Top 5 Best Commercial Steam Cleaner

Everyone wants to have clean floors and surfaces. This may seem impossible to achieve due to unwanted elements like stains, grease, molds which can stick to these surfaces.

With various cleaning options available to eliminate dust, dirt, and the likes, none’s as efficient as a commercial steam cleaner. The industrial steam cleaner has a higher pressure, increased temperature, and power to clean the toughest stains.

From features to look out for to tips and precautions, there’s a lot to learn about commercial steam cleaners in this article. Let’s dive in!


Why a Steam Cleaner is Necessary for Commercial Use

canister steamer for large room

Steam cleaners come with a large water tank for cleaning large and extensive areas. They’re also heated to a high temperature, making them suitable for cleaning business areas such as offices, restaurants, etc.

Steamers are best suited for commercial areas because they are environmentally friendly, versatile, and facilitate deep cleaning of floors. Unlike traditional mops, steamers don’t require chemical agents for cleaning. They are utilized in cleaning various surfaces like rugs, windows, carpets, and others.

Commercial steam cleaners have deep cleaning capability for removing smudges, grease, dirt, and other unwanted elements. You don’t need to get various cleaning devices but a steam cleaner will do.


Buying Guide of Commercial Steam Cleaner

With various commercial steam cleaners available online, it can be pretty challenging to make the right choice. Consider these questions before making a purchasing decision:

1.   Does it have a big mop head?

Mop head varies with the size of a steam cleaner. Small steamers are easy to move around, so you might want to opt for a small one.

If you want to clean a large area like walls and large floors, go for a bigger steam cleaner. While you can use a small steamer to clean these areas, it’s time-consuming and won’t clean the surfaces well.

2.   How long does the steam last?

The water tank size determines how long the steam will last. A big water tank will cause steam to last longer. While some steam cleaner can stay hot for 40 minutes, other may last for 60 minutes or more.

Do you want a steamer that you can use for long periods? Choose a product with a large water tank. A steam cleaner with a small water tank will take less time to heat up though you’ll have to refill the tank often.

3.   How about power and temperature?

A steam cleaner with an adequate power supply or one that attains high temperature promotes optimum cleaning. Select a cleaner with 1000  watts of power so it can clean hard-to-reach areas and tough surfaces.

You might also want to opt for a steam cleaner that reaches a temperature of about 200°F. Steam cleaners that produce steam at a very high temperature can efficiently deep clean surfaces.

4.   Does it come with enough attachments?

Accessories are key features you should consider before purchasing a commercial steam cleaner. These attachments determine the surfaces you’ll clean with the steamer; hence you’ll need to opt for a product that contains your preferred accessories.

Are you thinking of getting a steam cleaner? Consider the areas you want to steam clean first. Then, ensure you choose a product that has the attachments for efficient cleaning. For example, do you want to steam clean your tile floors?

Choose a cleaner with a large microfiber pad and floor attachment.


Best Commercial Steam Cleaner Reviews

Here are 5 best commercial steamers for different cleaning scenarios.

1. Multifunctional Pressurized steam cleaner

McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Cleaner – for Autos, Windows, and Floors

The McCulloch Canister steam cleaner is a multifunctional cleaning system that is efficient for cleaning and mopping. It utilizes water heated to a temperature of 200° Fahrenheit to clean and sanitize various surfaces.

McCulloch 1385 scrubbing steam mop with large water tank

  • What You Benefit from It?
  • Natural steam cleaning without the use of chemicals, and sanitizing using hot steam

The McCulloch steam cleaner allows you to deep clean surfaces naturally. It uses pressurized steam to remove stains and grease from various surfaces. It eliminates the need for harsh chemicals and sanitizes tiles, laminates, grills, appliances, etc.

  • 23 multifunctional accessories used for various cleaning jobs

This steam cleaner is equipped with 23 accessories for steam cleaning your home. They include scrub pads, nylon brushes, floor mops, squeegee, and lots more. These versatile accessories stay in simple storage around the home.

  • Steam cleaner with a large water tank capacity

This cleaner has a water tank measuring 65-ounce that heats up in less than 12 minutes and gives off steam for as long as 120 minutes. Now you can blast through grime and grease with the variable steam control setting about a steam lock for a constant supply of steam.

  • What Others Say About This Product

”It is Excellent. Works better than I imagined, especially for mopping the floor”.

”It is a good device and produces sufficient steam pressure”.

”This steam cleaner does what it says. Very versatile”.

  • What You May Care For
  • 4 bar (58 PSI) pressure: The hot steam blows grease, dirt, and grime away, killing germs and bacteria.
  • An extra-long 18-foot power cord that allows you to clean far distances from a power supply
  • 10-foot steam hose: Offers maneuverability and access to hard-to-reach areas
  • What You May Prefer
  • Floor mop attachments: for sealed floors like wood, laminate, and tiles
  • Integrated cord wraps and handle: This allows you to store the long cord using the cord wrap while the handle makes it portable.
  • Attachable utility brushes: Tackles tough stains and grease from BBQ, patios, ovens, and grills.
  • What You May Dislike

Some of the parts are fragile and may fracture easily. In addition, the handle gets hot after a while of using it.

The McCulloch Deluxe Cleaner is a sturdy pressurized device for cleaning through dirt, grime, and tough messes. Get one of these today to enjoy seamless cleaning.

Get It at the Best Price Now!


2. Professional Carpet Cleaner

BISSELL Big Green Cleaner – for commercial carpets and floors

The Big Green steam cleaner from Bissell is a professional carpet deep cleaning machine.  It offers outstanding cleaning using its powerful motors and high-quality materials that clean tough stains.

best commercial steamer for cleaning

  • What You Benefit from It?
  • 9 inches long-reach hose and 6 inches stain tool for easy access to difficult areas

This steam cleaner has a long hose that allows for cleaning hard-reach areas, including upholstery. The tough stain tool helps clean stairs and other surfaces.

  • Two large tanks for storing clean and dirty water

You don’t need to go around cleaning with two buckets, or changing water because this cleaner has two huge tanks that separate clean and dirty water while cleaning.

  • XL DirtLifter PowerBrush that deep cleans carpets

It has eight rows of brush bristles that go deep into carpet fibers and loosen them, thus lifting dirt and stains off the carpet surface.

  • What Others Say About This Product

”It is a durable machine that works efficiently.”

”This is a quality home carpet cleaner. It is sturdy, heavy, and durable”.

”This steam cleaner is easy to use and I recommend it for those that need a steam cleaner for commercial use”.

  • What You May Care For
  • Adjustable handle: You can choose a suitable height that’s very comfortable
  • 25 inches power cord: Offers extra reach and better maneuverability
  • Cleaning path width: 10.5”
  • What You May Prefer
  • Anti-tip design and robust cleaning features
  • Combines with Bissell Pro Max Clean, Protect Formula to remove ground-in stains
  • Great for cleaning pet messes
  • What You May Dislike

The hose attachments often leave the floors wet. Some of the parts tend to break after a while.

You don’t need to search for a professional-grade steam cleaner as the Bissell big green carpet cleaner is efficient and sturdy. Make the purchase today, and you won’t regret it.

Get It at the Best Price Now!


3. Heavy-duty Commercial Cleaner

Vapomore MR-1000 Forza Steam Cleaner – for residential and commercial use

The Forza steam cleaner is a commercial device of high quality that’s efficient for residential and commercial cleaning.

best commercial steam cleaner

  • What You Benefit from It?
  • Four liter/One-gallon capacity stainless steel boiler 

The Vapamore steam cleaner has a big stainless steel boiler of 1-gallon capacity and a 1900 watt heater that takes the streamer to high temperature within minutes.

  • Safe cleaning process with only steam and no chemicals

The Forza cleaner allows you to clean your residence or commercial area with only water, thus eliminating the need for harmful chemicals. It makes cleaning very easy on surfaces like the kitchen, bathrooms, cars, and floors.

  • Versatile steam cleaner with onboard attachments and accessories

You can easily switch attachments using the basket for onboard attachment situated at the machine’s rear. It has more than 50 attachment tools and accessories and is fit for any job.

  • What Others Say About This Product

”We were able to do our job quickly with this machine, and it looked perfect!”.

”I strongly recommend this steam cleaner for those that need to clean surfaces on a commercial scale”.

”This steam cleaner is easy to set up and use. Works great for home and commercial use”.

  • What You May Care For
  • Produces 270°- 280° Steam continuously
  • 90 PSI Steam Pressure consistently, thus eliminating downtime between spurts
  • Removable U-shaped handle
  • What You May Prefer
  • Adjustable steam output and electronic solenoid valve
  • Great for cleaning pet crates, cages, toys, and other materials with no chemicals, so pets don’t take chemicals from their paws.
  • Computer-controlled operations
  • What You May Dislike

Some users complained that the attachments are not sturdy and tend to break after various uses.

Your search for a heavy-duty commercial-grade steam cleaner for your home is over. Get the Vapamore MR-1000 Forza for your home and workplace and enjoy natural, flawless cleaning.

Get It at the Best Price Now!


4. Efficient Multipurpose steam cleaner

Vapamore MR-100 Primo Cleaner – for home use

The Vapamore Primo steam cleaner is effective for cleaning various surfaces ranging from kitchen, bathroom, sinks, showers, grout, upholstery, and outside the home for garages, motorcycle, bbq grill, and other areas.

best commercial steam cleaner

  • What You Benefit from It?
  • Improved capacity and performance with a heavy-duty heating element

This steam cleaner features a sturdy 1500 watt heating element that can carry the steamer to a maximum temperature in as little as 11 minutes.  It delivers heat continuously for about 60 minutes of operation per tank.

  • Operated by CEME Electronic solenoid valve, peculiar in most commercial units

Vapamore Primo has a solenoid valve that functions to open and close steam flow from the machine using mechanical or electronic means. It uses the handle to regulate it and keep the lines dry for sufficient hot steam. The steam spurts from this machine are robust and deep cleans effectively.

  • Natural steam cleaning without expensive chemicals 

It offers easy cleaning of your home using only water and no chemicals. It saves the cost of buying expensive cleaners and simplifies the cleaning process of your tiles, car, and bathrooms.

  • What Others Say About This Product

”Generally, it’s super easy to use. I started steaming within 15 minutes after setting up”.

”It can help in professional cleaning. It does a great job”.

”Great machine. Very easy to use”.

  • What You May Care For
  • Onboard Attachments – This allows you to change attachments easily
  • Over 20 attachment tools and extensions, retractable cord
  • Gets rid of mildew and allergens
  • What You May Prefer
  • 6-liter capacity stainless steel boiler
  • Steam produced is about 210° to 220° Fahrenheit
  • Improved floor head design
  • What You May Dislike

Complaints of the handle getting too hot and giving blisters and cramps came up. Some also complained that you have to keep pushing the button to get continuous steam, and the wheels don’t swivel.

The Vapamore Primo steam cleaner is an efficient machine for natural steam cleaners and offers great value with advanced features. It is suitable for home and advanced use.

Get It at the Best Price Now!


5. Expert Furniture Vacuum cleaner

Bissell Deluxe Vacuum cleaner – for floors, furniture, and other surfaces

Bissell Deluxe Canister cleaner is a unique steam cleaner device that is maneuverable and efficient for cleaning furniture, low tables, and floors. It has a compact design that makes storage and movement easy.

portable commercial steam cleaner

  • What You Benefit from It?
  • Rubber wheels with felt treads that are non-marking

This steam cleaner has rubber wheels that don’t scratch your floors or leave marks. The brush comes with very soft bristles you can use in cleaning your floors without fear.

  • Digital fingertip control enables you to increase the vacuum and reduce suction power.

It features a fingertip control which allows you to control the vacuum and suction power so you can clean delicate areas like upholstery, rugs, and drapes safely

  • Easy empty dirt tank which makes waste disposal seamless

Hardfloor cleaning and waste disposal just got better with this vacuum cleaner. It has an easy-empty tank that opens from the bottom of the cleaner, so you don’t leave messes during disposal or touch with your hands.

  • What Others Say About This Product

”This vacuum works very well. It does not diminish, and it maintains suction”.

”In all, I’m pleased with the purchase and know it will save me time when cleaning”.

”It is small and has nice suction power. It gives minimum noise. I recommend this product”.

  • What You May Care For
  • 0-liter Dirt cup capacity
  • Powerful machine for hard floor cleaning, but delicate to your Floor Surfaces
  • Power Rating: 7 Amps
  • What You May Prefer

  • Compact And Lightweight. It Is Easy To store and use
  • Telescopic extension wand for better reach
  • Specialized tools for various surfaces cleaning
  • What You May Dislike

The vacuum cleaner is shorter than a regular vacuum cleaner measuring below 2.5 feet from handle to base. So, it may cause back pain.

Save yourself the stress of buying multiple mops for your hard floors as the Bissell Deluxe Canister is available to offer delicate cleaning of your surfaces without marks or scratches.

Get It at the Best Price Now!


Why Canister Steam Mop a Good Choice for Commercial Use?

The size and ease of movement make the canister steam mop an ideal option for commercial use.

This mop is compact and can be stored easily. Due to its versatility, a canister steam mop is used in cleaning floors, tables, countertops, faucets, and others.

You can attach tools and accessories for extensive cleaning of surfaces. The area to clean will determine the right canister steam mop to choose.


Where Can You Use a Commercial-grade Steam Mop on?

multipurpose steamer for commercial and home use

Commercial steam mops can clean a wide range of surfaces such as tiles, mattresses, sofas, windows, walls, and small crevices around toilets. You can also use the mop for cleaning countertops, kitchen appliances, and bed frames.

Commercial steam mops are used on different floor types such as ceramic, vinyl, marble, stone, wood, etc.

As much as possible, avoid using these mops on hardwood floors as steam can deform the wood, causing discoloration and build-up. What floor type do you have in your home?

Check if it’s sealed, or do a water test to confirm. Use an ideal steam mop for surfaces.

Click here to see more about how to use a steam mop.


Tips and Precautions of Using Commercial Steam Mop

While you may need to read the instructions manual in operating a commercial steam cleaner, there are steps that you have to get acquainted with when using the steamer. Here they are:

  • Fill the water tank with tap water. Distilled water is also used due to its clean nature.
  • After filling the tank to a specific point, switch on the commercial steam mop.
  • When the steamer reaches the highest temperature (212°F), it becomes hot and ready for use.
  • Attach the mop head for cleaning specific surfaces and begin steaming.

What are safety precautions to adopt when using commercial steam mops?

Below are safety tips to protect you from harm while using steam mops.

