PurSteam 10-in-1 Cleaner

With technological advancement and innovation, one can say for a fact that life becomes easier. The same goes for managing your home and doing chores such as cleaning. Now check out the 10 in 1 steam cleaner.

A steam cleaner is a device that uses the natural power of steam to sanitize your home and kill off harmful bacteria, likewise removing tough stains and dirt with ease. The PurSteam brand is bringing to you its 10-in-1 versatile multifunctional cleaner, a groundbreaking product and must-have for every home.


Introduction of Pursteam Handheld 10 in 1 Steam Cleaner

Here’s a multipurpose steam cleaner that cuts across all expectations in cleaning and sanitizing your home, and that is Pursteam Handheld cleaner.

It has multiple accessories which qualify it for use on any surface whatsoever, so you don’t have to go back to the ancient ways of using mop and bucket.

The need for better ways to clean different surfaces, and a device that is safe for pet and child homes gave rise to the introduction of this steam mop. Give yourself a break from now on; access high areas and low ones without hurting yourself.

Get more insight from this unique steam mop as you read on. It encompasses the benefits of using the PurSteam cleaner, its value, what other users say, and areas that need improving. When you make Pursteam your cleaning companion, you’ll not regret it.


Overview of the 10-in-1 PurSteam Handheld Cleaner

10 in 1 steam mop reviews

Introducing the PurSteam 10-in-1 multipurpose steam cleaner which is a convenient unit for every home and also offers excellent cleaning of different surfaces, ranging from tiles, laminate, hardwood, carpets, and even clothes.  As one who loves cleaning, or a pet owner, this is a safe alternative to use in ensuring your home is neat and your children and pets are protected from all things harmful.

You don’t need to worry about dirt and debris on your surfaces because this steam cleaner handles all things cleaning, from your garments to floors.

You don’t need to break the bank to get this steam cleaner, and that’s what makes it more amazing. Delve in to learn more about the benefits of the PurSteam steam cleaner, and what you stand to gain from this.


What You Benefit from This Mop?

benefits you can gain from steam mop

  • Clean virtually everything in your home fast and effective

Cleaning is one chore that not anyone likes, but that’s what the PurSteam 10-in-1 steam mop offers. PurSteam is giving you a unique opportunity to clean your house quickly and with ease. Now you can enjoy cleaning, and not see it as a boring chore. This steam cleaner leaves your home looking and feeling fresh. Get rid of dirt and grime from your floors with this inbuilt handheld cleaner, and boost your cleaning power using the flexible hose. It functions as a steam cleaner, steamer window, floor steam mop, and mirror cleaner.

  • Safe home cleaning and it is child and pet safe, sanitizing your home killing 99.9% germs

Remove dirt, tough stains, and grime from your floors without any harsh chemicals. This process is hassle-free and entirely safe. It provides high steam in a short while, in about 30 seconds, and eliminates about 99.9% of germs without using any dangerous chemicals, thus protecting your loved ones.

If you’ve been looking for the best cleaner for cleaning hardwood and tiles, then this is what you need. You’ll have your floors spotless, and looking brand new. Attached to it is a surface scrubber that makes for versatile surface cleaning, and is ideal for sealed floors, stainless steel, glass, etc.

  • Lightweight and maneuverable steam cleaner with adjustable settings

This steam cleaner comes in 3 different modes that assist you in handling all your specific cleaning needs. If you’re worried about cleaning any kind of surface, the PurSteam doesn’t cause any damage. A lightweight steam mop will make your cleaning work easier.

  • Versatile household equipment for cleaning and sanitizing any surface

Your vinyl, marble, hardwood floors, tile, porcelain, and ceramic floors are safe with the PurSteam cleaner. It has an inbuilt handheld cleaner that allows you to clean just about anything. All you have to do is install the necessary attachment and leave the rest of the work. to steam.


What You May Care?

Steam Mop comes with many different accessories

  • Spacious water capacity that provides sufficient steam for long periods and reduces refills

Besides its excellent cleaning ability, the water reservoir is 340ml or 11.5Oz capacity and can carry you through 20 to 25 minutes of steaming if set on the lowest and half that time if on the highest setting. There’s no need to use any detergent, just tap water, and the dirt is gone.

  • Happiness guaranteed and confidence that you have the best steam cleaner

PurSteam is giving you a guarantee of satisfaction with your products. They can boast of excellent procedures in the manufacturing processes which involve top-notch quality standards to ensure customers get the best and nothing less. As a leading steam cleaner brand, they are not backing down on delivering excellence. There’s also a free replacement policy for all products and a 2-year warranty so you have nothing to lose.

  • Steam cleaner doubles as a detachable handheld unit

You can steam clean the mirror and glass, garments, and other surfaces. Enjoy the uniqueness of this versatile device that enables you to carry out multiple functions with one device.

  • The natural power of steam at its peak

Use only water and natural steam to sanitize your home, kill bacteria and germs, and remove dirt.

  • Versatile accessories for easy access to hard-to-reach areas.

Microfiber Replacement Pads that are soft and gentle, leaving your floors spotless. They are also machine washable, thus reusable.


What do Other Users Say About This Mop?

 powerful steam for all corners

  • Cleaning of tough dirty:

Owners of the PurSteam 10-in-1 steam mop have a lot to say about it. For some, they purchased to reduce using chemicals for cleaning but were shocked at how well the device got rid of dirt from their grout. With no effort, this cleaner got rid of tough dirt quickly. They expressed their pleasure and satisfaction in how well this steam cleaner made cleaning fun and easy, and why they are happy with their purchase.

  • Reasonable price:

Other customers noted that PurSteam steam cleaner offered great value at reasonable pricing. Furthermore, users reported that all they needed to do was run the mop over their surface, and they were marveled at the result they got. It doesn’t end there. Another set of owners reported easy setup and installation. Countless reviews from users stated that this mop is not heavy, but very lightweight and glides through their surface with ease and they consider it a faster option to similar mops.

  • Pet parents are not left out in the opinion pool.

They commended how easy it is to remove pet hair and other stains using this cleaner thus making life easier for them. They seem to enjoy the comfort and joy that comes with a neat and fresh home, and the added safety that this steam cleaner brings by killing germs and sanitizing their floors.

  • Safe to use:

For the hot steam cleaner, they love its unique ability to remove bacteria and germs from the surfaces in the safest way possible, which is using natural hot steam. Your furniture isn’t left out as you’ll have it sparkling clean as well.

  • Good for tight space:

In the aspect of storage and maximizing space, a user dropped a review on how this steam mop fits into tight spaces, the long cord that makes it easy to clean all corners, and also expressed pleasure in its ability to last as long as 15 minutes cleaning effectively.

However, all roses have thorns and in this case, there were complaints of how the mop does not make full contact with the floor.

Nonetheless, the PurSteam cleaner is a durable product, and judging by its price range, it is not a high-end purchase that requires you to spend a lot of money. In addition, the value of the product supersedes the amount you are paying for it based on the reviews and comments we can already deduce.


What Could Be Better?

Some users lamented the lack of contact with the floor, which requires you to push forward before you can clean. Sometimes, the mop head gets locked in a particular position and the attachment tends to fall apart.

PurSteam never fails to fall short of expectations and although some users complained of some challenges they experienced while using the mop, the amazing team at PurSteam are swift to listen to your complaints and take them up to serve you better.

They keep making advancements and improving on their products and services so their customers are happy. Ensure you set your cleaner at the steam setting that’s not excessive to burn things or will result in poor cleaning.


How Does It Compare in Value?

PurSteam 10-in-1 steam mop is a valuable device, and although it is not cheaply priced, it is considered affordable. One cannot entirely call it an expensive purchase but it is safe to say that it is of mid-range value. When compared to similar steam mops in the market, the PurSteam cleaner beats its counterparts in value, price, and cleaning efficiency.

PurSteam upholds their dedication to customer satisfaction and happiness, so they give you a 2-year warranty for your product with an option of free replacement if you’re not satisfied. With the constant upgrades and improvements they make, some of these poorly functioning parts will step up to per.

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How to Use PurSteam Cleaner 10 in 1 Steam Cleaner

Cleaning your floors and surfaces with a steam cleaner is not very difficult. However, if you are a first-time user, it is important to follow manufacturer instructions so you don’t damage your surfaces or injure yourself. Here’s a brief overview of how to use the versatile PurSteam cleaner.

