How to Get Scratches out of Wood Floors?

Scratches are a natural pain associated with wood floors that easily occur on the surface of the floors. There comes the question: how to get scratches out of wood floors?

There are many ways not only to remove but alternatively hide these marks. Before getting into detail, note that our floors are delicate, it is important to conserve them. Here are guides and tips on how to get scratches out of wood floors.

how to take scratches out of hardwood floors

How to Remove Scratches from Hardwood Floors?

Wood is a fascinating and expensive choice of flooring. However, simple things like scratches could effortlessly ruin their elegance.

To properly get these scratches out, you’d better consider the type of floor finishing first. To help you with this, here is a list of the most popular types of floor finishes.

  • Oil base polyurethane
  • Water-based polyurethane
  • Wax coating
  • Varnish
  • Stain
  • Aluminum oxide coating

After determining your type of floor, finish proceeding to determine the scratch’s type or extent. And determine how serious or damaging the scratch is. It could either be a minor or deep scratch.

Below is a list of types of scratches and how to remove them.

  • Superficial scratches
These are scratches that appear on the surface or the finish of the wood floor. They are easily removed and do not involve a lot of work.

There are many ways to remove superficial surfaces; here is one of the easiest ways to perform this.

  • Step 1: Gently clean the area around the scratch.

To do so, use a soft rag and a floor-friendly wood cleaner to ensure there is no dust or dirt in the surrounding. Rinse the wood cleaner with a clean sponge.

  • Step 2: Use a wax stick to fill in the scratch.

Gently rub the wax stick over the scratch in the direction of the grain until it is filled.

  • Step 3: Buff the scratch, use a cloth to rub back and forth over the area.

This aims to ensure that the wax is smoother and no excess wax is left on the surface.

  • Minor scratches

how to get light scratches out of hardwood floors
These are deeper scratches that have penetrated the surface and coating of the wood. To remove these scratches, follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Clean the surface around the scratch.

Use proper wood cleaners that are not mild to avoid damaging the floor. This also ensures that we are no dust or debris near the scratch.

  • Step 2: Use a ball of steel wool.

Gently rub the area and follow the grain of the wood rubbing against the grain of the wood increases marks and makes the characters more noticeable.

Carefully feather the edges using the steel wool to a minimum, though, to prevent them from being noticed.

  • Step 3: Cover the scratch with the wax stick.

Allow it to sit for at least 10 minutes afterward; use a soft cloth to buff the area and allow it to shine.

If you do not have a glossy polyurethane floor, use paste wax after the wax stick to make the area less noticeable.

  • Deep scratches or gauges

Talk off the nightmare of scratches on hardwood floors. Deep scratches or gauges require a lot of work to remove and hide or cover.

In most situations, this type of scratches requires you to sand the area, repair and refinish it, and as if to add insult to injury, in some circumstances, you have to redo the whole floor; it sounds like hell, right?

Well, since you are confused on the way forward with such scratches, here are two approaches you may take.

First, you may choose to refinish the whole floor. You can pick this approach if and only if a larger percentage of your floor is covered in deep scratches.

This method involves complete sanding and refinishing of your wood floors. This method of scratch removal is not advisable for engineered wood floors.

Secondly, you can always choose to refinish parts of your floors that have been primarily affected by the deep scratches. This can be achieved by following these easy steps.

  • Step 1: Clear the work surface using cleaners to keep off dust and dirt.
  • Step 2: Soak a scouring pad with mineral spirits, then gently rub the scratch with the pad.
  • Step 3: Do this for a while, then finally dry and wipe off the surface.
  • Step 4: Use a colored wood putty that matches the floor’s appearance and place it carefully on the floor with a plastic putty knife.
  • Step 5: After the putty hardens, smoothen the surface with sandpaper and alloy a fresh coat of polyurethane.
  • Engineering wood floors

how to get small scratches out of wood floor

Engineered wood floors have been hyped time and again, especially on their durability and long-lasting effect. Despite this, they are still prone to scratches. Here are a few pointers on how to execute this.

  • Step 1: Clear the area where the scratches are by moving rugs or chairs that might be blocking the area.
  • Step2: Apply to rub alcohol to a washcloth and wipe the scratch and the surrounding area.
  • Step3: Deep the cotton swab in alcohol and rub the swab along the length of the scratch.

Using a plastic putty knife takes small amounts of wax and pushes it in the scratches; however, always ensure the wax matches the floor’s appearance.

Alternatively, there are other ways to remove the scratches,

  1. Use steel wool and gently rub in the direction of the wood grain.
  2. Use wood fillers, though be careful to match your floor’s color and the wood filler.
  • Solid wood flooring

There are several ways to remove scratches from solid wood. These methods range from using steel wool all the way to using wood fillers. Below are the best ways to tackle these scratches.

  • Method1: Use of iodine

This method is ideal for dark wood finishes only. Mix iodine and antiseptic solution and then use a cotton swab to put a few drops on the scratch. Wipe any of the excess iodine to avoid staining the wood.

  • Method2: Use mineral oil and pumice.

Mix the mineral oil and pumice to form a powder paste. Use steel wool to rub the paste on the scratched area gently. After a while, use a damp towel to wipe off the area and gently proceed to buff with the dry towel.

  • Dog scratches

The most effective way to deal with this type of scratches is to clip your dog’s nails. But just in case you forgot to clip the nails, here is a way to remove the scratches effectively.

Use crayons. Pick a color that matches that of your floors. Carefully color in the direction of the scratch and gently blend with your fingers.

This method, however, is only effective in hiding the blemishes and not removing them.


How Do You Cover Up Scratches on Hardwood Floors?

how to take off scratches from wood floor

It is not always necessary to remove scratches, sometimes removing scratches may lead to further damage and may not be recommended where minor scratches are involved.

Here are a few die options for covering up scratches to maintain your floor’s glossy look.

Please note that you must adhere to colors in all these options and only go for those that match the color of your floor.

  • Tea

Open a used tea bag and pour its contents on the scratch. Allow it to sit for a while, preferably overnight. Sweep the remnants, and the tea leaves it’s the natural color behind.