  • Use safety gloves when handling chemical substances to prevent spills on the hands. Also, be careful when using these cleaners as they’re pretty harmful.
  • Wear working shoes with anti-grip slip to prevent slip. In addition, ensure the footwear is water-proof and heat-proof.



What is the best commercial steam cleaner?

There are various commercial steam cleaners on the market. Some of them are versatile, compact, and designed for cleaning specific areas. Consider the pros and cons of each type of steamer before making your choice. Due to its steam capacity and 27-piece accessory kit, Dupril Hill Injection is considered one of the best commercial steam cleaners.

Are household steam mop and commercial steam cleaner the same?

No, they’re not the same. A household steam mop is lightweight and easy to use for cleaning surfaces like bathroom tiles, kitchen floors, and other appliances. It has a small water reservoir and gets easily heated. The commercial steam cleaner has a bigger water tank which can become superhot at 212°F. Unlike the household steam mop, it’s quite heavy.



Gone are the days when cleaning was a laborious chore. Thanks to steam cleaners, cleaning is now easy and more effective. Consider the size of the mop head, water tank, steam capacity, power, temperature, and accessories before choosing a steam cleaner. The commercial steam cleaner is best for cleaning large areas such as offices, reception, and others. Which area are you cleaning? How long will it take to clean that surface? Think about these before investing in a commercial steam cleaner.

Best Dust Mop for Pet Hair Reviews 2021

Living with a pet in the house can be a bit hectic, especially during the shedding periods, hence the need to have a dust mop for cleaning up the pet hair and other messes.

The dust mops for pet hairs are versatile mops that help eliminate loose dirt and other debris like the animal hair between the deep cleaning.

Although the dust mops may not provide quality or deep cleaning like removing stains, they help eliminate animal hairs.

How do you choose the best dust mop for pets and the best brands on the market? In this article, we will provide all the information you need to know regarding the dust mops for pets and how to choose the right model.

  • Quick Pick

The top 3 products we highly recommendations for you. You will never go wrong with them!

Excellent cleaning results with large mop head for a larger areaINCLEAN 24″ Cotton Floor Mop

Super effective for removing animal hair even on all the house cornersO Cedar Microfiber Sweeper Dust Mop

A professional 2 in 1 mop with a long handle for dog familyMASTERTOP Mop

Do I Need a Dust Mop for Pet Hair?

Yes! The dust mops are meant to be used while dry or damp for easy picking of dry debris and animal hairs on the floor and other surfaces.

These mops are convenient to use because they feature microfiber cleaning pads that efficiently trap and hold the animal hairs from the surface for easy cleaning.


Benefits of Getting A Dust Mop for Pet Hair

dust mop for pet hair

  • Easy to Use

The dust mops for animal hair are super easy to use, and they get the animal hair off the floor and other surfaces easily and quickly as long you use them the right way.


  • Saves Time

Although some tools like rollers can help get rid of animal fur from the sofas or carpet, some areas, especially on the floor, require a reliable tool, and this is where the dust mop comes with.

The majority of the dust mops for pets are made with a microfiber cleaning pad that traps various animal furs from the floor with just a single swipe.


  • Versatile

Besides helping you get rid of animal hairs from the floor or surfaces, the dust mops are versatile to remove animal messes off the floor for quick cleaning.

The dust mops for animal hair lessens the cleaning work for homes with pets because they quickly eliminate the hair and other animal messes for quick cleaning results.


How to Choose the Best Dust Mop for Pet Hair?

dust pet hair

What are the crucial things to consider when choosing a mop for pet hair?

  • The Right Microfiber Cleaning Pad

The majority of the dust mops for cleaning animal hairs are made with microfiber cleaning pads. Microfiber materials are the best for cleaning animal hairs since they easily trap the animal hairs when sweeping.

However, ensure choosing a mop with a thick microfiber pad to ensure proper absorption level when cleaning away the animal hairs.

The microfiber cleaning pads come in two categories, whereby some are disposable while others are reusable. If you need a cleaning pad that you can use multiple times, consider getting the reusable microfiber pad.

Ensure it is compatible with secure cleaning methods like hands or machine washer for the effective removal of animal hairs after sweeping with it.

The disposable microfiber pads may work in eliminating animal hairs, but they are a bit expensive and have low levels of absorbency.

Here is a great microfiber dust mop for  dog hair, check it out:Turbo Floor Mop for Multiple Floors


  • Choose the Right Head Size

The size of the house hugely influences the choice of the mop head. This is because the head of the mop determines the areas you can cover when cleaning.

So, if you have a large house, choose a mop with a large mop head. The large mop heads save time and provide excellent cleaning results since they get the work done fast and prevent the hair’s extra spread.

If you decide to buy a mop with a larger head, check out this one: JINCLEAN 24″ Industrial Class Cotton Floor Mop


  • Choose a Mop With a Long Handle

The handle of the mop guarantees comfort when cleaning various areas of the house. A long handle is crucial since it offers support when working while ensuring you can reach even the tightest corners where the pet may reach.

Some brands have adjustable handles that may work, especially if the mop is to be used by multiple people at home. Also, choose a mop that has an ergonomic handle to provide a comfortable grip when working.

A 2 in 1 mop with a long handle is available: MASTERTOP 2 in 1 Two-Sided Mop


  • The Velcro

The Velcro is useful for attaching the mop pad to the mop head to clean. Choose a mop that has flexible Velcro for easy removal of the cleaning pad and also ensure it is keen to hold the pad firmly on the mop head to clean.


  • Choose a Lightweight Mop

Your comfort when working around the house is paramount, especially if you have a large home. So, whichever dust mop for pet hair you settle on makes sure it is light in weight for your comfort when holding it to work.


Disposable Pads Vs. Reusable Pads -Which One is better for Pet Hair?

The mop cleaning microfiber pads come in two different categories, which are reusable and disposable. Which one is the best when cleaning a home with a pet?

Here are a few features that differentiate the two types of microfiber cleaning pads, to guide you in choosing the right model.

  • The Cost

The initial price of the reusable cleaning pads is relatively high. This is because the cleaning pads are made with high-quality and thick materials to serve you more than once.

The reusable cleaning pads are suitable for people who need to save on future expenditure when cleaning the animal hair because they are washable with a machine washer after cleaning for maintenance.

On the other hand, disposable cleaning microfiber pads have lower initial costs because they are made with light materials.

The disposable cleaning pads are meant to be thrown away after the cleaning, which makes them expensive as you will have to buy a new set every time you want to clean the animal furs.


  • The Maintenance Services

Unlike disposable cleaning pads, reusable cleaning pads require thorough maintenance after every use, as you will need them for more cleaning.

These pads require washing after every use to remove the dirt and other debris collected when cleaning the floor.

On the other hand, disposable cleaning pads do not require any maintenance services as they are disposed of after every cleaning.


  • Durability

The reusable cleaning pads are made with quality materials to withstand constant cleaning and constant washing after use. Thus, these pads are convenient for bulk cleaning jobs.

The disposable cleaning pads are only recommended for cleaning particular areas of the room as the materials cannot withstand heavy-duty or large jobs. So, check the size of the space that the disposable pad can clean to figure out if it will fit your home cleaning needs.


  • Cleaning Efficiency

The reusable cleaning pads have thick and quality materials to ensure they can accommodate heavy-duty cleaning and provide high absorbency even after extended use.

So, they are great for cleaning large areas and for eliminating heavy stains as well. The disposable cleaning pads are only ideal for light cleaning jobs since the materials constructions are light to accommodate simple cleaning needs.


So, which is the best for cleaning pet hair?

The best cleaning pads for homes with pets is non-other than the reusable cleaning pads.

These pads have high absorbency, which traps multiple animal hairs, and you can use them to clean large areas around the house compared to the disposable models.


What is the Best Dust Mop for Pet Hair?


O Cedar Microfiber Sweeper Dust Mop

microfiber mop to remove dog hair effectively

This dust mop from O cedar has a quality cleaning microfiber clothe pad with a high absorbency level. The mop works magic in collecting and trapping dirt, dust, and even animal hair on all the house corners.

The thick cleaning pad has quality materials that can withstand 50 times cleaning. The mop is light in weight and comfortable to use due to its flexible one motion essential for sweeping the floors.

Special Features

  • Machine washable for multiple uses
  • The microfiber cleaning pad is made with ultra-dense Chenille
  • This cleaning pad can be cleaned for up to 50 times
  • The mop is quite affordable

Check the Price on Amazon


Best Way to Clean Pet Hair

vacuum for pet hair

The method to use when cleaning the pet hair is determined by the area that you are cleaning. This includes the hard floors, carpeted floors, and even the furniture.

  • Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Microfiber cleaning pads are the perfect mop for cleaning the animal hairs because they trap the hair to eliminate it, unlike the vacuums that blow away. When cleaning the hard floors with the microfiber clothe, dampen the pad with little water for convenience trapping of the animal hair to clean the floors.

Why? The damp cloth increases the mop’s absorption level, making it fast and easy to collect the animal furs on the flooring. The dampened microfiber cleaning pads hold the animal hair like a magnet to easily clean more significant areas.


  • Cleaning Carpeted Floor

Although it is recommended that you vacuum the carpeted floor when cleaning, sweeping off the animal hair with a dust mop before vacuuming saves the cleaning time and prevents the hair from being blown all over. So, dampen your dust mop and run it through the carpet to sweep off the fur.

Avoid putting too much water on the microfiber cleaning pad as a high water level may stick the hair to the mat, making it difficult to clean, and too much water may wet the rug, making it difficult to dry up.

Click here to see more about how to get dog hair out of carpet.



A mop can help you maintain a super clean home free of animal hairs even during the shedding periods. The dust mops for a pet have durable and robust microfiber cleaning pads that trap and hold the animal hairs for easy disposal.

The dust mops for eliminating animal hair are either made with disposable or reusable cleaning pads to choose from depending on the user’s needs. If you need a high absorbency mop and that can efficiently eliminate the animal hairs off the floor, the reusable cleaning pads are the best option.

The 10 Best Microfiber Mop Reviews 2021

There are several advantages that you can experience by deciding to clean your floors with a microfiber mop. Your cleaning time can be reduced by up to half of the time when using a microfiber mop.

Microfiber mops have multiple functions for different needs. Let’s see what the best microfiber mop is and which one you should go for.

clean laminate floors

  • Quick Picks

In a hurry? Pick a mop from our top recommendations!

built-in wringer that you can easily activate through a foot pedal: O-Cedar Microfiber Mop

Designed to clean hardwood and hard surface floors: Bona Multi-Surface Floor

With extra length and lightweight microfiber mop system: OUNUO Rotating Mop

360-degrees rotatable mop heads for removing dust and stains: BOOMJOY Flat Mop

What Are The Advantages Of Cleaning With A Microfiber Mop?

A microfiber mop is one of the best mops in the market for cleaning various floors efficiently. This mop comes with multiple advantages when using it. Some of the main benefits include:

  • Versatility

One of the first things that you will notice is that these mops are extremely versatile. This means that they can be used for wet mopping as well as dry mopping. The same mop can be used for the entire process. For example, you can dry mop your floor and then remove the microfiber pad, rinse it out in warm water, reapply it and then begin to wet mop the floor. Here you can see the hot sales steam mops with a microfiber pad and flat maps with a microfiber pad.

  • Eco-Friendly

Another advantage of using microfiber mops and pads for cleaning is that they are reusable. They can be used multiple times before they need to be replaced and they are more environmentally friendly than similar mops like Swiffer mops.

You do not have to replace a microfiber mop if you do not want to. You can simply wash it in a washing machine and it will be restored to new. This will save you money long term since the mop will not have to be frequently replaced.

  • Remove Pet Hair, Dust, and Dander

If you have a cat or dog living in the home, you know how difficult it can be to keep your home free of pet hair with a mop and dander. Microfibers attract dust, dirt, pet hair tumbleweeds, and dust bunnies that hide underneath your furniture.

You will not have to worry about any hair or dirt flying away, and you do not have to worry about cleaning the same area more than once.

  • Eliminate the Need For A Bucket

Do you hate mopping your floors because you do not want to deal with the mop bucket and dirty mop water? In fact, you may only need to rinse your mop out when you go to clean a different room. This means that you do not have to carry a heavy mop bucket around with you.

These are just some of the benefits of using a microfiber mop for your floor cleaning needs. They are healthy for the environment, reduce the use of water and chemicals, and can make cleaning chores easier.

  • Achieve quick clean-up

When you are using a microfiber mop to clean your space, it is not time-consuming, unlike, other traditional mops that require so much time. With these mops, cleaning once is enough. It is even easy to use a microfiber mop as there is no involvement of a bucket of water.

  • Reach more area with a swivel head

The swivel head on this mop is the best as it enables you to cover more space just by one swipe. You can reach under the chairs and hidden corners in the house. You will not have to bend to reach these corners as it is possible while you are still standing.


What to look for when choosing microfiber mops?

what is a great mop

Of course, your cleaning job will be much simpler if you manage to find the right mop to work with. Keep these tips in mind while you look at the various microfiber mops on the market.

1. What microfiber mop head do you need?

  • Double-sided head

A double-sided head microfiber mop is good for your cleaning purposes as it enables you to clean all around you. You need a double-sided head microfiber mop when you are cleaning a large space.

  • Flip head with a bucket

If you want to have dry floors, using a microfiber that has a flip head with a bucket is an excellent idea. This is because you can dry off the microfiber pad on the bucket and get on with cleaning your floors.

  • Tube mop

Microfiber tube mops are designed in a way that you get to reduce dragging the mop. A microfiber mop with a tube design enables you to collect more dirt from your floors making them extra clean as well as quick cleaning.

  • Spin mop

Spin mops do not rely on electricity to run. Therefore, you need to spin mops while cleaning areas with no power source, under the bed, and other unreachable places. Due to this, you will not be paying extra bills when it comes to electricity bills. You need a spin mop most when you are in a hurry to finish cleaning your floors as it does not take long to clean using them.

2. Do you have special needs in size?

  • Mop head size

When selecting a microfiber mop, it is relevant that you choose one with a mop head that fits your needs. When it comes to cleaning large spaces, you will need a mop that has a broad mop head. This will allow the mop to cover much space when cleaning the floors.

If the space you are cleaning is small, a small mop head will do. This is because you don’t have a lot of space to cover. This kind of mop head can do well in an office where the space is not big.

  • Length of stick

The length of the stick on the microfiber mop matters a lot. Choose a mop with a convenient length depending on your height.

3. Is a wringing bucket necessary for you?

This depends on what you are looking for. You may necessarily need a bucket for it does allow you to rinse off the dirt you have picked from the floor.

However, there is no need for you to have a mop that comes with a wringing bucket as there are mops that don’t require one.

