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What Is A Cuban Mop? An Amazing Mop for Tight Spaces

Do you want an easy way of cleaning which is eco-friendly? Almost everyone cannot find the ease of sweeping or mopping using the traditional methods since it is cumbersome and does not give desirable results.

Though there are other modern methods that you can use like Swiffer to overcome these frustrations, they have their drawback.

If you are looking for the best solution for these problems, then Cuban Mop is the solution. So read on till the end to find out what is a Cuban mop and much more.


What Is A Cuban Mop/T Mop?

what is a cuban mop best for

A Cuban mop is a mop that consists of two poles, which are often wooden. The poles are crafted in a way that they form a T shape. Now let’s look at what is best for or when you need this Mop.

1. What is a Cuban mop best for?

Cuban Mop is one of the mops that is the best eco-friendly method that you can use when it comes to moping.

The Mop is also the best method to mop without leaving behind some waste as the other mops do. This Mop is different from the conventional mops types since it prevents the accumulation of bacteria and leaves your floor fresh washed.

Therefore, if you are looking for an eco-friendly method to clean your floor dry without leaving waste behind, you can opt to use the Cuban Mop.

2. When do you need it most?

There are many scenarios that you, the Cuban Mop, is fit to use.

Besides being an ideal option for an eco-friendly solution to leaving your floor fresh and clean, there are other situations where only the Cuban Mop can do the work.

A Cuban Mop is an ideal option for cleaning narrow spaces, house canners, or areas that are hard to reach. Since the Mop has a small mop head and the towel that you can fold at the end is small, you can reach the tiny areas that are hard to reach.

Note that you can also clean walls with it, but it depends on the kind of house wall you have. It would be hard to clean these areas with a conventional mop, so the Cuban Mop stands to be the best solution in this scenario.


How to Use A Cuban Mop to Reach More Area?

It would be best to understand how to use a Cuban Mop. When it comes to cleaning with the Cuban Mop, it is very easy.

With a pair of absorbent materials, the Mop, you can effectively clean your floor. In this section, let’s look at the type of towel or rag you will need, how you will put the cleaning material, and the tips you will follow in cleaning the place effectively.

1. What kind of rug or towel do you need?

Here what you need is a clean, absorbent material. Herewith towel, mop cloths, old t-shirts or any piece of cloth, you are good to go.

You do not need a large towel or rug here, but a small or medium size of the absorbent material will be the best option.

So if you want to use the rug with the Mop, you will have to fold the piece of the rug on the Cuban Mop to form the mop head, and with your cleaning solution, you can clean the place effectively.

2. How do you put the cloth on a Cuban mop?

how do you put rugs in a cuban mop

Now that you know the kind of towel or rugs you can use here, you will need the Cuban Mop, cleaning solution, and a clean piece of the towel or rug.

First, put the cleaning solution in a sink, basin, bucket, or container. Then take the clean towel and dip it in the cleaning solution.

Secondly, you can fold the damp towel. To do so, take your wet towel and lay it on your floor. Let the t shape end of the Mop lay on the towel.

Then fold one bottom corner of the towel over the wood and the other corner over the other first corner towards you.

Now you can lift your Mop by pulling on your side to put the other two corners of the towel held together. If you think this is not an easy method, you can fold your towel on the wooden Cuban Mop, and you will be good to go. Once you put the cloth on the Cuban Mop, you can start cleaning the place.

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Easy and Effective Cleaning Tips by Using a Cuban Mop

Now let’s look at some tips that would help you clean places like corners, walls, or narrow spaces with the Cuban Mop effective.

If you are living in a dust area, then there is a high probability that you have some dust on your wall. Note only dust can be found on the wall, but also cobwebs are some of the things you can get on the wall.

To clean the wall effectively, you will first have to use a dry unused brush or cloth and then make sure that you squeeze the water in your towel before cleaning the place with the Cuban Mop.

For the narrow or corner spaces usual, there is a lot of dust accumulating in these areas. To clean, you will make sure you dust off the area and then mop with the Cuban Mop.

If you do not dust off the place, first, you will have to mop and then rinse the cleaning cloth and Mop again until it is clean and dry.

Here are also other mop options to remove the accumulating dust at corner.


How to Wash Cuban Mop?

One of the easiest things with the Cuban Mop is washing the Cuban Mop. To clean the Mop, remove the cleaning cloth and use a washing machine to wash it.

Also, you can hand wash it and make sure that you dry it to prevent carrying bacteria to the floor next time you want to use the mopping cloth.

For the Mop, make sure that the mop head or the T shape is also clean. You will have to hand wash this mop end to remove accumulated dirt.

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What is a Cuban Mop? You probably know the answer as the commonly used cleaning mops in Cuban and is an alternative solution that you can use apart from the conventional mops.

Remember that the Cuban Mop is not only that it is affordable, but it is more convenient since you can use it even in areas where it is hard to use the conventional mops.

Therefore this is one of the easiest Mop to use, and it will keep your wallet at the same time and keep your floor shiny and clean.


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