  • Mayonnaise

Rub a little amount of the mayonnaise on the scratch with a small cloth. Allow the mayo to settle for a few hours, and then gently wipe away with a dry cloth.

  • Iron

Yes, irons are not only useful for clothes but also wood floors. Place a thick towel over the scratch and iron for more than five minutes. This, in turn, makes the scratch less noticeable.

  • Walnuts

Cut the walnut into halves and use the inside part of the walnut to rub against the scratches.

  • Vegetable oil

Rub a little vegetable oil on the scratches but do not rub it off; otherwise, it will not serve its intended purpose.

  • Use crayons

Carefully select a color that matches that of your floors. Proceed to color in the direction of the scratch and gently blend with your fingers. This method is highly effective in covering up the scratches.


What Removes Scratches from Wood Flooring?

how should you get dog scratches out of wood floor

Scratches are light irritating markings on our floors. Despite their small and light appearance, they still have major effects, especially on the floor’s appearance.

All thanks to technology and modern advances, some substances can remove scratches easily on wood floors; depending on your floor type, any of these substances may be effective.

  • Steel wool

steel wool ineffective on all floor types, but this does not guarantee it will remove all types of scratches.

  • Wax

also works on all types of floor provided it matches your floor color.

  • Sanding

This is the most effective but tiresome method of removing scratches. This method is not only effective in all floor types but also all types of scratches.

Original floor stain-This method is ideal for deep scratches. If your floor was originally sealed or stained and you happened to save some, there couldn’t be a better time to use it.

Sand the area of the scratch to lessen the effect. Finally, you can reseal your floor.



Here are some frequently asked questions that may give you some help and references.

1. When to get professional help?

Most of the fix-it methods are pretty easy to execute. However, things could escalate in a matter of seconds. There are a lot of ways to easily mess up your floor when failing to adhere to simple instructions or overdo other things.

When this happens or when we are not 100% sure we can fix the floor, then it dismissively time to call in the big hands, professionals.

2. Can hardwood floor scratches be repaired?

Of course, they can, and yes, you can repair them yourself. Scratches and dents are not similar, especially when it comes to wood floors.

Scratches are light markings that mainly appear on the surface of your floor. They are very easy to repair and do not require a lot of effort.

Repairing of scratches on wood floors is made more comfortable and better since the materials we require to perform this procedure are readily available at home or around our environment.

3. Does vinegar remove deep scratches on groom wood floors?

Not surprising at all, yes vinegar can fix deep scratches on wood floors, and here is how.

Clear the surface of the wood floors, especially the area near the scratch

Mix your vinegar and olive oil and gently apply it to the scratch

Leave the mixture to settle in for a while and wipe it away.



Always deal with scratches the moment you spot them on your floor, asses the scratch and try and determine the type of scratch it is so as to address the problem safely and effectively without damaging your floor.

Also, remember that modern advances have introduced a lot of ways to deal with this problem. There is a lot o store-bought substances that can effectively deal with scratches. If you can afford them and easily use them,  go for this option since they already come with instructions on how to use them.


How to Remove Stains from Hardwood Floors?

Time and time again, it has been established that hardwood floors are prestigious and require high levels of maintenance. Stains may arise from dust, oil, grease, and surprisingly even water.

Hardwood floors are susceptible in addition to being prone to stains. If they are this sensitive, then how to remove stains from hardwood floors?

Well, do not panic. Stains are the norm in most households with hardwood floors. It is important that we remove these stains since ignoring them leads to even more damage to the floors.

how to get pee stains out of hardwood floors

What Causes Black Spots on Hardwood Floors?

There is a lot of controversy surrounding dark spots on wood floors. Some speculate that it is brought about by insect waste.

However, this may not be the case. So far, there are only two proven theories on the occurrence of black spots on hardwood floors.

One is the chemicals present in the floor coat. They encourage the production of oxygen, which in turn leads to the production of black rust that appears on our wooden floors.

Secondly, the spots might be a result of mold on the floors or mildew caused by moisture or inadequate ventilation.


How to Remove Black Stains from Hardwood Floors?

Dark or black stains on hardwood floors are like pests on animals, nothing but an absolute nuisance.

They are conspicuous and easily noticeable and they eliminate the beauty of the floor and the entire room.

However, just like all other problems, there is a solution to this issue. There are two ways of removing black stains:

  • Use of bleach

The process of bleaching involves lightening the stain. Bleaching can be done with three agents.

  • Hydrogen peroxide

when using peroxide, you require an old piece of cloth. Soak the old piece of cloth in hydrogen peroxide and dab it all over the stain.

Leave it to dry for a while and repeat the procedure until the entire stain is removed.

remove black burn marks from wood floor

  • Wood bleach or chlorine

Wood bleach has proven to be most effective around black stains. The bleach is highly recommended as it is not harsh towards the hardwood floor.

Chlorine is the most effective and works well on food and bloodstains.

  • Vinegar

Vinegar for home-based solutions seems to be the answer to most of our cleaning problems, doesn’t it? White vinegar and a little bit of baking soda always do the trick.

  • Sanding

The use of sandpaper is also a means of removing the black stain on hardwood floors.

However, not all types of sandpapers are fit for stain removal. When sanding, use fine-grit sandpaper for your hardwood floors.

Depending on your type of floor, sanding is done differently. For a none sealed floor, sanding is done back and forth.

However, for a polished and sealed floor, sanding is done in the direction of the wood. After sanding, always vacuum the remnants of the wood.

Despite all these added advantages of hardwood floors, it involves a lot of work to execute.


How Do You Get Stains out of Hardwood Floors Without Sanding?

how to get pee stains out of wood floor

Sanding is one of the most effective ways of stain removal on hardwood floors. However, this method But don’t worry. There are other methods of removing stains on hardwood floors.

  • Use store-bought products
  • Apply baking soda and warm water
  • Mix vinegar and warm water
  • Use hydrogen peroxide
  • Apply enzymatic cleaners
The method of stain removal largely depends on the type of stain.


How to Remove Dog Urine from Hardwood Floors?

get pee stains out of wood floor

Most dog owners know that occasionally, peeing around the house may occur. In case your dog has a slip-up around hardwood floors, to be precise, do not waste time panicking.