4. Is a microfiber mop simple to use?

When you buy a microfiber mop, it is usually detached which means you have to assemble it. There is always a guide provided for you to use and by doing so, you get to assemble the mop.

It is not a difficult task assembling the mop. Operating this kind of mop is easy and does not require a lot of effort.

5. Type of floors microfiber mops can be used on

You can use microfiber mops on hardwood, laminate, concrete, tile, and linoleum floors.

6. Is it easy to maintain?

These mops do not require any complicated maintenance practices. All you need to do is wash the mop head after using it. This is where you get to clean the washing pads in a washing machine to be used again the next time you plan to clean your floors.

7. Do you need any more attachments?

There are different attachment options you can require depending on your needs such as pads and also pet hair remover. These attachments help in cleaning various surfaces and items, as well as preserving the quality of the microfiber mop.

Attachments like the pet hair remover can be used in a home where there are pets. During cleaning, the pet hair can get stuck on the microfiber mop and this will require you to remove it which can be hard, hence the need for pet hair remover attachment.


Best Microfiber Mop Reviews

Here are reviews of the top 7 best microfiber mops that we highly recommend.

1. Best Overall – O Cedar Microfiber Spray Mop for Laminate Floors 


  • Deep cleaning for removing over 99% of bacteria
  • Both wet and dry use
  • Stable and lightweight
  • It has a dual-sided head
  • The mop doesn’t require batteries
  • Efficient and easy to use


  • Reusable pads are a bit expensive

best Microfiber Spray Mop

The O-Cedar microfiber mop is one of the best in the market. Not only is the mop affordable, but it is also very convenient and easy to use. This spray mop comes with a refillable bottle, which allows you to choose the cleaning solution that you prefer to help clean your floors thoroughly.

The mop also includes a microfiber pad, which is safe to use in hardwood floors. What makes the O-Cedar microfiber spray mop even better and unique is the fact that you can wash it up to 100 times in your machine.

But, same with all things, the quality tends to deteriorate with time as you continue to use it. The quality of the mop deteriorates the more you wash it. Therefore, you shouldn’t overdo it on the washing part. You will love owning this microfiber mop as it will ease your work and leave your home or office shining throughout. You will not have to worry about any pet hair or even dirt in your humble aboard.

Check the Price on Amazon


2. Best for Hardwood Floors – LINKYO Microfiber Washable Tablet Mop


  • Well-built and durable
  • Adjustable and extendable handle with 360-degree rotating for easy maneuvering
  • The mop is lightweight and easy to use
  • The price is fair and affordable


  • Not for stubborn stains and marks

best microfiber mop for hardwood floors

The LINKYO floor microfiber is well designed to clean a variety of floors, such as tiles and even laminate. The good thing about this mop is that it is lightweight and quite durable compared to other ordinary mops.

Cleaning with it is easy, and it gets rid of dirt fast and efficiently – you won’t need to strain anymore. The LINKYO floor microfiber mop comes with 2 reversible microfiber mop cloths and one standard microfiber mop pad.

One drawdown of the mop is that it comes with instructions that are quite difficult to understand. However, this mop will do a great job for your floors, and ensure that any dirt is totally removed. Your home or office will be smelling fresh after using this great mop.

Check the Price on Amazon


3. Most Budget – OUNUO Rotating Industrial Microfiber Mop for Wet Floors


  • Wipes out dirt, dust and grime effectively
  • Takes less time to clean
  • Comes with 3 premium machine washable pads
  • 1-year warranty included in the sale


  • The user manual might be confusing

best cheap microfiber mop

This professional rotation hardwood floor microfiber mop is an excellent option to consider if you are on a budget. The mop includes some great features which prove it offers value for money.

It has an extra length and lightweight microfiber mop system that contributes to its professional quality, and it also makes cleaning very easy. It is a 360-degree rotating flat mop that enables you to clean the floors thoroughly.

The mop comes with machine-washable pads, and you also have the option of customizing your pads. You also get a 1-year warranty when you purchase the mop.

This hardwood floor microfiber mop is also suitable for cleaning wet floors. Getting such a warranty is a guarantee from the manufacturer that their item is durable, and will give you amazing long-term service.

Check the Price on Amazon


4. With Splash Guard – O-Cedar Microfiber Cloth Mop Cleaner for Tiles


  • Clean corners and under furniture perfectly
  • Special bucket design  for hands-free wringing
  • Great for almost all types of floors
  • Splash Guard


  • The handle is a bit short

best microfiber spin mop

The O-Cedar floor is a great mop and suitable for someone who wants a mop with a comprehensive system but has an affordable price. The mop is well designed and greatly helps during your cleaning sessions thanks to all the features that it offers. It comes with a bucket that has a built-in wringer that you can easily activate through a foot pedal.

The bucket is quite convenient as it has a Splash Guard that helps to keep you dry, and the triangular design of the mop makes it unique and eye-catching. Its triangular design also helps it to clean corners correctly, and also its 360-degree rotation makes it possible for the mop to clean under furniture thoroughly.

You will love this mop for the excellent work it will do for your home or office. The ability to clean your corners can not be understated, and this mop will even make it easy for you to get that dirt under your furniture.

Check the Price on Amazon


5. Dust Mop – 360° Dry & Wet Microfiber Mop for Commercial Use


  • Sturdy construction
  • Very affordable
  • Machine-washable mop head
  • You can use the mop wet or dry
  • Large mop head for cleaning bigger space


  •  Doesn’t absorb water as well as sponge mops

microfiber dust mop

If you are looking for a quality dust mop, then this is the right option to consider. It is a professional and commercial-grade floor mop with great features and design.

The mop is suitable for cleaning your home’s living room, basement, laundry room, and even in office. It features an extra length; it is lightweight and is built with durable and hard aluminum alloy.

The mop also comes with washable, reusable pads. The mop’s handle is long, durable, and features a dry mode for dusting or sweeping. You will incredibly use this mop for such a long time as it gives you great services. It is a comfortable mop to use especially owing to its long handle, which makes it easy to clean for persons of every height.

Check the Price on Amazon


6. Slim Mop – Bona Multi-Surface Floor Microfiber Mop


  • Ideal for all floor surfaces
  • Has a long and telescoping handle suitable for cleaning
  • Easy to move and use
  • Good quality microfiber head


  • Not for deep cleaning

bona microfiber mop

The Bona multi-surface floor microfiber mop is suitable for floors and is quite convenient to use. The mop comes with a telescoping handle with a length of 60 inches and a head base of the full 360-degree swivel.

What makes this mop the right choice is that it is specifically designed to clean hardwood and hard surface floors. When you use the mop dry or wet for cleaning, its electrostatic features help to get rid of dirt and allergens.

The mop is even more ideal since it is machine washable and helps to save you on the much valuable time because you can use it to do a lot of things.

Check the Price on Amazon


7. Great with Bucket – BOOMJOY Flat Mop with Microfiber Mop Pads


  • Provides hands-free cleaning experience
  • Gets rid of tough stains
  • The mop can clean corners perfectly
  • It includes 360-degrees rotatable mop heads


  • Price is a bit higher compared to other mops

mop bucket

From its clean and sleek design to its affordable price and features, the BOOMJOY Flat mop with microfiber mop pads is what everyone needs to get rid of dirt at home or office.

The mop comes with a convenient bucket that provides a hands-free cleaning experience to users. It is effortless to use, and the mop pad is made of high-quality material. The bucket has a premium foam handle, which is more extensive and sturdier compared to its predecessor.

There are also 360-degrees rotatable mop heads which are quite flexible, easy to remove dust and stains from every corner. Using the BOOMJOY Flat mop with microfiber mop pads guarantees the best cleaning experience and helps to get rid of tough stains hands-free. It is a reliable mop that will surely get the job done for you without much hustle.

Check the Price on Amazon


8. Fashion and lighweight – Rubbermaid Tube Microfiber Mop Green Headband


  • Corrects more dirt than other mops.
  • Thick pads.
  • Easy to use.


  • Thin pole

rubbermaid green microfiber

The tube design that comes from this microfiber mop helps cover a large area of space. It is also responsible for reducing fatigue as a result of cleaning using it.

This product has an improved headband and the best part is that bleach won’t affect it no matter the temperature of the water.

You can either use hot or cold water when cleaning your floors using this type of mop. The choice is yours to make now.

Investing in this product is an excellent idea as you get a quality product that will serve you for years. It is totally worth it.

Check the Price on Amazon


How to Use a Microfiber Mop Effectively?

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Attach a pad to the head of the mop
  • Dip the pad in water or apply a small amount of cleaning solution.

This will be needed when you have to carry out wet mopping. You could be having a mop whose design requires you to spray the cleaning solution from a bottle that has been attached to the handle of the mop.

In this case, you are required to press on the relevant button for the cleaning solution to be applied. You do not require wet mopping when you are cleaning pet hair and dust.

  • Take the mop and push it along the floor to allow it to collect dirt.

Ensure that you are sufficiently adding the cleaning solution or water as required if you are doing wet mopping. You will continue with this process until you can confirm that the floor has been thoroughly cleaned.

You will observe your microfiber pad and possibly change it when you notice that it has accumulated a lot of dirt.

  • Once you finish cleaning, wash the pad under warm water to remove the dirt.

kindly ensure that you wash these pads separately, considering they are highly soiled. After you have efficiently cleaned your microfiber pad, you should let it dry in the air, or you dry in a low dryer setting.

Click here to see more about how to use a microfiber mop.


How to Clean Microfiber Mop Heads?

Take the microfiber mop head and wash it with a gentle detergent in hot/warm water.

Avoid cleaning with bleach or fabric softener.

Rinse the microfiber mop head before you take it to the dryer.

Ensure that it is dried on low heat, and is basically treated like delicate clothes. You should note that high temperatures are bound to damage the microfibers.


FAQs dust mop for hardwood floors

Can I wet a microfiber mop?

Yes, you can wet a microfiber mop in a sink, and once it is saturated, roll it up and wring it out using your hand. This will help you to be able to soak your pads in a disinfectant or a cleaner.

Another option of getting it wet is using warm water, whereby you can then roll up the microfiber mop and wring it thoroughly using your hands.

Do microfiber mop work or even better?

Microfiber mops do a very great job of cleaning your floors without you having to spend so much time doing it. This is because it is easy to use and clean using it. You cannot compare these mops to the others that require too much work.

What is the best microfiber for hardwood floors?

The tube mops are the best option when it comes to cleaning hardwood floors. This is because they have thick microfiber that allows them to get stains and dirt off your floors. Hardwood floors add value and beauty to your home, and without caring for them, you may end up losing all these.

Should I vacuum my floor before the microfiber mop?

You don’t have to necessarily vacuum your floors before using the microfiber mop. It depends on how you like it; if you feel the need to vacuum before, then go ahead.

Microfiber mops can get rid of dirt without the need for vacuuming. This mop is that efficient and effective always. Relying on it will save you from dealing with damaged or stained floors. Keep your floors new and sparkly by using microfiber mops.

Can I use chemical cleaner while using the microfiber mop?

Yes, you can use a chemical cleaner when using microfiber mops. The catch here is to make sure that the chemical cleaner is not harmful to you or the floors. Read about the solution you want to use before you decide on the best one for your precious floors.

Is it better to use hot water or cold water on a microfiber mop?

Coldwater is suitable for you when you are using the microfiber mop as hot water can end up bringing harm to your floors. Coldwater is the first choice as it is even safe for you as you cannot get burnt. Remember, safety is a priority every time.

During cleaning, you may require to change the water at least once or twice depending on how dirty your house is. The only reason why you should change water is when you notice that it has gotten dirty. Doing this will save you from dealing with dirty streaks left by the use of dirty water.



Choosing the best microfiber mop head is essential to making you use the right equipment to clean your floors efficiently and avoid any future damages.

The microfiber mops that we’ve reviewed above are some of the best to consider in the market. However, strive to conduct as much research as possible to know which mop is suitable depending on your needs. It is important to observe the right cleaning procedures such that you do not end up damaging your microfibers.

When you observe the best maintenance practices, you will be guaranteed of getting a long service from your mop. Making the right choice when purchasing a microfiber mop will go a long way towards saving your hard-earned bucks, especially considering you will get durable equipment.

More mops for reference, keep reading >>

Top 5 Best Flat Mop with Bucket Reviews

There are different types of mops available, but flat mops are more common than the rest. In addition, they usually come in various styles and possess additional features.

With flat mops, cleaning your floor is easy and stress-free. In addition, they have more benefits than other mop types because you can clean dirt, dust, and grime from the floor without using water.

That’s to say that flat mops have both wet and dry cleaning ability, and are also rotatable. We have put together a guide to help you make the right decision to purchase the best flat mop.


What are The Best Flat Squeeze Mop and Bucket You Should Buy?

Before you choose a perfect flat squeeze, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Wring mechanism

Hands-free self-squeeze. There are certain factors to consider when choosing a good squeeze mop and bucket, and the wringing mechanism is one of them.

The mop and bucket system is an effective tool for cleaning. There’s a squeezing device in the bucket where you can press and squeeze the flat mop head. In addition, the mop bucket can wring the mop head and clean the floor as well.

Thus it improves cleaning performance, reduces the stress of wringing, and gives comfort and convenience to users.

  • Easy-to-empty Bucket

The easy-to-empty bucket system of the flat mop has a hole at the bottom of the map where you can easily let go of the bucket’s content.

The wet and dry grooves of the mop prevent dirty water from mixing with clean water.

Once you finish with mopping, all you have to do is push a button, and the entire water drains.

  • Microfiber pads

washable and removable microfiber mop

Microfibers are woven together to quickly create a net-like surface area and trap dirt, debris, and moisture. The microfiber mop can access tiny crevices and nooks, unlike regular mop fibers.

As a result, microfiber is suitable for mopping. In addition, they present certain benefits that make them a top choice for cleaning. They include:

Enhancing cleaning power: Microfiber is a good cleaning material that gets into minor pores where cotton material cannot reach. With microfiber pads, you don’t need to use plenty of water or chemicals.

Microfiber pads are often reusable or washable. They allow for washing using a washing machine. That way, it is saving you the costs of buying another set of microfiber pads.

Microfiber pads effectively remove dirt, debris, pet hair, grime, stains, and dust. They are also very easy to store and do not consume space.

  • Flexible swivel joint

Flexible swivel joints of flat mops entail that the mop head is adjustable, increasing its maneuverability and easy access to complex reach areas.

It has a 360° swivel joint and is so effective for slot and joint cleaning. Dust removal is easy from various surfaces and floors, such as laminate, tiles, and ceramic.