  • Remove the plastic protective layer that comes with your purchase and plug your cleaner into a power supply
  • Ensure you put on shoes when operating a streaming device
  • Allow for the cleaner to heat up, until the PurSteam cleaner is ready to steam.
  • Press the steam button to release steam but be careful with it.
  • Use back and forth motion to steam the surface and scrub off dirt. Wipe with a clean cloth so grime and loosened dirt are removed.
  • Unplug from the power outlets and leave to cool.
  • Use the steam cleaner  on surfaces it was designed for
  • Don’t use the low standard electrical appliance as they may burn you
  • Use the PurSteam cleaner to remove dirt from sealed surfaces that won’t damage from high heat and moisture
  • Take note of the temperature variations on your steam cleaner for different surfaces so you don’t soak things.
  • Make sure all the tools and accessories are well attached.
  • Don’t direct steam at items that are heat resistant.
  • Avoid storing damp clothes. Wash your cloth covers for safer use.



With the PurSteam cleaner, quality and efficiency are the benchmarks. It is a sturdy steam mop that leaves your home neat and feeling fresh. The PurSteam brand is a top manufacturer of steam mop and other devices and they have always given their customers products of inestimable value. If you desire to get rid of harmful bacteria and germs, to protect your children and pets from such, this is the product for you.

Not only is it safe to use, and also saves you money in buying detergent or other chemicals, but it also cleans your floor effortlessly and leaves no dirt behind. You don’t need to search for a professional steam cleaner that is highly versatile and multifunctional because PurSteam cleaner is the answer to all your problems. Make the wise decision to clean with ease henceforth. But the PurSteam 10-in-1 cleaner for your home. Click here to buy.

Mexerris Microfiber Floor Mop Review

Invention and innovation never go out of trend. Mexerris is here to show you something new and exciting. Introducing a brand new household product that gives you something exciting to clean your home.

Read on to learn more about the Mexerris microfiber spray mop, its features, what you benefit from, and areas that need improvement. You can’t afford to miss out on this unique opportunity to upgrade your cleaning experience.

In-depth Overview of the Mexerris Microfiber mop

spray mop

The Mexerris Professional Spray mop is a unique microfiber mop, a must-have for every home. This product is made from top-quality aluminum material and is designed to be anti-rust and anti-corrosion.

It features an adjustable handle that’s extended and a cleaning cloth that offers super cleaning ability to your floors.

Your search for a sturdy spray mop is over with the Mexerris Floor mop. In addition to its excellent cleaning ability, it comes with high-quality materials that can last you a long time.

Here’s an affordable spray mop of outstanding quality and well worth the price. It is suitable for use on different floor types, ranging from hardwood, tiles, vinyl, linoleum, concrete, high-quality, and cement floors.

With Mexerris professional spray mop, you’ll say goodbye to cleaning as a chore and appreciate the fun and ease that comes with cleaning.

What You Benefit from This Mop

how can you benefit from the microfiber mop

  • Flexible swivel head designed for easy cleaning and access to all corners

The Mexerris mop is designed with a rotatable, flexible swivel head that rotates 360° and offers full cleaning of your surfaces.

This swivel design offers easy maneuvering and access to hard-to-reach corners that may be difficult with a regular mop.

It also features a sturdy adjustable telescoping handle that can be extended or reduced to your desired height.

Now you don’t need to bend over anymore or live with hidden dust or stains.

  • 4 packs of reusable microfiber floor mop pads that you can attach and remove easily

This spray mop comes with 4 reusable mop pads that are cost-effective, and you can easily put them on and off.

It has top-quality microfiber material that offers high water absorbency and traps dirt and dust from your floors.

The microfiber mops are washable, and you don’t need to wring them yourself. When you’re washing one, you can always make use of the spare.

There’s also a scrubber for dirt removal that helps remove dirt easily from the mop pads.

  • Durable mop offers 2 in 1 wet and dry use

These high-quality microfiber pads are effective for use in dry and wet cleaning.

You can use it as a dry mop to collect dust and remove dog hair, cat hair, and other types of pet hair from your floors.

Likewise, you can use it as a wet mop for cleaning hardwood, cement, tile, laminate, and vinyl floors.

  • Confidence in your purchase knowing you’re buying the best

Here’s an excellent microfiber mop that guarantees optimum performance in removing dirt with ease, and achieving improved water absorbing.

It also features reinforced stainless steel poles that are durable and last long. The various parts are specially sourced to give you an exciting cleaning experience for more than 12 months.

Check the Price on Amazon


What Do Other Users Say About This?

One user stated how easy cleaning their home with pets was with this spray mop. They further mentioned the extra attachments that you can store in the mops original package, and how much they love this.

Users of the Mexerris Microfiber spray mop have dropped reports of how much they love their spray mop because it is very lightweight, with a wide pad that covers the floor.

They also seem to enjoy that they save money when they purchase this steam mop and it also allows for using any desirable cleaning solution.

They seem to enjoy the super absorbency of the cleaning pad as they reported that it covers a wide cleaning area, making the job faster. The machine-washable microfiber pads are of excellent quality machine-washable and are cost-effective.

The one-hand trigger control system on this spray mop is a hit. With one squeeze of the trigger, users say they can spray mist on the floor and it dries immediately.

It makes it easy to remove pet hair, debris, and dirt from the floor. From small messes to all stains on your floors, you are assured of a streak-free experience. A user commented that it fixed their spots and stains with little effort.


What You May Care?

spray steam mop

  • A refillable water tank that eliminates the use of heavy buckets

Gone are the days where you carried a heavy mop bucket around to clean your house. The Mexerris spray mop has a refillable 410 ml capacity water tank that you can fill and continue cleaning.

  • Lightweight design, with one hand easy operation and moving around

Cleaning is as simple as pushing the trigger situated on the handle. This spray mop turns water to mist quickly, and also saves water, making your mopping efficient and reducing the effort needed in cleaning, unlike the regular mop.

  • Unique fan-shaped most pump spray nozzle

This spray nozzle is specially designed for full spraying coverage of the full width of the mop head thus preventing water from splashing around. It sprays a good amount of mist and supplies sufficient moisture in mopping your windows and floors.

What You May Prefer

  • Leak-free container that also allows you to fill it with your favorite cleaner

The refillable container is an upgraded sealed container with a sturdy build that guarantees lasting and does not leak.

It also allows you to fill with any cleaner of your choice, including plain water or essential oil without changing water or washing your hands. Mopping doesn’t get any better.

  • Improved plate design in an ergonomic installation design

The Mexerris spray mop has an upgraded plate design that is easy to open and very flexible. It keeps your hands protected from injury when you want to install the mop pad.

There’s a unique double-row tooth rotating in a clockwise direction that keeps the pad stuck tightly to the plate so you can mop freely without it falling off.

  • An extra scraper and scrubber

There’s an additional scraper that removes pad hairs or dirt from your mop, and also helps you to clean stubborn stains from your floors.

The scrubber is safe in the environment and gives balanced friction for an excellent mopping experience. The scraper is your handy assistant for the removal of tough stains and dirt.


What Could Be Better?

Mexerris spray mop unlike other brands keeps making improvements and upgrades to their products. The poles are stainless steel reinforced with the best quality material and are also rust-resistant.

There’s increased gravity on the mop plate and is the best solution to flip over.

The floor cleaning solution should be bigger in volume, and also have a bigger opening. It will be great to reduce the number of refills when using the spray mop.

How Does It Compare in Value?

Mexerris Spray mop is priced at the mid-value range. Although some people may consider this a high-end purchase, it is quite cheap compared to other similar mops in this category.

If you compare with other competitors, you’ll discover that Mexerris offers quality at the best price and is also very affordable.

They are committed to providing quality products and also give a quality assurance warranty of a few years but it is expected to last long. Some of the cheap parts need upgrades to ensure they outwit a long while.


Does this spray mop allow for several sprays in a row?

Yes, it does. It sprays in the same manner as your typical spray bottle.

Can you store cleaner in the tank when not in use?

You can store the cleaner in your tank when you’re not using the mop. It is also possible to remove the head of the mop and store the tank and cleaner.


Mexerris Professional spray mop is a durable product, and although the Mexerris brand is fairly new to the market, it has proven to be one of excellent value.

This product is designed to give you a hassle-free cleaning experience, and also leave your house streak-free and spotless. If you’ve been searching for a durable spray mop of high-quality materials, and long-lasting use.

Mexerris has the solution to all your cleaning needs. Get one for your home today to enjoy using this product. Click here now.

Bissell 2747a Powerfresh Vac & Steam Review

Tradition, innovation, and passion meet to give rise to Bissell floor cleaners. Bissell has proven that they’re experts in-floor cleaning solutions, from deep cleaning carpet washers to powerful vacuums and steam cleaners.

keep reading to know more about the Bissell 2747a Powerfresh Vac & Steam Review.


