead, will provide the water and detergent you need to have your surfaces spotless.

You fill the bottle with water and add the cleaning agent of your choice, then control its output using a trigger. The trigger releases the solution in the form of a spray.

In this case, you do not need a bucket of water when maintaining hygiene in your house. The result is that you are resourceful on water use, and also there are minimal chances of water spills, which can be tedious to deal with.

  • Reusable Mop

Another hint of the resourcefulness of the o-cedar promist max microfiber spray mop is the reusable mop pad.

If it is dirty, you do not discard it; rather, you clean it. You can toss it into the washing machine with some detergent, and it will come out very clean and ready to use.

You can wash the pad up to 100 times before it becomes worn out, and you may discard it.

  • Deep Cleaning Scrub Zones

This cleaner has deep cleaning scrub zones, which comes to play when dealing with tough stains. They are surfaces on the mop pad, which have a slightly rough texture and help deal with sticky stains such as grime, which may be hard to remove.

  • Friendly on the Floor

The problem with several new age cleaning equipment is that they may be hard on the floors and promote wear and tear.

On the contrary, the o-cedar promist max microfiber spray mop is friendly to the floor and deals with various surfaces such as hardwood, ceramic, or tiles, leaving them in an excellent condition.

The fact that it can work on several floor surfaces makes it a versatile household utility.

  • Battery-Less

A thing that may surprise you with the o-cedar spray mop is that it is manual and does not need batteries or any form of electrical connection. This is a nice feature as you do not have to spend on batteries or for power when you want to use it.

  • Lightweight

It is also light in weight, weighing 1.8 pounds, translating to ease in handling. With such a light frame, you can bid goodbye to arm strains, which mostly comes from operating heavy cleaning equipment.

  • Storage

Storage of the o-cedar mop is simple courtesy of its small frame. It can fit in most spaces as long as you detach the mop pad. Its maintenance is also not demanding, with the most part concerning cleaning the mop pad and changing the water in the refillable bottle.

  • Areas of Use

You can use this mop in several areas such as the living room, bathroom, kitchen, and many more. As earlier mentioned, it is also perfect for commercial settings, especially those that need high standard hygiene levels such as restaurants, daycares, and hospitals.


O-Cedar ProMist Max Review

Overall Score: 8.8/10


o cedar promist max reviews

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Brilliant features

  • The deep-cleaning microfiber effectively deals with 99% of germs.
  • Easy to install, use, and maintain.
  • A dual-sided mop pad that allows for quick cleaning.
  • You can use it for either wet or dry cleaning.
  • The refillable water bottle allows for the resourceful use of water and prevents accidental spills.
  • It is friendly on your floors, and you can also use it in different rooms like your bathroom or kitchen.
  • The mop is lightweight, making it easy to handle.
  • Its small frame makes it economical on space during storage.

Watch out for

  • The handle and the pole are not the retractable ones.


Final Words

Upgrade your cleaning practice by getting the o-cedar promist max microfiber spray mop, where you take advantage of its several features. Some of the features include a refillable bottle, spray control, and the mop pad’s microfiber surface.

If you get this mop, you are sure of an exciting experience as you leave your surfaces clean with 99% of germs exterminated.

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