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15 Best and Hot Sale Steam Mop Reviews 2022

Unlike the conventional mops that use detergent and bleach to clean the floor, a steam mop uses the power of the steam to clean the materials it gets in contact with.

It can dismantle all through grime, thanks to the high pressure of the hot steam coming out of the special nozzles to remove all small mites, dust particles, and kill germs without using harmful detergents.

In this guide, we will discuss: the benefits, how to choose, how a steam mop works, the ideal floor types, and a review of the five best small steam mops.

Best steam mop reviews

  • Quick Picks

In a hurry? Pick a mop from our top recommendations!

 With three exceptional levels of steam control for enough and sufficient steam: Shark S3601D Mop

Finish a great work with tap water for your whole floor surface: PurSteam Mop

Vacuum and steam mop combo with digital controls with long cord: Bissell Vacuum and Mop

 Ensure a natural sanitization and deep clean using a pressured hot steam: McCulloch cylinder Mop

With small pad for corners and detachable streamer for grout: Bissell Pet Steam Mop

 What Is a Steam Mop?

This machine is a relatively new technology that has just started gaining traction on the market. A steam mop is a convenient and reliable cleaning tool that makes the tasks of cleaning considerably easier.

This machine works by heating water inside its reservoir to temperatures of close to 250 degrees F and then directing it down a steam jet into a mop pad that covers its head.

Once the pad gets soaked in steam, it can loosen both grime and dirt from your floor with ease compared to the traditional mops.


Why Do You Need a Steam Mop?

A steam mop is a modernized mop that uses steam to clean and disinfect your floors. With the help of a microfiber pad located underneath, it can collect all dirt in-floor or carpet.

  • It kills dust mites and bacteria

The mop head does not only clean the dirt but also kills all the dust mites and bacteria on the floor, meaning it not only helps you clean the floor more efficiently but also serves a sanitary purpose.

  • It needs no chemicals

The steam mop also does not require you to use any chemicals throughout the entire cleaning process, and this further makes it an ideal pick.

  • It is multifunctional and powerful

The steam cleaner is going to be automated and most of them have various heat and steam settings, you can use it for different surface cleaning.

You are likely to control it, of course, however, you are not doing the particular movement. You happen to be just pushing it back and forth, but the rest is now being done inside.

With all the traditional wet floor mop, or modern spin mop with a bucket, you can not automate anything, and there exists a regular downside to being forced to dip it back into the water.

  • It is easy-to-use

There is certainly excessively much manual power that is going to get into this which will trouble you. The steam mop is not really such as this at all and is also not likely to provide problems with comfort. You will be able to turn it on and know what you will get once it starts.

  • It is time-saving

The pace which is being offered will matter too. If you have a large space to clean, the cleaning time will be important. With the wet floor mop you will not clean all the space up at a fast speed, it will slow you down a while in the long-term.

The steam mop is produced to get faster and is going to cover much space to suit your needs inside a short period.


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Steam Mop?

best cheap steam mop

When picking and choosing the best small steam mop for your floor in the market, it is advisable to consider these factors that will enable you to make an informed choice.

  • Does it have a swivel head?

A swivel head allows the cleaning head to access spaces such as table legs, toilet bowls, and behind poles that you would have otherwise not failed to reach.

Therefore, if you have no time moving around items around your house while you are doing the cleaning, then you want to have a swivel head. Likewise, it also proves useful when disposing of your pet’s waste material.

  • What water reservoir size do you need?

Remember, the bigger its size, the longer you can clean without requiring to fill it up again.

With this in mind, if your house has big floor space, you should opt for a steam mop with a larger water tank of over 500 ml to allow you to clean continuously without any interruptions.

If you have a small place or spot to clean, a water tank of 250-450ml is enough for basic work.

Nevertheless, as you strive for a bigger water tank, take note that the larger its size, the bulkier it is to clean with, thereby meaning you go through more physical labor.

steam mop

  • How fast it heats?

If you frequently do a lot of cleaning, heat time is an essential factor that is needed to be taken into consideration.  This time varies from one model to another, with some models taking 30 seconds whereas others take 5 minutes.

To get the steam mop’s ideal cleaning time, you need to factor in this feature along with the water tank size when determining the estimated time required to clean the floor.

  • What kinds of mop pads do you need?