Portrait of Bissell 2747a Powerfresh Vac & Steam Mop

best steam mop with carpet glider


Bissell Powerfresh steam mop is ranked among the most popular and high-performance models around. Little wonder, it’s rated among the best-selling steam mops on Amazon. While the steam mop effectively steam cleans flooring, it’s considered a jack of all trades.

While cleaning, you can switch the machine’s functions with the easy-touch digital controls. The controls allow you seamlessly vacuum, steam, or do both concurrently.

If you’re looking for a cost-efficient option that saves time and maximizes space, you should consider this Bissell Vac & Steam. Add this to your cleaning arsenal.

Want to know more about this two-in-one cleaner? Here’s a Bissell 2747a Powerfresh Vac & Steam review, from features to performance level and what it offers.


Overview of Bissell 2747a Powerfresh Vac & Steam

powerfresh steam mop and vacuumBissell 2747a is suitable for deep cleaning floors such as tile, hardwood, marble, etc. The versatile mop seems like a good choice for homes since it cleans dirt and sanitizes the floor, eliminating up to 99% of germs and micro-organisms.

Bissell 2747a features a cyclonic vacuum that has powerful suction for removing dirt and dust from the floor. Get rid of grime and sticky messes and make your floors squeaky-clean while enjoying a fresh scent with Bissell Powerfresh cleaner.

It’s equipped with a built-in water filter to extract impurities from water to promote the effectiveness of the machine. It incorporates a dry-tank technology to keep debris moisture-free for easy emptying after cleaning.

This multipurpose steam mop comes with or without a cord, producing steam within 30 seconds.

With Bissell 2474a, cleaning is made easy, efficient, and effective. You won’t have to break a sweat when using this device. Are you still having doubts about the machine? Our review will diffuse all doubts.


What You Benefit from This Mop?

  • Adjustable handle height for easy cleaning around hard-to-reach corners

A mop’s handle makes for convenience and the overall performance of the device. Bissell 2474a has an adjustable handle which makes it comfortable to use over a long period. The handle extends and contracts to suit the heights of users.

Regardless of your height, you can conveniently use the cleaner without any hassle. You won’t have to stoop or wield the handle when cleaning.

  • Powerful cyclonic vacuum in trapping dirt and debris

vacuum mop

Bissell Powerfresh features a cyclonic vacuum that uses suction pressure in sucking up debris from the floor while leaving your flooring barefoot-clean.

The vacuum filters the dust into a detachable collection vessel or bin. Through centrifugal force, the debris is gotten rid of and allowed to fall out of the collection vessel due to gravity.

The vacuum promotes air filtration and prevents clogging of pores in the filter.

  • 2-in-1 cleaning power

Enjoy a unique cleaning experience with this all-inclusive cleaner. Incorporating steaming and cleaning functions, Bissell Powerfresh removes debris and unwanted elements from floors.

It features Easy Touch Digital Controls, which enables you to switch between low-steam, high steam, and other vacuum modes. While the low steam control works for light cleaning, the high steam function removes stubborn stains.

If you want a spotless and shiny house, this all-in-one steam mop is your best option.

  • 8 packs of spring breeze scent discs

Leave a fresh scent on your floors while you steam clean with the spring breeze scent discs. You don’t need an air fresher.

Just place one of the discs in the mop pad and experience a fresh, clean scent.

The scent waters are 100% demineralized and available in three types: Spring breeze, eucalyptus mint, and citrus.

  • Dry tank technology

The steam mop is equipped with a dry tank technology that keeps dirt dry during steaming for easy emptying of content.

The dry tank prevents dirty water from mixing with clean water. This stops the growth of mold while keeping your tank clean.


What Do Other Users Say About This?

Several users can attest to the cleaning power and efficiency of this vac and steam mop. Those that were hesitant about the product have positive reviews about it. Having over 3,800-star ratings on Amazon, it’s not surprising that the powerhouse cleaner is termed a “game-changer.”

A user stated that the device picks up everything in sight. People with kids derive so much joy in using Bissell Powerfresh as they won’t have to pick up after their children. They also applauded its easy assembly and use.

Many mention that it’s time-efficient, reducing cleaning time. They express how efficient and easy to maneuver around corners and hard-to-reach areas in the home.

We can confirm that Bissell 2747a is a high-performance and reliable steam mop with numerous positive reviews. Amidst good reviews, some persons have reported that it’s heavy, leaky, and costly.


What You May Like About It?

  • The assembly process

The steam mop comes with a manual for easy and quick assembly. The instructions are quite easy to follow. Just a few steps and your machine is all ready for use. It’s also easy to operate. Fill the tank with water, press the vacuum button and choose your preferred steam mode.

  • Its lightweight design

Compared to a regular mop, Bissell Powerfresh steam mop is compact and lightweight. Its portability and retractable handle make it easy to store.

  • Efficient vacuum and steam model

Bissell Powerfresh steam mop seamlessly sucks up dirt, pet hairs, food crumbs, and others within a short period. Depending on your preference, you can decide to vacuum first or vacuum and steam simultaneously.

  • Large water reservoir

The mop has a water tank measuring up to 12 pounds; hence you wouldn’t need to refill it often while cleaning. Unlike other products, Bissell 2747a can hold a large volume of water.

  • Cleaning performance

Bissell Powerfresh steam mop is powered by a motor that facilitates steam cleaning and mopping. The motor activates the heating of water to produce steam which saturates the mopping pad attached under the mop.

Start the steaming machine to absorb grime and debris on the floor. While the two-in-one steamer cleans hardwoods, it’s a hard time capturing dirt on carpets, but it’s possible with the aid of a carpet glider.

  • The low noise

The steam mop produces low-pitched noise during cleaning. This promotes comfort and convenience. Any irritating noise that arises may be due to jet engine issues which are resolved by cleaning the filter.


What You May Dislike?

Some reviewers complained that Bissell Powerfresh Vac & Steam Mop is quite heavy at 9.74 pounds. This makes it difficult to move around the house. For persons doing lots of steaming, using this steam mop might not be a good idea.


How Does It Compare in Value?

While some users consider this steam mop an expensive product, it’s worth the while compared to other competitors. Given the ease of operation, low maintenance, and efficiency, we can outrightly say Bissell 2474a Powerfresh Vac & Steam offers excellent value for its price.


How Do You Clean and Empty a Dirty Water Tank?

  1. First, turn off the steam mop. Firmly hold the front handle and press down the silver button to release dirty water from the water reservoir.
  2. Hold the sides and top to release an opening. Grasp the sides of the water tank and pull up to clean the screen filter.
  3. Use warm water to wash the filter. While the top of the tank is opened, use running water to clean float and surrounding areas.
  4. Ensure the filter is adequately dry before assembling it back. After drying, return the screen to its actual position.
  5. Also, place the float and filter back into the water tank.


Can you use a steam mop on carpets?

Yes, you can. A steam mop deep cleans, weakens the bond between dirt and grime, and sanitizes carpets. Remove lightweight objects from the way so you can clean dirt lurking underneath. Next, vacuum the carpet to pick up unwanted elements.

Can I put vinegar in my steam mop?

Yes, you can. Vinegar is an effective cleaning agent for vinyl, tile, and composite flooring. Adding vinegar to your water tank helps in sanitizing floors and eliminating harmful elements.

You should be careful how you use this chemical agent on hardwood floors as it alters their finishing. Avoid using vinegar on upholstery and fabrics.

Do steam mops also vacuum?

Yes, they do. Steam mops like the Biselle 2747a Powerfresh clear dirt and sanitizes the floor.

What is the difference between wet and dry vacuum cleaners?
The wet vacuum cleaner has a water-proof and airtight container for holding water. The dry cleaner extracts dirt into an enclosed vessel.

Does steam cleaning sanitize floors?

Yes, it does. Steam cleaners kill about 99% of household germs such as bacteria, molds, and others. Heating water to 175 degrees Fahrenheit produces steam which helps in sanitizing floors.



For maximum functionality and versatility, you should consider Bissell 2747a Vac & Steam Mop. Are you the busy type? Do you find multi-step cleaning time-consuming?

This cleaner will be an excellent addition to your home. We assure you that you’ll like your floor when you purchase this product. If you’re looking to add a cleaner to your regular maintenance routine, a Bissell vacuum and steam mop is a nice fit.

Bissell has a long-standing reputation for producing the best vacuum cleaner, steam mops, among others. You need to get one of these products for better cleaning results.

Libman Wonder Mop Review 2022

We all love to have our houses in tip-top shape, clean and free from any debris, visible stains, and grim. Well, the Libman Wonder Mop is tailor-made to ensure that you get the best cleaning results as you mop or dust your way through your house. This mop comes with excellent features that make your light and heavy-duty cleaning of floor or wall surfaces stress-free.


