The 7 Best Mop For Dog Urine Reviews for 2020

Dogs are amazing, and having them in our homes is just a blessing, except when you have to clean up their mess, such as urine and all kinds of stuff. If you are searching for the best mop for dog urine, you need to ensure that you purchase the right tool to help with all the cleaning.

Cleaning dog urine is not a simple task, so you need to have an ideal mop to help with the work efficiently. This article is going to highlight everything you need to know about the best mop for your dog’s urine. Hence you will make informed decisions when making a purchase.


Tips for Choosing a Mop for Dog Urine

cleaning Dog urine mop

When it comes to choosing a mop, there are various factors that you need to consider. They include:

  • Size 

The first thing that you need to check when buying a mop is its size. The size of a mop is very crucial because it’s what makes it possible for you to either clean properly or badly. If the size of the mop is not suitable, it can negatively impact the way you clean.

When checking on size, here are some of the things that you need to consider:

1. The length of the yarn – The length of the yarn of a mop greatly impacts the amount of floor that you can cover when cleaning. That means if the mop has a longer yarn, it can absorb dirt and water in a large area.

2. The mop head’s width – When your mop has a wider head, it can clean a large surface area efficiently.

3. Ounce absorbency – Ounce measurement is usually done in fluid ounces. Therefore, if the mop has a wider head and longer yarn, the more it can absorb liquid. The material of the yarn also affects its absorbency.


  • Material

Another thing that you need to consider when it comes to buying a mop for dog urine is its material. There are various types of materials that you should consider, such as:

1. Polycotton yarn – Polycotton yarn is a mixture of cotton and polyester. It is quite durable and enables you to clean dust and fine dirt. It will absorb urine with ease.

2. Cotton yarn – Another material to consider is a mop made of cotton yarn. A cotton yarn mop can help you clean areas dog urine thoroughly and is quite durable.

3. Viscose yarn and polyester – Viscose yarn and polyester is a common blend that is used with mop heads. It is quite cheap and highly absorbs water and dirt when cleaning.

4. Polyester yarn – The good thing about the polyester yarn material is that it is also durable and can easily collect tiny dirt particles.

When selecting the right mop for your dog’s urine, you not only need durable fabric, but you also want an absorbent fabric that will get the job done effortlessly. When your mop is able to absorb all the urine easily, this ensures your home is clean and free from smells.


Top 7 Best Mop for Dog Urine Reviews

Here are the top 7 best mops for dog urine reviews.

1. Best Overall – Bissel Powerfresh Pet Steam Mop


  • Clean across hard floors
  • Inbuilt scrubber for tough stains
  • A deluxe mop pad kit
  • Comes with scent waters and spring breeze fragrance discs
  • User-friendly


  • The pad may slip down occasionally

The best mops are made of unique and efficient features, and the Bissel Powerfresh pet steam mop is one of them. It provides safe cleaning for homes with pets. Therefore, that makes it a suitable and best mop for dog urine cleaning.

The mop’s design makes it user-friendly and efficient since you can easily tackle pet messes faster. It comes with scent discs that help eliminate the smell of pet odors, and it can clean across hard floors without much strain.

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2. Best Spin Mop – O Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Mop with Bucket


  • Specially designed for cleaning corners easily
  • Easy to spin
  • Features a splash guard
  • A flexible mop head


  • The size of the mop head may not suitable for cleaning large areas

The O Cedar Wring microfiber with bucket mop is an excellent tool for cleaning dog urine in your home. It features an exclusive bucket design with the built-in wringer that enables you to wring hands-free. The deep-cleaning microfiber absorbs and removes tough stains.

Additionally, it has a high-quality foot pedal included for activating spin wringing, which allows you to control the moisture level. The splash guard has been designed to keep the splash and spray inside the bucket when you’re wringing.

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3. Best Versatile – Bissell Lift-Off Pet Steam Mop for Multiple Purposes


  • 13 Versatile Tools that can be used for different purposes
  • Comes with a grout tool
  • An extension hose
  • Features bristle scrub brushes
  • Comes with a flat scraping tool


  • A bit heavy than others

Another best mop for dog urine cleaning is the Bissell lift-off pet steam mop that is ideal to use for multiple purposes. It is a 2-in-1 pet steam mop that comes with a removable handheld steamer.

Not only is it easy to use the mop, but it’s also quite affordable. The mop also provides a safer and easier way of cleaning homes with pets.

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4. Best Cost Effective – Turbo Microfiber Mop for Dog Urine


  • Can be used for both wet and dry cleaning
  • Provides faster cleaning
  • High-quality microfiber pad
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with deep clean scrub pads


  • Not for large areas

If you are looking for a cost-effective mop for cleaning dog urine, the Turbo Microfiber mop is an ideal option to consider. It is a premium quality mop that can help you easily clean dirt and tough stains.

The mop offers the best value thanks to its aluminum handle and strong metal head that is quite large. What makes this mop suitable is its eco-friendly nature, and it’s also effortless to wash. It is lightweight and has the right size.

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5. Best Vacuum – Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Vacuum


  • Drop-It Tank Emptying System for hands-free emptying
  • Handy for pet messes
  • Great for many types of floor
  • Comes with both disposable and washable mop pads
  • Powerful for cleaning floors


  • The cord is a bit short

The good thing about Bissell products is that they are high-quality and efficient. The Bissell pet steam mop and vacuum is the best mop for dog urine to consider. With this vacuum mop, you can vacuum and steam your floors. The mop has a drop-it tank system that prevents you from getting dirty.

It enables you to save time, and the disposable mop pads make your work easier because you can clean the pet messes. The Bissell symphony pet steam mop and vacuum can also clean across all hard floors easily.

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6. Best Easy to Use – Swiffer Sweeper Dry and Wet Mop for Dog Urine


  • Safe for different types of floors
  • Features cloth grippers
  • 360-degrees swivel head
  • It offers an easy grip
  • Comes with 7 dry cloths and 3 wet cloths


  • Not for tough stains

The Swiffer sweeper is a two-in-one cleaning tool that you can conveniently use in your home to clean pet messes. It features a dry cloth with deep ridges and grooves that stick on the surface of your floors while cleaning and ensure they remove all the stains and dirt.

The mop traps and dissolves grime and dirt, which provides you with an efficient way to clean. It offers 3X cleaning power and includes a 360-degrees swivel head.

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7. Best Budget – Shark S3501 Pocket Steam Mop


  • It easily tackles germs
  • Washable and reusable
  • Two-sided cleaning
  • Very affordable price for a steam mop


  • You have to pump every time you are mopping

If you are looking for a budget-friendly cleaning mop, the Shark S3501 pocket steam mop is an excellent option to check out. It allows you to clean and sanitize on both sides and offers steam on demand.

It guarantees 99 percent sanitization, and it doesn’t require any harsh chemicals for cleaning. The mop is quite unique since it quickly transforms water into heated steam to remove grime and dirt. It is quite an efficient mop for the budget. You will get the job done like a pro and you do not have to break a bank to own it.

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Are Steam Mops Good for Pet Urine?

Steam mops are mops that use steam for cleaning carpets and floors. The first envision of steam mops was done by Romi Haan in South Korea, 1998. The development of a prototype was done in 2001, and they later went to hit the market in 2004.

To use a steam mop, you first need to heat the water inside the reservoir up to 120 degrees Celsius. Most steam mops only have one dry steam jet that moistens the microfiber put underneath. However, some steam mops have 15 dry steam jets.

The main objective of the steam is to soak the pad, and the dirt is taken from the ground. Compared to regular mops, steam mops tend to remove residue from the floor, and they mostly clean all the dirt. It is believed that the heat coming from the steam of the mop can kill up 99% of dust mites and bacteria.

The advantage of using steam mops is that they can disinfect floors, kill dust mites, remove stains, and restore shine. Some steam mops have a two-sided flip mop head that enables you to clean thoroughly and twice as much before considering changing its pad. However, you shouldn’t use steam mops to clean urine odors from the upholstery or your carpet.


What Kills the Odor of Dog Urine?

best mop for dog urine

As a pet owner, you know that you have to deal with your pet’s urine odor once in a while. Getting rid of dog urine odor is not just a simple task; it involves a lot of work, which is why making sure you’re doing it right is essential. There are various ways of getting rid of dog urine odor. Check them out below:

1. Consider soaking it up – One way of getting rid of dog urine odor is to consider soaking it up. You can use a paper towel or your mop to soak up the urine as much as possible quickly. If the dog urine is on your carpet or fabric, try to use strong pressure and blot the area until you ensure that it’s completely dry.

2. Use baking soda – Another option of killing the odor of dog urine is to use a baking soda. Baking soda is known for neutralizing odors and can serve as an excellent option. You need to sprinkle it on the damp area or an old urine stain, and then gently work the powder into the carpet, fabric or rug.

3. Try to keep it dry – Another ideal option to kill dog urine odor is to keep it dry. Urine smell is much stronger when it is fresh. Therefore, after cleaning the urine, the next thing you need to do is to ensure that you completely dry the area to kill the smell.

4. Consider wet vacuuming – When you have an old stain in your carpet that produces a bad odor, it is essential to consider a strong cleaning option.

Wet-vacuuming can really come in handy for this. You should only consider using cold water because high temperatures can bond the urine to the carpet or fabric and make it impossible to remove.

Consider also adding an enzymatic cleaner to help break down the proteins that are causing the odor.



The best mop for dog urine highly depends on your budget and preferences. However, it is crucial to consider the features that a mop offers before deciding to purchase it. What you need is something that will certainly offer you great value for your money, but it should also get the job done flawlessly.

The most preferable mop for your dog’s urine should be able to absorb urine easily such that you maintain your home clean at all times. We hope our review has shed some light on your decision to buy the right mop for your dog’s urine.


How to Clean Laminate Floors?

The laminate floor is a popular type of flooring for many homeowners. It is well known for its durability and being tough to stain. However, it gets dirty and messy, like any other surface. Laminate floors need regular cleaning and proper care to prevent warping or scratches. Frequent sweeping or vacuuming is one of the significant steps of maintaining your surface. Using harsh cleansers on this floor can stain your flooring or cause streaks. Also, using an abrasive tool or improper mops can cause damages to the surface.

So, how to clean laminate floors? There are many cleaning techniques you can use to maintain the shiny appearance of the laminate.


Best Way to Clean Laminate Floors

how to clean laminate floors

The laminate floor is durable and easy to maintain. You should clean your floor frequently to prevent scratching and distorting it. For routine cleaning, a dry wipe is the best option. However, in a more severe cleaning, you can use mellow cleaners or warm water.