Quickly find a way of drying up the stain before anything else. There are a number of ways of cleaning up dog urine stains. Below are a few pointers on how to accomplish this easily.

  • Step 1:  Start by drying off the urine stain immediately.

This is done by utilizing worn-out towels or using baking powder. The baking powder is best for this situation as it absorbs the urine and the odor. To completely remove the stain, use hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar, and pour it on the spot.

  • Step 2: Soak up towels in the solution and place them over the stain.

place the towels for a few hours until the stain is completely diminished.

  • Step 3: Settle for a store-bought solution.

In this case, enzymatic cleaners are mostly recommended. The cleaners are none toxic in addition to being particularly effective in breaking down the urine stains and odors.

However, the enzymes are difficult to use, and their instructions need to be followed later.

The enzymatic cleaners also discourage the dog from going back to the same spot in addition to reducing the smell and discoloration.


How to Remove Scuff Marks from Wood Floors?

how to marks on hardwood floors

Scuff marks are very irritating and unappealing on our wooden floors. They easily appear on our floors and may be difficult to remove.

There are several ways of removing scuff marks from our floors, even without requiring the assistance of a professional.

Here are a few tips on how to achieve this.

  • Step 1: Prepare a sponge and warm water.

This is done by dipping the sponge in warm water and gently wiping the affected area in circular motions until the marks disappear.

However, this method is not recommended for stubborn scuff marks or marks that have been there for a long time.

  • Step 2: Apply baking soda and warm water.

This is achieved by mixing the baking soda with warm water to create a thick paste.

  • Step 3: Get a piece of cloth to wipe over the marks.

After completely removing the scuff marks, wipe the area with a clean damp cloth, then completely dry it later.

  • Step 4: Use an ordinary pencil eraser.

It seems like the pencil eraser not only eliminates assignment mistakes but also scuff marks; who knew this simple stationery could be even more useful?

Apply a gentle amount of pressure on the area and ensure your eraser is clean so as not to damage your floor further. Gently sweep off the remaining eraser debris.

  • Step 5: Use a tennis shoe or a tennis ball.

Well, it’s n secret that scuff marks can be caused by shoes, but shoes might also remove them. But not all shoes can execute this task. I advise you to go to a tennis shoe that has a rubber sole.

Rub the heel of the shoe firmly against the mark, and you will be surprised at how effective this method is. Alternatively, acquire an old tennis ball.

Cut off an x pattern and firmly attach it at the end of your broom handle. Apply an adequate amount of pressure and rub away the mark.


How to Remove White Rings and Watermarks from Wood Floors?

how to remove minwax reviver

Most stains on wood floors are mostly caused by liquid-based substances. This should not cause any worry or panic at all, as they are easily removed by easily acquired substances.

Here are a few ways on how to remove white stains on wood floors.

  • Step 1: Use mineral oils and mineral spirits.

Apply the mineral oil or the mineral spirits on a cloth and gently wipe the marked area. Repeat this until the markings are obliterated.

  • Step 2: Get baking soda paste, hydrogen peroxide, or mayonnaise.

In all these situations, the said substance is gently applied to the marking until the stain is removed.

  • Step 3: Apply your hairdryer.

The hairdryer is not only useful to the hair but surprisingly to the floor as well.

When using the hairdryer, use the nozzle attachment and start on the lowest level of heat possible. Direct the heat on top of the stain but not directly into the wood so as not to damage it.


How to Get Other Stains out of Hardwood Floors?

There are a lot of substances that can contribute to the staining of hardwood floors.

Here are some substances that cause staining and useful tips on how to remove them.

  • Dirt stains

Dirt stains are the easiest to remove, especially if they are on the surface. Gently dust off the surface using a dry mop or simply just vacuum the floor.

This method is, however, effective for dust particles that are just on the surface. For particles that are nudged into the wood, it is advisable to use warm water and white vinegar to wipe the floor.

how to remove wood stain from wood floor

  • Oil stains

These stains are brought about by greasy foods that may have accidentally fallen on the floor.

They are easily removed from our floors; for this to be possible quick action needs to be taken as soon as staining occurs.

First, find a way to instantly dry the oil stain; this is done by using baking soda or old newspaper.

After you have fully absorbed all the oil from the floor, remove all the newspaper or vacuum the baking soda gently. Suppose this doesn’t entirely remove the stain using a mild detergent and scrub the floor until the stain is removed.

  • Dark water stains

When a water stain becomes dark, it means it has been there for a while, and quick action was not taken to dry it off.

Dark water stains imply that the stains are deep into the wood; thus, more severe measures have to be taken.

Soak the affected area in hydrogen peroxide or consequently use warm water and vinegar to also soak the area.

Ensure the area is soaked long enough until the stain is completely removed.

  • Old cat urine

Cats are adorable pets, but once in a while, they pee on the floor despite being litter trained.

If this occurs, there are several ways of tackling this problem.

Firstly always drain the urine before anything else. You can achieve this by using towels or baking soda.

Alternatively and the best option is to use enzymatic cleaners. These cleaners are manufactured specifically to deal with urine stains on wood floors, in addition to discouraging the pet from marking the same spot again.


How to Prevent Water Stains on Hardwood Floors?

Water stains are common with hardwood floors. There are ways of preventing water from damaging our hardwood floors. Here are a few tips on how to achieve this.

  1. Always go for quality products when cleaning your floors. Avoid harsh chemicals that would ruin your floor.
  2. In case of any water spill, quickly dry the affected area to prevent staining.
  3. Ensure you remove wet or moist items such as carpets, shoes, or mats on the floor.
  4. Fix any leaks or plumbing problems around the house.
  5. Always use a sealant on your floor.



Stain removal on hardwood floors is a tricky subject. There are a lot of things involved in stain removal, specifically around hardwood floors, since they are super sensitive.

Always follow the correct guidelines on how to remove specific stains, and always keep in mind that not all stains are removed in the same way.


Shark VM252 Vacmop Review

Shark VM252 Vacmop is a 2-in-1 floor cleaner that combines a cordless hard floor mop and cordless vacuum cleaner into one unit. The messes that a person is cleaning are collected in the disposable mop pads.