The Overview of Libman Wonder Mop

  • TOUGH ON MESSES: The Wonder Mop scrubs away hard to clean dirt and grime.
  • EASY TO WRING: Libman’s patented technology makes it easy to remove excess water from the microfiber GRIPSTRIPS.
  • FOR ALL YOUR FLOORS: The Wonder Mop can be used on wood, laminate, tile, vinyl, linoleum, stone and more!
  • DURABLE: The steel handle with powder-coated paint prevents dings and scratches and the replaceable head can be washed up to 50 times.
  • EASY TO SWAP REFILLS: With 3 additional replacement heads, you can keep your Wonder Mop in top shape for wiping away any mess.

With very minimal effort required to operate the sturdy mop, your mundane everyday cleaning problems are guaranteed to be a thing of the past. Tired of the annoying pools of water you leave behind while cleaning? Or the obnoxious task of wringing out the mop with your bare hands every time you switch rooms? These and more are effectively addressed in the ingenious design of the Libman Wonder Mop.

The Mop is designed with you in mind and endeavors to address every foreseeable hiccup encountered while we clean. You will enjoy using this ‘wonder-working’ mop and here’s why.


Main Features of Libman Wonder Mop

libman wonder mop review

  • Absorbent and Long lasting Mop Heads

The Libman Wonder Mop can easily spot clean small messes with just one whisk! The mop head is fitted with several strands of fabric which give it a large surface area.

Its fabric is highly absorbent and does not easily dampen like other mops. It can retain a considerably large amount of fluid before it may need to be wrung out.

The mop head is tightly fastened to the steel handle, allowing it not to detach while cleaning. Having a mop head that is loosely-fitted or one that ‘dances’ around, is quite irritating to anyone who wants to get the job done with no fuss or waste of time. This Wonder Mop head, however, sits in place to ensure a great overall cleaning experience.


  • Long Sturdy Steel Handle

The Libman Wonder Mop is long enough to ensure that you go about cleaning without breaking a sweat. It consists of a full handle that is 3/4″ in length which minimizes any unnecessary stretching and over-bending while cleaning.

The steel handle is thick and strong enough to handle any undue pressure while cleaning stubborn stains without bending or breaking it. This makes it ideal for heavy-duty cleaning as well.

At the top of the steel handle, there is a wide hanger grip, that enables you to easily and comfortably grip and use the mop without any abrasion on your hands.

Additionally, the paint on the steel handle does not flake or chip off even with consistent contact with water and household detergents. This makes it long-lasting and durable for long term use.


  • Plastic Wringing Cup

Gone are the days you had to stoop over and wring your mop with your own bare hands! The yuck feeling when you have to remove debris and wet particles that cling onto your mop so that you may wring it out and use it is now over.

With the Libman Wonder Mop, you can easily wring out any excess water using the plastic wringing cup which is attached to the steel handle. It is designed to easily slide over the mop head and compress the fabric draining out any excess water.

Simply slide the wringing cup over the mop head and twist as many times as you desire to ensure you have the adequate ‘wring’ you want.

The wringing cup feature enables you to regulate the amount of water your mop leaves behind. At every given moment, you have absolute control over the amount of water your mop head holds. This curbs any occurrences of unintended excess water paddles being left on the floor. Ultimately, this leads to quick-drying floors.


  • Formidable Stain Remover

The Mop Head is designed with microfiber grip strips on the outer fabric pieces. The use of microfiber technology enables the positively charged fabric to attract negatively charged dust and dirt particles. This enables easy removal of even the toughest of stains.

With the microfiber technology at play, you do not have to exert a lot of energy while cleaning, let technology work its spell for you. Whether its animal debris, spills, smudges, or dark and greasy grim stuck on your floor, this mop gets the job done easily and fast.

To clean stubborn stains, you can opt to use a mild detergent that will help lift off the stain from the ground. The Libman Wonder Mop can be used with common household detergents and natural disinfectants such as vinegar or lemon water to clean. Just ensure you pour the detergent or disinfectant into a bucket of water and not directly onto the mop.


  • Works on Every Kind of Floor Surface

Lastly and most definitely not the least, the Libman Wonder Mop works on any type of floor surface.

Whether it be rough or with a smooth finishing; wooden, tiled, vinyl, marble – you name it.  The Libman Wonder Mop promises to always have any floor space in tip-top shape.


  • Great Perks! – 3 Replaceable Heads

Yes, you read right. This is an ideal value pack offer. The Libman Wonder Mop comes with 3 replaceable heads bringing it to a total of 4 mop heads in a single purchase.

How great is that?  When dirty or worn out, the attached mop head can be easily be replaced. The package typically comes with instructions on how to replace the mop head – which can be done in under a minute!


  • Easy to Clean

The mop heads are machine washable. You can throw in your mop head alongside your house rugs and have them clean in no time.  While cleaning, avoid using bleach or fabric softener, these two tend to have adverse effects on the mop fabric. Instead, use mild detergents.

For those who may not have a washing machine, this mop is also very easy to clean with bare hands. Simply use a bucket full of water and a mild detergent to hand wash the fabric and then hang it out to dry. A single mop head can be cleaned up to 50 times before any signs of wear and tear are seen on it. Now that is value for money.


Libman Wonder Mop Review

Overall Score: 8.8/10

libman wonder mop


Brilliant features

  • Great surface area for ease of cleaning
  • Can reach into corners and small spaces
  • No rug marks left while cleaning
  • The handle does not rust
  • Affordable price
  • Comes with a value pack of 3 easily replaceable mop heads
  • Durable and sturdy

Watch out for

  • You cannot purchase the handle alone
  • The mop cannot bend

Final Thoughts

Cleaning is a paramount day to day exercise and should not be tedious or hectic. Have all your cleaning needs effectively addressed with great equipment such as the Libman Wonder Mop.

The Wonder Mop ensures ease in cleaning and guarantees excellent performance in removing mild and stubborn stains etched on your floor. It is light-weight, sturdy, absorbent, and is designed to endure consistent daily use for both ordinary house cleaning and thorough cleaning without wearing out.  This mop gives you value for money and is a highly recommendable house cleaning staple.


9 Best Electric Floor Mop of 2022

Mopping a larger and spacious floor with the required degree of speed, accuracy, and precision may not always be achievable through the manual approach. You have to employ an automated piece of cleaning equipment to have the job done. The electric floor mop it is.

Your first and foremost task should be to find and lay your hands on the best electric floor mop. To help you make a good choice, we have prepared this entire review and buying guide. It lays bare many of the critical facts that will certainly help you out.


Why Do You Need to Buy an Electric Floor Mop?

cordless rechargeable electric mop reviews

You need to purchase the best electric floor mop for the following reasons:

  • Cut down the effort

These appliances do not draw their power from the human brawn to operate. Instead, they do so from the mains electricity or the built-in batteries. Because of this, they cut down the effort you will generally require to deliver the impacts you need to give forth.

  • Save time when mopping

Compared to manual mopping, the electric mops take a shorter duration of time to conclude the typical mopping exercise. Thus, they save your time considerably. On the same note, they do a thorough job and maintain a fairer degree of consistency as they mop your floors.

  • Guarantee the necessary precision

Most electric mops may be programmed to perform the same chore repeatedly for a prolonged duration of time. It hence goes that by choosing to work with them, you attain a fairly high degree of precision when tackling your mopping exercise.

  • Tackle a wider area within the shortest time possible

With an electric mop, it is possible for you to tackle a wider area within the shortest realistic duration of time. These appliances move and work at a faster pace.

At the same time, they maintain the selfsame degree of precision thanks to the precise actions they manage to guarantee.

  • Enable multitasking

Considering that these appliances take all the effort away from you, it is possible for you to attend to other chores in the meantime.

If your schedule is ordinarily busy, you badly want to make great use of them to minimize the likelihood of wasting your time and taking too long to have your way.

  • Sanitize the floor

Some of these appliances are equipped with disinfectants whose roles are to eliminate all germs from the floors. They hence serve the role of sanitizing the floors.

If your floor is located in a setting that is somewhat sensitive to dirt like the clinics, hospitals, and kitchens, they are the ones to use.


What Are the Types of Electric Mop for Floor Cleaning?

bissell vs shark steam mop

The types of the best electric floor mop for floor cleaning are as follows:

  • Steam mop

As its name implies, this one ejects some steam that eventually gets to the floor and eliminates the dirt from it.

It is mainly used to sterilize the surfaces owing to the potent power of the steam overall. This mop mainly finds applicability in areas that are sensitive to dirt.