These mops work effectively under furniture and around corners. The swiveling head enables the handle to fold off for deep cleaning of chairs and sofas, with the telescoping handles being a good fit for many users.

  • Dual water tank

The microfiber flat mop and bucket system has two water tanks, one for clean water and dirty water.

The two tanks are for different cleaners and dispense using the trigger in the handle. This mop also has a water tank for cleaning that eliminates the need for a refill.



Best Flat Mop and Bucket System Review

Check out the following 5 flat mops, and choose the best one for you:

1. Top-notch Wet/Dry Cleaning Mop and Bucket

Boomjoy Effective Hands-free mop – Recommended for Deep cleaning

Boomjoy microfiber mop is a professional flat, hands-free mop with a bucket and sturdy handle made of stainless steel. It easily removes stains and is suitable for deep cleaning of ceilings, windows, floors, and other surfaces.

best flat mop and bucket system

  • What You Benefit
  • Boomjoy’s Hands-Free self-squeeze prevents your hands from getting dirty

The unique design of this mop has an advanced washing and drying system that makes the task of washing and squeezing very easy.

  • 360° rotatable swivel mop head for easy access to challenging areas

This mop has a flexible mop head and a 360° swivel joint, making it easy to eliminate dirt and stains from all corners in the home, so no spot is left out.

  • High-quality flat mop with sturdy materials

The Boomjoy flat mop is a sturdy microfiber mop pad with a stainless steel pole and top-notch foam handle.

  • What Other Users Say

”I love that this mop gets into corners easily”.

”I like how the pad gets dry”.

”This mop is easy to use; with the removable head, it makes it easy to clean in a washing machine”.

  • You may care
  • 3 microfiber pads: It has full pads that absorb water quickly, removes dust, and grabs hair.
  • It is easy to pour out the bucket: The bucket has a movable cover and off-center handle that empties the mop bucket quickly.
  • Compact size: Small body that saves space.
  • What You May Prefer
  • Minimum height of 1.5 inches, so you don’t have to bend over.
  • Hands-free mopping: No more squeezing or wetting your hands while mopping.
  • Powerful cleaning: You can use the dry feature for dusting ceilings, floors, and other surfaces and a damp mop for deep cleaning.
  • What You May Dislike
  • The mop head does not entirely get wet when you dunk in the mop bucket.

If you need an efficient flat mop with a bucket, the Boomjoy microfiber mop is what you need.

Get It at the Best Price Now!


2. Excellent Hands-free Cleaning Mop

JFB Micro Flat mop and Bucket system – Recommended for Hardwood floors

This Micro Flat Mop is an efficient mop and bucket system for cleaning wood, tile, laminate, ceramic, and vinyl floors both in wet or dry use. It is a must-have for every household.

best flat floor mop and bucket set

  • What You Benefit
  • Easy access to hard reach and tight corners

The JFB Microfiber mop is an ultra-thin mop that effectively cleans tight spaces where regular mop can’t reach. With 5mm thickness, the pads can get into anywhere there’s dirt in your home, no matter how low it may be.

  • 360° swivel mop handle and 180° swivel mop head for easy movement while cleaning

This mop has a stainless steel telescopic handle, a swivel handle that turns 360°, and a mop head that’s 180°.

  • Hands-free wringing bucket for easy cleaning at one swipe

This micro flat mop has a hands-free wringing; self-cleaning ability helps you clean your floor with just one swoop.

  • What Other Users Say

”I recommend this mop for general household cleaning. It is easy to use and store and did a great job.”

”I like this mop more than my old one. It is perfect for a small apartments.”

”I love this mop. It’s easy to clean and use.”

  • You may care

3 washable machine pads: This mop comes with reusable microfiber pads that you can wash in a machine.

No more excessive back bending as with traditional mops.

Advanced self-cleaning: No more excessive moisture; ithard-to-reach cleans dirty floors with accessible wringing features

  • What You May Prefer

Eliminates pet hair, crumbs spills: It is effective for cleaning hardwood floors and pet hairs thoroughly.

Easy storage: The hook and loop connection keeps the mop pad in place and makes storage easy.

Adjustable height: It has a padded telescoping handle that makes adjustment easy.

  • What You May Dislike

The mop handle is too short and is difficult to insert in the mop cloth.

You don’t need to search for an efficient flat mop with innovative mop design and self-cleaning ability. This mop from JFB Home Products saves both your time and money.

Get It at the Best Price Now!


3. An Excellent Mop Choice to Meet the Cleaning Needs of Every Home

MASTERTOP Dust Mop with Bucket – Recommended for efficient cleaning at home

The Mastertop dust floor mop is an efficient mop with a wringer set and a stainless steel handle for cleaning hardwood floors. The mop system is compact and comfortable to use.

  • What You Benefit
  • A hand-free squeeze system is efficient for maintaining a clean floor

This mop cleans your floor and keeps water off the floor. It has a hands-free system that removes water without you touching it and doesn’t take time to wash or dry. You don’t need to touch the water with your hands.

  • Durable mop system that can last as long as two years

The Mastertop mop system has a microfiber cleaning cloth and reusable mop pads. You don’t need to purchase microfiber refills for the next two years; thus, you save your money.

  • 51.6 inch mop handle to avoid bending and back pain

The extended handle is made of stainless steel and is very durable. It makes cleaning efficient with less stress as you don’t have to bend over.

  • What Other Users Say
  • ”I love the extra mop heads and the size, including the rags.”
  • ”I can carry the bucket around easily. The mop is lightweight and can be used anywhere.”
  • ”This mop is easy for cleaning small bathroom spaces. I like how it feels and how easy it is to clean the entire place.
  • You may care

360° rotatable floor mop: You can use it in different hard-reach areas

Stainless steel mop handle: It is lightweight, comfortable to hold, and sturdy.

Splash plate feature: It offers easy cleaning together with mop and bucket.

  • What You May Prefer
  • 8pcs replaceable microfiber pads
  • 5pcs cleaning cloth with water absorption ability.
  • Great product for the price
  • What You May Dislike

The mop doesn’t dry well. The bucket is also too small to fit in the entire mop.

This mop is versatile and is an excellent add-on to your home.

Get It at the Best Price Now!


4. Great mop choice for hardwood floor cleaning

Durable Oshang Flat Floor Mop and Bucket Set – Recommended for Pet Owners

The Oshang floor mop is used for hands-free cleaning of hardwood and laminate floors. It is efficient for wet or dry use and is used in the bathroom, kitchen, office, and corner cleaning.

flat mop with bukcet wringer

  • What You Benefit
  • Reduced cleaning time and no contact with dirty water

This Oshang Flat Floor Mop reduces your cleaning time to half the time. In addition, you’ll have no contact with contaminated water, and it’ll also reduce the water used in cleaning.

  • Eliminates back pain and guaranteed comfort

Chang floor mops make cleaning stress-free and straightforward. The handle is extendable to 60 inches long for cleaning hard to reach areas.

  • Microfiber mop head that cleans efficiently, suitable for pet owners

This mop is the best mop system for pet owners. It cleans your home, gets rid of pet hair, dirt, and dust, and leaves your floor clean and shiny.

  • What Other Users Say

”This mop has a strong pole; the parts and bucket are plastic, so they’ll hold up hopefully. These pads are soft and absorbent; they also rinse and drain well.

”I like this mop more than my previous one. It is perfect for my small apartment.”

”This mop is wonderful, lightweight, and easy to use. I use it daily”.

  • You may care
  • Deep cleaning is made more accessible: It has a squeegee below the wash groove that removes hair or dirt. It is suitable for pet owners.
  • Easy drying: It has a slow increase and decreases motion that removes excess water from the mop and gives perfect dampness for
  • No splashing: It has a splash guard that prevents spills out of water.
  • What You May Prefer
  • Durable mop handle: The diameter is 22mm or 0.87 inches.
  • Stainless steel poles, stronger than aluminum handles
  • Features 2 microfiber mop pads, four mop extension handles, one mop bucket, one mop plate, and one wash and dry cover.
  • What You May Dislike
  • This Oshang mop is fragile and can break easily. It often runs dirty water into neat water during wringing.

Your search for a durable microfiber mop as a pet owner or one who loves spotless floor cleaning is over. The Chang mop is here to provide for all your deep cleaning needs and save time cleaning.

Get It at the Best Price Now!


5. High-quality Household Mop Set

Highly Efficient Oshang Flat Mop – Recommend for wet or dry use on hardwood floors

This Oshang Flat Mop and Bucket is a hands-free wringing cleaning mop with two washable microfiber pads. An efficient mop/bucket system is best used wet and dry for hardwood, tile, and laminate floors.

flat mop with two water tank

  • What You Benefit
  • High-quality build that is unbreakable and lasts a long time

The Oshang Microfiber mop pads have a heavy-duty bucket and a mop handle made of stainless steel that does not rust lasts a long time, and is unbreakable.

  • Two different types of microfiber mop pads for effective cleaning

One of the microfiber mop pads is an ultra-fine woven microfiber head that’s very effective in lifting dirt and absorbing water more than disposable spray mop refills. The other has a nylon bristle microfiber head that helps scrub stubborn grime and dirt.

  • Easy Washing and Drying self-cleaning system that lifts dirt quickly from your floor

This easy washing and drying system ensures your floor is neat and there’s no dirt on your floor and keeps them away for good. It is less work-intensive than spray or spin mop and reduces the amount of water used during cleaning.

  • What Other Users Say

”It is easy to assemble the mop handle. The mop system cleans the floor and grabs dog hair, and drops it in the bucket. I love it”.

”This Oshang system makes carrying the mop convenient and is also easy to use and store. It does a great job at that”.

”It is an excellent product that is easy to handle and cleans narrow spaces easily. I recommend this product because it is easy to clean to pad. I love this product”.

  • You may care
  • Revolutionary self-cleaning system: Ensures that dirt on your floor is taken away and does not return.
  • Hassle-free cleaning, unlike regular mops and reduces the use of chemicals and water during cleaning.
  • Perfect for cleaning various floor types such as wooden, hardwood, marble, tiles, glass, and concrete floors.
  • What You May Prefer
  • Adjustable handle: about 18.0 to 63.7 inches ideal for short people
  • Splash guard features to prevent excess water spillage on the floor
  • Two microfiber mop types: Ultrafine and nylon bristled.
  • What You May Dislike

This product breaks easily, and the bucket is heavy to move around.

Buying this Oshang mop is one decision you’ll not regret. You don’t need to search anymore for a sturdy cleaning mop for your hardwood floors, as this product does your cleaning effortlessly.

Get It at the Best Price Now!


Benefits of Getting a Flat and Bucket Set

flat mop be used under furniture

A flat mop is effective for cleaning hardwood floors, vinyl, ceramic, tiles, etc. Flat mops are similar to dust mops, but they offer certain features that make them unique.

  • Removable mop head, thus making it easy to clean

A flat mop and bucket system helps different clean spots in the home, including the kitchen, restroom, etc. These mops are often disposable and reduce the risk of contamination between areas. You don't have to wring the mop anymore. With a push and pull of the mop, you can erase dirt and debris quickly.

  • Flat mops are best for small spaces

Flat mops are maneuverable, making it easy to They also access hard-to-reach areas with ease. In addition, flat mops have swivel head steering that makes it easy to clean small place and access tight corners.

  • Wet and dry cleaning ability

The flat mop and bucket have two sides, the washing side for wetting the mop and the other side for drying. The squeegee in the mop squeezes out excess water, so your floor isn't wet anymore. It also has a lid that prevents water from splashing. Finally, there are two grooves on the mop for wetting and drying.

Compared to dust mop, flat mops are more effective and functional because they have unique features that make it an outstanding choice.


How to Clean Buckets after Mopping?

how to clean a mop bucket

Mop buckets often retain dirt and require constant cleaning. After cleaning your floor, it is essential to disinfect your mop bucket, so there's no dirt or bacteria left after mopping.

Step 1: Wear gloves when you want to wash mop buckets. Storing dirty water in the bucket leaves a residue that may contain bacteria and contaminants.

Step 2: Rinse the mop bucket using water. It is best to do this in your bathroom shower or rinse the bucket using a hose.

Step 3: Next, fill the bucket with a gallon of water and a three-quarter cup of bleach. Remove the bleach, and use vinegar and hot water instead of using a cleaning solution that contains ammonia.

A combination of bleach and ammonia will produce a dangerous toxic gas. Therefore, avoid mixing these two chemicals.

Step 4: Leave the bleach solution to stay in the bucket for about five minutes.

Step 5: Wash the interiors of the bucket using a scouring sponge, and scrub the attachments using a bleach mixture.

Step 6: Rinse off the bucket using water and tilt it upside down so it is empty entirely.

Step 7: Ensure you store the mop bucket on a closet floor or storage area. Disinfect the bucket weekly because ii may often come in contact with dirty surfaces. Don't store cleaning supplies in your mop bucket till it is spotless.

Step 8: Leave the bucket empty after mopping each time. Rinse quickly using water before you put the bucket away.



We believe this guide will help you choose the best flat mop for you. However, we recommend selecting a flat mop with most of the features mentioned above, including a swivel mop head, easy wringing, microfiber pads, and other features.

Your floor type is another factor to consider as there are mops for different floor types. In choosing the best flat floor mop for you, choose a mop with adjustable handle height so you won't need to bend while mopping. Mopping is a fun chore, and you should enjoy it. Get a flat mop with a bucket system today!

The 7 O Cedar Mop Reviews for 2021

Mops are a necessary cleaning supply to have for most homes across the nation. There are many different brands and types out there, although there is one that stands out for the standard household. That brand is O-Cedar; they make high-quality mops that come in a variety of styles and types while being budget-friendly and durable.

They will last a long time and are made from eco-friendly materials that can be reused. In the following article, we will be going over the top 7 mops from O-Cedar, as well as provide a comprehensive buying guide for your reference.

  • Quick Pick

The top 4 products we highly recommendations for you. You will never go wrong with them!

Great cleaning tool and offers scrubbing bristles for hard floorings: O Cedar Easywring Spin Mop

Long-lasting motor that can be extended and repeated use: O Cedar ProMist Max Spray Mop

High-quality microfiber and chenille for an efficient cleaning routine: O Cedar Dual Action Flip Mop

Mop with telescoping pole and can be extended for up to 56 inches: O Cedar Microfiber Mop for Dry and Damp


Why Choose an O Cedar Mop?

hardwood floors dry mop

There are various reasons why you would want to choose an O-Cedar mop for your personal use when cleaning your floors.

1. They are a well-known brand name that has gained a reputation for being trustworthy and making quality products that help with the cleaning process.

2. Unlike other companies, the mop heads that O-Cedar produces are eco-friendly and can be reused several times before needing to be replaced.