It is different from other vacuum cleaners because of its design. It has been designed with a disposable mop pad that is used for mopping and collecting all the vacuumed debris.

This innovative hard floor cleaner is intended for easy for quick cleaning of both wet and dry messes from floors such as laminate, tiles, stone, sealed hardwood and linoleum among others.

The Shark VM 252 uses an onboard lithium battery which provides the needed electric power. It also has an onboard tank that stores the cleaning solution.

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Important Features of Shark VM252 Vacmop

shark vm252 cordless vacuum floor mop review

This cordless vacuum mop has appealing features, which include:

  • Dirt chamber

All the dirt is collected in the dirt chamber where there is a disposable mop pad, unlike other vacuum mops where dirt is collected in the dirt cup.

As you clean, you should spray the cleaning solution over areas with dirt. The dirt is absorbed in the mop pad. After you have finished cleaning your floors, all you have to do is remove the dirty pad and throw it into the trashcan.

Shark VM 252 has been designed that a user does not touch the disposable mop pad and this in turn ensures that you do not get into contact with dirt.

  • Magnetic charger

Shark VM252 is charged through a magnetic charger and when it is fully charged, the battery lasts for long.

It takes about four hours to fully charge it and when using it you should keep checking if the power is enough. It has an indicator showing the amount of power remaining.

  • Lightweight and compact

Shark VM 252 is a lightweight and compact vacuum cleaner that has LED lights that help you see properly especially in areas that have less visibility.

The lights are turned on using motion detection when you encounter an area without enough light. The light is useful to clean areas such as under cabinets, tables, chairs, or at corners. Shark VM252 weighs only 1.5 kgs when the solution tank is empty.

Its physical dimensions are 5.38 x9.5×47.86 (LxWxH) and it cleans a path width of about 9.81 cm. The tank that holds the cleaning solution is at the backside of the machine and holds a capacity of around 0.3 liters.

  • Versatility

Shark VM252 should be used to clean bare floors made from hardwood, marble, laminate, tiles, marble, stone. Its cleaning head is flexible, adjustable and swivels. Therefore, you can easily maneuver it on your hard floor.

  • Disposable pads

Shark VM252 VACMOP disposable pads have been designed for both vacuuming and mopping. All dust and debris are collected and absorbed when mopping.

The dirt chamber locks dirt and debris away when vacuuming. From time to time when you are using shark VM 252, you will refill the cleaning solution tank. The shark VM 252 VACMOP comes with one disposable pad but you can buy the 10 pack.

  • Battery powered

Since shark VM 252 VACMOP uses battery power when you notice a reduced suction power, you need to check the charging indicator and if it is blinking red it is indicating that you need to charge the unit.

  • Easy maintenance

Many floor vacuuming machines need maintenance after they have been used, but shark VM252 does not need any maintenance after using it. The only thing you have to do is replacing the cleaning pad and refilling the solution tank and you are ready to start a new cleaning session.


Shark VM252 Vacmop Review

Overall Score: 8.6/10

shark vm252 upright cordless vacuum and mop



Brilliant features

  • Affordable
  • A 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner that is it can vacuum and at the same time mop
  • It is a lightweight gadget
  • Has an excellent suction power
  • Its foldable design makes it easy to store
  • It uses fewer cleaning pads as compared to other vacuuming machines

Watch out for

  • It takes about four hours to charge before using
  • The mopping pads are an extra cost



1. How does the shark VACMOP work?

The shark VM 252 VACMOP is a cordless vacuum cleaner that is efficient in cleaning hard floors.

It has a disposable pad and this is the secret weapon on this gadget. The pad has a strong plastic frame that holds the vacuum bag and it opens up when its suction feature is on.

The suction feature traps all debris and dirt and also has a mopping pad that cleans the floor absorbing any wet messes and soil. The cleaning solution removes all these messes.

After vacuuming the floor, just switch to the mopping feature and it will work like any spray mop. Shark VM 252 VACMOP has a reservoir and it holds a cleaning solution and by just pressing a button on the handle top, it releases the spray.

The absorbent part of the disposable pad mops all the cleaning solution, dirt, and debris. After you finish cleaning your floor, just press a button allowing the mop pad to be released and throw it into the trash bin without touching any dirt.

It is recommended to first vacuum the area you want to clean using the vacuuming function. After you are through with vacuuming, use the mopping feature and the cleaning solution will be dispensed.

2. Is the Shark VACMOP Good for Pet Hair?

The shark VM 252vacmop has suction and this feature helps it to pull in pet hair. The disposable mop has a magnet and every dirt or debris is sucked in.

Since the shark VM 252 has a great suction power of around 50cfm, it is able to pick any type of mess on your floor efficiently whether it is dirt, debris, or pet hair.



If you are looking for a hardwood floor cleaner that combines a vacuum cleaner and a hardwood floor mop, the shark VM 252 VACMOP should be your first choice. This vacuum mop is good for cleaning vinyl floors, marble, laminate, tiles, and hardwood floors.

Shark VM 252 VACMOP stands out from other vacuum machines for its simplicity in use. This 2-in-1 unit cleans even the toughest messes.  Apply the cleaning solution over the dirt or any mess and vacuum over it and your floor will remain sparkling.

If you are shopping for a new hard floor vacuum cleaner, this is the machine to get as it will save you both time and effort. It is a powerful machine that comes with many cool features at an affordable price for a complete home cleaning machine.

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Swiffer Sweeper Dry and Wet Mop Review

Have a surface at your disposal that you want to keep exceptionally clean? You have come to the right place, we must say so. Your answer, which we are going to belabor here, rests in the acquisition of the mop that can work in the wet and the dry surfaces alike.

Of these mops, it is the Swiffer Sweeper Dry and Wet Mop that stands out. Its exceptionalism is largely brought about by a complex interplay of factors that are unique and outstanding.

We want to explain these factors and how they contribute to your overall experience of the cleaning exercise.


Overview of Swiffer Sweeper Dry and Wet Mop

It possesses a set of heavy-duty cloth that tend to last longer than those of the many alternatives that exist at the moment. Being heavy-duty also makes the cloth less prone to the risks of damages and the need for constant care and maintenance.

