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Shark Genius Steam Mop s5003d Overview

Shark Genius Steam Mop s5003d is designed with impressive features to make cleaning hassle-free. With this mop, you won’t have to exert much energy in cleaning your living space.

If you dislike mopping and cleaning, you should consider getting this. You’ll be glad you did. Here’s a review.


An In-depth Review of Shark s5003d

shark fiber mop floor mop steamer

From the features it possesses to its working mechanism, pros and cons, here’s all you need to know about Shark s5003d. Let’s dive in!
What you benefit from this mop

  • Touch-free technology

Do you detest touching dirty pads? No worries! You don’t have to hold these pads anymore. Shark s5003d features a mop head that operates on an open/fold mechanism.

The mop head is designed with a button which when pressed, opens, causing the release of the pads. You won’t need to touch the pads except you want to wash them. Furthermore, you’re saved from scalding or burns from steamy water.

  • Steam control

how steam mop clean

Shark s5003d produces gushes of steam which loosens sticky and tough stains for an easy clean.

Based on the floor type and rate of dirt, the steam mop has three steam settings; hence you can choose the steam level that suits your cleaning. The steam levels include low, medium, and high.

For everyday cleaning of sealed wooden floors and laminate floors, the low level is ideal.

  • Two dirt grip pads

The double-sided pads are designed to trap dirt so they’re not spread. Just flip the mop head and use the clean part, thus the twin sides. Unlike the microfiber pads, the dirt grip pads lock more dirt. In addition, the pads are thicker and of high quality.

The touch-free technology enables you to detach the pad without touching it. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, it’s ideal to change pads once every three or four months.

Ensure you wash the pads with detergent after use. You can wash with hands or a machine.

  • Water tank capacity

Compared to the Shark s1000, the Shark s5003d water tank isn’t detachable. Thus it has a filler flask that enables you to fill your tank with water.

The steam mop can hold up to 350ml of water which can considerably clean 1000sq floor with just one fill and the low steam setting. For heavily soiled areas or larger rooms, you may need to refill your tank twice or more.

While the tank has a water filter, it’s best to use distilled water to prevent streaks that can disrupt the free flow of steam from spray nozzles. It doesn’t require you to add cleaning solutions to the tank. Only water will do.

Alternatively, you can pour the cleaning solution on the floor when cleaning. At all costs, avoid adding cleaning agents to the water tank.

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What Do Other Users Say About This?

shark steam pocket mop reviews

A user described the device as a “no brainer” since it requires less effort in operating it.

Numerous pet owners expressed how it has made cleaning easy for them. Removing tough, sticky messes is now less stressful. A reviewer commended its versatility in cleaning different areas in the home. Some people stated its lightweight design and steam settings as spot-on for them.

Several stated that the cord is too short and often gets in the way; therefore, cleaning the entire home is stressful. Some mentioned the water reservoir is too small as they have to refill it often for efficient cleaning. The tank is also not removable; hence you’ll have to devise a means to refill and drain the water after use.

Others complained that the steam mop isn’t a free-standing unit; thus, it doesn’t stay in place. They have to hold it while they clean or support it against a surface.

The unit can’t be left unattended as water can seep out, forming streaks on floors. A user believes the inconveniences are super small and isn’t much of a big deal to them.

Bid farewell to traditional mopping by getting this. Are you on the fence? Give it a try, and you’ll be glad you did.


What You May Like it About?

shark genius steam mop reviews

  • The cleaning performance

Shark s5003d heats up within 30 seconds, releasing hot steam to eliminate up to 99% of germs, micro-organisms, oily films, and dirt. The pads with gushes of steam work effectively in removing hairs, dust, and dirt around the grout.

The dual-sided pads are usually flipped or turned over for extensive cleaning time. From mopping tests, it’s deduced that the pads absorb a great deal of dirt and grime.

  • Ease of use

Compared to other steam mops, Shark s5003d is relatively easy to operate. Assembling this steam mop isn’t an arduous chore. You can set it up within seconds.

Begin by attaching the handle to the mop body and placing the mop head on it. This can be assembled in a short time without using any tools.

Operating Shark s5003d is as easy as pie. Just fill up your water tank, plug in the steam mop, select your most preferred steam level and start cleaning.

To use the steam mop, fill the tank to the indicated level with the filler cup, attach the cleaning pads, steam mode, and you’re good to go! For sticky messes, apply the mop head directly to the affected surface. Flipping the head will activate spraying and release steam.

  • Maneuverability

best lightweight steam mop reviews

You can’t beat the maneuverability of this steam mop. Shark s5003d can take various positions like turning at 90°, laying flat, or being pushed around with less force.

Do you want to clean furniture in your home? Turn your mop head to 90°. If you want to remove debris from beneath objects or furniture, it’s best to lie the mop.

While the steamer is easily moved, you might experience some glitches when you start the cleaning process, but this can be overcome. A little push will make the mop move seamlessly.

  • Chemical-free feature

Many users love this device because it doesn’t use harsh chemicals or detergents in cleaning. Shark s5003d is considered child-friendly due to this.

Chemicals can damage steam mop and leave streaks in the interior and floorings. Furthermore, according to instructions, distilled water is ideal for this steamer since it’s devoid of minerals. Get it now.


What Could Be Better?

Over time, brands have prioritized the improvement of models. Even SharkNaija isn’t left out. The cord should be made longer for easy movement around the house. A detachable water tank won’t be a bad idea for improved performance.

Extra pads should be included in the package. It will be best if the steam mop is modified with a power (on/off) button for control. This will ease the stress of having to plug and unplug often.

Also, the steam mop should be designed to stand on its own. Many users complained about having to hold or support the mop while they clean. We believe these improvements will enhance its efficiency and high performance.


Shark s5003d vs. Shark Lift-Away S3973D

shark steam mop

By comparing the two products, we can tell the similarities and differences that exist between them. The steam mop you opt for depends on your preference and cost.

The similarities and differences between the two steam mops are:


  • Dual-sided steam pads

The two steam mops have double-sided pads, which efficiently remove grease, grime, and dirt. They are designed to lock in debris when cleaning. The pads are washed with warm water and detergent after use.

  • Steam blaster

Both steam mops feature a steam blaster, which removes stuck-on, gunk, and grease from surfaces. The steam blaster releases spurts of steam which loosens sticky stains and debris.

  • Touch-free technology

The steamers utilize touch-free technology, which enables users to handle cleaning pads without smearing their hands. You won’t have to grapple with dirty grip pads.

  • Cord length

The two steamers have cords that measure up to 22 feet. This cord is connected to an external source to facilitate cleaning.

  • Filing flask

Since the steam mops are undetachable, they come with a filing flask for filing the water tank with water.

  • Steam control

Shark s5003d and Shark Lift-Away S3973D feature 3 steam settings for thorough cleaning.



shark pro steam pocket mop

  • Water tank capacity

While the Shark s5003d can hold up to 350ml of water, Shark Lift-Away S3973D water tank capacity is 500 ml. This means you can clean a vast space before you run short of water.

  • Accessories

Compared to Shark s5003d, Shark Lift-Away S3973D comes with lots of accessories such as a garment steamer, above-floor accessory hose, etc.

  • Cost

Shark Lift-Away S3973D is more expensive than Shark s5003d. However, if you’re looking for a low-priced steam mop, the latter will be a better alternative.


Should You Choose Shark s5003d or Shark Lift-Away S3973D?

If you want a steam mop that offers better functionality and a versatile steam mop, you should choose the Shark S3973D.

If you’re looking for a larger cleaning pad to save time, Shark s5003d will be a good choice.

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