  • Wet mop

This one uses water to eliminate the dirt from off surfaces. For a large part, it mainly finds relevance in those places and areas that are supplied with a steady stream of water.

These include ordinary homes. It may never be used in places that are cut off from steady water supplies.

  • Spin mop

In the course of using it, the spin mops spin or alter their orientations to squeeze out all the dirt as nearly as can be.

Most of the time you need some expertise to handle and engage. You may never really use it if you lack the strength and the muscle power to spin it up.

  • Cordless mop

A cordless mop derives its power principally from the batteries rather than the mains electricity. It lacks the cord that attaches the item to the item altogether.

Its lack of a cord gives you all the freedom to move out and about as you clean your surfaces.

  • Scrubbing mop

Some dirt may be hardened and require scrubbing prior to eventual elimination. The scrubbing mop will handle this chore for you. It possesses brushes that have sharp bristles.

They scrape off the hardened and settled dirt from off the floor surfaces. Thus, they get rid of all dirt over and above merely mopping your floors.

  • On-demand spray mop

industrial electric mop to remive dust and stubborn stain

Some cleaning tasks require the use of sprays. For them, the mopping gadget you employ has to possess the on-demand spray functionality.

The on-demand spray mop basically has the ability to disperse the tiny droplets of water over a designated area per unit time.

  • Robot mop

If you lack the time or the muscle power to operate the mops, you may want to try the robot mops out. They are programmed to operate automatically and independently of your direct controls and input.

Then again, they deliver consistent mopping outcomes for a prolonged duration of time.

  • Wet-dry vacuum/mop

This combines the wet and the dry mopping functionalities under one comprehensive packaging. For this reason, it can clean your surfaces with or without the use of water.

Of course, this arrangement is more convenient as it does not impede your smooth progress in the course of cleaning.

  • Heavy-duty floor cleaners

Some floors are too hard and dirty to the extent that you can never use the ordinary cleaning mops to take them on. For them, you may need heavy-duty floor cleaners.

These are stronger, heavier, more powerful, and enduring. They really tackle the hard dirt with absolute levels of efficacy.

  • Power scrubbers

The power scrubbers are so-called because they give out a powerful scrubbing action that lasts ages. They are generally capable of tackling the hardened dirt with absolute ease.

Use them in those areas and locales that experience heavy traffic and vast quantities of dirt per day.


How to Choose the Best Electric Floor Mop?

easy to use mop steamers used for cleaning floor

To choose the best electric floor mop, you have to factor in the following considerations:

  • Type of floor

Floors come in different types and kinds. It is imperative you match the type of floor with the kind of mop that you use. Be sure to carry out extensive research to see to it that the gadget you pick for the job really fits the floors of your interest and consideration.

  • Size of the floor

Next comes the size of the floor. A larger floor requires a mop that is similarly bigger and faster. Such a mop should also possess tanks that have higher capacities. For those floors that are smaller, any other equally smaller versions of the mops will do handy.

  • Budget space

How much money you have also played out insofar as the choice of the right gadget is concerned. You do not want to spend too much of your money to purchase a mop, do you? As a way forward, you need to ascertain your financial strength before proceeding to make an appropriate pick.

  • Length of the handle

The length of the handle really matters. A longer handle lets you access those hidden areas with absolute ease. It also spares you from the need to bend over too much as you get rid of the dirt. To be on the safe side, choose a mop whose handle can stretch back and forth.

  • Ergonomics

For your maximum convenience when handling these mops, you want one that is packed with tons of ergonomic features. These include comfort features, wringer, and the ease with which the mop may be handled. The purpose of all these is to enable the realization of the benefit of maximum convenience.

  • Versatility (scope of the work)

As part and parcel of mopping the floors, you will no doubt have to sweep the floor, eliminate the fine dirt, mop the flow and dry it thereafter. To cut yourself some slack, you need to choose a mop that can handle as many of these purposes at one go as can be.

  • Nature of the mopping

Mops may be used to serve both domestic and commercial purposes. It is hence your onus to find that which mirrors and fits the purposes you have in mind as nearly as can be. That will require an in-depth assessment of your skill and the scope of the tasks you have in mind.

  • Setting of use

Where exactly do you wish to make use of the floor mop? If it is in a hospital, kitchen, or sensitive installations, the item has to possess the ability to sterilize the floors as well. These places are averse to dirt and the best that can be done is to eliminate all of it as possible.


Reviews of the Best Electric Floor Mops

We now take a look at the best electric floor mops:

1: Best Rated – Bissell Spinwave 2307 Cordless Wood Floor Mop

cheap but high quality wet mop

This is a hard mop that works on the wood and the concrete floors as well. Being cordless, can impact those areas that are too squeezed or located afar off the mainstream.

  • Dual-purpose storage tray

A dual-purpose storage tray exists as a flagship trait of this floor mop. Its purpose is basically to make the storage of the gadget easier and greatly expedited.

  • Washable mop pads

Coming in next is a set of washable mop pads. These are two, the first is a reusable scrubby pad while the second is the soft-touch microfiber pad.

  • Multi-surface formula

By its sheer makeup and construction, the gadget is optimized to handle many kinds of surfaces. You will use it on the sealed hard floors and the gentler surfaces alike.


  • Delivers powerful spins that reduces the cleaning effort
  • Gives you utmost freedom of movement when eliminating dirt from the floors
  • A spray feature gives you firm control of the kind of work you may do


  • Costs you a little bit more

Check the Price


2: Best Heavy Duty – Shark Genius Steam Mop with Touch-free Technology

shark fiber mop floor mop steamer

Have a hard floor in mind? Pick and make use of this specially designed mopping apparatus. Its power output is really engineered for the hard floors alone.

  • Whole floor cleaning

Unlike many mops that can only impact segments of the floors, this one stretches out to cover an entire portion wholly.

It also penetrates the deeper and hidden areas of the rooms carefully.

  • Stuck-on stains

Adding to the above advantage is that it eliminates the stubborn and stuck stains exceptionally well.

Its tip has the ability to deliver a targeted steam thrust that fizzles all the hard stains to keep your floors cleaner.

  • Touch-free technology

You won’t have to get your hands on the mop itself or the dirty water when eliminating dirt from the floors.

That stems from the touch-free technology in use here. This operates independently of your input.


  • Its pads have super-absorbent power to eliminate all dirt
  • Confers firm and hard grips on the surfaces concerned
  • Able to dispense the steam power as well


  • Its usability is limited to the hard floors only

Check the Price


3: Most Powerful – Gladwell Cordless Electric Mop with a Flexible Handle

automatic wet and dry floor mops

Mainly intending to clean those areas that are sensitive to the risks of noise pollution? Set your eyes on this cleaner as it is the quietest of all.

Adding to that, its scrubbing power is truly able to deliver cleaner outcomes.

  • Powerful clean

Compared to the many alternatives that be, the gadget delivers truly powerful cleaning outcomes.

This stems mainly from the dual head mop that rotates at a higher speed and squeezes the floors hard.

  • Flexible handling

To engage the apparatus, you will make use of the flexible handle that swivels and rotates smoothly to impact every corner of your room with ease. The handle also extends to reach areas that are far off.

  • Liquid spray and LED light

Topping it all up is the liquid spray and the LED lighting gadget. The former fine-tunes the cleaning exercise whereas the latter illuminates your path to enable proper handling and engagements.


  • Works in many settings and places
  • Delivers truly powerful cleaning outcomes
  • Illuminates your path to eliminating all forms of ambiguities


  • Demands some little bit of expertise to handle and work

Check the Price


4: Best Portable – Housmile Electric Spin Mop for All Surface Floor

multi surface floor cleaning machine

Some portions of the rooms are ordinarily far removed from the mainstream. You can never handle and impact them well with the ordinary mops. Only an extra-ordinary one of this caliber may help you out.

  • Exceptional polisher

Its flagship trait is the exceptional polisher that works hard to brighten the floors after eliminating the residual dirt. Through this, you are able to obtain outcomes that are enduring and brightly moody.

  • Dual-disc

The makeup of the gadget comprises the dual disc. It works hard to hasten the conclusion of the cleaning exercise and the quality of the overall work done.

  • Pushrod

A push rod also exists to spare you from the need to bend over for too long. Your choice of the item hence saves you of the backaches that do arise with prolonged use and engagement of the gadget.


  • Eliminates the stubborn stains in ways that are truly exceptional
  • Prevents the likelihood of exhaustion and backaches
  • Scrubs all kinds of surfaces regardless of how hard the dirt maybe


  • Requires many extras and accessories to operationalize

Check the Price


5: Best Multifountional – Homitt Electric Shower Mop with Replaceable Brushes

best price steam mop to clean floors

Looking mainly to impact the shower areas of your home? A mop that comprises a shower scrubber like this one will definitely come in handy. It is indeed capable of scrubbing all the dirt from the showers perfectly.