As a matter of fact, you can use the same repeatedly without necessarily having to worry about the tears and frays.

Further to this, the mop also traps twice as much dirt as the ones of your ordinary pieces of rugs. For this reason, the item is useful across many surfaces and to eliminate many kinds of dirt.

Contained in the cloth are some deep ridges and grooves. These conform as nearly as can be to the unique nature of the surfaces to allow for smoother cleaning and elimination of the inherent debris.

On the same note, they also eliminate the hassles you would have to go through to get rid of such dirt altogether.

In all, the structure is 2-in-1 in the sense that it can sweep and mop. Why would you even contemplate looking elsewhere for your home cleaning needs?

This item indeed has the ability to incorporate all of your cleaning tasks and needs within one comprehensive packaging per given time.

  • This 2-in-1 tool is both a Sweeper and a mop! Yep, you can add versatility to your cleaning routine by using the Sweeper with either Dry or Wet cloths
  • 90% More Refills vs standard Sweeper Starter Kit pack
  • Assembling your Sweeper is easy! Simply click the poles together. Wrap the cloth under the Sweeper head and poke the flaps into each corner gripper to keep it in place. After cleaning, you just remove the dirty cloth and toss it. Ta-dah!
  • Safe on all floor types, so you can use it on tile, hardwood, and vinyl flooring. Note: Do not use Swiffer Sweeper wet mopping cloths on unfinished, oiled or waxed wooden boards, non-sealed tiles or carpeted floors because they may be water sensitive
  • Who’s got time to move furniture? Sweeper’s swivel head easily gets into tight corners, under furniture and behind bathroom fixtures
  • For small living spaces, Swiffer is compact, lightweight and easy to store. So, It’s always ready to go
  • Buy Sweeper worry-free. If you’re not completely satisfied, check out our money-back guarantee


Main Features of Swiffer Sweeper Wet + Dry Floor Mop

great value swiffer sweeper wet and dry mop

Having known its basics and overview, it is only a matter of fairness if we launch deeper to know more about its finer details. Here now, we belabor the main features of this wonderful Swiffer sweeper dry and wet mop a little bit deeper:

  • Dry Cloth

At its core is the dry cloth that works to eliminate the dirt and the unwanted debris. This cloth has thrice the cleaning actions of the ordinary cloth.

As a result of this, it works well on the hair, dust, and dirt debris. Also, it delivers outcomes that are exceptional and devoid of any possibilities of moisture damages.

  • Wet Cloth

In a nutshell, this cloth may be described as some little suckers that do trap the grime and dirt and lock them away easily.

Thanks to their wetness, the cloth is a sure way of reducing the moisture damages that the typical homes may have to endure. They also reduce the hassles that potentially arise when cleaning your rooms.

  • 360° Swivel Head

Its head swivels at the angle of 360° to reach those areas that are largely inaccessible and out of the reach of many alternative sweepers, we have around.

Moreover, the head also fits the area under the couch and hence manages more effective end results compared to the many alternatives you may have to contend with.

  • Easy Grip

An easy-grip trait adorns the handles of the mop. The grip provides the traction and the support your hands need to engage the item seamlessly.

Being easy also means you won’t expend that much effort to have your way. Because of this, you can use the mop repeatedly for an elongated duration of time without tiring a bit too soon!

  • Cloth Gripper

Some cloth grippers exist as a vital component of the sweeper. The roles of the grippers are to maintain the pad firmly in place. That way, they minimize fidgeting that may knock the pads out of place.

To add to that, the grippers also enable the comfortable and unparalleled use of the mops if and when the need to do so be.

  • 2-in-1 Makeup

In its entirety, the mop is 2-in-1 in the sense that it may be used to sweep and mop at the same time. This 2-in-1 stature negates the need for you to set your eyes elsewhere.

Instead, it amalgamates all of your working and engagements ‘under one roof.’ That also goes a long way in cutting the length of time you would take to conclude a cleaning exercise.

  • Deep Ridges and Grooves

The dry segment of the gadget possesses some deep ridges and grooves that conform as nearly as can be to the unique idents of the surfaces. When the two interact, the end result is better locking of the pet hair, dust, and dirt.

Moreover, it diminishes the effort you need to sweep away all the dirt and unwanted elements from off the surfaces.

  • Wet Mopping Pad

Also occupying a strategic part and aspect of the item is a wet mopping pad. As you may have already guessed, this one works to dissolve all the grime and the dirt.

This it does typically by trapping the same away to leave behind some amazingly clean outcomes. As it does so, it cuts down the effort you may have to contend with while having your way.


Swiffer Sweeper Wet and Dry Mop Review

Overall Score: 9.2/10

swiffer sweeper dry and wet floor mopping and cleaning starter kit



Brilliant features

  • Fairly cheap
  • Packed with heavy-duty refills
  • Comes about as a comprehensive packaging
  • Has twice as much trapping power
  • Designed for Multi surface cleaning
  • 360-degree rotation mop head

Watch out for

  • You need to detach the pad for cleaning


Final Words

There is no doubt that the Swiffer sweeper dry and wet mop is the premier cleaning item you desperately want to lay your hands on.

As you may see from the foregoing explanations, it indeed stands out from the crowd principally by being technical and comprehensive at the same time. Why would you even hesitate to pick it up for your use?

Check the Price on Amazon


Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop Floor Cleaning Kit Review

Cleaning a floor in this day and age is no mean feat. You have to employ a specialized piece of equipment that is indeed well able to deliver the intended. One such item that can deliver the necessary great outcomes for you is the Rubbermaid Reveal spray mop floor cleaner kit.

Unlike your ordinary cleaner, this one makes use of the spray to deliver the cleaning power. The sprays are more accurate than ordinary mops.

Moreover, they also give you the leeway to determine the pace and the intensity of the discharge of the water. That makes your task better and more productive.


Overview of Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop Floor Cleaning Kit

For one, the item is safe to use on all kinds of floors. These include but are certainly not limited to the laminate, tile, vinyl, and hardwood. Your choice of this item is hence a sure way of reducing the hassles of having to change your cleaning gears every now and then.