3. When they get dirty, they can be tossed into the washing machine and cleaned, and are easy to replace and use again. O-Cedar mops are also known for being extremely lightweight and easy to maneuver.

4. Most of the models and styles come with a telescopic handle that can be either extended or retracted to fit your needs. This adds another level of function and makes storing the mops incredibly easy and space-saving.

5. In addition to the reasons listed above for why you would want to purchase and use a mop from O-Cedar, they are very budget-friendly options that work just as well as more expensive models. Generally, they will cost far less than other name brand mops and cleaning supplies, while they can function the same.

That said, they are excellent cleaning tools, and force should not be needed when using them, as they will be able to clean your hard flooring surfaces with ease.


Types of O-Cedar Mops

o cedar mop

Several types of mops are available on the market from O-cedar, and they all make great cleaning tools that will help you with both routine and deep cleaning.

The main types of mops will be sponge mops, wringable mops, dry mops, and wet/dry mops. In the following section, we will be going over these types of mops in detail.

1. Sponge Mops

As the name implies, these mops from O-Cedar will have a thick sponge as the mop head and often will have scrubbing bristles located up on the handle a little higher.

These mops are both durable and versatile, being capable of cleaning a wide range of hard flooring surfaces. The sponge is great at holding on to cleaning solution for a deeper clean, and can easily be wrung out with the mechanism on the handle.

These are simplistic in design and function well for their intended purpose. However, unlike some other O-Cedar products, you are not able to wash the sponge and reuse them. That means that once they have been well used, you will need to get a replacement sponge and attach it to the mop head.


2. Traditional Wring Mops

Traditional wring mops will almost always have a bucket that is included in the purchase. These buckets are designed to work in conjuncture with the wring mop and have a section at the top to do so.

Additionally, they will generally have a foot pedal or some type of mechanism to easily wring out the mop while in use.

These mops are great cleaning tools to have in your arsenal for a wide range of flooring and messes. They can be used with either a cleaning solution or simply water and will be made from microfiber material, or a blend.

Unlike sponge type mop heads, the microfiber mops can be washed in the washing machine and reused. It should be noted however that they will need to be replaced at some point. This will all be determined by how frequently they are used, and the amount of dirt and grime that is accumulated.


3. Dry Mops

Dry mops can technically be used as wet mops as well, but they are much better suited for picking up dust and dirt, and not mopping the floor.

These are great for everyday cleaning, although they won’t be able to deep clean, as they are meant for surface dirt and grime.

For picking up loose dirt particles, fibers, and pet hair they are excellent products that can be used repeatedly before the cotton pad will need to be replaced.

This particular type of mop is great at quickly cleaning the floor, especially when followed up with a wet mop.


4. Combination Wet/Dry Mops

These types of mops are among the most versatile available on the market and can be used for either wet or dry applications.

These types will sometimes come equipped with a water tank that you can add a solution to spray the floors, and they are very easy to use.

They do not need any type of bucket or wringing mechanism to operate and can be used for light and medium messes.

Additionally, the cotton pad that is used with these will not hold as much moisture or dirt like a sponge or wringable mop but is great for light mess and routine cleaning.


The 7 O Cedar Mop Reviews

1. Best Seller – O Cedar Easywring Microfiber Spin Mop and Bucket


  • Good value for the money
  • Both the mop and bucket are made from high-quality materials
  • Durable in design and easy to use
  • The built-in wringer in the bucket is easy to use and hands-free
  • Budget pick


  • Not the most durable mop handle

o cedar spin mop and bucket

For a well-received and well-rounded mop and bucket combo, this product from O-Cedar is a great option. Included in the purchase of this product are 3 mop head refills, the mop body, and the wringing bucket.

The bucket is easier to use than previous models or brands and allows for hands-free operation with the foot pedal on the bottom.

The mop heads are made from microfiber that is excellent in removing dirt, grime, and grease, The mop handle is telescopic and can extend up to 51 inches.

This is a very user-friendly mop and bucket combo that is both easy to use and to store.

Check the Price on Amazon


2. Versatile Spray Mop – O Cedar ProMist Max Spray Mop


  • Easy to use and highly durable
  • Refillable water tank with the option to use cleaning solution
  • Mop heads are double-sided for stuck-on messes
  • The motor will last a long time and there is no need for batteries


  • Not able to hang up

o cedar spray mop

If you are in the market for a good spray mop from a reputable brand name, the ProMist Max from O-Cedar is a great choice.

It is available with extra refills if desired, all of which are made from microfiber which is excellent at removing dirt and grime.

All of the compatible mop heads are double-sides for stuck-on grease, and the cleaning solution bottle is refillable.

This is a highly durable and versatile product and can be used either in a wet or dry application. There is no need to use batteries with this product, and the motor will last a long time even with extended and repeated use.

Check the Price on Amazon


3. Affordable Mop – O Cedar Dual Action Microfiber Flip Mop


  • A quality product that is available for a good price
  • Can be used as a wet or dry mop
  • Mop heads can be washed and reused
  • Lightweight design


  • Sometimes the handle may not lock in place

o cedar microfiber mop

For a great budget-friendly option, this microfiber mop is a great buy that features a simplistic design.

It is a great choice for either wet or dry mopping, and the mop head can easily be washed and reused.

The microfiber material that is used picks up even the smallest particles of dirt, and if used wet is an excellent cleaning tool for grime.

This versatile mop is made from high-quality microfiber and chenille for an efficient cleaning routine. The handle of this mop is telescopic, meaning it can be extended and retracted as needed for your cleaning needs.

Check the Price on Amazon


4. For Hardwood Floors – O Cedar Microfiber Mop for Dry and Damp Cleaning


  • Easy to use with no assembly required
  • Mop heads can be washed and reused
  • Telescoping handle offers additional versatility and function
  • Can be used as either a wet or dry mop for hardwood floors


  • The mop heads can start to shed after being washed too often

If you are looking for a good mop specially designed for hardwood floors, this is a great option. It is crafted with a strong, sturdy handle and base with the cleaning capabilities of microfiber.

This can be used as either a wet or dry mop; the microfiber material will grab and hold onto any dirt or dust particles.

The mop heads are replaceable, although they can be washed and reused for up to 100 times before needing to be replaced.

The handle of this hardwood floor mop is also telescoping and can be extended for up to 56 inches. It is also collapsable for easy storage and if you need less, reducing back strain while in use.

Check the Price on Amazon


5. For Commercial Use – O Cedar Microfiber Cloth Mop With 2 Extra Refills


  • A versatile product that will last through multiple uses
  • Mop heads are machine washable
  • Microfiber material grabs and holds on to dust and grime
  • Can be used on any type of hard flooring surface


  • Does not come with a mop bucket

o cedar microfiber cloth mop commercial

For a well-rounded product that is great for commercial use, this mop from O-Cedar is the most popular and highest selling mop from the company.

The replaceable mop heads are made from microfiber and are machine washable up to 100 times. This allows you to get a lot of use for your money, and they can pick up dirt and grime with ease.

The handle for this mop can extend and retract for your cleaning needs, and this also makes it easy to store when not in use.

This product can be used on any non-carpeted surface, such as hardwood, linoleum, and tile without damaging the flooring.

Check the Price on Amazon


6. Sponge Mop for Tough Stains – O Cedar Big Easy Flat Sponge Mop


  • Scrubbing bristles make tougher dirt and grime easily to clean
  • The sponge mop head is easy to wring out
  • Lightweight design that is easy to maneuver
  • Easy to use durable design


  • The sponge can hold on too much dirt and grime, being harder to remove

o cedar sponge mop

If you are looking for a good sponge mop for your cleaning needs, consider this product from O-Cedar. It is a budget-friendly product that will be a great cleaning tool and offers scrubbing bristles.

The sponge works well to remove tough stains and grease from hard floorings such as laminate, hardwood, and tile.

While there is not a bucket included, the sponge will hold on to the cleaning solution and is easy to wring out.

The handle is lightweight and easy to use, with a wringing mechanism in the middle for ease of use. The sponges are simple to replace when needed, and can last a long time per each one.

Check the Price on Amazon


7. Easy to Maneuver – O Cedar Microfiber Flip Mop


  • Easy to use and lightweight in design
  • A versatile cleaning tool
  • Reusable and machine washable cleaning pads
  • Microfiber grabs and locks in dust particles


  • The handle is not telescopic
  • Not as well suited for a wet mop

o cedar microfiber flip mop

This particular flip mop is simplistic in design and can be used as either a wet or dry mop. It is easy to use, and the replaceable mop heads are also machine washable up to 100 times.

This adds a level of versatility and durability, saving you money. This is an effective cleaning tool for all of your hard flooring surfaces and is great at picking up dust and dirt particles.

The microfiber cleaning pad is easy to remove, wash, and replace and 1 pad can last through several cleanings.

This is an easy to maneuver mop that will be able to reach under furniture and appliance, allowing you to clean a wide range of surfaces.

Check the Price on Amazon



All of the products listed above are made from high-quality materials and will last you a long time. O-Cedar is a brand name that you can trust, and you can rest easy knowing their products will perform their intended function well.

There is a wide range of products to choose from, and if you have the intended purpose that you will be using the mop for in mind, this will make the buying decision far easier.

O-Cedar ProMist Max Microfiber Spray Mop Review

Innovations span many sectors, and we can appreciate the ones that feature in the home maintenance, which make the entire process smooth. Several household items are the advancement of their former selves, for example, the o-cedar promist max microfiber spray mop.

It is a unique mop that you should have in your home to uphold hygiene standards. Featuring a unique design, this is one utility that you will appreciate.


Overall Review of O-Cedar ProMist Max Microfiber Spray Mop

As mentioned, one of the things that you will notice about this cleaning equipment is its unique design, sporting a water tank and a wide mop pad. This gives you a rough hint of what to expect when you put it to use, where you are sure of covering large areas in a single swipe.

It is ideal if you have a large space, and you can also bring it in for commercial uses. Talking about commercial uses, the mop pad is highly adaptable, where it brings its hardy nature to deal with various surfaces, leaving them spotless.

The mop has been through third-party lab testing, with results showing that it can deal with stains and microorganisms such as bacteria, particularly e.coli and staph.aureus. The two are stubborn bacteria, which can cause several diseases.

With this mop as part of your cleaning arsenal, you are sure of speedy cleaning times. Cleaning is also fun, as its design makes it easy to handle. The mop’s collection of features makes it an excellent addition to your household.

  • Super-absorbent microfiber effectively cleans with just water
  • DUAL-SIDED MOP HEAD - The large, dual-sided microfiber mop head flips allowing you to clean floors fast without having to change the mop pad.
  • REFILLABLE BOTTLE - Just fill bottle with water and add 2 small teaspoons of your favorite cleaning solution and you are ready to shine your floors.
  • POWER OF MICROFIBER - The ProMist MAX Spray Mop uses the magic of thousands of microfibers to absorb the smallest dirt and dust particles. When switching between cleaners or preparing for storage, fill bottle with water and spray 5 times, discard remaining water
  • USE WET OR DRY - Versatile microfiber pad allows you to use wet for a deeper clean to shine your floors or use dry for dusting your floors.
  • ONE-TOUCH BOTTLE RELEASE - The innovative one-touch release allows you to remove the spray bottle quickly and easily. For best results, change refill every 3-6 months
  • REUSABLE MOP PAD - Save money by washing your microfiber pad for repeat use. Pad is machine washable up to 100 times.
  • NO BATTERIES - ProMist MAX allows you to easily control the amount of spray with our comfort grip handle and trigger without the need for costly batteries.


Main Features of O-Cedar ProMist Max

cedar promist max microfiber spray mop

  • Dual-Sided Mophead

The mop head is one of the unique features of this cleaning implement, as it is dual-sided. When cleaning and one side gets extremely dirty or wet, you flip it over to the other and continue with your task.

The mop flips at a 180-degree angle and improves your cleaning speeds as you do not have to pause and change the mop.

  • The Microfiber Surfaces

The mop pad has a microfiber surface, making it suitable for dealing with microorganisms that infest your floor surfaces.

The fibers increase the mop pad’s surface area, and with some water and detergent, you will have a clean spot, with 99% of germs eliminated. This feature makes it the best mop to have if you have children in the house.

  • Refillable Bottle

A refillable bottle, situated towards the mophead, will provide the water and detergent you need to have your surfaces spotless.

You fill the bottle with water and add the cleaning agent of your choice, then control its output using a trigger. The trigger releases the solution in the form of a spray.

In this case, you do not need a bucket of water when maintaining hygiene in your house. The result is that you are resourceful on water use, and also there are minimal chances of water spills, which can be tedious to deal with.

  • Reusable Mop

Another hint of the resourcefulness of the o-cedar promist max microfiber spray mop is the reusable mop pad.

If it is dirty, you do not discard it; rather, you clean it. You can toss it into the washing machine with some detergent, and it will come out very clean and ready to use.

You can wash the pad up to 100 times before it becomes worn out, and you may discard it.

  • Deep Cleaning Scrub Zones

This cleaner has deep cleaning scrub zones, which comes to play when dealing with tough stains. They are surfaces on the mop pad, which have a slightly rough texture and help deal with sticky stains such as grime, which may be hard to remove.

  • Friendly on the Floor

The problem with several new age cleaning equipment is that they may be hard on the floors and promote wear and tear.

On the contrary, the o-cedar promist max microfiber spray mop is friendly to the floor and deals with various surfaces such as hardwood, ceramic, or tiles, leaving them in an excellent condition.

The fact that it can work on several floor surfaces makes it a versatile household utility.

  • Battery-Less

A thing that may surprise you with the o-cedar spray mop is that it is manual and does not need batteries or any form of electrical connection. This is a nice feature as you do not have to spend on batteries or for power when you want to use it.

  • Lightweight

It is also light in weight, weighing 1.8 pounds, translating to ease in handling. With such a light frame, you can bid goodbye to arm strains, which mostly comes from operating heavy cleaning equipment.

  • Storage

Storage of the o-cedar mop is simple courtesy of its small frame. It can fit in most spaces as long as you detach the mop pad. Its maintenance is also not demanding, with the most part concerning cleaning the mop pad and changing the water in the refillable bottle.

  • Areas of Use

You can use this mop in several areas such as the living room, bathroom, kitchen, and many more. As earlier mentioned, it is also perfect for commercial settings, especially those that need high standard hygiene levels such as restaurants, daycares, and hospitals.


