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Swiffer Wet Jet VS. Shark Steam Mop, Which One Is Better?

Do you want to buy a new mop? If yes, which one will you choose between the Swiffer wet jet vs. steam mop? What is more efficient than the other when cleaning your floor?

The questions above are most asked when one wants to buy a mop. However, most people have trouble choosing between these two mops because it takes a lot of time and research for you to weigh and make the right decision since they are almost the same in terms of functionality.

Now, let’s look at the comparison and know which one is better than the other.


Why Should You Buy Swiffer Wet Jet?

Swiffer Wet Jet spary mop

Features and special design of this mop

  1. Compact and lightweight

Swiffer wet jet is compact and, at the same time, lightweight. It weighs 3.68 pounds, and it has 19.2 inches x 5.8 inches x 4.4 inches.

With this feature, almost everyone can lift the unit easily, making you have an easier time when moping; even if you want to lift it upstairs, it would not be a problem. You can navigate through the crowd, for instance, when you are mobbing at a crowded place like a college or shopping mall.

  1. Short handle

Swiffer comes with a short handle that will help you if you are a short person not to bend too much, but for the taller people could a bit issue working with this mob.

  1. It has 4 AA batteries.

The Swiffer wet jet has 4 AA batteries, and with this cordless mop, you will have freedom of movement. If you use good batteries, you will be able to work with the mop for more than two months, reducing the operational cost.

Special cleaning solution

It works with a different cleaning solutions with different scents, and you can choose the one that provides you with several scents.

You can use its cleaning pad more than once. Though the cleaning pads are not washable, you can replace them, and the Swiffer wet jet comes with two cleaning pads and the other three power pads.


cleaning result for messes

Swiffer wet jet has some benefits and disadvantages when it comes to performance. The Swiffer wet jet has good cleaning power, which is a good functionality that will help you clean even stubborn stains or dried dirt on your floor or tiles.

The Swiffer is an ideal option for floor and floor because they make them shiny. Note that the mop is not best at picking dust and debris; however, to make it work best, you must sweep first to remove the debris after cleaning with Swiffer.

Pros and cons


  • It has designated equipment that provides a large capacity for holding cleaning liquid.
  • No wastage of the detergent. A press of a button can only release the detergent. Since this can be controlled, it is an incredible feature, and you can move the Swiffer around without wasting the soupy water or the cleaning agent.
  • Swiffer wet jet uses batteries; therefore, you will not need a long power cable to power this device; also, it will give easy time in moping since no power cord cable can distract you while moping.
  • The device is lightweight, and you can carry it around without any problem.


  • It uses detergent, so you will have to stock it for regular use. It does not provide a deep clean.

How to use it properly?

To work with the wet jet, you will squeeze the trigger to release the right amount of the cleaning solution. Since you can use the Swiffer wet jet for different types of the floor, then note that you will have to know the best solution or amount of solution needed for a given type of floor.

Note that the Swiffer wet jet usually absorbs the dirt, and with a few passes, it locks, ensuring that you do it properly to avoid spreading the mess.

Unlike the other mops, this does not require things like emptying the dirty water, but just removing the pads and wiping the dirt will be good. If you have a tough mess, you will have to use the wet jet with the extra power pads to do the work effectively.

How to maintain it?

Note that this mop uses a cleaning solution that sprays out from the mop head when you press the trigger. Therefore after every use, ensure that you wipe the mop to keep the nozzle free from the dirt. However, if it is already clogged, then you have unclogged it.

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Why Should You Buy Shark Pocket Steam Mop?

Shark Pocket Steam Mop

Features and special design of this mop

  1. Nimble and lightweight

This steam mop is nimble and lightweight, weighing 4.87 pounds, and has measurements of 12 inches x 5.9 inches and 52.1 inches.

If you compare Swiffer wet jet vs. the shark steam mop, you will find that the shark steam is more noticeable and taller than the Swiffer wet jet.

Shark Steam is a lightweight mop that measures 12 inches wide and 5.9 inches deep. The total height is about 52.1 inches, and the weight is about 4.87 pounds.

It is noticeably taller than the typical mops and vacuum cleaners. Thanks to the tall handlebar, most people can use this mop comfortably. Tall individuals will appreciate the extra inches.

  1. Taller handlebar

Unlike the Swiffer wet jet, the shark steam mob has a tall handlebar that will make your mob comfortable without uncomfortable bending.

  1. Visual aesthetic

The shark steam mop does not offer much in terms of visual aesthetics. It is just a metallic handle with a pale purple tank to hold water and a removable microfiber pad. Though in terms of convenience and functionality, it is okay.

  1. Power cord

It is not a cordless mop since it needs to be powered; it comes with 20 feet power cable long enough to allow you to move from one room to the other.

  1. Workability

It is very simple to work with this mop; the trigger is easy to pull when you want to release the steam. Its tank is not removable, and you can easily refill the mop. Also, it is very easy to remove the pads and clean them without any issue.


cleaning result for messes

When it comes to selecting between the Swiffer wet jet vs. shark steam mop, then cleaning performance is one of the factors that you need to consider. Here the shark steam wins in terms of performance.