Its cleaning item comes in the form of a microfiber cleaning pad. This one has the ability to pick up a whopping 50% extra dirt per swipe than your ordinary mops.

Yet again, it guarantees more effective cleaning outcomes for you in ways that the others cannot even match, let alone come close to.

A non-scratch scrubber also exists for the sake of taking care of those stubborn spots. So strong and tough are the scrubbers that they work pretty hard to eliminate the hardest stains within the shortest realistic times possible.

While at it, the scrubber also reduces the amount of effort you would have to expend.

Rounding it up is the refillable bottle that has the capacity of accommodating 22 ounces. The refillable nature of the bottle makes it possible for you to mix the cleanliness solutions of your own liking and preferences.

In this way, you get to obtain the cleaning outcomes that are desirable to you.

  • MULTI-SURFACE USE: Safe to use on all floor types including hardwood, vinyl, laminate and tile
  • 50% MORE DIRT PICKUP: Microfiber cleaning pad picks up 50% more dirt and dust per swipe than traditional mops
  • WON'T HARM SURFACES: Non-scratch scrubber for stubborn spots
  • REFILLABLE BOTTLE: 22 ounce refillable bottle allows you to mix your own solution
  • EASY TO USE: Simply fill the bottle with hot water and two teaspoons of your favorite cleaning solution and you’re ready to mop
  • MACHINE WASHABLE PADS: Microfiber pads are reusable and machine washable up to 100 times
  • NO BATTERIES REQUIRED: Non-battery operated spray trigger allows you to dispense as much or as little solution as you need to clean your floor
  • GREAT DESIGN: Constructed with durable, yet lightweight material
  • CONTENTS INCLUDE: 1 Spray Mop, 2 Refillable Bottles, 3 Reusable Microfiber Mopping Pads, 1 User Manual


Important Features of Rubbermaid Reveal Microfiber Spray Mop

rubbermaid reveal spray mop reviews

Having examined the basics of the cleaning kit, we now take a deeper look into its mains features. Below are the main features of the item:

  • Refillable Bottle

Its main compartment comes in the form of a refillable bottle. It is the bottle that holds and contains the water that is subsequently used to clean the surfaces. Being refillable, it negates the need for you to replace the bottles every now and then as is the case normally.

  • Spray Trigger

A spray trigger comes in next among the list of its many features it boasts of. Unlike those of the like-minded gadgets, this spray mop does not require batteries to activate and deliver the necessary outcomes. Instead, all you have to do is press the part with your bare hands.

  • Durable Construction

Overall, the item boasts of durable construction that is super strong and pretty reliable for your own use and engagement.

Other than being durable, the materials that make the item up are also lighter in weight and hence more convenient to carry around. Need we add that your operational expenses are severely cut?

  • Trigger Handle

To make the item to release the paint in the form of the spray you engage the trigger handle. This trigger handle is manual unlike those of the many alternatives that are battery-operated.

Thanks to the manual stature of the handle, you may be certain to enjoy the benefits that come along regardless of wherever you may be.

  • Multi-purpose Microfiber Cleaning Pad

Its cleaning core features the multi-purpose Microfiber cleaning pad. The microfiber stature absorbs 50% as much dirt as the ordinary mops do.

Because of this, it generates outcomes that are cleaner and long-lasting.  Then again, it does not leave any fluff or other undesirable debris behind.

  • Dry Dusting Pad

A dry dusting pad also exists as a fundamental aspect of the machine. This pad is particularly great for the pre-wet mopping escapades.

It does this principally by collecting the larger debris in the course of the sweeping exercise. Also, it lasts a whopping 100 washing and cleaning cycles.

  • Built-In Scrubbing Pad

For that hardened dirt and stubborn stains, you will gladly make use of the built-in scrubbing pad. As opposed to your ordinary scrubbing pads, this one does not make use of the scratching technique to deliver the necessary ends.

Thus, it spares your floors from any possible damages that might come along.

  • Greatly Customizable

Overall, the item is greatly customizable to the unique cleaning needs you may have to deal with. Most of its parts adjust to allow for the attainment of this end.

Moreover, it also has the ability to accept and accommodate many cleaning solutions, hot water, and detergents.

  • Easy-to-use

Though packed with tons of elegant features, this item is easier to make use of. Its parts and clearly visible and then the item is also accompanied by clear instruction. All you have to do is insert the full bottle into the mop and follow it up by triggering the handle.

  • Washable and Reusable

As a last benefit, you will have the pleasure of reusing this machine principally given its washable character. In fact, the item can withstand a whopping 100 times of reuse for you. By choosing to work with it, you have the added benefit of spending less to have your way.


Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop Review

Overall Score: 9.1/10

rubbermaid reveal microfiber spray mop



Brilliant features

  • Usable many times
  • String and resilient to common damages
  • Unlikely to suffer untold damages
  • Comes with a scrubbing pad
  • Microfiber mop pads help deep clean all kinds of floors
  • Has 3 mop pads alternatives and 2 refillable bottles

Watch out for

  • Hand wash or machine wash the mop pads


Vileda ProMist Mop vs. Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop

Obviously, the Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop Floor Cleaning Kit is not the only one of its kind at the moment. We also have the Vileda ProMist Mop as a viable competitor. But how do they measure up? Let’s take a look at these differences:

– Swiveling Capability 

This refers to the ability or lack of it of the head to swivel around and get to the inaccessible areas with ease.

Of these two, it is only the head of the Vileda ProMist Mop that can swivel, and at an angle of 180°. The one for the Rubbermaid Reveal unfortunately is incapable of doing this.

– Shape and Design

The shape and the design of the Vileda ProMist Mop come about as an enlarged trapezoidal. It is hence great for cleaning the corners while at the same time managing a superior coverage of the floors.

The design of the Rubbermaid Reveal on the other hand falls short of that requirement.

– Refillable Capacity

Both of these items allow you to refill their bottles. All factors considered though, the bottle of the Vileda ProMist Mop is slightly smaller and limited capacity-wise compared to that of the Rubbermaid Reveal.

You hence have the latter for your use in managing the larger spaces or areas.

– Overall Efficacy

The existence of the reusable Microfiber pad in the Vileda ProMist Mop enables it to eliminate a whopping 99% of bacteria using water alone.