O-Cedar ProMist Max Review

Overall Score: 8.8/10


o cedar promist max reviews


Brilliant features

  • The deep-cleaning microfiber effectively deals with 99% of germs.
  • Easy to install, use, and maintain.
  • A dual-sided mop pad that allows for quick cleaning.
  • You can use it for either wet or dry cleaning.
  • The refillable water bottle allows for the resourceful use of water and prevents accidental spills.
  • It is friendly on your floors, and you can also use it in different rooms like your bathroom or kitchen.
  • The mop is lightweight, making it easy to handle.
  • Its small frame makes it economical on space during storage.

Watch out for

  • The handle and the pole are not the retractable ones.


Final Words

Upgrade your cleaning practice by getting the o-cedar promist max microfiber spray mop, where you take advantage of its several features. Some of the features include a refillable bottle, spray control, and the mop pad’s microfiber surface.

If you get this mop, you are sure of an exciting experience as you leave your surfaces clean with 99% of germs exterminated.

Check the Price on Amazon


The 7 Libman Mop Reviews for 2021

Cleaning can sometimes be tedious, and therefore, for this reason, the Libman company came up with the idea of producing good cleaning mops for effective cleaning.

Libman mops are available in different types. In this post, we’ll look at the different kinds of Libman mops and their features plus the pros and cons.

libman mop review

  • Quick Pick

The top 5 products we highly recommendations for you. You will never go wrong with them!

Specifically designed to remove 20% of rubbish from your floors – Libman Wonder Mop for Tough Messes

Powerful precompression spray mechanism in dispensing your preferred cleaning detergents – Libman Freedom Wide Mop

Wrangling water out of the mop head is made more accessible – Libman Tornado Mop

Tear-resistant mop head for lifting the dirt away from vinyl and robust Surface – Libman Roller Mop

Durable mop with microfiber finger side to pick up pet hair dirtLibman 117 Wet and Dry Mop

What Type of Libman Mop Should I Choose?

You should lookout for the following factors when choosing a Libman mop:

  • Surface Type

The type of Libman mop you should choose largely depends on how you want to clean your floors. It also depends on the surface you’ll want to clean. For example, you can’t get yourself a wood floor mop while your exterior is made of ceramic tiles.

You will be doing absolutely nothing. Therefore, to clean a ceramic tile floor, you’ll have to use the Nitty Gritty mop or any other mop to clean your story efficiently.

Some floors located in the tougher-to- clean areas will need mops with the features that will make cleaning these areas more accessible.


  • Maintenance

Maintaining these mops is also an essential factor. You should, therefore, choose the mop, which is easier to maintain. Remember, the mop heads also need to be cleaned, and the water rinsed out.

Thus, the easier the maintenance, the better. This means that you should avoid the mops with the hard to maintain or clean features or materials.


  • Price

Price is also an essential factor to consider when choosing a mop. Most mops will be a bit expensive. However, cheap is costly too.

It’s advisable to go for the cheaper ones who will get the job done at your convenient time. Some mops are cheap but are good and can do even more than the most expensive ones.

So, in this factor, you’ll need to be very careful. You should go for something you can afford while doing the intended job rather than go for something expensive but does not deliver.


  • Durability

It doesn’t make sense to spend a considerable amount of money on a product that won’t last enough to fulfill its purpose. Therefore, when going for a Libman mop, you should not only look for the price but also durability.

Ensure that the product is a lasting one, and you will use it for a given and sufficient time.


Top 7 Libman Mop Reviews

In as much as there are different types of Libman mops available, some mops also have the edge over the others. This may be due to functionality or effectiveness. Some may function more than the others.

Therefore, let’s look at the top 7 Libman mops available and their pros and cons plus some essential and unique features.

1. Best Recommended – Libman Wonder Mop for Tough Messes


  • The GRIP STRIPS helps in removing stubborn dirt
  • An-ti bacteria materials
  • The ability to cover a variety of surfaces makes it convenient
  • It can be kept tidy most of the time because it is machine washable


  • Leaves floor a little wet

libman wonder mop

Your Wonder Mop needs to be kept in great shape with the Wonder Mop Refill. It is considered a good alternative to the original Wonder Mop head.

This mop has complete GRIP STRIPS specifically designed to remove 20% of rubbish from your floors and ensure they are left clean from any other form of dirt.

Additionally, It is also cheaper to maintain because it is washable by machine up to 50 times. You will only need to detach the head, wash, and then reinstall it.

Check the Price on Amazon


2. Spray Mop for Tight Spot – Libman Freedom Wide Mop for Easy Cleaning


  • Penetrates through grease, scum, grime, and more
  • Affordable price
  • The spray makes your cleaning easier
  • Fresh and clean odor


  • Needs to be cleaned after every time use

libman wide spray mop

Libman wonder mop makes your cleaning easier. It has a lid that perfectly measures the 1 oz. of cleaning solution, making it easier to fill your freedom spray mop tanks and sufficient water and cleaner.

It has a powerful precompression spray mechanism, which helps in dispensing your preferred cleaning detergents from it’s easy to refill tanks.

Mop neck is easy to control and reaches tight spots because of its ability to rotate at 360 degrees. It’s thick and absorbent microfiber pad is easily removable and cleans deep and is also washable by machine.

Check the Price on Amazon


3. For Larger Area – Libman Tornado Mop With Washable Mop Refills


  • Durable and absorbent mop head
  • The handles are durable and last longer
  • Excellent for use in ceramic tiles, marble, wood, linoleum, and laminate
  • One year warranty


  • It’s a bit costly because of its durability

libman tornado mop

Libman Freedom Wide Spray Mop covers more area than the other mops. Wrangling water out of the mop head is made more accessible by the presence of the integrated Grip N’ Click ratchet wringer.

You get to clean more quickly because the head is washable by machine and is also replaceable.

Check the Price on Amazon


4. Sponge Mop with Scrub Brush – Libman Roller Mop for Tough Stains


  • The cleaning pads ensure the dirt is drifted away
  • Easy to pull wring handle
  • Comes with a scrub brush that breaks down grout, tough dirt, and more hard surfaces
  • The mop head is heavy duty and absorbent.
  • Easier to use


  • Can be tedious to clean

libman nitty gritty roller mop

The Nitty Gritty mop squeezes every bit of dirt out of your floor. The tear-resistant mop head assists you in lifting the dirt away from vinyl, wood, and other more robust surfaces.

You can get the dirty water out of the absorbent mop while maintaining tidiness. It gets to even stricter areas because it has a convenient brush.

Check the Price on Amazon


5. For Hardwood Floors – Libman 117 Microfiber Wet and Dry Mop


  • Rotates to 360 degrees to reach a tight area
  • Its head spins easily for you to use the other side.
  • Microfiber finger picks up dirt and dust by the side
  • The pad can last longer because it can be washed by machine and reused
  • Comes with refills


  • Not the most awesome mop

libman microfiber mop

In case you intend to dust or mop your floor, Libman Nitty Gritty Sponge Mop will serve your intended purpose.

Therefore, use the microfiber finger side to pick up pet hair, dust, and dirt. The smooth team is excellent for washing trash and mopping. Moreover, the head is washable by machine up to 100 times and is as well removable.

Check the Price on Amazon


6. Economically friendly – Libman String Cotton Deck Mop


  • Equipped with a four-ply cotton yarn
  • It is economically friendly
  • Ideal for intense cleaning whereby, after a few uses, you can replace the mop head
  • It is durable due to the presence of steel handles and polymer yarn connector.


  • Better to be bigger

libman cotton deck mop

When looking for a low-cost mop, this is probably the best option. It works well by wringing out using your hand or a wringer bucket attached. It is ideal for messy clean-ups.

The mop head is also replaceable and can simply be replaced by unscrewing the old mop head and attaching the mop head refill.

Check the Price on Amazon


7. With Scrub Brush – Libman 955 Roller Mop with Stiff Plastic Fibers


  • The sponge resists tears, and the availability of red cleaning pads helps lift the dirt away easily
  • It has a scrub brush that eliminates tough dirt with it’s recycled and stiff plastic fibers
  • Durable because it has a tear-resistant sponge
  • Cheaper price
  • Easy to pull wringing handle


  • Can sometimes get messy

libman roller mop

When mentioning the top 7 mops, this mop has rightfully earned its place among the top performers.

It has a powerful sponge that wipes dry and while also resisting tearing. Pulling the wring handle is easy hence removes more water. It is greatly absorbent and makes the floor dry fast. Additionally, refilling it is also easy.

Check the Price on Amazon


How to Remove A Libman Mop Head

Libman mop head is detachable. So, when washing the head, you’ll just remove it. You can clean the microfiber up to 50 times, at least according to Libman. You can use the wringer to twist the mop head and, therefore, remove the dirty water.

Moreover, detaching the mop head is simple and requires no unique tool, and reattaching it is also quicker. The mop head should be air-dried, and this is because it as a plastic connector.  So, we’ll look at the steps involved in removing the Libman mop head below.

  • Step 1

Hold the Libman mop with the collar of the wringer. The white piece used in wringing out the mop head is the wringer collar.

  • Step 2

Use your hand to lift the wringer collar away from the mop head.

  • Step 3

Use your free hand to pull the mop head from the mop handle. After doing this, you can now release the wringer collar.

You can now proceed to do whatever you wanted with the mop head, whether it’s cleaning or maintenance, and after you are done, you can reattach it.


How to Clean Libman Wonder Mop Head

libman wonder mop

The Libman wonder mop is made up of an absorbent microfiber material that is washable by machine, enabling you to wash any hard surface floor with just a single mop.

Therefore, wash your Libman wonder mop by using the washing machine and clean it as often as you can and depending on how much you use it.

Step 1

Detach the mop from the handle. Slide the elastic band at the top of the mop to remove the part of the mop.

Step 2

Use the warm water in the sink to rinse the mop. Remove as much rubbish as possible.

Step 3

Set your washing machine to delicate. Add laundry or cleansing detergents to the water.

Step 4

Insert the mop into the washing machine to wash. Hang the mop to dry when finished.

Step 5

Drop the mop in a bleach-water solution and wring out between washings. This will ensure that the mop doesn’t get a musty or moldy smell.

The above steps are effective in ensuring the mop stays clean and free of any odor-causing germs when followed appropriately.



Keeping a floor clean may require some time and effort. The floor needs to be kept clean at all times to prevent bacteria, which can make the surface have a terrible smell or cause diseases. It is, therefore, imperative to ensure that the surface is well cleaned.

The above mops can assist in performing the general cleaning of the floor or surface. There are different surfaces in different buildings or houses. Some houses have ceramic tiles, and some have wooden floors and e.t.c.

However, to ensure the floors are kept clean will largely depend on the type of mops you’ll choose.

Hurricane Spin Mop Review

Despite mopping being one of the least loved house chores, the process can be fun and enjoyable with the right tool. This is where the Hurricane spin mop comes in; this mop has been engineered to make the whole cleaning process fun and relatively less tiring.

With the Hurricane 360 spin mop, you will no longer have to worry about cleaning and disinfecting your floor. To further understand the product, we shall be taking you through the Hurricane Spin Mop review in this article.


The Overview of Hurricane Spin Mop

No need to get your hands dirty, the Hurricane Spin Mop is equipped with a foot pump that allows an individual to wring the mop head without having to use their hands.

This mop is by far one of the best mops and buckets you can find in today’s market. It has been designed to help in cleaning practically anything and everything; with this product, you will be picking up dirt and spin it away.

All that is required of you is to dip the mop’s head in the washer side and then release all the dirt into your bucket. Once this is done, place it in the dryer section and step on the pedal to spin away all the excess dirt and water hence leaving you with a clean mop head that is dry and ready to clean your floor even more.

The best part of using this mop is that you will never have to touch the disgusting mop head while cleaning.

In addition to that, the Hurricane Spin Mop is equipped with a super absorbent microfiber head that absorbs up to 10 times its weight, and it will not streak or drip. Moreover, the mop head is washable and reusable hence saving you a significant amount of money.

Looking for a mop that is not only effective when it comes to cleaning but also highly durable can be very challenging. Fortunately, with the Hurricane Spin Mop, you are guaranteed both of these features at a very affordable rate.

The product is highly affordable and guarantees maximum efficiency when it comes to disinfecting your surface and getting off any tough stain when used with the right detergent or disinfectant.

  • NEXT GENERATION MOP & BUCKET SYSTEM: it’s not just a mop, it’s an entire cleaning system that spins away germ-filled dirty water away. No more touching dirty, unsafe, disgusting mop heads and no more getting down on your hands and knees! And there’s no need to sweep and mop because you’ll be able to do both with Spin Mop. Whether you’ve got spilled soda, coffee grinds, sugar, or ketchup, Spin Mop cleans it all in just one pass!
  • SUPER-ABSORBENT SPINNING MOP HEAD: our spinning microfiber mop heads grab liquid and messes so you’re not pushing the mess, but actually picking it up in the microfiber fingers. They’re super-absorbent and pick up 10x its weight in dirty, unsanitary liquid. The gross liquid is trapped inside the microfiber and does not drip.
  • LAYS FLAT: Hurricane Spin Mop lays flat so you’ll never have to bend over and move furniture. Easily reach under your tables, sofas, and more without having to move anything. There’s no more back-breaking work!
  • GETS EVERY NOOK & CRANNY: you’ll love how it reaches against baseboards, maneuvers behind your toilet, and other impossible-to-reach areas that your old, germy sponge mop can never reach. Plus, it won’t leave streaks or scratch floors!
  • POWERFUL HARD SURFACE CLEANER: use on hard surfaces like tile, travertine, wood, laminate, and more to clean and sanitize your floors. Add your favorite cleaning concentrate or bleach to the spin bucket to thoroughly disinfect your home.


Main Features of Hurricane Spin Mop

hurricane spin mop and bucket set for home deep cleaning


With this mop, cleaning under your furniture has become relatively easy; reaching areas that used to difficult to access has become relatively easy.

The mop is equipped with a pivoting head that has made cleaning under your furniture and other narrow areas relatively easy. More standout features are as follows:

  • 360-degrees rotating mop

The Hurricane Spin Mop is equipped with a head that can rotate 360 degrees. The rotating mop is capable of delivering a powerful centrifugal force to aid in getting rid of dirt with the utmost ease.

The force has made the cleaning process become much more comfortable. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy the full benefit of a 360-degree rotating mop while cleaning tight spaces, especially beneath your furniture.

Moreover, with the rotating head, cleaning the cabinet and other hard-to-reach places has become relatively easy. You can always angle the rotating mop head low, allowing you to access these surfaces with the utmost ease.

  • Mop head

Hurricane Spin Mop features a mop head that is designed using microfiber. You are always guaranteed quality and incredible performance when using this mop head.

The best part is that the mop head does not leave water on the floor, making the cleaning process less tiresome. With this mop head, you can always soak excess water from your floor.