  • Round brush

Attached to the mop is a round brush that bears a concave shape. This round brush stretches forth and gets to the sinks and the bathtubs pretty fine.

  • Extra-wide flat brush

Coming in next is the extra-wide flat brush that as you may have already guessed, impacts the larger portions of the floors pretty fine. Being wide, they cut the time wasted.

  • Pointed corner brush

Lastly comes the pointed corner brush. You will find this one appropriately suited for the harder-to-reach areas with exceptional ease. Then, it also squeezes itself through the narrow spaces.


  • Powerful yet noiseless
  • Comprises only those parts that are waterproof
  • Cleans larger and narrower spaces with absolute ease


  • Somewhat limited in the range and areas of use

Check the Price


6: Best Compact – Swiffer Sweep Cleaner with Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery

steam mop for laminate floors

Prior to mopping your floors, you will definitely have to sweep the same. To enable this to happen, you want a multipurpose cleaning gadget of this kind. It sweeps and mops at the same time.

  • Powerful suction

A powerful suction dominates its operations. This blends well with the Swiffer Sweeper to deliver prompt and uncompromising sweeping and cleaning outcomes.

  • 3X cleaning action

Its cleaning actions are thrice as powerful as those of the alternatives that be. With this elevated level of power output, expect the item to eliminate the tiniest levels of dirt and human hair.

  • Rechargeable and cordless

The gadget is by and large rechargeable and cordless at the same time. Your choice of it hence goes a long way in facilitating your operations overall.


  • Reaches out to the grout lines and the crevices
  • Grabs the larger particles like the crumbs
  • ts batteries last longer and are also rechargeable


  • Power consumption is way too high

Check the Price


7: Perfect Adjustable Height – COSTWAY Electric Spin Mop with Mighty Capacity

how does steam mop work

Want to reach those areas that are far detached from the mainstream? Lay your hands on this specific floor mop. It possesses an extendable handle that stretches forth to those areas that are far off.

  • All-in-one electric mop

For all practical purposes, this is an all-in-one electric mop in the sense that it may handle many cleaning and allied tasks in one comprehensive packaging. These include waxing, wiping, and decontamination.

  • Built-in 2000mah battery

Embedded in its packaging is a built-in 2000mAh battery. This one supplies the power that is needed to deliver the cleaning outcomes. The batteries last longer (30-40 minutes) per charge and are hence time-saving.

  • Lightweight body

Lastly, its body is lighter and less inclined to demand the input of too much muscle power from you. Instead, it gives you the freedom to swivel and rotate the item freely and with limited hassles.


  • Comes about in a multifunctional design
  • Exudes might cleaning capacity
  • Easier for even the kids to operate


  • The water tank is relatively small

Check the Price


8: Perfect Edge Cleaning – Karcher FC 3 Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner with Rollers

domestic floor cleaning machine

The Karcher brand is renowned for its strength and overall repute. You want to tap into these twin benefits by settling for an item that is made by it. How about starting with this Karcher FC 3 Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner?

  • 2-in-1 dirt pickup function

Standing out as the flagship trait of this item is the 2-in-1 dirt pickup functionality. As you may have conjectured, this one works to collect the tiniest hairs, small debris, and minuscule dirt.

  • Integrated self-cleaning function

Embedded into the set is an integrated self-cleaning function. This is 20% more effective than the alternatives that be at present. It does not leave behind any dirt when tackling the floors.

  • Easy-to-remove two-tank system

A two-tank system that is easier to remove rounds up all that the item has to offer. One tank stocks the clean water whereas the other one sucks the dirty water to keep your work convenient.


  • Its batteries last a whopping 20 minutes longer
  • Works conveniently under one comprehensive packaging
  • Leaves behind some brilliant shining floors


  • Expensive

Check the Price


9: Safest for All Sealed Floors – Hoover FH40160PC Wet and Dry Vacuum Mop with Dual Tanks 

hoover mop with two water tanks

For your maximum peace of mind, you need an appliance that is able to work smoothly at all times. We ask you to pick and use this wet dry vacuum cleaner. It is able to work with or without the use of water.

  • Dual tank technology

Of all the elegant traits that this item has to offer, it is the dual tank technology that stands out. These tanks are two in one packaging. They provide clean water and care for the wastewater at the same time.

  • Wash-dry mode

Existing yet again to facilitate the cleaning of the floors, the appliance makes use of the wash-dry mode. The wash gets rid of dirt using water while the dry mode bypasses this requirement.

  • Fingertip controls

To manage the item, you will use your fingertips. On the strength of this trait, you will be able to maneuver the congested areas easily and without too many strains on your part.


  • Impacts many kinds of floors like the marbles, laminate, hardwood, and ceramic tiles
  • Portable enough to take to the remotest parts with ease
  • Delivers some gentle scrubs that are less likely to damage your gears


  • Disparages those who lack the necessary expertise

Check the Price


What Are the Best Brands of Electric Floor Mops?

As of 2020, the best electric floor mop brands are as follows:

  • Dyson


dyson mop with full size cleaner head

This is a British technology company that designs and manufactures household appliances.

Its items are known to last longer and stand tall to the risks of potential damages.

Being simple, they also serve the starters and those who lack the necessary operational expertise well. You want to try them out for a start.

  • Xiaomi


top brands of floor mop cleaners

Xiaomi is a Chinese electronics manufacturing giant.

The products it makes are mainly high-end and are targeted to those who have the financial wherewithal.

Nonetheless, they are stronger, more enduring, and deliver truly sparkling cleaning outcomes. They also tend to last longer than other competing items.

  • Bissell


bissell electric mop vacuum

This American-owned vacuum cleaning company provides a vast array of solutions to your home cleanliness undertakings.

Its vacuum cleaners particularly leave behind some deeper cleaning outcomes. They also have the ability to disinfect and sterilize the floors and kill all the germs. Take them for your hospitals and other settings.

  • Hoover


hoover electric rotating mop

Hoover once dominated the field of vacuum cleaning in the years of yore.

Till now, many people cherish its products for the sheer reason of lasting longer and delivering truly sparkling cleaning outcomes.

Owing to the sheer strength of the appliances, you may use them repeatedly without breaking apart.

  • Shark


best electric hard floor cleaner

Shark has a specialty in those items that are slimmer and compact.

If you reside in an area that is too squeezed for the normal appliances. These include condominiums and smaller buildings.

They have the distinct capability of being easily maneuverable and impactful in the small spaces.

  • Gladwell


gladwell floor cleaner

Gladwell mops are generally cordless in the sense that they do not derive their power from the mains electricity.

Instead, they do so from the built-in Lithium-ion batteries. Thus, they give you the freedom to move out and about the desired area without too much hindrance on your part.

  • Housmile


electric floor cleaner mop

Housemile mops are powerful and indeed truly able to tackle the most strenuous mopping tasks with absolute ease.

They are mainly relevant for tackling larger floors that are beyond the scope of your ordinary mopping apparatus.

What’s more? They also scrub the floors prior to mopping the same!

  • Homitt


safe to use homitt brand mop

Homitt is also a great scrubber brand. For a large part, it is mainly applicable for the elimination of the hardened dirt that is elusive to ordinary mopping gadgets.

If you have hospitals or the high-end restaurants in mind, you have to choose and make use of it.



We are now confident that you can make the right choice of the best electric floor mop having given you the insight you badly need. How about you proceeding now to make a pick as soon as can be?

Waiting for too long is not advised at all as that may only serve to delay the leverage of these ends.

Photo Title Buy
Best Rated - Bissell Spinwave Cordless Wood Floor Mop Buy on Amazon
Best Heavy Duty - Shark Genius Steam Mop with Touch-free Technology Buy on Amazon
Best Compact - Swiffer Sweep Cleaner with Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery Buy on Amazon
Perfect Adjustable Height - COSTWAY Electric Spin Mop with Mighty Capacity Buy on Amazon
Perfect Edge Cleaning - Karcher FC 3 Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner with Rollers Buy on Amazon
Safest for All Sealed Floors - Hoover FH40160PC Wet and Dry Vacuum Mop with Dual Tanks  Buy on Amazon

O-Cedar ProMist Max Microfiber Spray Mop Review

Innovations span many sectors, and we can appreciate the ones that feature in the home maintenance, which make the entire process smooth. Several household items are the advancement of their former selves, for example, the o-cedar promist max microfiber spray mop.