There are many opinions on the best way to clean your floor, but it’s good to take note of the manufacturer’s recommendations. Here are the best ways to clean laminate flooring.

  • Regular Cleaning

A weekly cleaning routine is an excellent way of keeping your laminate floor in tip-top shape. For weekly cleaning, you need to regularly sweep the dirt, dust, or debris on the surface.

Use either a vacuum cleaner or a soft-bristle broom. The vacuum cleaner should have a delicate brush connection. You should not utilize a standard floor mop because it has hardened straw that can harm the surface. Sweep in the inside out direction.

>>Recommended Vacuum for Laminate Floors – MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum<<



  • Cleaning Up Spills in Laminating Floor

Always tidy up spills instantly. Letting the spill sit on the floor for an extended period can cause damages. Fluids cause stains and can damage the defensive layer of the laminate floor. Use a soft dry cloth to wipe the spill.

  • Intensive Cleaning

Every house needs intensive cleaning once in a while. For a deep clean, you can use a microfiber mop, hot water, or vinegar.

Cleaning with a microfiber mop is one of the best ways of achieving intensive cleaning. The brooms have absorbent materials designed to clean the floor using very little water. After mopping, use a dry microfiber material to wipe it dry.

  1. Vinegar solution – You can also deep clean your laminate floor using a vinegar solution—mix vinegar and water to make a solution and fill it in a spray bottle. Then spray the solution directly to your deck a little at a time as you wipe with a damp cloth. Wipe off the mixture immediately to prevent it from wearing the protective coating of the floor.
  2. Warm water – Warm Water with gentle detergent is another effective way of cleaning laminate floors without causing any harm. Soak a soft cloth on the blended warm water and squeeze out water until it is mildly damp. Wipe your floor repeating the same process until you complete it. Leave the surface to air-dry or wipe it dry with a microfiber material.

When cleaning, it is advisable to start at the center cleaning toward the outer of your room to prevent walking over the areas you have cleaned.

  • Removing Stains

If you identify stains on your laminate floor, there are several methods of removing them to attain a shiny and flawless appearance. Different dyes are removable in a different manner. For instance, to remove blood stains, apply window cleaner, and wipe out with a damp cloth soaked in warm water.

Chewing gum is removable using a plastic knife, and the residue can clean up with a wet towel soaked in mineral spirits. Scrape and heel marks can be rubbed with a pencil eraser while grease stain is frozen with ice cubes, scrapped with a plastic knife, and the residue is cleaned by placing window cleaner and wiping out using a damp cloth.


How to Make Laminate Floors Shine?

how to shine laminate floors

Laminate floors are naturally flawless and shiny. This floor can maintain its look with proper maintenance. Unsuitable cleaning items on laminate floors make dirt and residue build and reduce its quality.

The secret of restoring a shiny look on the laminate floor is by using a proper cleaner type. Also, you should avoid using unfriendly products to clean the floor. The following are some of the steps that can make laminate floors shine.

1. Remove the dirt – First, you should remove the dirt on the laminate floor. You can either use a microfiber mop or a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner makes the work easier and removes even fine dirt particles, but it can easily damage your floor. To prevent scratching of the laminated floor, you should use hard floor attachment. Also, you should avoid a vacuum with a beater bar.

2. Use the right cleaner – Always use the right cleaner to clean your laminate floor. You can consider using a homemade solution of vinegar and water. The solution works sufficiently, and it is inexpensive.

You put the combination in a spray bottle. Also, there are cleaners that you can buy for correctly cleaning this floor, i.e., Bona. This product is safe for polyurethane because it has a neutral PH level.

3. Spray the solution directly onto the laminate floor – Spray the solution in bits to avoid soaking the laminate floor. Spraying large amounts can soak the surface and make it warp.

4. Wipe the cleaner up with a damp cloth or microfiber mop 0 Wipe out the solution immediately after you spray. You can use a soft microfiber cloth or duster. Avoid abrasive mops or rags. Also, to avoid soaking the floor, wring out the mop before use.

5. Dry the laminate floor – Once your laminate floor is sparkling clean and spotless, you should dry it off. You can use a dry microfiber to dry it off, or you can also leave it to air dry. You shouldn’t walk on the floor until it is scorched. Doing so will protect the shine.

Finally, observe the bare level of the light and check if there are other remaining dull spots. In case of any, rub them with a dry cloth to restore the shine to the floor.


How to Remove Stubborn Stains on Laminate Floors?

best dust mop for laminate floors

Stains on your laminate floor make your room look untidy and ugly. Several tough stains need a unique cleaning method to make your laminate flooring shiny and clean. The following are the tips for removing these stains.

  1. Grease stains – Grease stains are very stubborn on the laminate floor but easy to remove when you know the trick. To remove the stain, place some ice on the stain and leave it there for at least five minutes. The ice hardens the stain making it easy to remove the grease stain using a plastic knife or a spoon. After that, you should wipe off the remaining residue using a window cleaner.
  2. Ink stains – These stains are prevalent and stubborn to remove. For you to remove these stains on the laminate floor, apply detergent and damp cloth. Dip a microfiber cloth on warm water to dampen it.
  3. Chewing gum stain – Removing Chewing gum stain is gruesome. For you to remove it, you should scrap the glue using a plastic knife or spoon. For leftover dye, you should use a cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol to rub it off.
  4. A bloodstain – This stain is easily removable using window cleaner wiped with a damp cloth dipped on the warm water.
  5. Scuffs and heel marks – Heel marks and the scrapes are removable by rubbing them off with a pencil eraser.
  6. Crayon marks – Rub crayon marks with a soft cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol to dampen it. You can also apply toothpaste on these stains and leave for at least ten minutes before wiping it off.


How to Clean Laminate Floors Without Streaking?

The following are the methods that you can use to achieve a streak-free floor.

1. Dry mopping and sweeping – Dry mopping and sweeping are enough to clean your laminate floor without leaving any streaks, especially if your home experiences less foot traffic—regular sweeping of this flooring helps in maintaining its shiny and appearance.

When debris, dust, and dirt are on the floor, it increases the risk of imperfections such as scratches or dents. You can either use a bristle broom or a vacuum cleaner to remove the loose debris or dust particles. After sweeping, you should use a dry mob to remove any remaining dust on the laminate floor.

>>Recommended Dry Mopping Cleaner for Laminate Floors – JINCLEAN 24” Cotton Mop<<

dust mop for Wood floors



2. Wet mopping – Wet mopping is a must when your home has heavy foot traffic. Using plain water in damp mopping leaves streak marks because water is alkaline. For a streak-free cleaning, you should neutralize the water by adding white vinegar. One-fourth cup of vinegar should be mixed with 2 gallons of Luke warm water to get an effective solution.

Use microfiber mop because it is the best mop for wet mopping. Dip the broom on the solution, wring out excess water, and then clean the laminate floor with it.

>>Recommended Wet Mop for Laminate Floors – O Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop<<

wet mopping for clean laminate floors



3. Clean inside out – Clean your house from the middle of the house, moving outward. It is advisable because dirt particles mix with water and will spread, leaving streaks on the surface. It also allows you to exit without walking over.

4. Drying the floor – Proper drying of the floor is an essential step in ensuring no streaks are left. After cleaning the entire flooring, leave it to air dry, or in case of excess water left on the floor, wipe it out using a dry cloth to prevent damaging the surface.


Best Types of Mop for Cleaning Laminate Floors

clean laminate floors

There are many mops in the market for floor cleaning, but not every mop can clean the laminate floor. An ideal mop for cleaning a laminate floor should use the least water possible to prevent damaging the surface.

There are four types of mops ideal for cleaning the laminate floor. They are steam mop, spin mop, wet/dry mop, and spray mop. They all perform different cleaning functions and have their merits and demerits. You should choose the type that will suit your needs and meet your expectations.

1. Spin Mop

The spin mop cleans the floor through spinning. Most of these mops are dry, but recently there are models that spin and spray. They are ideal for use in dirt and dust removal and when removing the moderate stain. These mops are not suitable for removing the toughest stain.

>>Recommended Spin Mop for Laminate Floors – Hurricane Spin Floor Mop<<

spin mop for bathroom tile floors



2. Dry/Wet Mops

These mops are best for cleaning dust and debris on laminate floors. They are the most basic and readily available in the market. They are less expensive and lightweight but not suitable for removing tough stains.

>>Recommended Dry & Wet for Laminate Floors – Turbo Microfiber Mop<<

wet microfiber laminate mop



3. Steam Mop

Steam mops clean laminate floors by producing steam hence uses water for operation. The steam production requires high-temperature levels making the mop effective in killing germs and bacteria.

These mops are ideal in removing tough stains and do not need the use of chemical detergents. It ensures the laminate floor retains its condition and eliminates odors. However, the maintenance cost of these mops is high. Also, it’s good to note that the lowest heat setting is preferable for use on laminate floors.

>>Recommended Steam Mop for Laminate Floors – Shark S5003D Genius Steam Mop<<

shark genius hard floor pocket steam mop




What Not to Do When Cleaning Laminate Floors?

Laminate floors need special cleaning and care to avoid causing damages on the surface. In case of destruction damage or stains, laminate floors cannot be refinished but only replaced, which is pricey. Therefore it is essential to protect and treat these floors with care. The following is what you shouldn’t do when cleaning laminate floors

  1. Do not let a stain sit on the floor – Wipe out the spill immediately; they happen. A liquid spill can severely damage the laminate floor, so you should minimize exposure of these floors to them.
  2. Do not use abrasive tools – Laminate floors are prone to scratching; therefore, avoid using anything abrasive like steel wool. Use a dust mop or a soft bristle broom to remove dust or debris on the floor. If you are using a vacuum cleaner, use an attachment with a hard beater bar or a rotating brush to prevent scratching the surface.
  3. Do not use too much water – Using much water on the laminate floor causes damage on it because the water seeps into the seam. Also, a lot of water can cause fading or staining.
  4. Do not wax or polish – A laminate floor comes with a ready finish; thus, you should not polish or wax it because it can cause damages.


FAQs About Cleaning Laminate Floors

How to Clean Laminate Floors Without Streaking

1. Can I use Swiffer wet on laminate floors?

Water is a significant factor that causes damages to the laminate floor. Therefore unless the need is, you should always avoid exposing the laminate floor to liquid substances.