With Hurricane Spin Mop, the mop head wrings itself. This process is not only simple but also requires less effort. In addition to that, the mop head features a high-quality design, which is relatively easy to clean, and it is machine washable.

You can as well replace this mop head with much ease since it features a removable design. When dry, the mop head can be used to get rid of the pet’s hair and dust on a bare floor.

  • Highly-durable

The Hurricane Spin Mop features a handle designed from stainless steel and a frame made from aluminum; therefore, you don’t have to worry about rust anymore. Its durable construction has made the spin mop ideal for frequent use and best for deep scrubbing.

Compared to other buckets available in today’s market, the Hurricane Spin Mop is by far the most durable and very useful. In addition to that, it is pocket-friendly, which makes it a significant investment.

  • Relatively easy to use

The main aim of a mop is to clean the floor without much struggle, and that’s what you will receive when using the Hurricane Spin Mop. This product has been designed to be relatively easy to use and move around while cleaning your floor.

Weighing 2 pounds, the Hurricane Spin Mop is relatively light in weight, making it highly portable and easy to move with it around your house while cleaning.

Furthermore, the mop has an arrow printed on it to show your cleaning direction. With this product, cleaning your floor will be a breeze.

  • Cleaning

Hurricane Spin Mop is a highly versatile mop designed to clean any floor. Irrespective of how dirty your floor is, this mop is very effective when it comes to cleaning it.

You can always use the mop in cleaning your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, and other rooms. The mop offers a gentle and deep clean; therefore, you can always clean your floor with this mop without causing any damage.


Hurricane Spin Mop Review

Overall Score: 8.8/10

hurricane spin mop for all floors review


Brilliant features

  • Features a highly flexible structure
  • Equipped with a microfiber mop head which is machine washable
  • Ideal for cleaning hard to reach surfaces
  • User-friendly and light in weight
  • Equipped with centrifugal cleaning technology
  • Offers a superior cleaning experience

Watch out for

  • Relatively small mop head



1. Is Hurricane Spin Mop Worth the Price?

Yes, Hurricane Spin Mop is worth the price.

Due to its effectiveness in cleaning and disinfecting your floor, Hurricane Spin Mop is a great product worth investing in.

Furthermore, as an individual with back pain, this mop is worth your money; the product helps in making the cleaning process less tiresome. You will not have to bend each time while cleaning since you can rinse and get rid of dirt from your mop by stepping on the paddle present in the bucket. This helps in improving your back problem significantly.

If you are tired of damp and germ-harboring traditional mops, then it’s high time you consider investing in Hurricane Spin Mop. With this mop, you can always clean all the hard to reach surfaces with the utmost ease. The mop is equipped with a brilliant mop head that has revolutionized floor cleaning.

You can always use the spin mop wet or dry thanks to its advanced cleaning technology that helps in getting rid of excess water and dirt with one wash.

In addition to that, the mop features a quick-drying time thanks to its better wringing that leaves less water on your floor. With all these vital aspects, there is no doubt that Hurricane Spin Mop is worth the price.

2. How to remove the mop head from the Hurricane Spin Mop?

The Hurricane Spin Mop has been designed to be removable, allowing you to clean it or replace it when necessary. When removing the mop head, you should always take the utmost care not to damage your mop head’s configuration.

Here is what you have to consider when removing the mop head:

  • Ensure you have a spare mop if you intend to replace the older or worn-out mop head.
  • Hold your mop straight and separate the mop head yarn to reveal the pole.
  • Step on your mop heads gently while turning it.
  • Look for a C-clamp pin available near the top of your pole and then loosen it.
  • Unfasten the wing nut if present or lift-off metal bar is used to locate your spin mop if the nut is absent. Once this is done, you can remove your mop head.

3. How to wash spin mop head?

Hurricane Spin Mop is equipped with a machine-washable mop head; this makes the cleaning process relatively easy. A spin mop’s primary function is to cleaning and sanitizes your home; therefore, cleaning the mop head is vital.

To clean your spin mop head properly, you will have to follow these vital steps:

  • Detach your mop head
  • Determine the right cycle as well as detergent
  • Set your Hurricane Spin Mop head into the washing machine
  • Add some bleach for effective cleaning
  • Once cleaned, take out your mop head
  • Dry it properly before reattaching it back to its pole


Final Verdict

If you are looking for a highly effective mop when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting your floor, we highly recommend using Hurricane Spin Mop.

This mop has been designed to improve the cleaning process, making it fun and less tiresome. In addition to being effective, Hurricane Spin Mop is highly affordable, making it a significant investment.

The mop head spins and helps get rid of most dirt and access all the tough to reach corners with the utmost ease.

Check the Price on Amazon


The 7 Best Swiffer Mop Reviews for 2021

Swiffer mops are some of the most recommendable mops in the whole world. These mops are unique because unlike the standard mops that provide cleaning options alone, and the Swiffer mops come with sweeping pads as well.

Well, if you need a quality Swiffer mop to clean your home floors, we are going to provide a review of the top six best Swiffer mops.

  • Quick Pick

Two-in-one style mop to efficiently clean the floor three times fasterSwiffer 2-in-1 Mop and Broom Floor Cleaner

With over 30,000 3D fiber brush bristles to reach even the tightest corners – Swiffer Sweeper Heavy Duty Mop

Cordless design to ensure free movements when cleaningSwiffer WetJet Spary Mop

With ten dry sweeping cloths that absorbs and locks the dirtSwiffer Dry and Wet Flat Mop 

Will Swiffer Ruin Hard Floors?

There are two types of hard floors which are then finished and unfinished storeys. The Swiffer mops are entirely safe for the finished floors such that you can use either wet or dry moping options.

But for the unfinished hard floors, the dry Swiffer mops are the right options.

The unfinished hard floors are quite sensitive and can easily get damaged when exposed to a high level of wetness. Such floors only accommodate the Swiffer mops that have the dry cleaning clothe pads.

Note that the wet Swiffer mops cannot be used on floorings that are waxed or oiled since the water takes away the gloss look and feel on the flooring.


Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Swiffer Mop

best swiffer mop

  • The Type of Floors

The first factor to consider when buying the Swiffer mop is the type of floor to clean. The Swiffer mops have different cleaning methods where some offer dry cleaning methods, others offer wet cleaning methods, and some offer both dry and damp cleaning solutions.

The type of floor in your home determines the type of Swiffer mop model to buy. The dry Swiffer mop is the best option for cleaning the unfinished, carpeted, or waxed floor.

If your house has hardfloor models, a wet floor would be a great choice since such floors can withstand high levels of wetness and takes little time to dry up after cleaning.

  • The Cleaning Accessories

The number or type of cleaning accessories sold with the Swiffer mop determines the kind of cleaning you will achieve with the mop.

Some mops come with a starter kit consisting of a sweeper, wet/dry cleaning pads, and cleaning solution tank, while other models come with cleaning pads and cleaning solution tank alone. So, if you need a Swiffer mop that will lessen your cleaning work on the floor, consider getting a mop with a sweeper kit.

Sweeping the floor before cleaning saves time and energy because it reduces the dirt on the floor for effective cleansing results. This also prevents the dirt from being pushed around the floor or on the corners of the room.

But, if you opt for a Swiffer mop that has cleaning pads only, make sure the pads have a high level of absorbency. Such pads absorb and lock the dirt firmly to prevent it from being blown around the floor for better cleaning solutions.

  • The Power Source

The Swiffer mops have three power sources which are; electricity, rechargeable batteries, and disposable batteries.

If you need a mop that provides continued cleaning solutions, the electric-powered mops would be the right option, but if you need a mop that can clean small areas in the room, well a mop with disposable batteries can work.

The rechargeable batteries are also perfect for cleaning large rooms only that you may need to stop cleaning to recharge the battery.

Some people may opt for the disposable and rechargeable battery mops because they offer convenience in movements, unlike electric corded models.

  • The Weight

Your comfort should be an optimal factor to consider when choosing the Swiffer mop. Considering you will be carrying the mop around to clean different rooms in the house, make sure to choose a mop that is light in weight. The mop should be comfortable to carry and hold when cleaning the floors.

  • Budget

The Swiffer mops are sold at varying rates that are determined by the available features and the cleaning parts. Thus, the budget you have at hand will hugely determine the type of Swiffer mop to buy.

For example, a mop that has multiple cleaning pads, a dirt collection container, and a large cleaning solution tank will cost more money as opposed to mopping with minimal cleaning accessories.


6 Best Swiffer Mop Reviews

Swiffer mops have different features and functions. For example, they feature either corded or cordless forms. The corded mops are directly connected to a power source when cleaning, while the cordless models consist of either a rechargeable battery or disposable batteries to power them when cleaning.

Let’s look at the top six best Swiffer mop reviews.

1. Best Overall – Swiffer 2-in-1 Mop and Broom Floor Cleaner


  • Comes with a sweeping pad to eliminate the loose dirt on the floor
  • It has a thick cleaner cloth pad for excellent floor cleaning
  • Cleans three times better
  • Money refund warranty


  • Not suitable for unwaxed, unfinished, or carpeted floors

2 in 1 swiffer mop and broom

The two-in-one style of this Swiffer mop ensure to leave the floor clean and save cleaning time as compared to other models.

The mop has pads to sweep the floor to eliminate the loose debris and dust from the floor before the actual cleaning process.

The thick cloth cleaning pad on the mop ensures to efficiently clean the floor three times faster and better than other mop models.

This feature also provides the mop traps and absorbs all dirt, including on the grains of the floor and walls.

Check the Price on Amazon


2. Best for Pets – Swiffer Sweeper Heavy Duty Dry Sweeping


  • The mop locks the animal hairs and dust
  • Great for reaching hard-to-reach places
  • Compatible with multiple floors
  • High power for picking animal hairs
  • The sweeper brush reaches the tight areas to clean up


  • A high level of fragrance that may not work for some people

swiffer mop for pet

This model of Swiffer mop is recommendable for people living with pets in the house. One of the most excellent features on the mop is the high absorption power whereby it traps and locks the animal fur and other messes two times stronger than other mops.

The mop also has a sweeper pad that gets rid of the loose dirt and hairs for the fast cleaning process.

This mop features over 30,000 3D fiber brush bristles that reach even the tightest corners of the room to remove the dirt and the animal hairs stuck.

Check the Price on Amazon


3.  With disposable Batteries – Swiffer WetJet Floors Spary Mop


  • Cordless design to ensure free movements when cleaning
  • Suitable for multiple types of floors
  • Comes with various cleaning accessories
  • The mop comes with a limited lifetime warranty


  • Takes time to assemble this mop

swiffer wetjet spray mop

If you need a quality mop that can easily clean a large area without constant refill, well WetJet Swiffer mops may work for you. Apart from the powerful cleaning features this mop has, it also comes with multiple cleaning accessories to aid you in cleaning.

The mop offers a wet cleaning option, which makes it compatible with a lot of floors. The cleaning accessories include;10 cleaning pads, one solution container, and four batteries.

The fact that the mop is powered by disposable batteries reduces movement restrictions when cleaning different areas in the room.

The cleaning pads of this mop features high absorbent power that traps and locks the dirt to prevent pushing it around the room to save the cleaning time.

Check the Price on Amazon


4. For Large Room – Swiffer 10 inch Wide Lightweight Mop


  • The full cleaning head covers large room floors
  • Can be used to clean walls
  • It has quality cleaning pad that traps and locks the dirt
  • Affordable price


  • Not recommendable for unfinished floors

swiffer wide mop

The mop is versatile since it comes with sweeping and cleaning pads. The pads trap all the debris from the floors ranging from dust, dirt, and the pet hair to prevent it from spreading all over the floor, and to save the cleaning time.

This cleaning mop features a lightweight design to ensure comfort to the user when cleaning the floor.

This type of Swiffer mop is recommendable for cleaning large rooms because the 10-inch broad cleaning head gets the work done fast and efficiently to save time.

Check the Price on Amazon


5. With Disposable Pads – Swiffer Sweeper Dry and Wet Mopping


  • Traps 50 % more dirt than the standard mops
  • Offers both dry and wet cleaning options
  • It has 90% more refills
  • Easy to assemble


  • The refills are disposable which is quite expensive to buy new ones all the time

swiffer sweeper dry wet heavy duty

This is an advanced Swiffer cleaning mop that features 90 % more refills as compared to the standard mop sweeper models.

The mop offers both dry and wet cleaning since it comes with four dry heavy-duty cleaning clothes and three wet heavy-duty cleaning clothes.

The mop pack comes with ten dry sweeping cloths that absorbs and locks the dirt and other debris on the floor for fast cleaning results.

Check the Price on Amazon


6.For Small Area – Swiffer Sweep and Vacuum Cleaner for Floor Cleaning


  • The mop has a triple cleaning action
  • Powerful suction for deep cleaning
  • Light in weight
  • Powered by a long-lasting rechargeable battery


  • A bit expensive than others

swiffer mop and vacuum floor

The triple cleaning action on this mop ensures to clean the floor faster as compared to other mop types. There is a dirt collection cup that collects all specks of dirt for easy emptying after cleaning.

This Swiffer mop features a sweeper pad that eliminates the dirt first for the quick cleaning solution.

The kit comes with one sweeper cloth, eight sweeping dry refills, one battery charger, and one replaceable filter. The mop is quite light in weight for portability.

Check the Price on Amazon


Does Swiffer Mop Kill Bacteria?

The answer to this is yes! The Swiffer cleaning solutions feature chlorhexidine Diacetate, which is essential for fighting germs and bacteria.

This ingredients or agent helps to eliminate germs, fungus, viruses, and bacterial harboring on the surfaces. This means that cleaning the floor with the Swiffer cleaning mop helps to combat germs and bacteria growing on the floors. This also makes it a perfect solution for homes with pets.


Is Swiffer Mop Safe for Pets?

mop pet hair

There has been a rumor circulating regarding if the Swiffer mops are harmful and can kill the pet. This started as a result of a social media post from a person who claimed that the neighbor’s dog had died as a result of liver failure.

As they could not find any chemicals on the house, the customer concluded it could be the cleaning solution used on the floor that the pet licked the residuals on the paws.

The pet owner claimed that Swiffer manufacturers confirmed using the chemical antifreeze, which is quite dangerous to humans and animals when ingested.

Well, although another customer came up to claim that they had lost two cats from the same liver failure issue, this rumor was squashed by the manufacturing company because they do not use such an ingredient in making the Swiffer mops cleaning solutions.

The package of the mop does not include such types of elements which further concludes this as just a rumor. However, the manufacturers do indicate that the Swiffer mops should be kept away from the reach of kids and pets. So, as long as the pets do not come to close contact with the Swiffer cleaning solutions, these mops are entirely safe to clean homes with pets.



