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15 Unexpected Things to Clean in Your House! Do It Now!

You may have your cleaning routine. You clean out some things once a month, other things once a week, and you may clean some things bi-weekly. You may work as hard as you can to make sure your house looks the best it possibly could.

Even though you feel like you clean everything, do you feel like you’re missing something? There are at least 15 things that you should clean but you probably aren’t because they’re not at the top of your list.

1. Dishwasher

do you need to clean dishwasher

Cleaning your dishwasher should be a part of the regular weekly cleaning schedule that you have set for yourself. Purchase cleaners such as a stainless steel cleaner or an all-purpose cleaner. Also, you should have a two-sided sponge.

Put a little bit of the cleaner on the sponge or spray it directly on the dishwasher and use the sponge to wipe the dishwasher in a circular motion.

When you’re finished let it air dry. You don’t need to clean the inside of the dishwasher, but in some situations, you might have to. If something spills, run the dishwasher without anything in it.

2. Fireplace

why do you need to clean fireplace

Several houses have fireplaces. Fireplaces typically don’t get cleaned because people don’t know how to clean them. This is what you do.

Be sure it’s not hot when you remove any gates that you have in the front. There aren’t any fireplace cleaners on the market so you will have to combine some cleaners as a deep cleaning method.

Use a shovel to collect any burnt pieces, and then sweep up the ashes using a broom and dustpan. The last step is to use a thick scrub brush and the cleaning solution you made to scrub the fireplace.

Depending on how often you use your fireplace, you only need to clean it out about once a month or twice a year.

3. Carpets

how to keep carpet

You may clean your carpets every week but you should be deep cleaning your carpets every couple of months or so to keep them looking nice.

All you have to do is get a steam cleaner and steam all the carpets in your house. Any spills that your kids have made or messes that your pets have made can be professionally cleaned with this machine.

4. Baseboards

why do you need to baseboard

You don’t need to clean the baseboards unless your family has been sick and you need to disinfect the house. Some people make this a part of their monthly cleaning routine.

If you have someone in your house that’s allergic to dust, then you may want to clean your baseboards often. Remove everything that’s against the walls and get on your hands and knees.

You will be using disinfecting wipes to clean every part of the baseboards.

5. The Walls

why do you clean walls

If you have children or pets, they will make a mess on your walls. Messes only occur once in a while and for that reason, you only need to clean them when they occur.

The trick is you can’t use any cleaner on the walls, not even water because those two things could take the paint off the walls. To clean off stains on the walls, use a magic eraser to wipe them clean.

6. Blinds

why do you need to clean blinds

Not everyone thinks to clean the blinds in their home until they walk up to a window or a backdoor and see how dirty they are.

The easiest way to clean the blinds is by using a duster. The duster will easily get the dust off. You may see some blinds that have dirt on them. You can get some disinfectant wipes and clean the ones that have dirt.

7. Pots and Pans

Look through your pots and pans and see if you can save any of them. Let your hot water run for a few minutes and soak the pans for a few hours.

All the dirt should come off. In some cases, you’ll be able to get most of it off. You can get the rest of it off with a scrub brush and some dish soap.

If none of those things work, you’ll have to throw them away.

8. Cupboards

You should clean out your cupboards regularly. When you’re in a hurry, a lot of times you’ll throw things in the cupboards so it’s best to organize everything that’s in them.

Start by emptying each cupboard, and then use a multipurpose cleaner to spray them down. Let the cleaner soak for a little bit, and then wipe it down with either a paper towel or a sponge.

9. Silverware

When you reach to get some silverware to set the table for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you may notice dead bugs or other items that shouldn’t belong in a kitchen.

Stick all the silverware in the dishwasher with dish soap. While those are in the dishwasher, clean your silverware tray, and clean the whole drawer.

You can use soap and water or a multipurpose cleaner again. Use a rag to dry everything off.

10. Air Vents

Have you ever noticed that sometimes it may feel like the air is off but it’s not? Step on a chair and get a duster to clean the air vents.

You may want to close your eyes or wear goggles because you may see a lot of dust come down.

11. Washer/Dryer

Not just the tops of the washer and dryer need to be cleaned, but the inside of both should be cleaned as well. Cleaning out the washer may take a while.

Make sure to use a lot of disinfectant cleaner. You need to clean out the part that’s right inside after you open the lid, not the place you put your clothes.

In addition to that section, cleaning the place where you put the fabric softener also needs to be done.

12. Dryer Vent

Everyone knows that you’re supposed to clean the dryer vent after every load of clothes you do.

The only thing is there’s usually excess lint that stays behind after you throw everything else away.

Get a paper towel and wet it with warm water. Lastly, wipe the lint trap clean.

13. Toys

Children and pets have lots of toys. How often do you clean them? It is recommended to clean them after someone gets sick.

There is a special toy disinfectant cleaner that will wipe away any germs. Spray the toys and leave them out so they can air dry. The best time to clean toys is when they’re sleeping at night.

14. Picture Frames

No one thinks about cleaning picture frames and will not make it a part of their cleaning routine because they are up so high.

While you go about your day, the picture frames are collecting dust. To solve that problem, get some dusting solution and spray it on a rag so you can wipe it down.

15. Lamps

If you have lamps in your rooms, those can be collecting dust as well. It’s best to get a rag and soak it under some warm running water.

Use the rag to clean under the lampshade. Unplug the lamps if you have to in case it’s getting a little bit too hot underneath.


Concluding Thoughts

When you clean your home weekly and deep clean your home monthly or every other month, you always do your normal cleaning routine.

It’s nothing to be ashamed about; everyone has one. The 15 things listed above are some things you don’t think to clean but should be cleaned regularly. Some should be cleaned more often than others. These tips will help you learn which solution to use and how often to clean most of these things.

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