A Swiffer wet mop is effective in cleaning many flooring types, including laminates floor. It gives your surfaces a good scouring. It sprays the right amount of cleaning solution and does not let the solution sit on the floor. Additionally, the Swiffer wet mop moistens the laminating floor without creating a pool of water that can damage the surface. However, regular usage of this mop will weaken the bond on the laminate resulting in warping and swelling of the floor.


2. Can I use a steam mop on laminate floors?

It is not advisable to use a steam mop on laminate floors. This mop releases streams that the flooring can seep and cause damage to the protective coating. A steam mop can damage the floor, making it to swell, warp or peel. It makes the laminate floor lose its shine and weakens the laminate sealant.

Also, steam cleaning will void the warranty on your floor. However, if you must use it, look for a steam mop that emits the lowest temperature and the one that leaves behind a minimal amount of water.


3. Can I wax laminate floors?

Although laminate floors are from wood, its maintenance is entirely different from that of hardwood flooring. Using wax on hardwood flooring makes it shine, but it causes damages when used on laminate floors.

Usage of wax on laminate flooring results in a buildup of dirt on the surface, making it look dull and cloudy. You should also note that the laminate floor comes with a ready finish and does not need polishing.


4. Can I use vinegar on laminate floors?

A vinegar solution is natural and very useful in many aspects. Vinegar is safe on the laminate floor and a cheap alternative. You create a cleaning solution by mixing it with a certain quantity of water.

First, mix a quarter cup of vinegar with 1000ml of water in a spray bottle.

Then shake the mixture vigorously to have a uniform solution.

When cleaning, spray the solution directly on the floor a little at a time as you wipe with a damp cloth. Leaving the solution to sit on the surface can damage the surface.


5. What is the best mop for laminate floors?

There are a variety of mops in the market for floor cleaning. However, not every mop can clean a laminate floor. An ideal mop for cleaning the laminate floor should have the ability to wring out excess water and should be soft. T

he best mop for the laminate floor is the microfiber mop. Microfiber mops are valid on all types of flooring. They are incredibly versatile and are usable for both dry and wet cleaning. It comes with two washable, reusable microfiber pads. It is lightweight and has a head that spins at 360 degrees for easy access. The adjustable and extendable aluminum handle is for easy maneuvering. What makes this mop an excellent choice is that it is efficient and easy to use.



Proper maintenance of the laminate floor is crucial to help it retain its shine and serve you for long. Regular sweeping/ vacuuming of the flooring is vital to prevent ambient grit that causes scratching of the surface. You should not soak the laminate floor with water or use abrasive tools while cleaning.

For thorough cleaning, warm soapy water can be a great choice. The detergent you use should be very gentle on the floor to prevent staining. Also, vinegar is a natural solution that is very effective in cleaning laminate flooring. It is inexpensive and does not damage the surface. Therefore, the type of mob and detergent you choose to clean laminate matters.


How to Clean a Carpet with a Steam Mop?

Carpet cleaning can be a tedious task, but using the ideal cleaning method makes the process easy. Steam cleaning is a process of removing dirt particles that stick deep on the carpet fiber. Also, using a steam mop is an excellent way of stain removing, disinfecting, and cleaning carpet.

All you need is water, detergent, and a steam cleaner. Using a steam mop leaves your carpet refreshed and clean as new. This process is easy and does not need the services of a professional carpet cleaner.


How to Clean a Carpet with a Steam Mop?

benefits of steam cleaning carpet

1. Remove All Items From the Floor

First, you need to remove lightweight furniture and loose items like toys from the carpet. Steam carpet mops are run by pulling or pushing them, and having cluttered all over the rug slows the cleaning process.

Therefore removing the items will allow quick removal of dirt and stains on the carpet by the carpet mop and prevent wood pieces furniture and other decors from damage. For that furniture that is heavy for you to move from the rug, you should wrap their legs with waterproof tape or aluminum foil. Wrapping the furniture legs will deter them from the hot steam as you slide the mop nearby.

>>Recommended Steam Mop for Carpet – PurSteam 10-in-1 Steam Mop<<

hardwood steam mop


2. Dust All the Surfaces Thoroughly

You should remove dirt from all surfaces, including picture frames, baseboards, window sills, ceiling fans, among others, before cleaning the carpet so that it will not fall on the carpet after you are done with the cleaning.

3. Vacuum the Carpet Thoroughly

Steam mops remove dirt particles lodged in the carpet’s fibers but do not remove hair and large loose dirt on the top layer. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly and remove this dirt that can clog the steam cleaner.

It is advisable to vacuum the rug twice to get as much trash as possible. When cleaning for the first time, run the vacuum slowly in one direction and, for the second time, do it in the opposite direction thoroughly. This step improves the effectiveness of the cleaning by assisting the steam mop in reaching the carpet fibers.

>>Recommended Vacuum for Carpet – BISSELL Cleanview Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner<<

  • Buy Bissell, save pets; Bissell donates up to 10 dollars to the Bissell pet foundation for every pet product purchase, upon activation
  • Powerful pet hair pick up with triple action brush roll + scatter free technology
  • Swivel steering to easily maneuver around furniture and other obstacles
  • Clean edges and corners with edge to edge cleaning. Cleaning path width: 13.5 inch
  • Remove pet hair with specialized pet tools including pet hair corner tool and pet tool
  • Bottom, easy empty dirt bin makes emptying quick and mess free. Hose length: 6 feet
  • Replacement filter style 12141
  • Dirt cup capacity 1.0 liter

4. Treat Spot Stains

Use stain remover or other natural solutions to pre-treat specific stains because a steam mop cannot remove all sorts of stains. Spray your remover directly to the stain and leave it for a while until you steam clean the carpet. Also, you can use a cloth to blot it up.

5. Secure the Glider

Attach the carpet glider in the steam mop head before plugging into an outlet because some machines start automatically, and the hot steam can scald you. Use the user manual to ensure that you attach it properly. Use a little pressure to snap into place on the glider.

6. Fill the Tank

Add the steam mop tank with hot water and detergent. Fill the water tank to its maximum capacity indicated on the user manual or the container to prevent the frequent need for addition.

Most steam mop tanks have an average size of 16 fluid ounces. You should also check the ideal type of detergent for your steam cleaner on the machine’s instructions. Also, do not add so much detergent because it can ruin the carpet and impair the cleaner. In case you are sensitive to chemicals or prefer a natural solution, you can opt for a vinegar solution. You prepare the solution by mixing water and vinegar.

7. Steam Clean the Carpet

Before you start to steam, you should figure out how you will clean the entire room efficiently. For a successful cleaning process, you should consider observing the following methods:

  • Start in the far corner of the room – It is advisable to start steam cleaning from the far corner of your room diagonally from the entrance and work backward. This method is the most effective because it prevents you from walking over on the wet and clean parts.
  • Clean in straight lines – The best method of attaining a thorough steaming of your carpet is by working in portions.
  • Moving the steam mop straight along the mat ensures that you do not miss out on any of the spots. You can easily trace where you have cleaned and where next. Passover the same line 2 times for a more effective clean.
  • Move the machine slowly – Steam mops work slower than vacuums. Therefore for you to achieve a successful cleaning process, you should moderate your speed.

When you pull the steam mop too fast, it will leave the carpet wetter and later cause mildew or mold. A reasonable rate will be taking at least 2 seconds in one step giving the machine enough time to perform.

8. Allow Your Carpet to Dry Thoroughly

Steam cleaning a rug does not leave it overly wet. However, the moisture does not escape instantly, and you should not walk over it because it can get dirty again. It requires 4 to 12 hours for the carpet to get rid of the moisture.

To facilitate faster drying, you can set up a dehumidifier in the middle of the room, turn on fans or open the window in the room to enable the moisture to escape easily.



Cleaning a carpet using a steam mop is an excellent way of performing a routine weekly cleaning of your flooring. It removes dirt particles that lie deep down the carpet fabric. To use this machine, you do not need professional cleaning services, but you do it yourself. You first remove furniture on top of the carpet and vacuum the room to remove dust and hair.

In case of any stains, you should pre-treat because not all stains are removable by the steam cleaner. Then attach the glider to the head of the steam mop and fill the tank to the maximum capacity. Start steaming your room from the far corner of the room and clean along a straight line. Finally, leave your carpet to dry completely to prevent mold and mildew later on.


Top 7 Best Electric Mop for Tile Floors Reviews 2020

The electric mop is great for working on tile floors. The electronic mops for the tiled floor enhance not only better cleaning but also a great time-saving mechanism when undertaking such tasks.

Cleanliness and saving time can only be achieved through buying and choosing the best electric mop for the floor.


Top 7 Best Electric Mop for Tile Floors Reviews


Tips for Choosing An Electric Mop for Tile Floors

best electric mop for tile floors

Making a prompt decision on which mop to choose may require a few aspects like price, durability, and quality issues. Therefore, the highlighted tips are some of the quickest guides when doing that:

1. Check on the best brands in the market – Before considering other things, the brand you settle on matters a lot. When you choose the best brand that is common in the market and is well-reviewed, your needs will be fully satisfied.

The newly introduced brands may disappoint since the company may be just testing them for hearing the feedback from the first users. However, that is a different case with a well-established brand.

2. Check on the cleaning Pad – the main reason for purchasing an electronic mop is to enhance the house cleanliness as far as the floor is concerned. To achieve that, the Mopping equipment chosen should be that which meets the needs of the buyer.

The cleaning pad is one of the mechanisms that help attain great cleanliness, and it should be put into consideration. A good mop should be double padded. Some Electronic Mop does have single pads, thus minimizing the chances of achieving more excellent cleanliness.

3. The volume of water – It is essential because you will not have to refill your electronic mop when mopping. A reasonable period should be taken before the inbuilt tank is refilled. Therefore it is critical to choose an Electronic Mop with that can hold the required volume of water needed during the cleaning.

However, this is also dependent on the area of the tiled floor to be cleaned. If the floor area is extensive, it is better to invest in an Electronic Mop that can hold enough water you require.

On the other hand, a small-sized floor may also help you save on your cost as it may only need a small machine that is directly correspondent to the size of the flooring.

4. The estimated number of jets of dry steam – Every aspect in an electronic mop performs essential roles ranging from the pads to steam jets. In this case, the steam jets help in moistening the microfiber of the Electronic Mop.

How fast the steam jet performs, the role should be put into consideration since it influences the other operations of the Electronic Mop. Some Electronic Mops have one dry steam jet, while others have as many as 11.