The Swiffer mops are some of the top best mops on the market right now. These mops feature different parts and cleaning modes to suit floors that require either dry or wet cleaning methods. If you are looking for the best Swiffer mop for your cleaning jobs at home, the above are the top six best brands worth considering.

These mops have multiple cleaning accessories to fit either dry or wet cleaning options. The mops are light in weight for convenience carrying the mops. If it is your first time to buy a Swiffer mop, use the above factors to guide you in choosing the best Swiffer mop for your cleaning needs.

Best Top 10 Wet Mop On The Market Reviews 2021

Wet mops are fundamental tools for cleaning our floors and making sure that we live in a clean and healthy environment.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the top 10 best wet mop on the market from which you can choose in case you are shopping for one. Without further ado, let’s get right to it, starting with the best overall product.

best wet mop

If you wanna make a quick choice, check out these recommendations:

  • Quick Picks

In a hurry? Pick a mop from our top recommendations!


What Kind of Wet Mop Can You Buy?

There are four wet mop kinds you can found on the market.

  • Spin mop

The spin mop comes with a bucket equipped with either hand or foot pedal. You can spin the mop manually or using a spinning function which makes it more efficient. However, it is best suited for hard-to-reach and smaller spaces therefore you can have it in your home.

  • String mop

String mop comes with a mop bucket used for wringing out the mop and for the cleaning liquid. They are great for larger spaces hence suitable for commercial cleaning. You can also have it in your home since it has a high absorbency and its bucket can be used to make your detergents.

  • Cotton mop

This is a commonly used mop since it is the best choice when bleaching agents or acidic chemicals are required. It is best suited for rough surfaces such as concrete since it won’t be damaged. Apart from that, in case you are mopping up large amounts of liquid, cotton mop always holds more compared to microfiber.

  • Spray mop

Spray mops work by spraying the cleaning solution onto the floors and cleaning. It is best suited for cleaning laminate floors. Generally, most people usually believe that this spray mop is used on the water-resistant surface but actually, it can be used on most surfaces.


What to Look for When Purchasing the Best Wet Mop?

how to use a spin mop

There are a number of things to take into consideration when shopping for the best wet mop. Some of them are explained below:

  • What handle length do you need?

Wet mops come with different handle lengths, ranging from 54 inches to 64 inches. Other advanced models come with adjustable handles, allowing you to extend or shorten their default lengths, according to your needs.

If you can’t seem to find a mop with an adjustable handle, choose a mop with a lengthier handle so that you will be able to mop without having to bend too much and to clean your windows effectively with the mop.

  • What features of the mop do you expect?

As you can see, wet mop sets come with different features, depending on each product. A mop with practical features like a self-wringing mechanism, mobility wheels, and splash guard can ease and make your cleaning tasks more fulfilling. That said, you can’t go wrong by looking for features when shopping.

  • Does the mop have a bucket?

A buck is an essential feature when deciding to purchase a wet mop. The bucket should be strong and durable to last longer regardless of your cleaning habit. You can also consider its size for efficient cleaning.

  • What size of wet mop should you choose?

A wet mop is always designed with varying sizes depending on different places of use. If you cleaning large spaces then you better consider a larger one to hold more cleaning solutions. But if your space is small, you may need a smaller one.

  • Is its mop pole stainless or plastic?

Usually, both mop poles aren’t prone to corrosion; so choosing between two should be based on their durability and the cost. The stainless one is more durable though it might be more costly. However, the plastic-made pole can get damaged though they are less expensive.

  • Is it a cotton mop or microfiber wet mop?

Cotton mop and microfiber wet mop have distinguishing features but let’s consider crucial factors; that is cost and durability. Microfiber is more expensive but it lasts longer compared to cotton mop which is less expensive and doesn’t last long. So, consider a durable one since it doesn’t require regular replacement.

  • Is your floor type safe to use a wet mop?

The type of floors always dictates the type of wet mop you’ll require. For instance, for rough floors, you will probably need a cotton mop, unlike a microfiber one which can easily wear under rough surfaces.


Top 10 Best Wet Mops on the Market Reviews

1. Best Overall – O-Cedar Microfiber Wet Spin Mop

best wet spin mop

The O-Cedar microfiber wet spin mop was our best choice overall as far as the list of top 10 best wet mops on the market reviews & guide goes. This product lets you enjoy a fast and fan floor dusting or cleaning experience anytime.


  • Versatile i.e it dusts and mops floors
  • Easy to spin
  • Exclusive bucket design
  • Hands-free wringing
  • Mop head removes as well as absorbs tough dirt, grime, and debris
  • Allows users to control the level of moisture more effectively
  • Keeps splash and spray inside bucket when wringing
  • Mop head is machine washable


  • The bucket has no wheels to roll

Check the Price on Amazon


2. Top Rated – Microfiber Floor Cleaner with Wide Mop Head

Best Dust Mop

The Microfiber floor cleaner is another worthy choice for best, wet mops on the market. This professional, commercial-grade mop is not only ideal for cleaning homes, but also for cleaning commercial premises.

Just like other products in its category, it cleans many types of floors including tile, laminate, and hardwood perfectly.


  • Works as promised
  • Premium quality construction
  • Lightweight, portable and comes with an extra length
  • Comes with reusable, washable pads
  • Sweeps, dust, and mops floors nicely
  • Suitable for all types of floors, including hardwood, laminate, tile, and vinyl
  • Perfect for both commercial and domestic cleaning applications
  • Eco-friendly and machine washable


  • Costs slightly more than other mops in its category

Check the Price on Amazon


3. Heavy-duty Swivel – 18’’ Professional Microfiber Wet Mop

best microfiber wet mop

The professional microfiber wet mop set by Microfiber Wholesale never disappoints when it comes to cleaning any type of a floor. This 18-inch mop works perfectly, leaving homes and commercial premises clean and free of germs, dust, dirt and debris.

To make an informed buying decision, consider the pros and cons of this product below:


  • A professional quality floor mop that works great
  • Comes with a heavy-duty swivel
  • Versatile and ideal for both commercial and domestic cleaning applications
  • Cleans all types of floors thoroughly, including hardwood, laminate, tile, vinyl and more
  • Cleans faster than many floor mops in its class
  • Machine washable and easy to care for
  • Removes all types of debris, dirt, dust, and grime effectively


  • Slightly heavier compared to other floor mopping sets in its category

Check the Price on Amazon


4. Suitable for All Floor Types – MR. SIGA Professional Microfiber Mop

professional wet mop

The MR. SIGA professional microfiber mop is another amazing moping solution for tile, laminate and hardwood types of floors. This top-rated floor mop set offers not only versatility but also usability and great performance.


  • Versatile and cleans all types of floors well
  • Cheaper than many floor mop choices in its category
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Cleans hard-to-reach areas such as underneath furniture perfectly
  • Multipurpose i.e dust and mops at the same time
  • Weighs less and it’s easy to handle


  • Non-machine washable

Check the Price on Amazon


5. Mop with Bucket – Hurricane Wet Spin Mop with Paddle

Best Mop with Bucket

Ranked one of the best spin mops on the market, the Hurricane wet spin mop is truly value for money. This mop cleans faster and works better than other products in its category.

Plus, it’s very easy to use and easy to care for. With a soft mop pad, it is suitable for multiple cleaning surfaces. It is capable to eradicates dust, dirt, grime, and debris from your home like no other.


  • Comes with a gentle cleaning surface
  • Mops floors faster than other products in its category
  • Easy to maneuver with hand-free ringing
  • Eradicates dust, dirt, grime, and debris from your home like no other
  • Protects the delicate finish of a floor
  • Machine washable and easy to care for
  • Withstands fabric softeners and bleaching agents
  • Protects walls from mopping splash related stains


  • Comes with a relatively small bucket

Check the Price on Amazon


6. Slim Spray Mop – JASHEN Self Wringing Floor Mop

best spray wet mop

The JASHEN self-wringing floor mop is a slightly different product compared to other products described on this top 10 best wet mop on the market review and guide. It’s a spray mop with a fine mist nozzle that releases mist spray to clean your floor efficiently.

Coming with an invisible 220ML water canister, this mop can be used for both wet and /or dry mopping. Perfect for mopping hardwood floors, tile floors, and laminate floors, it effortlessly removes stubborn dirt, grime, and other substances from your floor, leaving your house clean and sparkling.


  • Works great and more effective than all the other wet mops highlighted above
  • Cheaper than all the products already reviewed above
  • Hands-free wringing, keeping bacteria away from your hands
  • Powerful water and moisture absorption
  • Excellent squeeze wiper
  • Even spray that leaves behind zero water stains
  • Eco-friendly with four reusable pads
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty on it


  • Works slower than other wet mops on this list

Check the Price on Amazon


7. Self-wringing Mop – Aootek Stainless Steel Spin Floor Mop

best stainless steel wet mop

Aootek stainless steel spin floor mop is a simple-looking wet mop sure, but make no mistake about this mop’s performance. This floor cleaning solution mops out and removes all the stubborn dust, dirt, grime and debris from all types of floors.

It’s more ideal for hardwood floors or floors without delicate finishes though.


  • Sturdy, durable and backed by a 1 -year warranty
  • Lightweight and easy-to-move bucket
  • Cleans 3 times better than other products
  • Dries wet floors faster than other mop heads
  • Mop head wrings 2X drier than that of other mops
  • Mop head is machine washable
  • Self-wringing through a centrifugal spinning mechanism
  • Easy to store with minimal space requirements, thanks to the dual bucket design


  • Relatively costly compared to other products in its category

Check the Price on Amazon


8. Best Affordable – O-cedar Microfiber Spray Wet Mop

best affordable wet mop

Looking for a simple wet mop that will let you clean your floor faster and effectively without breaking a sweat? If yes, the O-cedar microfiber spray wet mop can be a worthwhile choice. This one-piece mop kit doesn’t come with a bucket, making it more portable and easier to store. With it, it’s all about simplicity without a compromise on quality and performance.


  • Simple, elegant and easy to use
  • Surpasses the expectation
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Has a longer stem to avoid overstraining the user
  • Cheaper than other wet mops on the market
  • can be used wet or dry
  • Reusable mop pad, making it a cost-saving and an Eco-friendly floor mop solution


  • Can’t be washed with a machine

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9. For Commercial Use – Nine Forty Commercial Wet Mop

commercial wet mop

The Nine Forty commercial wet mop delivers improved cleaning performance and Llaunderability for commercial floors.

This heavy-duty mop can also be used for residential cleaning applications, providing homeowners with an efficient mopping cleaning solution. Plus, it performs well on many types of floors, including the mentioned below.


  • Comes with heavy-duty construction
  • A professional quality floor mop that works great
  • Machine washable and easy to care for
  • Cleans hardwood, laminate, tile, and vinyl floors thoroughly
  • Versatile and ideal for both commercial and domestic cleaning applications
  • The thick fabric allows the mop head to remove and trap all unwanted particles and substances that are present on your floor
  • Removes all types of debris, dirt, dust, and grime effectively


  • No bucket included (But it can be bought separately)
  • Very expensive

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10. Cotton Materials – Fuller Brush Cotton Floor Wet Mop

cotton floor wet mop

This single mop by Fuller comes with a highly absorbent head made out of high-quality cotton yarn. Perfect for cleaning homes, offices and industrial floors, it cleans all types of floors thoroughly, removing all the stubborn dirt and other substances.


  • Mops faster and cleaner than the rest
  • Can be used for home, office and industrial mopping applications
  • Easy to move, store and care for
  • Heavy-duty, sturdy and durable construction
  • The cheapest of all products on the top 10 best-wet mop On the market review and guide
  • Lightweight and easy to use as well as maneuver
  • Mop head fabric is machine washable and will withstand fabric softeners and bleaching agents


  • No bucket included

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What Floor Surface Should Avoid Using Wet Mops?

You should never clean unsealed floors using wet mops since they will absorb any liquid placed in them. Your floor will accommodate dirt and all sort of debris hence won’t be unhealthy. This may lead to bacterial growth hence releasing a bad odor.

When it comes to wood flooring without a protective coating such as urethane or other coatings, the water or any liquid used will be absorbed by the wood. And as a result, it will begin to warp or stain hence damaging your flooring.


What Cleaning solutions Can I Use on Wet Mop?

Generally, the type of cleaning solution you require often depends on the type of floor you intend to use. However, we will specify the best cleaning solutions for different floors.

White vinegar with water is best suited for ceramic tile due to its effectiveness.

The mixture of few drops of soap dish with hot water is good for linoleum floors since it requires a milder cleaner.

Apple cider vinegar and water are best suited for vinyl floors due to their acidity hence cleaning and disinfecting the vinyl floor.

pH-neutral soap with water is good for hardwood floors only if your floor is sealed. Be sure to avoid acidic additives.


How to Get the Smell out of the Wet Mop?wet mop for floor

Having a wet mop with a foul odor is annoying; however, some simple steps can help you regain the original condition of your wet mop. Here are the steps;

Remove the bracket that holds the mop head in place and slide the head off. Also, if it’s attached using screws, be sure to unscrew the screws.

Fill a 5- or 6-gallon bucket with 1.5 cups of bleach and 2.5 gallons of hot water.

Soak your wet mop head for about 10 minutes. Once the time has collapsed, rinse it thoroughly with clean water.

Wring it several times and place it directly under the sun and once it has dried, place the wet mop head back onto the mop.


FAQ about Buying the Best Wet Mop

What is the best wet mop to buy?

O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop  is a great choice for all kinds of floors.

Should I buy a dry mop or a wet mop?

To make the right choice, know whether you are looking for a mop to deep clean or dust hardwood floors. If you want to clean pet hair and dust then you need to go for the dry mop. In case you are cleaning bigger messes or keeping your tile clean and sparkly, go for the wet mop.

Can I use a dry mop as a wet mop?

It’s not appropriate if you want to get your space as clean as possible. This is because a wet mop is usually used with water and cleaning agents, unlike a dry mop.

Is it better to use a wet mop or Swiffer?

A wet mop is more appropriate if you are cleaning large spaces with deep messes. However, Swiffer is only suited for smaller space and fewer messes.

Can I put my wet mop under the sun to let it dry?

Yes, sunshine will help kill the bacteria and mold hence protecting your wet mop against foul odor.


O-Cedar Microfiber, Turbo Microfiber, Microfiber Wholesale, MR. SIGA, Hurricane, JASHEN, Aootek, Nine Forty, and Fuller are some of the best wet mop brands in the world. The products described above are from these nine companies, which are located in different parts of the world.

Here are all the great wet mop mentioned above.