It is a unique mop that you should have in your home to uphold hygiene standards. Featuring a unique design, this is one utility that you will appreciate.


Overall Review of O-Cedar ProMist Max Microfiber Spray Mop

As mentioned, one of the things that you will notice about this cleaning equipment is its unique design, sporting a water tank and a wide mop pad. This gives you a rough hint of what to expect when you put it to use, where you are sure of covering large areas in a single swipe.

It is ideal if you have a large space, and you can also bring it in for commercial uses. Talking about commercial uses, the mop pad is highly adaptable, where it brings its hardy nature to deal with various surfaces, leaving them spotless.

The mop has been through third-party lab testing, with results showing that it can deal with stains and microorganisms such as bacteria, particularly e.coli and staph.aureus. The two are stubborn bacteria, which can cause several diseases.

With this mop as part of your cleaning arsenal, you are sure of speedy cleaning times. Cleaning is also fun, as its design makes it easy to handle. The mop’s collection of features makes it an excellent addition to your household.

  • Super-absorbent microfiber effectively cleans with just water
  • DUAL-SIDED MOP HEAD - The large, dual-sided microfiber mop head flips allowing you to clean floors fast without having to change the mop pad.
  • REFILLABLE BOTTLE - Just fill bottle with water and add 2 small teaspoons of your favorite cleaning solution and you are ready to shine your floors.
  • POWER OF MICROFIBER - The ProMist MAX Spray Mop uses the magic of thousands of microfibers to absorb the smallest dirt and dust particles. When switching between cleaners or preparing for storage, fill bottle with water and spray 5 times, discard remaining water
  • USE WET OR DRY - Versatile microfiber pad allows you to use wet for a deeper clean to shine your floors or use dry for dusting your floors.
  • ONE-TOUCH BOTTLE RELEASE - The innovative one-touch release allows you to remove the spray bottle quickly and easily. For best results, change refill every 3-6 months
  • REUSABLE MOP PAD - Save money by washing your microfiber pad for repeat use. Pad is machine washable up to 100 times.
  • NO BATTERIES - ProMist MAX allows you to easily control the amount of spray with our comfort grip handle and trigger without the need for costly batteries.


Main Features of O-Cedar ProMist Max

cedar promist max microfiber spray mop

  • Dual-Sided Mophead

The mop head is one of the unique features of this cleaning implement, as it is dual-sided. When cleaning and one side gets extremely dirty or wet, you flip it over to the other and continue with your task.

The mop flips at a 180-degree angle and improves your cleaning speeds as you do not have to pause and change the mop.

  • The Microfiber Surfaces

The mop pad has a microfiber surface, making it suitable for dealing with microorganisms that infest your floor surfaces.

The fibers increase the mop pad’s surface area, and with some water and detergent, you will have a clean spot, with 99% of germs eliminated. This feature makes it the best mop to have if you have children in the house.

  • Refillable Bottle

A refillable bottle, situated towards the mophead, will provide the water and detergent you need to have your surfaces spotless.

You fill the bottle with water and add the cleaning agent of your choice, then control its output using a trigger. The trigger releases the solution in the form of a spray.

In this case, you do not need a bucket of water when maintaining hygiene in your house. The result is that you are resourceful on water use, and also there are minimal chances of water spills, which can be tedious to deal with.

  • Reusable Mop

Another hint of the resourcefulness of the o-cedar promist max microfiber spray mop is the reusable mop pad.

If it is dirty, you do not discard it; rather, you clean it. You can toss it into the washing machine with some detergent, and it will come out very clean and ready to use.

You can wash the pad up to 100 times before it becomes worn out, and you may discard it.

  • Deep Cleaning Scrub Zones

This cleaner has deep cleaning scrub zones, which comes to play when dealing with tough stains. They are surfaces on the mop pad, which have a slightly rough texture and help deal with sticky stains such as grime, which may be hard to remove.

  • Friendly on the Floor

The problem with several new age cleaning equipment is that they may be hard on the floors and promote wear and tear.

On the contrary, the o-cedar promist max microfiber spray mop is friendly to the floor and deals with various surfaces such as hardwood, ceramic, or tiles, leaving them in an excellent condition.

The fact that it can work on several floor surfaces makes it a versatile household utility.

  • Battery-Less

A thing that may surprise you with the o-cedar spray mop is that it is manual and does not need batteries or any form of electrical connection. This is a nice feature as you do not have to spend on batteries or for power when you want to use it.

  • Lightweight

It is also light in weight, weighing 1.8 pounds, translating to ease in handling. With such a light frame, you can bid goodbye to arm strains, which mostly comes from operating heavy cleaning equipment.

  • Storage

Storage of the o-cedar mop is simple courtesy of its small frame. It can fit in most spaces as long as you detach the mop pad. Its maintenance is also not demanding, with the most part concerning cleaning the mop pad and changing the water in the refillable bottle.

  • Areas of Use

You can use this mop in several areas such as the living room, bathroom, kitchen, and many more. As earlier mentioned, it is also perfect for commercial settings, especially those that need high standard hygiene levels such as restaurants, daycares, and hospitals.


O-Cedar ProMist Max Review

Overall Score: 8.8/10


o cedar promist max reviews


Brilliant features

  • The deep-cleaning microfiber effectively deals with 99% of germs.
  • Easy to install, use, and maintain.
  • A dual-sided mop pad that allows for quick cleaning.
  • You can use it for either wet or dry cleaning.
  • The refillable water bottle allows for the resourceful use of water and prevents accidental spills.
  • It is friendly on your floors, and you can also use it in different rooms like your bathroom or kitchen.
  • The mop is lightweight, making it easy to handle.
  • Its small frame makes it economical on space during storage.

Watch out for

  • The handle and the pole are not the retractable ones.


Final Words

Upgrade your cleaning practice by getting the o-cedar promist max microfiber spray mop, where you take advantage of its several features. Some of the features include a refillable bottle, spray control, and the mop pad’s microfiber surface.

If you get this mop, you are sure of an exciting experience as you leave your surfaces clean with 99% of germs exterminated.

Check the Price on Amazon


Shark S3501 Steam Mop Reviews

The Shark steam mop is an effective mop that provides great cleaning results at a price that represents great value for money. It is a mop that makes the most of the steam to get surfaces cleaner.

Additionally, it sanitizes a variety of surfaces and makes your home cleaner overall. Shark S3501 Steam Mop is quick and simple to use and consistently provides great cleaning results, without the hassle or disadvantages that other mops or swingers have.


The Overview of Shark S3501 Steam Mop in 2021

The Shark S3501 is a powerful steam mop that makes all surfaces hygienically clean. It is an inexpensive and highly effective product costing in the region of $60 to $85, depending on the retailer you purchase it from, or if it is on promotion. Even at full price, the Shark mop represents great value for your dollars.

Though there are more expensive steam mops out there with fancy features there is no need to bother with any of those as this mop does everything it is supposed to do and does it well. Go with this mop and put the money you save to something else.

  • The Shark Steam Pocket Mop turns ordinary water into super-heated steam to remove everyday dirt and grime that other mops leave behind.
  • Powerful steam on demand - natural mopping motion delivers super-heated steam in just 30 seconds, and dries almost immediately
  • 99.9% sanitization against germs and bacteria
  • 2 washable microfiber pads lift and lock in dirt - no more messy mops and heavy buckets
  • A soft-grip handle and comfortable design that make it easy to maneuver without physical strain
  • A quick-release cord - easily store and release the 18-foot power cord
  • Safe cleaning on hard-floor surfaces – including hardwood floors
  • Includes: Steam Mop, (2) Washable Microfiber Pads, Filling Flask, Quick Release Swivel Cord Wrap, Rectangle Mop Head


Main Features of Shark S3501 Steam Mop

shark pocketa steam mop review

  • Steam Increases Cleaning Power

Steam gives this mop extra power that allows it to clean deeply and remove more dirt not to mention cleaning away all bacteria from all surfaces. Using this mop provides greater levels of assurance that the surfaces are spotlessly clean. You can be certain that surfaces are as clean as they possibly can be after mopping them with the Shark.

Steam is well known for its ability to sanitize surfaces, and in current circumstances that make this product more appealing to purchase.

Using this mop is chemical-free and simple. You do not have to spend time filling a mop bucket with hot water and bleach/disinfectant. Purchase this Shark mop and you will no longer have to search around supermarkets to find the refill wipes that actually match with the Swiffer you own.  After all, a swifter without wipes is useless.

It is much easier to refill this mop with distilled water using a jug, or the cup included with the product.