The efficiency of the Rubbermaid Reveal on the other hand lies at the paltry 50% more than that of the ordinary mops.

– Power Source

Neither the Vileda ProMist Mop nor the Rubbermaid Reveal requires batteries to operate. Instead, they are manually operable and hence do not expend too much utility expenses on your part.

In light of this, both items are good ones to set your eyes on if you plan to retreat to a faraway place.

– Extent or Scope

With the 2 mops, you can impact a vast array of surfaces like marble, ceramics, laminate, vinyl, tiles, and linoleum.



We ask and answer some of the most commonly asked questions with regards to this particular topic:

1. How to Fix Rubbermaid Reveal Mop Trigger?

Follow these steps to fix the Rubbermaid Reveal mop trigger:

  • Locate the open end of the mop
  • Attach the trigger there
  • Use a spanner to fasten the trigger hard
  • Test the system to find out if it is indeed tight
  • Use it to channel out the sprays

2. How to Refill a Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop?

Following these steps will definitely help you to refill the Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop:

  • Align the tabs that exist on the handle
  • Lower the mop of the spray pole
  • Push all the locks firmly in place
  • Attach the strips to conclude the fastening exercise


Bottom Line

  • Have we not done much to belabor the Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop Floor Cleaning Kit?
  • What more could you demand from us?

We now challenge you to move speedily and purchase this item for you. Taking too long to start out is never advisable at all. The advantages are too huge to forfeit leveraging.

Check the Price on Amazon


How to Clean Marble Floor in Bathroom?

Marble is one of the most expensive flooring options for bathrooms today. This is because it offers that luxurious look to your bathrooms. While it is an upscale material, you need to clean it regularly to maintain its elegance. Knowing how to clean your marble floor in bathroom yourself can be beneficial for you since you will save up some dollars, which you would have spent in hiring cleaning experts.

Below, I have organized a guide for you to enable you to clean your marble bathroom floor.

how to clean marble shower floor tiles


Tools and Accessories Needed for Cleaning Marble Floors in Bathroom

  • Regular mop
  • Mild non-acidic floor cleaner
  • Stone sealant
  • Smooth towel
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Thin blade
  • Regular Lacquer
  • Marble cleaner


What to Know When Choosing a Good Marble Floor Cleaner?

a) Use a cleaner with a low pH in acidity because highly acidic cleaners may damage your floor.

b) Avoid using products such as Ammonia, Vinegar, Hydrogen peroxide or bleach. Using these products may leave etch marks on the marble surface.

c) Do not use tub cleaning powder and creams on your marble floor because it has some abrasives that scratch the surface.

d) Use the marble cleaner specified for your marble floor at the marble store. Ensure that you enquire about the right marble cleaner at the store.


How to Clean Your Marble Floor in Bathroom?

1. Use your standard smooth mop to clean the surface to ensure that the loose dirt is swept away. Most standard mops have a fluffy texture that will be gentle on your floor as you sweep. The loose debris is destructive to your floor since it can cause minor scratches when stepped on. Sweeping should be done regularly to prevent build up.

2. Use the vacuum cleaner to suction away minute particles on the floor that may have remained during sweeping. Be very gentle when using a vacuum cleaner because it can easily scratch the marble floor.

3. After ensuring that the surface is dirt-free, apply your marble cleaner on the marble surface. You can clean bit by bit, or you can cover the entire surface with the cleaner. The most effective way it to cover the marble floor completely with the marble cleaner.

4. Use a soft towel to wipe the cleaner gently. Do this repeatedly, considering the amount of dirt on the surface. If the area is so dirty, you may have to add some more marble cleaner. It would help if you did this until you clean the entire surface.

5: Dry the surface using a clean, smooth cloth. You can provide efficient air circulation by opening up the bathroom windows so that the surfaces can dry quickly.


How to Remove Stains from Bathroom Marble Floor?

how to clean marble floor in bathroom

Your bathroom floor may contain different kinds of stains, and you have no idea how to clean them. Below are stains that may occur on your marble floor:

a) Ink or Paint Removal

Paint stains mostly appear after the house’s construction is over and after renovations. This is a common problem, and it should not worry you.

Apply the lacquer on the affected surface and scratch off the paint, sing the thin blade. Be gentle to avoid destroying the marble.

If the paint on the surface is quite thick, use a standard paint remover. It costs around $13 to $15 per 960 ml depending on the manufacturer and store.

b) Oil-based and Biological Stains Removal

Common oil-based stains may be such as petroleum jelly, body lotions, and even greasy foodstuff.

Biological stains are those that decompose quickly, like plants. To treat the affected surface, clean gently using a cloth and a solution, preferably acetone and mineral spirit.

c) Rust Removal

When iron objects such as pins and nails fall on the bathroom floor, they get into contact with water, and the result is brown rust that forms. It leaves some brown marks on the floor that can be hard to get rid of.

Apply a marble poultice on the affected area. It helps by removing tough stains that have deep-set on the wet bathroom surface.

Making a marble poultice may be a challenge to you, but you can also do it yourself to reduce the cost of hiring someone to do it or you.

It would help if you made it using a good rust remover. It will cost you around $5 – $60, depending on the quantity you may need.

To make marble poultice, you mix one glass of the rust remover solvent with a solid absorbent material.

After applying the poultice to the stain, wait for two days until it dries completely. Remove the dried poultice gently using the thin blade. Afterward, clean the surface and dry it with a smooth towel.


How to Protect Your Rest Room Marble Floor?

how to clean marble tile shower

Below are the methods you should consider taking to protect your marble floor:

  • Ensure that you avoid going with foreign substances such as foodstuff or drinks in the bathroom. You may end up spilling such substances on the marble floor.
  • Avoid entering with dirty flip-flops in the bathroom. It would be best if you designated some unique flip-flops to use when entering the bathroom.
  • Place a rug on the bathroom pathway to help clean your feet as you are entering the bathroom. This will help you to leave the dirty particles on the rug that you can dust off later.
  • Never procrastinate cleaning your bathroom. Do it whenever you see a stain on the floor. This will help by stopping any build-up of mold or soap scum on the marble.