Mop pads are essential parts of steam mops as it is this part that directly comes into contact with the floor during the cleaning.

Sensitive/microfiber pad

This mop pad is designed both for hardwood and materials that are susceptible to scratching. Compared to the other mop pads, microfiber pads tend to leave behind less moisture, and this subsequently makes the floor dry faster.

All-purpose pad

This is undoubtedly the most popular pick among many users because of the versatility is has on offer. You can use it to clean different types of floors, including tile floors and hardwood, but they typically need a little scrubbing.

Additionally, they often last the longest in comparison to other pads as they are neither too harsh nor too sensitive. However, you need to cautious when cleaning hardwood.

Heavy-duty grip pad

This mop pad is designed for floors that can endure thorough cleaning sessions as well as hard treatment. Therefore, they are not ideal for wood, but preferably metals, coated stone, and hard ceramics.

Moreover, they do a better job of absorbing water in comparison to the other types, and this is possible thanks to their sturdiness. Nevertheless, the lifespan of these mops is shorter compared to the rest.

  • Is it easy to use?

When buying a small steam mop, it advisable to ensure that you check the user-friendliness of your mop. Brilliant steam mops that are easy to fold flat or swivel clean floors and furniture more efficiently.

Ensure that your mop handle is adjustable even if you do not have a mobility issue to avoid bending too much.

  • What is your floor type?

You can clean all hard surfaces with a small steam mop, but it is advisable to follow specific considerations when cleaning the hard floor that requires special attention like hardwood floors.

A hardwood floor requires you to have a small steam mop with an adjustable steam setting. With this feature, your mop can control the moisture and heat your floor receives

  • Does it come with accessories?

Before you purchase a steam mop, ensure that the accessories such as the cleaning cloth, grout cleaner, refill pads, brushes, and scrubbers are readily available if it gets worn out after use.


Best Steam Mop Reviews

1. Best Overall – PurSteam 10-in-1 Steam Mop for Hardwood Floor

best steam mop

The PurSteam 10-in-1 Steam Mop is a quality product that is usually imported, and it is known for being quick and also effective cleaning.

It has a tank water capacity of an 11.5-ounce reservoir, which thoroughly cleans everywhere. Thus, even if you do not like cleaning, you will be attracted by this kind of mop and clean your entire house easily and faster within a very minimal duration. This leaves your home fresh and clean, like never before. It contains a hose that is flexible to reach all the hard corners to contact for a superb cleaning.

This model of the steam mop works efficiently, and it is known best as; glass cleaner, steam cleaner, floor steam mop, as well as a carpet cleaner. It is chemical-free and performs 99.9% sanitation, a friendly product for both pets and children.

PurSteam 10-in-1 Steam Mop is mostly recommended for hardwood floors, and it has a surface scrubber responsible for a superb cleaning. It is lightweight, making it easy for you to maneuver with it at your home while cleaning.

Check the Price on Amazon


2. Hot Sale – BISSELL 1940 Powerfresh Steam Mop for Floors

top steam mop reviews

BISSELL 1940 is appropriate for sanitizing as well as cleaning hard floors that are sealed without using harsh chemicals. Using its natural power, it has the ability to kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs as well. It has a steam control that is typically set digitally to select from low, medium to the highest level depending on your cleaning needs. The product has a 23 power cord foot used for approximately 30 minutes.

It comes with several things such as a carpet glider, fragrance spring breeze discs, microfiber pad scrubby, and a microfiber pad soft with 1500 watts power rating. Its graphic packaging differs from one another.

When you are using steam water, ensure that you demineralized it to enable it to leave a fresh scent behind as you clean. Therefore, thanks to these fantastic features of this product for making it outstanding in the market, you can always opt for it or even make it your number one choice.

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3.Free Pad Touch – Shark S3973D Shark Pro Steam Pocket Mop

shark life away steam mop

Shark S3973D is a steam mop that has a 2 in 1 pocket mop with a handheld steamer that is removable and appropriate for floor cleaning. It contains a release technology and a free pad touch in the Intelli-mop.

The steam does away with messes that are stuck with a dual grip sided dirt pad; furthermore, this products comes with a steam control intelligent of 3 levels for easy scrubbing, dusting as well as mopping.