5. The electric cabling of Electronic Mop – Before settling on an electronic mop, you must check on the electrical cable’s length. You should choose one that will allow you to access the rooms without disconnecting from the main switch.

6. Availability of after-sale services – Some new electronic equipment is prone to breakdown after being in use for some time just after the purchase. It is in that regard that you need to settle on a brand that will offer you after sale service-Warranty. That will enable you to cut on cost in case of any unfortunate event.

By considering the above factors, chances of you settling on the wrong Electronic Mop are greatly minimized. Furthermore, other questions may arise before choosing a mop. Some of those questions can be;


Top 7 Best Electric Mop for Tile Floors Reviews

#1. Best Overall – Electric Cordless Mop with Scrubber and Sprayer


  • Can clean multi-surface floor
  • Easy to use for cleaning tile floors effectively
  • No need for an expert to assist you when assembling
  • Its lightweight makes it easy to work with


  • A bit expensive

This cordless electric mop has a positive customer review of 4.5 stars in Amazon is the best overall electric cordless mop. The electric mop is well known for cleaning, scrubbing, and polishing.

With the wireless electric spin of 250r/ min, it can mop your floor and remove any stain with ease. With only one hand, you can handle the machine comfortably. And for tall users, you can adjust the rod to avoid bending while working with it.

Main Features

1. Simple to work with – This cordless electric mop has a lightweight of 9.6lbs. As a result of this weight, it is easy to handle and you can use your one hand with less effort while cleaning and the results are excellent.

2. Adjustable and flexible handle – It also comes with an adjustable handle that allows you to adjust the length of the rod. With this feature, you can clean your floors with ease irrespective of your height.

3. Battery – It has a detachable battery that is chargeable separately. The battery can work for 35 minutes without being charged.

4. Headlight – This machine has a headlight designed to clean stains on dark areas of your room with ease.

5. Washable pads – After washing this equipment, you can easily clean your microfiber pads with a machine making it easy to clean this mop.

6. Warranty – The product comes with a two-year warranty.

7. A built-in tank – This cordless electric mop has a 300ml tank that is usable during the waxing or wet spraying.

Check the Price on Amazon


#2. Runner Up – iDOO Electric Spin Mop With Refill Pads


  • Cordless and powerful for cleaning floors
  • The flexible head that has LED lights
  • Ability to polish and clean various floors
  • Adjustable handle


  • The battery can only last for 30 minutes when using it

This runner up IDoo electric mop has a robust dual-spin that motor – swab your tiles, marble, hardwood, and wood floor. This ultra-light cordless electric mop weighs 6.9lbs and is brilliant in cleaning the whole floor with ease.

Main Features

1. Dual powerful spin – This cordless electric mop has a robust dual-spin speed of 265r/min. This feature helps you to control the mop with just one hand.

2. A flexible head – This floor cleaner machine has a flexible head that uses led lighting to enable you to see and clean dark corners in your home or office.

3. Floor waxer  – When waxing and polishing your floor using this cordless electric mop, it is quick, and the user enjoys it. It also comes with a guide that helps you mix the detergents.

4. Detachable battery – This cleaning appliance has a detachable battery that the user can change separately. It also has a green light that indicates the battery charge level to the user.



#3. Best Easy to Use – JASHEN M12 Electric Mop for Tile Floors


  • Self-cleaning technology gives it an advantage
  • Auto cleaning and spray function
  • Better for deep cleaning
  • Has a storage tank for cleaning rollers


  • The life span of the battery makes it not to be ideal for commercial cleaning

Jashen m12 cordless electric mop comes with a floor scrubber for your hard floor. It also has an inbuilt 300ml storage tank that the user will store the water, thus no need of buckets.

Main Features

1. Self-cleaning technology – With this technology, you can clean your microfiber roller with just a press of a button. You can quickly assemble and disassemble the microfiber when you want to change them.

2. Spraying  – With an inbuilt 300 ml tank, you can spray and use the 600r/min roller to easily clean.

3. Long-life battery – Jashen M12 comes with a lithium-ion battery that can work for 35 to 40 minutes when fully charged.

4. Warranty – This product comes with a one year warranty for its clients. As a result, it guarantees the user with one full year of free customer service.

Check the Price on Amazon


#4. Best Budget – Bissell Spinwave Floor Mop and Cleaner


  • Has a sufficient motor power
  • Adequate battery life
  • Affordable price that worth its price


  • Use more pressure when cleaning deep

Bissell Spinwave gives the best results when cleaning hard floors like vinyl, linoleum, hardwood, and tile floors.

Main Features

1. Spray – This electric mop has an on-demand spray designed to reduce the amount of liquid dispense in your floor.

2. Cleaning formula – When buying this equipment, the buyer benefits from a cleaning manual that helps first-time users to attain maximum results when cleaning.

3. Spinning pads – With the use of powered spinning pads, it reduces the effort needed to complete your task.

4. Comes with all components  – This electric mop comes with scrubby pads for messy and sticks floor. Also, it has a soft touchpad’s usable when cleaning hardwood floors to give you a gentle and soft-touch finish.

Check the Price on Amazon


#5. Best Versatile -Gladwell 3 in 1 Electric Mop for Multiple Floors


  • Several settings and functions
  • Suitable for cleaning different surfaces
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with an extendable handle


  • Batteries take a long time to charge

It is a versatile mop that features three cleaning modes with a scrubber, spinner, and a waxer for cleaning different floors. It waxes hardwood floors giving it a shiny finish.

The use of dual cleaning heads enables this mop to cover a large surface while cleaning, hence saving time. Its handle features control buttons that allow you to choose different cleaning options.

It has made use of a powerful motor that enables it to deliver fast and excellent cleaning results. The following are some of the unique features of Gladwell 3 in 1 Electric Mop.

Main Features

1. Multiple settings – This mop has multiple settings that you can choose from to eradicate the toughest stains. It has options for waxing, moping, and spraying.

2. Flexible handle – It has an extendable Handle that rotates at 180 degrees to clean every nook of your home without bending.

3. Powerful clean – Its dual heads clean at a high rate in opposite directions to remove dirt, grime, and stains.

4. Cleans quietly – This mop cleans without making noise. It maintains noise levels as low as 60dB giving a peaceful cleaning.

Check the Price on Amazon


#6. Best Steam Mop – Bissell Electric Cleaner for Tile Floors


  • Eliminate 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals
  • Longer cord length
  • Versatile for multiple purposes
  • Dries quickly after cleaning


  • Needs time to get used to use

Bissell Electric cleaner is the best steam mop you can consider. It has a large cleaning head covering a larger surface with each pass and slim body design for secure storage.

The steam mop is lightweight and easy to operate. It has a water reservoir mounted on the top side, making the cleaning process quick. This steam mop excels at cleaning hard-surfaced floors, including tiles.

Main Features

1. Highly portable – This steam mop weighs only 6.2 pounds making it easy to move between rooms.

2. Easy to fill the tank – It has a top-mounted reservoir that is easy to refill any time allowing continuous cleaning. Also, it comes with a measuring cup that aids in refilling.

3. On-board spot boost brush – It has spot boost brush that enables you to remove more robust and sticky spots

4. Lengthy power cord – Bissell electric cleaner has a 25 feet power cord that reaches most wall outlets in a standard room.

Check the Price on Amazon


#7. Best Scrubber – Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber for Tile


  • Four different brush head for different usages
  • Virtually noiseless
  • It has an extendable handle
  • Works great on multiple floors


  • The brush a bit stiff

Homitt Electric spin scrubber is a portable multipurpose scrubbing unit that delivers powerful cleaning with less time. It features four replaceable brushes making it more versatile and suitable for different floors. This scrubber has a robust spinning power of about 260RPM but still operates without noise.

Main Features

1. Four replaceable heads – It has four replaceable brush heads that allow you to clean different surfaces. The different interchangeable brushes are multipurpose and meet different requirements.

2. Waterproof brush heads – This scrubber brush head has a highly sealed design that makes it resistant to water, making it suitable for wet conditions. Also, the bristles are built for long-lasting performance and do not deform.

3. Adjustable brush handle – Hommit scrubber brush has a 21-inch adjustable stainless-steel handle that allows you to scrub and clean areas that are hard to reach without bending.

4. Powerful and noiseless cleaner – This scrubber, powered by built-in rechargeable 3.65Volt, 4300Mah LG batteries, continuously operates up to 1.5 hours, only 3.5 hours fast charging. The spin scrubber also does the cleaning without noise for your convenience.

Check the Price on Amazon


Is Electronic Mop Suitable for Tile Floors?

  • Every BISSELL purchase helps save pets. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation and its mission to help save homeless pets.
  • Powered hard floor mop scrubs your floors so you don't have to
  • Safe for cleaning sealed, hard-surface floors ; 28 ounce clean water tank capacity
  • Includes soft touch pads for gentle cleaning on hardwood floors and scrubby pads for tough, sticky messes
  • Spinwave Plus model includes extra set of mop pads, extra bottle of formula and bristle brush for sticky messes.
  • On-demand spray allows you to dispense just the right amount of solution onto your floors
  • Triple Action Brush Roll is designed with two bristle types to help improve cleaning performance

Even though they may be durable and robust from appearance, tiles are susceptible, requiring adequate care. How you attend to your floor determines how long the tiles on it can last. Due to that, whether electronic mop is good may often arise in the mind of a buyer or user.

Various reviews show that an Electronic mop is still a good option for your tiled floor despite the cost incurred. It is user friendly and does not leave dirt behind. It also helps eradicate any debris that could be left on the floor hence taking care of the grout on the tiles.

The Electronic Mop also helps in reducing costs that could have been used when replacing worn-out tiles that could have been caused as a result of less care to the tiles. As a result, Electronic Mop remains a better option.

The tiles always need to appear neat and also no to lose their original color. The electronic mop meets this need, thus making it the best fit for the tiled floor. Therefore with no doubts, the Electronic Mop will quickly meet your needs.


Benefits of Using the Steam Mop

steam mop cleaning tiles

Making a comparison between using a steam mop and a manual bucket mop will reveal to you that it is still beneficial to use a steam mop when undertaking cleaning activities on your tiled floor. Some of the benefits you are likely to experience may include;

1. Chemical-free- steam mops do not require any substance to operate as compared to standard mops that may require you to keep using chemicals, which at the same time may be harmful to the user. Also, a steam mop uses heat to remove harmful bacteria that could have been left behind when using a standard bucket mop.