Safety Precautions Before Cleaning Your Bathroom Marble Floor

Marble is very slippery and is known to cause people severe accidents because you can easily slide and fall. Before you attempt to clean your marble floor, note the following:

  • Do not clean the marble floor when you are under the influence of alcohol or any other drug.
  • Do not clean a surface if there is poor lighting since visibility is low.
  • Ensure that you wear well-treaded shoes that will allow traction with the slippery marble floor.
  • Avoid coming into contact with acidic products as they may corrode your skin. Use a pair of gloves
  • Ensure that you store your toiletry items, such as your bathing soap and body scrub properly, to prevent coming into contact with some cleaning agents. They may be acidic and can cause harm to your skin.



This article is beneficial for you since it involves how to clean marble floor in bathroom effectively and protection methods.

A clean bathroom is a sign of good hygiene and will help prevent some infections that are related to dirt. Never allow dirt to accumulate in your bathroom because the result of that can inconvenience you.

How to Clean Marble Tile Floors?

Marble floors are a must-have for homeowners who are after elegance and a classy finish. Knowing how to clean marble tile floors gives you longer service.

In this guide, we will give you the right information about cleaning your floor.


How to Clean Your Marble Tile Floors?

how to clean marble tile floors

The following is a procedure you should follow when cleaning your maple floor.

1. Sweep Dust and Dirt

Marble floors should be kept dust-free by regularly sweeping them. During this procedure, the user should carefully choose the tools that will be used in the process.

When dusting your marble floor, you should choose dry mops or dust free mops for effective result.

A long handle characterizes these mops, and a piece of microfiber clothes that clean and attract dust effectively. As a result, the microfiber cloths make them gentle to the surface of the floor.

Using a flared broom daily to sweep away dirt and dust is also recommended. Their bristles help in picking any dust on the surface of your marble floor with ease.

2. Prepare the Water

Maple floor does not require harsh chemicals; neither should you use rough brushes. The best substance for cleaning this floor when they have tough stains is hot water.

With hot water, the removal of greasy stains and other sticky stains becomes an easy task. As a result, whether you are using a cleaning solution, the water should always be hot.

However, distilled water is the best since it lacks impurities that can stain your floor. It is good to note that a distillation process removes any minerals that can stain, damage, or discolor your floor.

Distilled water is also is readily available at local grocery stores, for people cannot make their own.

3. Add a Cleaner

Before you start cleaning your marble floor, it advisable to remember you are dealing with a porous surface. Thus, select mild or ph-neutral detergents. The result they will have minimal risk to your floor and skin if it comes in contact.

However, after choosing the right detergent, follow the instruction given by the manufacturer of the product on how to mix the hot water with the detergent.

4. Moping the Floor

The microfiber mop is the best tool you can use in this quest. Whether it’s a regular mop or spin mop, it becomes easy for you to wring water out, leaving it partially dry.

Starts cleaning with the farthest corner of your room as you work your way towards the entrance door. All you need are short strokes, dipping, and wringing water out to avoid the spread of dirt as you use.

5. Rinsing

  • Ensure that every time you complete mopping with hot water and detergent, rinse off the detergent in your mop.
  • Then go forth and fill a bucket with clean, cool water.
  • Repeat the same procedure of dipping and wriggling.
  • Mopping for a second time helps to remove out any residual or detergent remains.


How to Take Care of Your Marble Tile Floors?

how to clean grout on marble tile floor

Before any cleaning is done, ensure that regular maintenance and preventive measures adhere to daily. It’s is essential to take care of every spills and liquid that can stain your floor.

In this segment, we aspire to educate the user on the procedure required to maintain your marble floor in the long term.

1. Cleaning Spills

Any spills should be clean as it happens. These actions prevent your marble floor from absorbing standing water. As a result, it protects the floor from stubborn stains and discoloring. Use dumb clothe when cleaning off spills.

2. Don’t Air-Dry

Any cleaner should never let the marble floor air-dry.

Marble absorbs water, and detergent remains, thus discoloring your floor. Once you are done moping your floor, use a clean, dry cloth to dry your surface.

This process of drying your floor with a cloth makes maple cleaning demanding and hard. Though the result is brilliant and helps you maintain your floor to the required standard.

3. Mild Detergent

When buying a detergent, it is advisable to use a ph-neutral product. The products are normally gentle to your surfaces. The ph-neutral product cannot be compared to alkaline and acid products.

Though a product like vinegar are common with many home cleaners and are usable in cleaning several floors like tiles. With marble, never try it. This is because vinegar is acidic, and it has a high chance of destroying your floor.

You should also avoid these products; ammonia, citrus cleaners, and ceramic floor cleaner.

4. Scuff Marks

Scuff marks are caused by drugging sneakers or furniture’s on the surface of your floor. As a result, they cause flaws that affect the beauty of your marble floor.

However, most of these marks are removable using mops, but those stubborn scuff marks use a felt pad.

During this process, apply a mild detergent and water to your felt pad, then use it to rub along the line caused.

5. Consider Marble Sealer

The use of a marble sealer helps to preserve your floor. Marble sealers are locally found at any improvement store or online platforms.

6. Baking Soda

If your marble floors get stubborn stains. Baking soda should be applied in small doses taking caution and care. Since it is a mild abrasive cleaner, much force is not needed.

The process of removing these stains is done by rubbing a soft cloth on the surface gently. The baking soda should not be left on the surface of your floor for long as it dulls the glossy finish.

7. Use Rugs and Carpets

Ensure that you place some mats on places where traffic is enormous to protect your surface from scuffs.

Putting a doormat on the entrance of your protect your surface from dust. Since marble becomes very during the winter season, carpets will help you keep warm



Nowadays, a marble floor has become so popular with many homeowners and real estate developers. This floor has been around for many years and is well known for a veining design and glossy exterior.

As a result, it does add more beauty and royalty to a house. If not handle with the care needed when cleaning, marble floor damage quickly due to their polarity.

It is advisable to always any alkaline and acidic detergent when cleaning this surface. Also, sweeping and cleaning this floor to remove dart should be a continuous process.

All the above are our peeks on “how to clean marble tile floors“. Hope you can get insightful information.