This machine has the potential to wash grip pads dirt separately with liquid detergents as well as warm water; note that you should avoid fabric softeners and bleaches as well. It has an above hose accessory of 3 feet; this is to reach the hard places.

Shark S3973D has excellent features that have made it competitive in the market worldwide. Therefore, whenever you require purchasing a steam mop, you can always go for it as long as you make sure that it meets your demands effectively.

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4. Double Side Pad – Shark S3501 Steam Pocket Mop 

cheap steam mop

The Shark S3501 Steam Pocket Mop uses both sides to sanitize and clean. It generates a standard 99.9% sanitization free of chemicals. This product offers maximum cleaning with absolutely no need for you to change the water, and it has a Swiffer; therefore, you do not need to buy pads.

It is lightweight; hence you can easily maneuver with it whenever you are doing cleaning in your entire house. Furthermore, it deep cleans and does away with all the dirt on the floor.

Once you fill this product with distilled water, you are good to commence on your cleaning straight away. It has recorded an excellent performance ever compared to any other steam mop. It has an elongated, which enables you to easily clean maximum as well as minimum areas.

Shark S3501 Steam Pocket Mop is mostly used on hard floors that are sealed since they do away with grime and dirt mercilessly compared to the regular mop. Therefore, you can choose it over the other best steam mops.

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5. Safe for Pet – Bissell Detachable Pet Steam Mop for Grout 

steam mop for pets

This Bissell Mulpurposes Pet Steam Mop completely supports the foundation of BISSELL pet with a mission of at least serving homeless pets. Furthermore, it is easier and safe to clean a home with some pets; you do not need to use harsh chemicals.

It contains a pet model lift-off features; this steam mop is two in one with the ability to handle pet messes above and on your entire floor. The pet model lift off contains 13 tools that are versatile for steam cleaner handheld use purposes

The warm-up heater duration is 30 seconds, and this temperature kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs through its natural steam power with a 1500 watt power rating.

It comes with full package tools such as a towel microfiber, a water cup that I attachable, a microfiber pad scrubby, soft microfiber pad, among many more tools. Thanks to these fantastic features of this product since it has made it an excellent steam mop in the industry.

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6. Premium for Most Floors – McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

heavy duty steam cleaner

McCulloch Steam Cleaner guarantees you satisfaction with a hassle-free warrant of two years backed up plus customer service based team widely supports it.

Additionally, it is chemical-free for cleaning, giving your entire home a natural sanitization and deep clean using a pressured hot steam only that does away with molds, spots, stains, grime as well as grease.

It works effectively on different surfaces such as grills, laminate, hardwood flooring that is sealed, granite, among many more.

The capacity of the water tank is 48 ounces and takes approximately 8 minutes to heat up. This means you can continuously steam clean for 45 minutes; it comes with 18 versatile accessories; these are; squeegee, scrub pad, brass brush, nylon brush, mop pads, as well as a floor mop.

Bissell Mulpurposes Pet Steam mop contains a power cord of 15.7, which is extra-long and a hose that is 9 foot. This means it is easy to maneuver with it around whenever you are performing your cleaning duty.

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7. 2 in 1 Vaccum Mop – Bissell 1132A Lightweight Mop Combo

steam vacuum and mop

Bissell 1132A of a steam mop is appropriate for hard floor steaming and vacuuming debris at a go, consuming very minimal time. It has a water tank capacity of 12.8 ounces and a cleaning path width of 11; it sanitizes using pure water to kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs.

Additionally, it applies on bare floors and hard floors with a power rating of 120 volts. This product contains digital controls that are easy to touch, an adjustable handle 5-way, and a long power cord of 25 feet.

However, it is recommended that use, as advertised as results, might vary, so it is better that you follow the manual script. The dry tank system of technology will keep your tank dry as you steam.

In case you find that this steam mop has a complication or some sort of failing, it is appropriate that you troubleshoot using steps on your manual script. Note that the warm-up duration for your heater is 30 seconds.

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8. Perfect Upright – Shark S3601D Professional Steam Mop

shark s3601d

Shark S3601D comes hand in hand with two mop heads, which is quick to release specifically for cleaning vast areas at your home. Moreover, its steam is superheated for 30 minutes generating a sanitization of 99.9% on floors, which are hard using steam only; this means the product is chemical-free.

The three exceptional levels of steam control make sure that you get enough and sufficient steam for cleaning, depending on your demand.