2. Dry cleaning – Other forms of mops use water and detergents to enhance the floor cleanliness. However, that’s not the case with a steam mop as it uses the evaporation mechanism to improve its performance. The cleaned surfaces, therefore, remain dry as soon as they have been cleaned.

3. Non-Pollutant – Neither Steam mops do not use chemicals, nor do they produce disruptive noise hence being environmentally friendly. The global trend is that equipment that is non-pollutant should be embraced.

4. Time saver – in the current generation, no one wishes to waste time-not even a single second. A comprehension that time is money is highly embraced, and therefore only things that help save time are embraced.

Similarly, a steam mop does not use much of your time to use since it only involves passing steam over the surfaces being cleaned, thus saving time and enabling the user to utilize the time in doing other things.

5. The steam mop is less reactive – Hence suitable for allergic people. The environment created by steam is welcoming since no chemicals are used during the cleaning hence leaving no bad scents.

5. Eliminates mold – Sections of the house, such as the bathroom, inhibit cold temperatures. As a result, mold can grow in them, thus being harmful to the users.

However, with the steam mop in place, and the molds can be easily removed because of the high temperature produced. The steam mop does the mold removal effectively as compared to when a manual bucket mop is used. The manual bucket mop will only bleach the molds but not remove them.

6. Eliminates crawlies – Cases of bedbugs and other crawlies are common these days. However, through steam mopping, the crawlies can be eliminated from your house, especially those hiding on surfaces with tiles.

With the benefits in place, it’s worth checking on some top Electronic mops for tile floors.



From the above information, it’s conclusive that the Best Mop for tiles depends on many factors that range from technical to non-technical. The information should also guide you when choosing the best electric mop for your house.

A wrong choice of an electric cleaner can cost you a lot. Money and time can be wasted just because of purchasing the faulty machine. Also, there is more information relating to how the best electric mop.

Furthermore, the competition between the best electric brooms is very stiff, making it difficult for a user to choose the best. However, it’s all dependent on your budget and other related costs.


How to Polish Tile Floors?

Tiles are popular in flooring for commercial and domestic buildings. Tile floors have a shiny and elegant appearance making interior spaces beautiful. They are easy to clean and maintain, but when neglected, this flooring becomes dull and grimy.

Polishing tile floors is a crucial part of maintenance that restores its shiny appearance and adds longevity to your tile floor. You can either clean your tile floor using either commercial polishing or natural products, depending on your personal preference.


How to Polish Tile Floors?

how to polish tile flooring

1. Vinegar Solution

A vinegar solution is an effective natural cleaning product for removing soil and disinfecting the tile floors. When you clean your tile flooring using a vinegar solution, it polishes it, giving it a shiny appearance and leaves behind a natural scent that makes your house smell fresh. The following are the steps on how to clean tile flooring using a vinegar solution.

  • Prepare the vinegar solution- Mix ½ cup of white vinegar with two gallons of warm water in a mop bucket.
  • Clean thoroughly- Dip a mop in the vinegar solution and wring out excess water. Move your mop in forth and backward motions to attain a thorough cleaning and remove all dirt.
  • Rinse the floor- once you have rubbed and removed all dirt and stains on the floor, rinse the surface with cold water.
  • Dry the tile floor- Use a clean microfiber cloth to mop the floor and remove all the moisture.


2. Soapy Water

You can use a mixture of warm water and soap to polish your tile floors. To make the solution, add soap detergents to a mop bucket with warm water and mix thoroughly. Use the following procedure to clean your floor:

  • Dip the mop on the soap detergent and squeeze out excess water before using it on the tile floor.
  • Mop the floor thoroughly and replace the solution when it is dirty to prevent leaving behind nasty streaks.
  • In case of stains, use a soft brush to scrub them gently.
  • Rinse the floor with clean water and dry it completely


3. Baking Soda Paste

Baking soda, commonly known as sodium bicarbonate, is an effective natural tile polish. It removes tough stains and dirt from the tile floor, rejuvenating its appearance. It is the best cleaning solution you should consider when removing grease stains in tiles.  The following are the steps to follow when polishing your tile floors using baking soda paste:

  • Prepare the paste-Mix a ¼ cup of baking soda with 2 gallons of warm water in a mop bucket. For a more effective result, you can add a /4 cup of vinegar. Mix the ingredients thoroughly to form a paste
  • Cleaning- clean your tile floor with the baking soda paste and leave it to sit on the surface for at least 10 minutes.
  • Rinse- rinse the tiles with clean water to remove the paste residue on the surface.
  • Dry-take a soft dry cloth or mop to remove excess moisture on the floor.


4. Ammonia-Water Solution

It is one of the best cleaners you can use to remove stains and polish your tile floor. It restores the shiny appearance of the flooring, leaving it very appealing. Follow the following procedure.

  • Make the solution- mix warm water and a little bit of ammonia in a mop bucket.
  • Clean- soak a mop in the ammonia solution and wring out excess water. Mop the tiles thoroughly to remove dirt and stains. For tough stains, you can dip a soft cloth to the solution and scrub the surface gently.
  • Rinse- rinse the surface with clean water and dry the floor using a soft dry mop/towel to remove moisture.


5. Furniture Polish

Using furniture polish is an effective way of polishing tile floors to achieve a sparkling result. It makes the floor slippery; therefore, once the polish is applied, it should be buffed to dry.  Apply it in the following steps:

  • Spray- spray the furniture polish while holding the bottle at least two feet from the floor.
  • Buff- take a soft clean cloth and use it to buff the tile until the polish is gone leaving the surface bright and shiny.


6.  Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is another natural product you can use to polish your tiles. The following are the steps on how to do it:

  • Squeeze lemon juice- squeeze some lemon juice on a clean cloth
  • Rub-Rub each tile gently with the damp cloth
  • Rinse- After you are done rinse with warm water and dry the floor using dry mop/cloth


How to Maintain the Tile Floor After Polishing?

keep tile floors shine

When you polish your tile floor, it regains its bright and shiny appearance that is appealing and makes your room look presentable. The following are some of the methods you can use to maintain your tile floor polish.

  • Sweep or vacuum your tile floor regularly

One of the best ways of maintaining your tiles shine and polish is by keeping it clean. Sweeping or vacuuming your floor will remove dirt and debris that build up, causing your tile floor to lose their luster. When the dust is left to lie on the tiles floor for long periods, they smash into the tiles turning into grimy stains.


  • Mop regularly 

In addition to sweeping and vacuuming, mopping the tile floor is crucial to maintain its polish. For low traffic floors that are less dirty, you can use a damp mop to do the cleaning. Also, you can consider a dry mop for an easy clean.

  • Wipeout any spills or stains as soon as possible

To keep your tile flooring polished and without any deep stains, you should wipe out spills or stains quickly. When spills sit on the tile floor for long, it quickly soaks and stains your stain. They also cause the surface to be sticky and attract more dirt and dust to adhere to your tile floor.



Tiles are the most popular flooring in many domestic and commercial buildings. They are easy to clean and maintain. However, if not taken care of, tiles lose their luster and are subjected to deep stains.

There are several cleaning solutions you can use to clean and polish your tile floor. You can either use commercial polishing products or natural products to polish your tile and spark clean.


Top 5 Best Dust Mop for Tile Floors Reviews 2020

The dust mops are the most versatile cleaning mops suitable for a wide range of floors, including tile floors. The dust mops provide both dry and wet cleaning methods making them the best for cleaning tile floors. These mops are easy to use, and majority brands come with long handles for convenient cleaning even under the furniture.

The dust mops have either disposable or reusable cleaning pads for customers to choose depending on their cleaning needs. Here is a review of the top five dust mop ideal for cleaning tile floors, and the buying guide when choosing the right dust mop.


5 Best Dust Mop for Tile Floors On the Market


How to Choose a Dust Mop for Tile Floors?

how to care for tile floors

  • Disposable Vs. Reusable Mops Pad

The disposable mop pads are recommended for dry cleaning since such pads’ material constructions have minimal absorption levels. You can only use the disposable cleaning pad to sweep the tiled floor but are not recommendable for cleaning it.

On the other hand, the reusable cleaning pads are made with heavy-duty microfiber materials with a high absorbency rate to dry the floor quickly. These types of mops are suitable for both dry and wet cleaning needs.

  • The Size of the Cleaning Pad

The cleaning pad’s size will determine the area to cover and the time to spend when cleaning the tiled floor. Thus, if you need a mop for cleaning a large room, choose a model with a large cleaning pad, but if you need a mop that can reach small areas of the room, a dust mop with small-sized cleaning pad may work.

  • The Handle

Always choose a mop with a long handle for your comfort when cleaning the floors. The majority of dust mops for tiles are made with handles that are adjustable in size, which is a great choice, especially if you need a mop that your entire family can use when cleaning.

  • The Weight

Although the dust mops may get a bit bulky, primarily if you use them as wet mops, you must choose a mop that you are comfortable to work with. Choose a mop with a lightweight handle and mop head to lessen bulkiness when cleaning.

  • The Materials

The microfiber cleaning pad of a tiled floor should have quality material with high levels of water absorbency. Choose a mop made with cotton yarns since they absorb the water easily and quickly. If you opt for a steel handle, make sure it has a coating to prevent it from rust due to the constant contact with water.


Top 5 Best Dust Mop for Tile Floors Reviews

1. Best Overall – Turbo Microfiber Mop With Reusable Pads


  • Large mop head for more effective cleaning
  • The cleaning pads are reusable
  • The mop head rotates at 360 degrees for convenient cleaning
  • It has quality material construction
  • This mop can clean multiple floorings


  • This mop is extra-large, which makes it challenging to clean small areas in the house

If you are looking for a quality dust mop to handle multiple floors such as laminates, vinyl, and hardwood, this model is perfect. The mop offers both dry and wet cleaning mode according to the floor you need to clean. The package comes with microfiber cleaning pads compatible with a machine washer for easy cleaning up for future reuse.

The microfiber cleaning pad is extra-large to save cleaning time by covering an ample space on the floor. This mop’s handle has heavy-duty aluminum material that is quite strong and a metal handle that has a coating to prevent it from rust and corrosion.

Check the Price on Amazon


2. Best Budget – Eyliden Dust Mop for Tile Floors


  • Suitable for dry and wet cleaning needs
  • It is versatile to clean a wide range of floors
  • The length of the handle adjusts from 32.9 to 52.6 inches
  • The cleaning pads of this mop are washable for reuse


  • This mop does not swivel around, which may not work or clean in some corners

If you need a convenient dust mop that can be used by multiple people in your family, this model from Eyliden is the right choice. Why? The handle of the mop is adjustable to different lengths for convenient reach when used by different heights. The mop pack comes with two cleaning pads that are reusable to serve you for a long time.

