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20 Steam Mop Hacks and Tips – Be More Effective!

You may be struggling at the moment because the mop that you’re using to clean your house is not working out too well. Lucky for you there are several other mops on the market that you can choose from.

The only problem is you’re unaware of which mop to purchase. Have you tried using a steam mop? If you haven’t, this guide will give you an introduction to what a steam mop is plus cleaning hacks and tips to make your place look tidy.


Why Should You Use a Steam Mop to Clean Your House?

Why Should You Use a Steam Mop to Clean Your House

Steam mops will clean your floors more effectively, and they can be used on tile floors and carpets. When you hear the word effective, it means that steam mops will disinfect your floors by using the steam than other mops would.

Steam mops are kid and pet-approved. You only need to add water to the mop. There’s no need to put harmful chemicals or any other substances that will make any other person in your home feel sick.

Using a steam mop will help get tough stains out of carpets and smashed-up food on hardwood and tile floors.

It will help get rid of pet smells and dirty diapers that may be stinking up your house. Your home will smell as if you just bought the place once you have finished mopping with your new steam mop.


Steam Mop Cleaning Hacks and Tips to Make Your Home Tidy

1. It is suitable for most floor types.

steam mop hacks and tips

Steam mops come with one pad, which can be expensive because you’ll have to purchase the refillable steam cleaner pads.

To save some money, go to the store and get some cleaning pads for about a dollar. The steam comes out of a tiny hole at the bottom.

When you’re putting the pad on, be sure that it’s placed on the bottom of the steam mop because that’s where the hole is. You want the steam coming out at the pad to use it to clean your floors.

2. You can use it to clean the mattress.

steam mop for mattress

You should be cleaning your sheets every once in a while. Go ahead and strip them off and take a look at your mattress.

You may have drink spills, the kids or your pet may have had an accident on your bed, or other spills can occur.

You don’t want to sleep on that even if you do have sheets over the top of it. One way to get it cleaned is by using your steam mop for your mattress.

Be sure there is a plug nearby so you can start cleaning your mattress with your steam mop.

3. It is a great tool to clean shower walls.

steam mop for walls

When you go into the shower, you may see mold or dirt in the cracks of your shower walls. You may have scrubbed and scrubbed but couldn’t get it off.

Have you tried using a steam mop? Be sure to clean it before using the shower so it will be dry. Get in the shower and use your steam mop on the walls to clean up everything you couldn’t clean before.

4. You can clean your grill with your steam mop.

clean your grill with your steam mop

A hack that you may not know about is that you can clean your grill with your steam mop.

Since you cannot lift your mop and scrub the grill with it, you will need to purchase a separate attachment for your mop to make it easier on you.

A scrub brush will get all the dirt and grime off, and the steam will be a huge help to disinfect it before your next use. It’s a faster and easier way to clean your grill.

5. A Steam cleaner also cleans out your oven.

use steam mop to clean oven

A lot of ovens have a self-cleaning tool that will get your oven cleaned in a few hours, but it can smell awful.

If you can’t handle the smell, you can use your steam mop to get it cleaned. You can do the same thing you did to clean your grill.

A scrub brush attachment is all that’s needed to hook up to your steam cleaner to get the job done.

6. You can clean the baseboards with a steam cleaner.

clean the baseboards with a steam cleaner

Do you struggle with getting on your hands and knees to clean the baseboards? You know they need to be cleaned, but it’s difficult to do because there are so many of them.

Use your steam mop to go around your place to get all the dust and dirt off your baseboards. It’s a lot easier than getting down on your hands and knees to disinfect them.

7. You can also use your steam mop in the microwave as well.

use your steam mop in the microwave =

Sometimes scrubbing your microwave will not do the trick when the grime has been stuck on there for several months or years. Once again, you will need an attachment to clean it and make it look like a completely different microwave.

8. Another hack is to remove wallpaper.

remove wallpaper with a steam mop

You may feel like you have ruined your walls by trying to peel the paper off yourself, and it didn’t work. When you use your steam mop, the steam will help loosen the paper a little bit. With the help of the steam, the wallpaper will come off and you can start fresh with paint or you can put up a different wallpaper.