The shark pocket steam technology generates a cleaning that is double-sided using each pad. It is remarkable when it comes to cleaning as well as quick-drying durations.

Note that while using this product, you should only use the manufacturers’ recommended tools for a perfect performance. If there is any faulty part, have it fixed before going ahead to use it.

Thanks to these fantastic features of this particular product, you can always opt for it whenever you need to purchase one.

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9. With Super Large Water Tank – Shark S1000A Steam Mop 

steam mop cleaner

The Shark S1000A Steam Mop has a capacity of a 12.68-ounce water tank with this the steam power is made easy. It does a perfect job of sanitizing as well as cleaning; you can examine this through controlled, tested conditions.

This product completely removes grime as well as a grease with absolutely no chemicals and residue. It has a removable XL water tank that is very easy to refill and fill, its water heat up duration is 30 seconds.

It has a weight which is light and more compact that makes it easy to store as well as use. Shark S1000A Steam Mop does a maximum cleaning that is very effective for use. Therefore, when it comes to purchasing the best steam mop, it should be among the best steam mops that you should opt for.

Thanks to its amazing features, which have made it outstanding in the market, when you purchase it, be sure of zero disappointments.

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10. Most Multifunctional – PurSteam ThermaPro Steam Mop Cleaner

steam mop cleaner

PurSteam ThermaPro Steam Mop Cleaner takes minimal time in cleaning and sanitizing. It works appropriately compared to a regular mop, and when you are using it, you will not experience the hustle of bending or scrubbing the flow.

The steam mop does an excellent job with tap water, only making your floor have a brand new look. It has a unique triangular shape; this enables you to reach even the hard places to clean, especially corners.

Its water tank holds 8.5 ounces capacity of water; with this amount of water, you can clean your entire home within no time. This product comes with a household that is multifunctional for any surface you would like to sanitize and clean, such as; porcelain tiles, ceramic tile, hardwood floors, among many more.

Furthermore, it is pet-friendly and safe for use since it is a chemical-free product. It guarantees your total satisfaction and kills 99.9% of germs, leaving your house perfectly cleaned.

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11. Heavy-Duty Cleaning – Dupray Steam Cleaner For Laminate Floorsfloor steamer

Dupray Steam Cleaner has enough potential to deodorize, degrease, sanitize, disinfect as well as clean any kind of surface. Moreover, it only uses tap water, which, after being heated, generates steam for effective cleaning. This means the product is chemical-free.

Strong superheated steam is 135-275 degrees. It holds a large capacity of water; hence it can clean deeply for 50 good minutes.

It is appropriate for floor cleaning and comes with some accessories such as a cloth or regular towel and excludes you from buying costly special pads.

The product also gives you a warranty of 2 years. Therefore, such a product is handy for use at home, and it is rated among the best steam cleaners with excellent performance. Thanks to its features that have made it gain a good response in the industry.

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12. Small Size  – Light N Easy Electric Steam Floor Steam Mop Cleaner

It is one of the best small steam mops in the market and highly rated steam cleaners. This cleaner has a steamer with 1150w that provides powerful steam enabling the mop to remove stubborn stains without tiring you.

It is lightweight, making the cleaner easy to operate and move around.

This steam mop cleaner comes with a 20feet cord that allows a comprehensive coverage around the house. It enables you to clean hard to reach areas in your house. This feature makes the cleaning process easy and convenient.

This mop has three layers of mop pads that are powerful enough to remove stubborn stains. The mop pad is also reusable.

Light N Easy steam mop is suitable for cleaning all kinds of floors. It can steam mop tiles, hardwood, laminate floors, vinyl floors, among others. Manual control – it has a manual pump that allows you to control the quantity of steam released. This feature is best as it offers protection while dealing with delicate floors.

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13. Perfect for Corners – Bissell PowerEdge Floor Cleaner

bissell small Steam mop

Bissell PowerEdge Steam Mop is incredibly lightweight hence easy to lift and use it to clean above-floor surfaces such as sink and counterparts. It has a triangular-shaped mop head making it most ideal for cleaning hard to reach corners and edges of the floor.

The cleaner has a steam trigger that allows you to modify the quantity of steam you need on each activity.

Bissell power edge floor cleaner is popularly known for this unique feature. This shape enables it to reach out to the tricky corners and edges that are manually hard to reach and clean.