The cleaning pads are compatible with a machine washer for easy cleaning after use. This mop is versatile as you can use it for both dry and wet cleaning options. This dust mop is compatible with a wide variety of floors, including tiles, laminate, vinyl, and hardwood.

Check the Price on Amazon


3. Best with Super Long Handle – HOMTOYOU Dust Flat Mop


  • The cleaning pads of this mop have high absorbency
  • The handle has stainless steel material handle that is resistant to rust and corrosion
  • The mop swivels at 360 degrees for efficient cleaning
  • This mop has a high compatibility


  • The mop gets sticky when you add too much water making it difficult to drag it on the floor

The extra-long stainless steel mop handle of this cleaning tool provides a comfortable working surface for different heights.

HOMTOYOU mop comes with a microfiber cleaning pad that has high absorbency levels for convenience drying after cleaning. This makes it a perfect cleaning mop for busy areas like the offices since the floor does not take long to dry up after cleaning. The mop head rotates at 360 degrees for convenient cleaning and reaches even the floor’s tightest parts.

Check the Price on Amazon


4. Best Versatile – Microfiber Wholesale 18” Dust Mop for Multiple Uses


  • The handle of the mop has a heavy-duty and durable aluminum material construction
  • The large microfiber cleaning pads collect all debris, including animal hairs off the floor
  • One mop comes with three reusable cleaning pads
  • The handle is adjustable


  • This mop is relatively large and may be uncomfortable to swivel around small spaces when cleaning

This is another multifunctional dust mop suitable for cleaning a wide range of floors, including the walls. The package comes with three reusable cleaning pads to interchange when cleaning the surfaces. The high absorbency levels of the microfiber cleaning pads ensure convenience drying when wet cleaning.

The other great feature of the microfiber cleaning pads is a large size, making it smooth and easy to cover an ample space when cleaning the floor.

Check the Price on Amazon


5. Best Effective – Masthome Microfiber Flip Flat Dust Mop for Tiles


  • Comes with four reusable cleaning pads
  • It is multifunctional to provide both dry and wet cleaning options
  • The mop has high absorbency levels it is suitable for multiple floors
  • Affordable price


  • The handle connection may have some issue

This dust mop from Masthome comes with four washable cleaning microfiber pads. It also comes with an extra comb ideal for cleaning the hardwood floors. The mop is suitable for both dry and wet cleaning options thanks to the high absorbency microfibre pads.

The microfiber pads are ideal for cleaning homes with pets as they easily collect all the animal hair for efficient cleaning to eliminate all messes and debris. The handle is adjustable from 28 to 44 inches long to accommodate multiple heights of people who may need to use the mop to clean.

Check the Price on Amazon


Best Way to Dust Tile Floors

best mop for tile floors

  • Sweep the Floor

It is always advisable to sweep the floor to eliminate the loose dirt and debris to prevent them from being blown around the room. Using a dust mop, sweep your tiled floor, starting from inside towards the door.

If you live with a pet in the house, pay attention to the corners and under the furniture when sweeping to remove the pet’s hairs entirely.

  • Dust/Clean the Floor

After sweeping, the next step is to clean the flooring with a mop. The dust mops are versatile since they can also be used for mopping the floors. If you have more than one cleaning pads, you can interchange it with a new one to clean or rinse the one used for sweeping the floor.

Sprinkle water on the head of the mop and start to clean the tiled floor. Clean in a back and forth mode, starting from the corner of the room. Do not use a lot of water since the dust mops cannot be wrong.

  • Rinse the Floor

Ones you are done cleaning the floor, the next step is to rinse off the dirty water. So, sprinkle clean water to the tiled floor and run it through the floor to rinse. If the cleaning pad gets too dirty or soaked, change it, or wash it before cleaning the floor.

  • Cleaning the Grout

If your tiles have grout, spray some grout cleaning solution before running the dust mop through to clean. Make sure to wash the microfiber pad immediately after cleaning the house in a machine washer for hygiene purposes.



The dust mops are versatile cleaning mops that provide both dry and wet cleaning options. These mops are also recommendable for homes with pets as they aid in sweeping off animal hair from different floors. The dust mops use either disposable or reusable cleaning mop pads. The reusable cleaning mops are made with high absorbency microfibre materials that dry the floors quickly for quick drying.

Such mops are suitable for cleaning tiles and other hard floors because the cleaning pads dry all the water on the floor. These five brands are the top best dust mops ideal for cleaning the tile floors. Use the above buying guide to help you choose the right dust cleaning mop for your home.


How to Care for Tile Floors?

Taking care of your tile floor is crucial as it helps to preserve them while preventing the harboring of dirt and contaminants. The tiles’ grouts tend to harbor a lot of dust, and if not taken care of as required, it may even lead to wear and tear of the tiles.

Although tiles are crafted in different styles and materials, they are easy to maintain as long you use the right cleaning products recommended for your type of floorings. If you don’t know where to start, here is an article to help you learn the best ways and methods to use to care for your tiles.


How to Care for Tile Floors?

best mop for ceramic tile floors

Apart from choosing the tiles that match your house finishing, you must select the tiles models that are easy to maintain in terms of cleaning. Here are a few ways on how you can care and maintain your tile floors.

1. Use a dust mop to sweep the floor – Dust mops are perfect for sweeping tiles because they eliminate the debris and dust on the floor by trapping it on the dusting pad, unlike the brooms that spread the dirt around the house by blowing it. Also, the dust mops can pass through the tiles grout to remove the trapped dust on the grouts for a better and clean floor.

2. Mop your tile floors regularly – If you are unable to mop your floor daily, make an effort of cleaning it at least thrice or four times a week. Leaving the dirt to settle on the tiles for too long damages them by discoloring the tiles, and it may be a bit challenging to get rid of the dirty when cleaning. Remember, every tile model has its recommendable cleaning solutions, as advised by the manufacturers.

So, check with the manufactures regarding the right cleaning solution to use on your tile floor. For commercial areas, you should clean the tile floors daily as these areas are frequented often by multiple people.

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Yocado EasyWring Sponge Mop for Multiple Surfaces

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Bona Spray Mop for Tile & Stone & Laminate Floors

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3. Always dry the tiles floors after cleaning – Always make sure to completely dry up the tile floor after cleaning to prevent accidents and prevent more dirt-trapping on the floor. The tiled floors are quite sensitive and trap dirt quite quickly, especially if stepped on when wet. So, use a good mop with a high absorbency level to dry up the floor immediately.

4. Wipe off spillages immediately – Spillages from colored liquids like tea, juice, or even foods can stain the tiles if it stays long before cleaning. So, always make sure to clean off any spillage on the tile floor to prevent staining the floors. You can use a wet dust mop to eliminate the spillage.

5. Concentrate on grouts when cleaning – These are the parts where the dirt tends to build up quickly and, if not cleaned regularly, may get stuck. So, using unique cleaning solutions, scrub the grouts to remove the dust and dirt piled up. You can clean the grouts at least three times a week.


Dos and Don’ts for Tile Floors

protect tile flooring

The floor tiles come in different designs and colors to fit in different home designs. However, whether you choose plain white or printed floor tiles, there are things to do and not to preserve the texture and even the quality of the tiles. Here are a few dos and don’ts for tile floors

The Dos

1. Always sweep the floor first before cleaning – Not only does sweeping your tile floor lessens your cleaning work and time, but it also helps to prevent the dirt from sticking on the tiles and grouts. So, use a microfibre mop to sweep off the loose dirt and debris before the actual cleaning.

2. Mop the tile floor regularly – Unlike other floor materials like hardwoods that require less cleaning, tile floors are safe for regular cleaning. The number of times to clean the tile floors depends on the traffic in the area. For example, in commercial places, you may need to mop the floor daily as the constant passing of people leaves a lot of dirt on the floor. For home tile floors, cleaning at least twice or thrice times a week would work.

3. Use microfiber cleaning pads to clean tile floors – The mops made with microfiber cleaning pads do a great job of quickly eliminating the dirt piled up on the floor. They also absorb high levels of water for quick drying of the tiles floor.

4. Seal the floors – The tile floors require resealing after a while, which should be done according to the manufacturer’s advice. So, hire a professional technician to reseal the tile floors in your home or commercial place.


The Don’ts

1. Avoid a reliable cleaning solution – Any cleaning solution made of acids, high alkaline, ammonia, and even chlorine should not clean the tile floors since they damage tile floors by taking away the natural and shiny look of the tiles.

2. Don’t use bleaches – The bleaches may remove the color or patterns on the tiles within the first days of using them.

3. Don’t use abrasive cleaning pads – Even if you notice a stain on the tile floor, don’t remove it with abrasive and scrubbing objects as they can easily damage the floor or leave unnecessary marks.


How to Prevent Damage to the Tile Floors

how to care for tile floors

1. Avoid abrasive products on the floor – Whether it’s scrubbing objects or even cleaning solutions, the abrasive products cause the tile floors to lose the originality and color. Note that the effect may not be noticeable on the first day of using the abrasive product, but regular usage of these products gradually makes the tiles to turn dull and lose the original textures.

2. Don’t forget about the grout – The grouts are the most overlooked areas of tiles as most people focus more on cleaning the tiles forgetting the grout. But a lot of dirt and water tends to get stuck on the grout resulting in the growth of mildew and other contaminants. If the grouts stay long before cleaning, they may discolor and lead to the damage of the tile floors.

So, make sure to clean the grouts when cleaning the tiles regularly. Or rather, seal in grouts using waterproof materials to prevent the water and dirt from settling when cleaning.

3. Clean the tile floor regularly – Cleaning the tiles regularly prevents the dirt build-up, which results in staining of the tiles. So, clean depending on how frequent people go to the room. For commercial places like an office, clean the floor daily.

For homes, you can clean the floors like three to four times a week. Sweep the floors before cleaning and use a cleaning mop with the right absorbent pad to dry the tiles fast and easily.



Tiles are the most versatile flooring to install at houses and in commercial places. The tiles are easy to maintain and clean since they don’t require mild or expensive cleaning solutions than other types of floorings. The tiles come in different styles and colors that blend with various home finishes and designs.

Well, when installing the tile floors, make sure to hire a professional technician to ensure the tiles are installed well, and the grout is well aligned for easy cleaning. Choose a good quality model of tiles that are easy to maintain and clean.