9. It is great to clean toys.

steam mop for clean toys

Babies and children get sick a lot. You may wonder how you can clean your child’s toys without using harsh chemicals. A safe way is to gather a bunch of toys and use your steam mop to clean and disinfect the toys. You don’t have to worry about babies putting toys back in their mouths after you have finished cleaning.

10. Use your steam mop for your curtains.

use steam mop for curtains

If your curtains have wrinkles, the steam from the mop will help get your wrinkles out. Your curtains will look a million times better.

11. Using a steam mop to clean the bathroom.

Using a steam mop to clean the bathroom

You can complete your normal cleaning routine when you clean the bathroom, but adding a steam mop to your routine will disinfect your bathroom. With the help of an additional attachment, you can clean the dirt and grime in hard-to-reach places.

12. Cleaning the range hood.

Cleaning the range hood

Do you know about that big piece of equipment that’s above your oven? That’s called a range hood, and it can get pretty filthy. When you use a steam mop, you can’t lift it to clean it that way, but you can use an extra attachment to clean all the dirt off even if it’s been there for several years, you should still be able to get it off.

13. Cleaning your stove burners.

Cleaning your stove burners

You may have tried time and time again to get all the grease or grime off your stove burners by using a special cleaner, and it’s still not working. The steam from your steam mop can help loosen some of that grease and grime to make it easier to come off.

14. Using your steam mop to clean your stainless steel appliances.

Using your steam mop to clean your stainless steel appliances

If you have stainless steel appliances in your home, the steam mop can help get fingerprints, grease, dirt, and anything else that you have stuck on these appliances off.

15. Cleaning your windows with a steam mop.

steam mop to clean your mirrors

Everyone has windows in their home but no one ever thinks to clean them. There may be a lot of dust or dirt on your windows that have been stuck on. The steam mop will help get it off. You just have to work the steam mop like a window washer.

16. Using your steam mop to clean your mirrors.

steam mop to clean mirrors

You have mirrors in your bathrooms and you may have mirrors elsewhere in your home. You can clean your mirrors the same way you cleaned your windows using your steam mop.

17. Cleaning your shower stall.

Cleaning your shower stall

Whether you have curtains or doors on your shower, you can effectively use your steam mop to clean both.

18. Using your steam mop to clean your kitchen cabinets.

clean your kitchen cabinets with a steam mop

This is another item in your home that you may not think to clean. Before you use your steam mop to clean, be sure to test a small area to make sure it will work and clean off all the stains. After that, move forward with the cleaning process.

19. Cleaning your doors.

cleaning door nobs

You have a lot of doors in your house, everyone does. Let’s be honest, do you clean them? Your answer may be no because it’s not part of your cleaning routine.

At least once a month, you should make it your goal to clean all the doors in your home, including your front door.

Certain areas may be caked with stains or dirt that hasn’t been cleaned. Your steam mop is a really useful tool to make your door look like they are brand new.

20. Cleaning your tile floors with a steam mop.

flat microfiber mop for ceramic tiles

While this may seem like your normal cleaning routine, have you cleaned all the cracks with your steam mop? You probably haven’t because you’re focused on the floor.

Since the cracks in tile floors are small and hard to get to, you would need to use your attachment to effectively clean them and make them sparkle and shine. You would only need to do this every month or every couple of months, not every week.


What Should you Keep in Mind When Using a Steam Mop?

  1. When you’re about to mop the floors with your steam mop, be sure to clean everything off the floor and sweep up any loose items.
  2. When you’re ready to plug it in, stay with the mop. If you leave it plugged in while doing other things, then moisture will settle in and create a home for it. The longer moisture takes to build up, the longer it will take for your house to start smelling and that’s a hard smell to get rid of.
  3. Be sure that everything is sealed on your floor. If your floor is old and falling apart, there may be holes in the floor. Even the smallest hole can get moisture trapped and your house will start to smell the longer moisture is trapped.

Concluding Thoughts

Steam cleaning your floors with a steam mop is a necessity to have a deep clean done on your floor. You may want to use another mop before using a steam mop so your steam mop can get to places other mops can’t get to. Now that you have read these hacks and understand the guidelines, you’re ready to purchase this mop to have a better way to keep your floors clean.

Be sure to purchase a steam mop that will have the attachments needed to clean other areas of your home. If it doesn’t come with the attachments, be sure there are openings in your steam mop where attachments can go.


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