This steam mop comes with a grout tool and a bristle scrub brush for cleaning surfaces such as countertops and sinks.

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14. Affordable Small Mop- O Cedar Electric Microfiber Steam Mop

o cedar microfiber steam mop

If you are looking for an affordable small steam mop, consider O cedar steam mop.

This mop has a flexible design that allows you to adjust the steam flow, depending on the floor surface you are cleaning. O cedar steam mop is lightweight weighing only 5lbs, a feature that makes it easy to use and move around.

This head design enables it to reach and clean edges and corners that are difficult to reach manually.

This feature enables you to adjust the steam flow depending on the floor type. Therefore you can safely clean any floor surface with this mop.

O-cedar small microfiber steam mop weighs only 5lbs. Its lightweight design enables you to swivel and glide your floor surfaces with ease.

It comes with a snap-on glider useful for refreshing and cleaning carpet.

Check the Price on Amazon


15. Best Powerful – Shark Genius Cleaning System for Tiles

shark pocket genius steam mop

Shark Genius steam mop is one of the most potent small steam mop. This upright steam mop offers a combination of power and convenience with its flexible cleaning pads and steam blasting functions.

It has three settings of steam that enable it to adjust, depending on the fitness level and floor type. The following are some of the impressive features of this small steam mop

The head of this steam mop opens up with a press of a button and releases the dirty pad. You do not have to touch it with your hands, which prevents burning your hands from steamy water.

This steam mop has three settings that allow you to customize the steam level needed on each cleaning job.

Shark Genius steam mop has double-sided grip pads that grab and hold onto dirt.

This steam mop uses this technology that entails directing a powerful jet of steam to a sticky stain, quickly breaking down the dirt.

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Where Can I Use Steam Mop On?

Small steam mops are excellent and safe to clean all types of linoleum, commonly known as the vinyl floor, ceramic tiles, marble tile, concrete floor, and solid hardwood floor.

  • Floors

1. Vinyl floor

The vinyl floor is known to stand moisture than conventional laminate. It gets destroyed by moisture that loosens the glue, making it crack.

To eliminate excess moisture on this floor, the use of a small steam mop gives excellent results. It only takes less than 30 seconds to dry this type of floor using a steam mop.

2. Ceramic floors

It is brilliant in ceramic or porcelain tile. Though ceramic floors are joined together with mortar, it makes them safe to clean with steam mop even if the tile is old or cracked.

3. Solid hard floor

All sealed hardwood floors can withstand the hot heat that is released by a small steam mop. Although it is not advisable to use this mop on the unsealed hardwood floor, this is because of the hot moisture that can damage the floor.

4. Marble tile

It is more efficient in cleaning your marble floor. When cleaning your marble floor using this type of mops, you can regulate the moisture for better results.

5. Concrete floors

Concrete floors are easy to clean with small steam mops. The microfiber pad can easily extract all dirt and build upon this floor with a lot of ease.


Do not use your steam mop on the unsealed floors and unwaxed wooden floors. Steam mopping creates moisture due to water being emitted being left on the floor eventually leaving the floors wet and potentially causing accidents.

Using a steam mop would fill in the moisture in the floor whereby they end up warping or swelling thus damaging the floor. Only use a dry to damp mop when done with ring hemp or use a cloth to completely rid of all moisture.

  • Carpet

What kind of steam mop can I use on the carpet? Vac & steam All in one is the best choice?

Carpets are prone to have debris around, dust and dirt due to people stepping with shoes. Therefore, it is important to vacuum thoroughly before steam mopping it. With a Lightweights handheld Vac & Steam mop, you can do both chores thus saving time and cost. The Vac & steam all in one is a versatile tool in many homes.

  • Upholstery

You can use the detachable handheld steam cleaner that is lightweight and easy to work with. Having a Vacuum and & Steam mop for cleaning is the best for convenience. It saves cost as you don’t have two buy two equipment as this does all the work. You easily vacuum it and alter steam and clean it while sanitizing it.

  • Sofa

Use the handheld detachable unit with the steam mop on your sofa but first, vacuum it to remove dust and dirt from it. Depending on the fabric of the sofa, use the lowest heat setting to prevent damaging it.

