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Shark s5003d vs S6002, Which One Is Worthy Buying?

This review of Shark s5003d vs. s6002 will guide you through buying one. Everyone buying something would expect the right value in return, so before buying these mops, you have to evaluate which one will be good for you.

One thing that is difficult for many people when choosing the two is that the two mops have more similarities than differences. Also, there is some factor that you have to consider like size, performance, floor types, accessories, functions, and many others.

This sound like you need to research before you make the decision. However, there is more to this review since you will compare the two, and you will be able to decide which among the two suits your requirements. Now let’s get started.


Why Should You Buy Shark Steam Mop s5003d?

Shark Steam Mop s5003d review

Though you can use Shark s5003d vs. s6002 for your cleaning purposes, if you need advanced features and a touch-free mop, then the S5003D is one of the ideal options.

It does not matter if you can do a deep cleaning of the whole room, spot cleaning, or everyday cleaning with this mop; you will enjoy excellent performance.

Since the mop has extra features that you would not find in other steam mops, then this mop is above the several options you could pick.

1. Features and special design of s5003d mop

  • Touch-free technology. The mop head usually opens up when you press the button, and it can release the dirt pad without touching it. This feature would benefit you since it is hard to burn yourself with steamy water.
  • It comes with three settings that you can use to customize the steam you would require to clean.
  • Steam system.It comes with a channeling system that will help distribute the steam on the pad to increase the width of the cleaning.
  • Dirt grip pads.It comes with microfiber pads that are designed so that they can grab and, at the same time, hold the dirt. Also, the pads are double-sided, so you can clean using both sides.
  • Steam blaster.With this feature, you can direct the steam directly on the sticky stain or dry stain, and you will break it down very quickly.

2. Performance

Shark Steam Mop s5003d features

When it comes to cleaning, then with the s5003d, you will have effective cleaning without having residue left behind.

You will be able to use the control it has to provide the right steam required to clean the floor or the surface. With it, you can tackle the sticky mess, grime, drink spills, pet messes, and many others. It also sanitizes your floor since it can kill germs on your floor.

The mop is not heavy, and it has a solid build. As an operator, you will have a soft or good grip that you can feel comfortable with while using it. It also gives you an angle that you can also mop in any direction. It also comes with a 22 feet power cable that is much enough for you to move around while cleaning.

3. Pros and cons


  • Touch-free technology
  • 3 level settings
  • Steam blaster for stubborn stains
  • 22 feet power cable
  • Washable cleaning pads
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Lightweight


  • It does not have an on or off switch
  • Non-removable water tank

4. How to use it properly?

Due to some of the downsides of the s5003d, like no on or off switch, you need to be more vigilant about how to use it properly.

You can follow the instruction manual on how to use it; however, here are some of the basic operations to follow when it comes to using it properly.

  • Setting up. Take the handle and then snap the mop head on the handle.
  • Filling the tank. Here, you will have to fill the tank with water until it fully reaches the fill line.
  • Attached with the cleaning pad. Kay the cleaning pad on the floor and then insert the mop head into the slot of the pad. Then lift it and fold it over the head of your mop head.
  • Starting the mop. Plug the power cable to the mop and the power source.
  • Selecting steam level. Use the steam settings and select the ideal one for the job through the power button available on the mop.
  • After you have plugged the mop into a power source, then it will take around 30 seconds to be ready to be used. If it reaches up to 212 degrees Fereihnt, it will automatically start moving the cleaning pad. Now you can start directing it to start moping.
  • Put it off. Once you are done with the cleaning, put it off, then you will have to unplug the power cable and remove the pad using the lever below your handle. You can empty the water left, and then you can clean and then store your mop waiting for the next cleaning.

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Why Should You Buy Shark Steam Mop s6002?

Shark Steam Mop s6002

If you are looking for an affordable price and great value steam mop for deep cleaning, then s6002 is a perfect solution for you.

One of the most reasons you should buy this mop is the reasonable price. However, it comes with other functionality like being suitable for all floor types, sanitizing, and other advanced features.

It is also one of the ultimate choices you can pick as your favorite mop.

1. The special design of this mop

  • Touch-free technology. These features mean you will say goodbye to touching the dirty pads again.
  • Dual-sided grip pads. You can use both sides of the dirt grip pads and do the cleaning.
  • Genius head. It is attached directly to the steaming channeling for easy and quick cleanups.
  • Steam blaster technology. It will help you deal with tough messes and greasy or stubborn stains.
  • Electronic control to provide the correct steam to have an efficient cleaning.

2. Performance

Shark Steam Mop s6002 features

S6002 gives you a better cleaning performance on most floors or surfaces. Like the s500d3, it can also remove the sticky stains, grime, dirt, sanitize the floor, and many other dirties.

The difference with the s5003d is that the s6002 uses an electronic system to control the steam; however, you may find it difficult when you want to control the steam to a low, midlevel, or high level.

Also, the s6002 utilizes a blaster technology to lift the dirt from the surface with the help of the direct channeling system that distributes steam through the cleaning pads to trap the dirt.

In general, though, the s6002 is efficient the s5003d has the best performance.

3. Pros and cons


  • Affordable
  • Dual cleaning pads
  • Burst steam technology
  • Direct channeling system.


  • I do not have controlling settings for the steam.

4. How to use it properly?

  • First, attach the cleaning pads on the genius head
  • Activate the mop by pressing the steam button
  • The mop will be ready to be used after 30 seconds
  • Now you can start moping by moving forward and backward.

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Shark s5003d vs. s6002, Which One Should You Buy?

Shark Steam Mop s6002 vs s5003

1. Which one is the new model?

The new model is the shark s5003d which has impressive features.

2. What are the improvements?

There new improvements here is the better cleaning pads and blasting technology that break the dirt and sanitize your floor and at the same time minimize the contact with the cleaning pads.

3. Who should choose 1806, and who needs 1940?

Bissell 1940 and 1806 are reliable mops with many similarities, but they slightly differ in their functionality. For instance, 1806 is for people who want to clean sticky or tough messes. Conversely, if you want better or more cleaning or the sticky messes or stubborn stain, the perfect option is 1940.



Shark s5003d vs. s6002 mops are one of the best equipment that you can use to clean different types of floors. With them, you do not have to strain much in cleaning. You have seen the comparisons above, and you can get your cleaner and start enjoying the functionality they give you. Hopeful this comparison has helped you also, and you can make your choice based on facts, not assumptions.



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