How to Remove Stains from Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl is a popular material used in flooring, both private and commercial living spaces. Vinyl flooring comes in diverse designs and is easy to maintain.

For it to maintain its quality and shiny appearance, it needs proper cleaning and regular maintenance. Vinyl flooring is resistant to many bases, alcohols, acids as well as oils.

There are different types of stains common in vinyl tile, and each will dictate the remover and method you will use to remove it.


Best Ways of Removing Stains From Vinyl Flooring

remove stains from vinyl floors

Vinyl floor staining is hardly permanent. The stains occur when a potent chemical substance is left on a floor for a long duration.

Always wipe out any liquid or dirt that spills on the vinyl floor as soon as possible, as they might result in tough stains that can prove hard to remove.

Some of the common stains that can get in your vinyl floor and the different ways to remove them are as follows:

  • Rust Stains

Rust stain on the vinyl floor is not removable with the regular cleaning of the flooring. The most effective remedy of removing rust stain is a paste of water and oxalic acid power. The oxalic acid powder is commonly known as wood bleach. The following are steps to follow.

  1. First, prepare the paste by mixing water with the oxalic acid powder.
  2. Put on the gloves and rub the paste on the rust stain on your vinyl floor using a damp cloth.
  3. Once you are done rinse the area with clean water
  • Scuff and Heel Marks

Vinyl flooring can be damaged by scuff and heel marks, as it is the case in other flooring surfaces. Scuffs patches appear on the top of the surface. When you use the ingredients that safely remove these marks, you leave the vinyl floor looking new.

  1. Use a pencil eraser to scrub off the scuffs
  2. You then moisten the eraser with water and use it to remove the remaining scuff or marks
  3. Dampen a soft cloth with rubbing alcohol to remove the remaining residues
  4. Rinse the vinyl with a clean damp cloth and then dry it off
  • Yellowing

Yellowing of the vinyl floor is very common, especially when the floor is aging making it look worn or dirty. It is mainly common if the rubber mat is used because the yellowing is due to continual contact with rubber. The below steps are a guide on how you can remove these stains.

  1. Sweep or vacuum the floor to make it sparkling clean
  2. Use a soft damp cloth and wet the yellowed area
  3. Sprinkle baking soda on the yellowed area and let it sit on the surface for about 15 minutes
  4. Use a wet cloth to rinse the stain
  5. Repeat the process until the stain is completely removed

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vacuum stains for vinyl



  • Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is an ordinary stain that affects different types of flooring. The following is a simple procedure on how to remove it from your vinyl floor.

  1.  Put crushed ice in a bag and place it above the stain. Then leave it there for several minutes to brittle the chewing gum
  2. Use a plastic knife that is non-abrasive to the vinyl floor to pry the gum
  3. Remove the chewing gum residue by soaking a soft cloth on rubbing alcohol and rub it off
  4. Then rinse the floor area that had the stain
  • Wax

For the candle lovers, candle wax spills are an ordinary stain that they experience on their vinyl floor. For you to remove, follow the following procedure:

  1. Wait until the candle wax is completely dry
  2. Use a non-abrasive scraper, i.e., a plastic knife or a rubber scraper, to extract the wax from the floor
  3. After removing the wax, wipe the vinyl with a damp microfiber cloth soaked on a vinegar-water solution
  • Grease Stains

These stains are very stubborn on the vinyl floor, but there is still a remedy for removing them.

  1. First, place some ice on the grease stain and let it sit there for about 15 minutes
  2. The grease stain hardens and is easily removed using a plastic spoon or knife
  3. After removing the stain, wipe off the remaining grease residue using a window cleaner. You then rinse off the area
  • Nail Polish

If you accidentally spill nail polish on your vinyl floor, there is no need to worry. Using the below steps, you will remove the stain without leaving any traces.

  1. Soak a soft cloth on rubbing alcohol or on an acetone-free nail polish remover
  2. Apply on the stain and leave it for a few minutes
  3. Rinse off the surface
  • Other Stubborn Stains

Other stains are occasioned by spills from tomato sauce, red wine, grape juice, and other related stains. The remedy of removing them is:

  1. Dilute bleach and water in the ratio of 1:4
  2. Soak a soft cloth on the solution and lay it over the stain and leave it to sit there for about one hour
  3. After the stain vanishes, rinse the surface with a clean damp cloth and then dry the area


Things to Avoid When Removing A Stain On Vinyl Flooring

vinyl floor remove tough stain

  1. Do not scrub too hard – cleaning the vinyl floor with too much force can damage the vinyl floor and make it lose its shine. Use a soft material to rub gently
  2. Never use abrasive cleaners – abrasive cleaners contain chemicals that are harmful to the vinyl floor
  3. Do not soak and leave the floor wet –Vinyl flooring seeps water via the edges into the seams, destroying the glue that attaches the floor, and thus reducing the floor’s strength
  4. Wax polish or solvent-based –It is advisable not to use wax polish or solvent-based on vinyl floors because it damages the floor and takes its shine
  5. Ammonia or ammonia-based solution – These ingredients break down the material causing cracks on the vinyl floor



Spills stains and scuffs are inevitable in your vinyl floor, but the way you handle them determines if your vinyl floor will be damaged. Whenever you notice a stain on your vinyl floor, use the proper stain removal technique or choose the right mop for vinyl floors as illustrated above for fast and effective results.


The 7 Best Swiffer Mop Reviews for 2020

Swiffer mops are some of the most recommendable mops in the whole world. These mops are unique because unlike the standard mops that provide cleaning options alone, and the Swiffer mops come with sweeping pads as well.

Therefore the mops offer 2 in 1 cleaning solutions for different floorings. The mops have multiple cleaning pads that offer both dry and wet cleaning solutions to suit various types of floors.

Well, if you need a quality Swiffer mop to clean your home floors, we are going to provide a review of the top six best Swiffer mops.


7 Best Swiffer Mops On the Market


Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Swiffer Mop

best swiffer mop

  • The Type of Floors

The first factor to consider when buying the Swiffer mop is the type of floor to clean. The Swiffer mops have different cleaning methods where some offer dry cleaning methods, others offer wet cleaning method, and some offer both dry and damp cleaning solutions.

The type of floor in your home determines the type of the Swiffer mop model to buy. The dry Swiffer mop is the best option for cleaning the unfinished, carpeted, or a waxed floor.

These types of mops do not utilize high quantities of wetness when cleaning the floor, thus preventing the unsealed floorings from damages. But, if your house has the hard floors models, a wet floor would be a great choice since such floors can withstand high levels of wetness and takes little time to dry up after cleaning.

  • The Cleaning Accessories

The number or type of cleaning accessories sold with the Swiffer mop determines the kind of cleaning you will achieve with the mop. Some mops come with a starter kit consisting of a sweeper, wet/dry cleaning pads, and cleaning solution tank, while other models come with cleaning pads and cleaning solution tank alone. So, if you need a Swiffer mop that will lessen your cleaning work on the floor, consider getting a mop with a sweeper kit.

Sweeping the floor before cleaning saves time and energy because it reduces the dirt on the floor for effective cleansing results. This also prevents the dirt from being pushed around the floor or on the corners of the room. B

ut, if you opt for a Swiffer mop that has cleaning pads only, make sure the pads have a high level of absorbency. Such pads absorb and lock the dirt firmly to prevent it from being blown around the floor for better cleaning solutions.

  • The Power Source

The Swiffer mops have three power sources which are; electricity, rechargeable batteries, and disposable batteries. If you need a mop that provides continued cleaning solutions, the electric-powered mops would be the right option, but if you need a mop that can clean small areas in the room, well a mop with disposable batteries can work.

The rechargeable batteries are also perfect for cleaning large rooms only that you may need to stop cleaning to recharge the battery. Some people may opt for the disposable and rechargeable battery mops because they offer convenience in movements, unlike electric corded models.

  • The Weight

Your comfort should be an optimal factor to consider when choosing the Swiffer mop. Considering you will be carrying the mop around to clean different rooms in the house, make sure to choose a mop that is light in weight. The mop should be comfortable to carry and hold when cleaning the floors.

  • Budget

The Swiffer mops are sold at varying rates that are determined by the available features and the cleaning parts. Thus, the budget you have at hand will hugely determine the type of Swiffer mop to buy.

For example, a mop that has multiple cleaning pads, a dirt collection container, and a large cleaning solution tank will cost more money as opposed to mopping with minimal cleaning accessories.


6 Best Swiffer Mop Reviews

Swiffer mops have different features and functions. For example, they feature either corded or cordless forms. The corded mops are directly connected to a power source when cleaning, while the cordless models consist of either a rechargeable battery or disposable batteries to power them when cleaning.

Let’s look at the top six best Swiffer mop reviews.

1. Best Overall -Swiffer 2-in-1 Mop and Broom Floor Cleaner


  • Comes with a sweeping pad to eliminate the loose dirt on the floor
  • It has a thick cleaner cloth pad for excellent floor cleaning
  • Cleans three times better
  • Money refund warranty


  • Not suitable for unwaxed, unfinished, or carpeted floors

The two in one style of this Swiffer mop ensure to leave the floor clean and save the cleaning time as compared to other models. The mop has the pads to sweep the floor to eliminate the loose debris and dust from the floor before the actual cleaning process.

The thick cloth cleaning pad on the mop ensures to efficiently clean the floor three times faster and better than other mop models. This feature also provides the mop traps and absorbs all dirt, including on the grains of the floor and walls.

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2. Best for Pets -Swiffer Sweeper Heavy Duty Dry Sweeping


  • The mop locks the animal hairs and dust
  • Great for reaching hard-to-reach places
  • Compatible with multiple floors
  • High power for picking animal hairs
  • The sweeper brush reaches the tight areas to clean up


  • A high level of fragrance that may not work for some people

This model of Swiffer mop is recommendable for people living with pets in the house. One of the most excellent features on the mop is the high absorption power whereby it traps and locks the animal fur and other messes two times stronger than other mops.

The mop also has a sweeper pad that gets rid of the loose dirt and hairs for the fast cleaning process. This mop features over 30,000 3D fiber brush bristles that reach even the tightest corners of the room to remove the dirt and the animal hairs stuck.