  • Mattress

Yes, it is paramount to use a steam mop on the mattress. Besides getting rid of stains of sweat, urine, and dirt, it also helps in killing bedbugs or dust mites. Use a lightweight steam mop that has various heat settings to implement that activity. Also, by different heat settings, you can protect delicate fabrics like cotton and silk.

  • Car

When it comes to car cleaning, it is mostly not a simple task. It requires high steam with a powerful mop. The cylinder steam clenaer is ideal for car cleaning as it has a high capacity to clean due to the bier water tank.

Besides, it comes with extra tools like brushes, scrapers, and grout cleaners to ensure that the car is left spotless.

Here is a great Mcculloch cylinder steam cleaner for your car. Click here to buy.


What Fabrics Should Avoid  Using Steam Mop?

Besides the steam mops being versatile devices that are used at homes, you need to know that not all fabrics can be used for it.

Avoid using them on fabric like silk and wool. Although some might have tried it and been successful in a way.

Using a steam mop on delicate fabrics because the heat emitted cold ruins them. Besides, they might not be able to clean them by removing the suborn stains in them.


How to Use a Steam Mop to Clean Floors?

best shark steam mop

Contrary, a steam mop uses its cleaning pad to power and produces clean to steam to make dirt lose and consequently absorb it. The steps to follow when using the steam mop are:

1. Open the water tank of the steam mop, and this is usually situated above the plastic’s body.

2. Empty, clean, and freshwater into the measuring cup of the steam mop as well as an accompanying funnel. Subsequently, fill water inside this tank up to the point the “max” label on the tank is indicated, and you must never overfill this water tank. Once the water reaches an ideal level, replace the tank cap and fasten it tightly.

3. Untie the steam mop’s electrical cord from its cord holder and then pug it into a standard 120-volt household electrical port. Give it between 15 to 30 seconds for the water inside to get heated so that you can start moping your floor.

4. Once the water gets appropriately heated, switch on the trigger of the steam mop and start mopping.

5. Some steam mop comes with a changeable clean pad, thereby enabling to use of the size that is clean once the one in contact with the floor gets dirty.

6. Once you are done, store your steam mop well, and with enough care, it will serve you for an extended duration.


FAQs About the Best Steam Mop

best electric mop

1. Do steam mops really work?

Yes, steam mops do an excellent job of cleaning your floors and are a lot easier to use compared to the traditional methods of cleaning, that is, the use of a mop and bucket.

2. Can I get a cordless steam mop?

To be honest, there is no completely cordless steam mop on the market. But you can find some cordless vacuum cleaner.

3. Is a small steam mop worthy to buy?

Yes, a small mop can be used in various situations, for example, for concerns, for stairs, for spot stains quickly with a lot of ease. Using these mops, you don’t have to use any chemicals, thus its eco-friendly.

4. Can I put vinegar in my steam mop?

Yes, you can, as vinegar is an excellent cleaning agent that allows you to clean and sanitize your floor.

If you want to not only do away with the dust but also kill bacteria, adding apple cider vinegar or white vinegar is a remarkable option. Nevertheless, vinegar is only ideal for cleaning tiles, vinyl, and linoleum floors but not hardwood floors as it usually damages its chemical finish.

5. Can I use a steam mop to clean the carpet?

Yes, you can use a steam mop to clean your carpet. Start by removing the furniture or obstructions around it. This will make cleaning easier. Then, vacuum the floor whereby you get rid of dust, dirt, or any debris that damages your carpet.

Start cleaning in small sections from one corner and continue cleaning in small sections on straight lines until you are done. Finally, let the carpet dry naturally.

6. Does a steam mop replace mopping?

Since steam mop has been discovered, it has replaced mopping in the house. This is because it is easier and faster and more importantly eco-friendly as there is no use of harmful chemicals. Besides, it has been all around as it cleans more places than mopping requires.

7. Is it OK to use a steam mop on a hardwood floor?

Although some steam mop recommends using them to clean these floors, it is not advisable. Though durable, using a steam mop would affect the quality of adhesive of the floor where water may seep in thus weakening the bond and damaging the floors.



Based on the above information, you are now well familiarized with the 11 best steam mops in the industry. Therefore, it is upon you to opt for a steam mop that will serve you best and meet your demands of cleaning, leaving your home sparklingly clean. I hope this article has been of help in your search for the best steam mop.


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