A shark steam mop can suck most of the debris or dirt, but for a better result, you need to repeat the process with a few passes for the area that has large amounts of mud or spills.

Also, the mop is lightweight, and you will not find any difficulty using it.

This mop is not designed to capture liquids but debris and dirt so that it may leave much liquid on the floor. The mop is best on a flat surface, but you will need to pay more attention to good cleaning on rough surfaces.

Pros and cons


  • It uses steam which is best for loosening dust or dirt particles.
  • You can adjust the steam levels depending on the degree of dirtiness on the floor.
  • It does not use non-eco-friendly chemicals, but you will be able to accomplish the work with water.
  • It protects your floor or tiles from harsh chemicals.


  • You cannot use the shark steam on a wide variety of floor
  • It is not cordless, which can cause inconvenience while moping since the cord can distract you, and also, you must be near a power source.

How to use it properly?

  1. First, you need to remove the dirt or debris on the floor.
  2. Then prepare the steam cleaner, fill the tank with water
  3. Switch on to heat the water. Pump the handle to dampen the cleaning cloth.
  4. You have to adjust the cleaning depending on your cleaning needs.
  5. After cleaning, make sure that you unplug the power cord from the power source and let the cloth cool off before removing it.

 How to maintain it?

  • You need to pay attention to some of the following key points for proper maintenance.
  • Newer turn on the mop when the water tank is empty.
  • Do not allow the mop to run itself without you moving it
  • After cleaning, make sure that you wash the mop cloth
  • Store the mop in a hanging position with the cleaning head also removed.

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Swiffer Wet Jet Mop vs. Shark Steam Mop

swiffet wet jet or steam pocket mop

1. cleaning power

The Swiffer wet jet is more effective than the shark steam in terms of cleaning power since it has high cleaning power.

The Swiffer wet jet machine combines the power of the cleaning solution with the power of the scrubbing strip to break up the stain and dried dirt spot. Therefore the cleaning power of the chemical and the machine make it a better option.

The shark steam mop is somehow powerful since also it can do a great job but not the same as the Swiffer wet jet.

2. Easy to use

Comparing the Swiffer wet jet vs. shark steam shows that the Swiffer wet jet is easier to use than the shark steam mop in terms of ease of use.

The Swiffer wet jet uses batteries, lighter than the Shark steam mop. Since the Swiffer is cordless, you will have an easier time maneuvering and lifting it.

On the other hand, the shark steam mop needs a power source to operate. The power cable can provide a lot of interference while moping and also need a power source for you to operate with it. In this aspect, the Swiffer wet jet wins.

3. Cleaning result

Though Swiffer wet jet vs. shark steam mop does a great job, their final result varies. With the shark steam mop, you can suck the debris or dirt, but the cleaning may leave a residue on the floor or tiles.

For the Swiffer wet jet, it provides you with a great cleaning result than the shark steam mop. For Swiffer, you can use it on a wide range of floors, while the shark steam is only suitable on flat surfaces.

4. Cost-effectiveness

Another consideration for choosing Swiffer wet jet vs. a steam mop is the operational cost; however, the Swiffer is quite affordable when the operational cost is very high.

Note that since the Swiffer wet jet uses batteries, you will have to replace them for at least after two months to work with it effectively.

For the shark, steam does not need much cost for you to operate with it. Therefore, the shark steam mop wins since it just requires water and power to operate.

5. Labor-saving

Labor-saving is another thing that you have to check when selecting the best mop in general. Here when you talk about labor-saving, you refer to the ability of the machine to save time and effort. It also refers to a technology that will help you save time and effort.

If you compare the two, then you will find that both aim at saving time and effort, but in this case, the Swiffer wet jet win since it is lighter than the shark steam; at the same time, it is easy to move with it, unlike the shark which has a 20 feet power cable which you need to move with it.

Also, the shark steam power cable can interfere with the cleaning process.

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1. Is a Swiffer or steam mop better?

As mentioned above, the two mops have their difference, but both of the mops do a great job when it comes to cleaning the floor. With this in mind, in general, the Swiffer wet jet is one of the cheaper options and can be used on all kinds of floors, so it is a better option.

2. Is Swiffer Wet Jet better than a mop?

Yes, Swiffer wet jet is better than a mop since the Swiffer provides a better option for deep cleaning. With the Swiffer, you combine the power of the cleaning solution and the machine, and you can deal with the stubborn stain that is hard to remove with a traditional mop.

3. Can you use Swiffer pads on the Shark steam mop?

Though they are doing the same work and look alike, you cannot use the Swiffer pads in the shark steam mop because their specifications vary somehow. And they might not be a suitable option to get the work done.

4. Does Swiffer Wet Jet steam?

No. Swiffer do not use hot steam; instead, they use the cleaning solution to dissolve the debris or dirt and absorb it.

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