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3. Best Spray Mop -Swiffer WetJet Hardwood and Floor Mop


  • Cordless design to ensure free movements when cleaning
  • Suitable for multiple types of floors
  • Comes with various cleaning accessories
  • The mop comes with a limited lifetime warranty


  • Some customers have complained about having issues when assembling this mop

If you need a quality mop that can easily clean a large area without constant refill, well WetJet Swiffer mops may work for you. Apart from the powerful cleaning features this mop has, it also comes with multiple cleaning accessories to aid you in cleaning.

The mop offers a wet cleaning option, which makes it compatible with a lot of floors. The cleaning accessories include;10 cleaning pads, one solution container, and four batteries.

The fact that the mop is powered by disposable batteries reduces movement restrictions when cleaning different areas in the room. The cleaning pads of this mop features high absorbent power that traps and locks the dirt to prevent pushing it around the room to save the cleaning time.

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4. Best for Large Room – Swiffer 10 inch Wide Mop


  • The full cleaning head covers large room floors
  • Can be used to clean walls
  • It has quality cleaning pad that traps and locks the dirt
  • Affordable price


  • Not recommendable for unfinished floors

The mop is versatile since it comes with sweeping and cleaning pads. The pads trap all the debris from the floors ranging from dust, dirt, and the pet hair to prevent it from spreading all over the floor, and to save the cleaning time.

This cleaning mop features a lightweight design to ensure comfort to the user when cleaning the floor.

This type of Swiffer mop is recommendable for cleaning large rooms because the 10-inch broad cleaning head gets the work done fast and efficiently to save time.



5. Best With Disposable Pads -Swiffer Sweeper Dry and Wet Mopping


  • Traps 50 % more dirt than the standard mops
  • Offers both dry and wet cleaning options
  • It has 90% more refills
  • Easy to assemble


  • The refills are disposable which is quite expensive to buy new ones all the time

This is an advanced Swiffer cleaning mop that features 90 % more refills as compared to the standard mop sweeper models.

The mop offers both dry and wet cleaning since it comes with four dry heavy-duty cleaning clothes and three wet heavy-duty cleaning clothes. The mop pack comes with ten dry sweeping cloths that absorbs and locks the dirt and other debris on the floor for fast cleaning results.



6. Swiffer Sweep and Vacuum Cleaner for Floor Cleaning


  • The mop has a triple cleaning action
  • Powerful suction for deep cleaning
  • Light in weight
  • Powered by a long-lasting rechargeable battery


  • A bit expensive than others

The triple cleaning action on this mop ensures to clean the floor faster as compared to other mop types. There is a dirt collection cup that collects all specks of dirt for easy emptying after cleaning.

This Swiffer mop features a sweeper pad that eliminates the dirt first for the quick cleaning solution. The kit comes with one sweeper cloth, eight sweeping dry refills, one battery charger, and one replaceable filter. The mop is quite light in weight for portability.

Check the Price on Amazon



Does Swiffer Mop Kill Bacteria?

The answer to this is yes! The Swiffer cleaning solutions feature chlorhexidine Diacetate, which is essential for fighting germs and bacteria.

This ingredients or agent helps to eliminate germs, fungus, viruses, and bacterial harboring on the surfaces. This means that cleaning the floor with the Swiffer cleaning mop helps to combat germs and bacteria growing on the floors. This also makes it a perfect solution for homes with pets.


Is Swiffer Mop Safe for Pets?

mop pet hair

There has been a rumor circulating regarding if the Swiffer mops are harmful and can kill the pet. This started as a result of a social media post from a person who claimed that the neighbor’s dog had died as a result of liver failure.

As they could not find any chemicals on the house, the customer concluded it could be the cleaning solution used on the floor that the pet licked the residuals on the paws.

The pet owner claimed that Swiffer manufacturers confirmed using the chemical antifreeze, which is quite dangerous to humans and animals when ingested.

Well, although another customer came up to claim that they had lost two cats from the same liver failure issue, this rumor was squashed by the manufacturing company because they do not use such an ingredient in making the Swiffer mops cleaning solutions.

The package of the mop does not include such types of elements which further concludes this as just a rumor. However, the manufacturers do indicate that the Swiffer mops should be kept away from the reach of kids and pets. So, as long as the pets do not come to close contact with the Swiffer cleaning solutions, these mops are entirely safe to clean homes with pets.


Will Swiffer Ruin Hard Floors?

There are two types of hard floors which are then finished and unfinished storeys. The Swiffer mops are entirely safe for the finished floors such that you can use either wet or dry moping options. But for the unfinished hard floors, the dry Swiffer mops are the right options.

The unfinished hard floors are quite sensitive and can easily get damaged when exposed to a high level of wetness. Such floors only accommodate the Swiffer mops that have the dry cleaning clothe pads. Note that the wet Swiffer mops cannot be used on floorings that are waxed or oiled since the water takes away the gloss look and feel on the flooring.



The Swiffer mops are some of the top best mops on the market right now. These mops feature different parts and cleaning modes to suit floors that require either dry or wet cleaning methods. If you are looking for the best Swiffer mop for your cleaning jobs at home, the above are the top six best brands worth considering.

These mops have multiple cleaning accessories to fit either dry or wet cleaning options. The mops are light in weight for convenience carrying the mops. If it is your first time to buy a Swiffer mop, use the above factors to guide you in choosing the best Swiffer mop for your cleaning needs.


5 Top Benefits of Steam Mops

Steam mops will always be a preference for most homeowners, especially people with kids and pets. The steam mop comes with multiple benefits that you can enjoy when using them.

Other than aiding to eliminate the stubborn stains and dirt from the floors, the steam mops also help to disinfect the floors to remove bacteria and germs harboring on the floor.

The steam mops are the most versatile cleaning mops that can clean a wide range of floorings like tiles, laminated floors, carpets, and others are ideal for upholstery cleaning needs as well.

The steam mop only requires regular cleaning solutions and water to clean up the floors. So, is a steam mop worth considering buying for home cleaning, well, the answer is yes! Below is more information regarding the benefits of steam mop and how to use them in a proper way.


5 Top Benefits of Steam Mops

benefits of steam mop

  • Perfect for Dry Cleaning

One of the benefits of owning a steam mop is the fact that it does not leave a lot of water on the floor after cleaning. The steam mops utilize hot steams to clean.

How? The water on the reservoir heats up and evaporates to release steam that is passed through the mop head to the cleaning pad. Then the steam penetrates to the floor to clean up the messes and other dirt. This, in return, leaves little to no water on the floor for quick drying up.

>>Recommended Budget Steam Mop On The Market -Shark Steam Pocker Mop<<

best steam mop for linoleum floors


  • Convenient in Removing Stains

A steam mop allows you to enjoy cleaning your home even in areas that have stubborn stains. The ability of the steam to penetrate deeply to the floor loosens all the dirt for quick cleaning off using a mop pad.

Thus, you don’t need to employ a lot of pressure and energy when cleaning with a steam mop as opposed to when using other manual mops.

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shark genius hard floor pocket steam mop


  • No Dirty Water Emptying

With a steam mop, you don’t need to keep on emptying dirty water when cleaning the room. This is because the steam mops use steam instead of water to clean, and thus, there is no dirty water collected when cleaning.

The only time you will come into contact with the tap water is either when refilling the water reservoir or when emptying the remaining water after cleaning.

  • Does Not Use Strong Cleaning Solutions

If you are allergic to the strong scents that some cleaning solutions have, then the right mop to consider is the steam mop. This is because most of the steam mops do not require robust cleaning solutions to get rid of the stains and dirt.

The steam mops only need water to eliminate the dust as the high steam levels produced by the mop loosens the stains for the fast cleaning. Note that some steam mops have a cleaning solution container, and you can use them with any regular cleaning solution if necessary.

  • Easy to use

The steam mops are quite easy to use since you need to fill in the water reservoir, fit a cleaning pad, and then plug it to power to begin your cleaning.


What Not To Do When Using a Steam Mop

pet steam mop

There is no doubt that steam mops are the best brands of mops when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting the floors and other areas around the house.

But, there are some mistakes that most people tend to do that may affect either the cleaning process or even the results when using it. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when using a steam mop

1. Avoid plugging the mop to power first before attaching the cleaning pad – The steam mops start to heat up instantly on plugging to a power source to generate the right amount of steam for cleaning. Therefore, if you plug it before attaching the cleaning pad, the mop will heat up, making it difficult to fit the pad. This may also cause an electric shock in the case where you touch the mop with wet hands.

2. Avoid leaving the mop on when not in use – The steam mops heat up within a few seconds and automatically start to release hot steams as long the power is on. Thus, leaving the mop while stationed on a single place may damage the floor since the steam accumulates in one place. So, if you get distracted while using the mop, ensure to switch it off immediately.

3. Cleaning with it on sensitive surfaces – The steam mops are not suitable for all floor types as the steams may damage some floors or discolor them. Always read the seal to find out the floors that the mop can clean to see if it fits your home. Some of the floors you can’t clean with the steam mops are the laminated floors or unfinished hardwood floors


FAQs About Steam Mops

Do Steam Mops Kill Germs

1. Are steam mops better than regular mops?

Steam mops are way better than other regular cleaning mops. There are some features and functions that make the steam mops win over the traditional mops such as;

Fast Cleaning – The steam mops are digital mops powered by electricity. Thus, the cleaning process is easy and fast, plus you utilize less energy as opposed to when cleaning with the traditional mops.

Quick-Drying – The steam mops do not leave a lot of wetness on the floor, which saves the drying time as opposed.

Disinfectant – Apart from cleaning and removing stains off the floor, the steam mops also do wonders in disinfecting the floor to remove bacteria and germs something you cannot achieve by the use of regular mops.


2. Do steam mops kill germs?

Yes. The steam mops are perfect for disinfecting the floors by killing germs and other bacteria growing on the floors. The hot moist produced by the mops kills the germs to prevent spreading.


3. Can I put vinegar in my steam mop?

Yes! Vinegar is used with a steam mop as it facilitates the fast and effective killing of germs. The vinegar, mainly white vinegar has a high concentration of mild acid that penetrates through the floor to eliminate bacteria. It is also safe to accommodate multiple floors like tiles, vinyl, and laminated floors.


4 Best Steam Mops On the Market



Steam mops are perfect for cleaning and disinfecting the floors. The hot steam penetrates to loosen the dirt while killing germs and bacteria on the floors. These mops are convenient when cleaning as they get the work done fast as opposed to when using the standard cleaning mops.

The steam mops are safe for various floors and households since you don’t need to add reliable mild cleaning solutions when cleaning. Note that these types of mops are not safe for all levels as the hot steam can easily damage sensitive floors.