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What Cleaner to use with O Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop

Generally, everybody loves being in a neat place, even though very few enjoy mopping. If you want a clean floor, you must practice this necessary evil. However, mopping can be fun if you use suitable materials like the O Cedar Spin Mop.

It is lightweight and easy to use a mop that leaves your floor glittering. There is much to learn about this incredible product if you keep reading.


Can You Use Floor Cleaners with O Cedar Spin Mop?

Can You Use Floor Cleaners with O Cedar Spin Mop

Some mops are so delicate that you can only use the specified cleaning products if you want to keep the mop in good condition for longer.

This prompts many people to consider such aspects before buying any mop, which is correct. When shopping for mops, we expect them to be efficient and durable.

However, the O Cedar Spin Mop does not limit you from using floor cleaners. According to the instructions, you can use the O Cedar Spin Mop with any floor cleaning solution and remain in good shape for a long time.

However, some floor cleaners work better than others with the O Cedar Spin Mop and give incredible results. This prompts many to search and use those cleaners, but for those who don’t know the cleaners, here is a list.


What Are the Best Cleaning Solutions to Use with O cedar Spin Mop?

what are the best cleaning solution to use with spin mop

Some are professional floor cleaners, while there is also a mild homemade cleaner.

Professional Floor Cleaners

Here are some floor cleaners I recommend using with O Cedar mop and why I recommend them.

Fabuloso. The cleaner is an excellent antibacterial better for killing germs.

Mr. Clean. It works well with this mop and is perfect for most hardwood surfaces.

Pine-sol. It works well and leaves your floor with an incredible smell.

Homemade Mild Floor Cleaner

You do not necessarily need to use expensive floor cleaners to attain a clean floor. You can make a floor cleaner with simple, affordable ingredients and get even better results. For instance, these ingredients can result in a perfect floor cleaner.

Dish detergent. It is tough on germs and gives better results. Also, the detergent has no powerful scent that can affect you.

Liquid castile soap. Castile soap has no powerful scent and leaves the surface shiny. It is convenient for any surface.

You can also make homemade mild floor cleaner:


  • A cup of white vinegar
  • 15 drops of essential oils
  • A bucket of hot water
  • A quarter cup of baking soda


  • Put the hot water in the bucket.
  • Add your ingredients and stir thoroughly.
  • Your Cleaner is ready, and you can clean the floor. Allow air to dry the floor instead of rinsing for the scent to remain.


Can You Use Bona Floor Cleaner with O Cedar Mop?

bona floor cleaner to mop with floors

Even if I said o cedar mop is versatile, and you can use it with any floor cleaner earlier, I also said some of these floor cleaners do not work well with the mop.

Bona floor cleaner is one of those floor cleaners that does not work well with the O Cedar mop. Therefore, it would be better not to use the Bona floor cleaner with the O Cedar mop.

Some floor cleaners are made to be perfectly compact with their respective mops and might gradually affect other not recommended mops if used with them.


Is Vinegar Bad For O cedar Mop?

can I use vinegar to mop with floors

Vinegar, mainly white, is one of the best cleaners. Vinegar is vital in killing germs and keeping the surface safe for a long time. Additionally, it gives the surface a good scent that makes the whole place smell fresh for as long as possible.

Therefore, vinegar can never be wrong for O Cedar mop with excellent attributes. In fact, vinegar helps maintain the O Cedar mop by killing the germs present.


Can You Use an O-cedar Mop on Hardwood Floors?

can i use spin mop on hardwood floors

O-Cedar mop is not only versatile with floor cleaners but also with surfaces. This great mop is safe and fit for almost every floor apart from sand and soil. The O-cedar mop is super-efficient, whether it is hardwood floor surfaces, vinyl, tiles, marble, ceramic, stone, or laminate.

Different people have tried the mop on these and other surfaces like walls, body cars, and even wood floors and have given positive reviews. Therefore, you can trust the O-Cedar mop to do great on almost every surface.


Can I Bleach with O cedar Mop?

It would be best never to try bleaching with the O Cedar mop. Though the mop is convenient for various cleaners, bleach products are not among them. After cleaning, you should clean the mop with a machine or hand wash it with hot water, then leave it to dry before storing it.


How to Use O cedar to Mop Floors?

Using the O Cedar mop is pretty straightforward. Follow the steps below to get perfect results.

Step one

The mop comes in three separate sections and its bucket. It has a head, base, and handle. Connect the base to the mop and firmly tie the handle to the base, but not that tight.

The handle is adjustable from 24 inches to 51 inches to adjust to your preferred length. You twist it clockwise, then pull it out and twist it anticlockwise to lock.

Step two

Fill the bucket with warm water but not to the brim. There is a certain level specified by the manual or marked in the bucket. Add your preferred floor cleaner solution.

The bucket has a peddle you step on to squeeze water from the mop. After dipping the mop in the water, press the repeatedly peddle to squeeze the water out of the mop, and you are good to mop your floor.

Step three

When done with mopping, dispose of the water and disassemble the mop, starting with the handle followed by the base. The mop is fit for the laundry machine so that you can clean it with the machine.



If you have been looking for a mop convenient for any floor and can use it with almost every floor cleaner, look no more because O Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop and Bucket System have your back. It is an easy-to-use and efficient mop with an adjustable handle to rely on, no matter your height.

Additionally, the mop is a microfiber and is laundry machine washable. Try it and enjoy its unlimited benefits for longer.

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