  • A Simple Mop With No Messing

Using the Shark mop is straightforward, there is no time wasting with filling buckets of water, changing wipes, or using a jet spray that makes surfaces wet but not clean. You will not have to shop regularly for new mop heads or refill wipes either.

Forget the different kinds of string and foam mops, or floor Swiffer with the often ineffective wipes, just go out and get one of these Shark mops. The steam is more effective than most disinfectants and as effective as bleaches yet with no chemicals added.

It is so simple to use the Shark, fill it with water, wait a couple of minutes for it to generate steam. There is no filling and emptying of heavy mop buckets, or the need to change the wipes on a swifter several times before you have even finished cleaning the floor.

  • Deep Sanitizing Clean

The steam is the key to the deep sanitizing clean that the Shark provides. Steam gets rid of 99.9 of bacteria and can sanitize objects harboring a virus on their surface.

Regularly cleaning surfaces with the Shark mop will make your home cleaner and more hygienic for you and your family.

  • Cleans Multiple Surfaces

You can clean more than just wooden, laminate and tiled floors with the Shark mop. You can use it to clean the wall tiles in your bathroom or kitchen. This mop is even capable of removing excess grout from tiles after 2 or 3 cleanings.

Use the Shark to steam clean upholstery and curtains as well. Whatever surface you clean with this mop it is possible to see how much more dirt it removes than a traditional mop or a floor wipe attached to a swifter.

  • Easy Storage

The Shark needs less storage than old-style mops with their buckets or swifers with their wipe refills, You can store in a cupboard, with its little cup and a couple of replacement pads.

  • Less Drying Time

Sometimes it just seems that the 20 minutes or so that you have to wait for a floor mopped with a traditional mop to dry seem to take much longer. Then there are floors attached to swifers, these either dry out quickly or take 20 minutes or so to dry. The great thing about the Shark is that cleaned areas dry quickly.

Quick-drying means that you cannot get footprints on the areas that you have just mopped when you move to the next that needs cleaning.


Shark S3501 Pocket Steam Mop Review

Overall Score: 8.8/10

shark s3501 steam mop cleaner


Brilliant features

  • The steam provides a thorough and hygienic deep clean, sanitizes 99.9 % of surfaces
  • Mop generates steam quickly
  • Easy to use, just fill it with distilled water and clean surfaces with it
  • Both sides of the mop can be used to clean
  • Clean multiple surfaces not just floors, bathroom and kitchen tiles for instance

Watch out for

  • Its tank is a bit small, and cannot be detached
  • The cord is a bit too long for some users



Overall, the Shark s3501 Steam Mop is a top-quality product that provides enough steam to thoroughly clean surfaces and removes bacteria.  It is a powerful mop that removes dirt and stains from floors without any problems.

It does a thorough job of cleaning surfaces, removing greater quantities of dirt than traditional mops and swingers do. The mop is light and generates steam quickly, and the long cord means that you do not have to constantly change sockets while cleaning your home.

Perhaps it could benefit from the tank being larger and detachable yet it does the job you buy for it for very well. It is inexpensive and totally fit for purpose.


Yocada Sponge Mop Review

Cleaning your house is a significant part of its maintenance, and you should bring your best for it to take an impressive shape. Cleaning relies on two major things, which are the frequency and the equipment you use. Frequency is self-explanatory, where you understand you need to perform the maintenance duties regularly.

When talking about cleaning equipment, you get into a broader topic, where you pay attention to the several utilities to bring along. To avoid second-guessing when dealing with dirt, the Yocada sponge mop is an ideal companion to bring along.


Overall Review of Yocada Sponge Mop

The Yocada sponge mop is the true definition of practical cleaning equipment. You can see this attribute from how it is easy to set up to the unique design it features. With this mop, you are sure to have your house clean at all times, and fun moments as you swipe it over dirty surfaces.

Talking about the design, it is very versatile as you can adjust it to various forms as you prefer when performing the house maintenance tasks. You can adjust its height and even change the mopheads from a brush to a sponge.

You cannot overlook its handling, with a handle placed midway its shaft, ensuring your arms do not strain as you tackle house duties.

In short, this is one of the best cleaning utilities you can come across, promising you a spotless area once done with it. Yocada mop’s collection of features is one of the factors that may endear you to it. Let us have a look at the many features it possesses.

  • How to install the sponge head: Aim at the groove, use your strength to insert the iron clamp on the sponge head into the groove. And if you want to remove the sponge head, press the button on the sponge head and just pull out it.
  • Sponge Mop Honeycomb Sponge: The mop has total 2 sponge heads in the box. Honeycombed sponge design is more absorbent, easier to dry and stronger breathability.
  • Sponge Mop Adjustable Iron Pole: The handle can be adjusted from 42.5 inch to 52 inch. Anticlockwise screw the middle pole to adjust the length of the mop to your desire.
  • Sponge Mop Water Squeegee: There is a squeegee that can help you to clean dirt and water in a easier and faster way.
  • Sponge Mop Removable Sponge: The sponge section can be easily removed and installed, and you can remove it for thorough cleaning or storage.


Main Features of the Yocada Sponge Mop

yocada sponge mop reviews

1. Adjustable Mopheads

This cleaning utility’s striking feature is its adjustable mophead, which sports a brush, a sponge, and a squeegee. This is a full maintenance package, and you do not need to have a bucket load of equipment when you want to improve hygiene in your space.

When setting it up, there are dedicated grooves for all the mentioned mopheads. The three attachments make the use of the mop convenient as you have three gadgets in one.

The brush comes in handy to deal with hard to remove stains and can also access grooves in tiles and other areas that are hard to reach.

The squeegee helps get rid of water, where you direct it away from the surface you are dealing with. After leading water away from the surface, you bring in the sponge to absorb and dispose it off in the right reservoir.

2. Two Sponges

Still, on the mophead, the sponge mop comes with two sponges, including a honeycomb design sponge. This sponge is more absorbent, highly breathable, and easy to dry. It is the best option to use when dealing with liquid spills or with a lot of water.

3. Ease In Installation

Some household utilities come with the hurdle of installation, where they may require one to have some technical knowhow to set it up. That is not something you will see with the Yocada mop as it is effortless to set up.

You need some effort to fix the iron clamp into the grove to attach your mophead, and you are good to go. If you want to remove the mophead, you simply press a button on its body to release it.

4. Telescopic Pole

Another feature that gives you a hint of its flexibility is its telescopic pole, which you can extend or reduce depending on your preference.

You can screw in the middle rod to increase the length of the pole from 42.5-inches to 52-inches. This is convenient if you are tall for comfort during use or if you want to clean remote areas such as the ceiling in some situations.

5. Lightweight

The mop is light in weight, translating to ease in handling. The weight prevents issues such as arm strain and makes it portable in that you can easily carry it from one point to another.

6. Ease In Storage

When not in use, you can dismantle the Yocada sponge mop to store it. The mophead and the poles are detachable, and this will save on space.

7. Maintenance

Maintenance of this mop is a straightforward affair, where you pay more attention to cleaning the sponges.

You have to clean the sponges regularly, primarily if you dealt with tough stains such as grime. You also need to replace the sponge in case they wear out for the best service.

8. Use in Different Settings

As severally mentioned, the sponge mop is flexible, which is evident in the different areas you can use it. Be it in the kitchen, the living room, or bathroom; the sponge mop will bring its best.

9. Easy Wring

When cleaning your house, you do not have to bend to wring out the mop; there is a handle midway the pole that you pull to squeeze out water from the sponge. This feature contributes to its overall practicability.


Yocada Sponge Mop Review

Overall Score: 8.8/10

Yocada sponge mop with long handle and squeegee and brush



Brilliant features

  • It does not take much space when not in use.
  • Its lightweight frame boosts its handling.
  • You can use it in various settings, from your kitchen, living room to the bathroom.
  • A telescopic pole for taller users or to reach remote areas.
  • The handle on the rod enables easy wringing.
  • Comes with two sponges.
  • An adjustable mophead featuring a squeegee, a brush, and a sponge.

Watch out for

  • Some customers don’t like its width dimension of the head.


Final Words

The cleanliness of your house is as good as the cleaning equipment you have. The Yocada sponge mop is the ultimate cleaning partner, where you benefit from its versatility and user-friendliness, coming from the unique combination of features.

The adjustable mopheads and the telescopic pole show you how flexible it is on usage in various areas in your house. Get this mop and enjoy your cleaning moments, where you are sure of having dry and spotless surfaces.

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Turbo Microfiber Mop Reviews

Turbo Microfiber Mop is a highly-essential and versatile mop that is ideal for cleaning your floor as well as windows, walls, and ceilings.

This product is designed from high-grade aluminum, and it is relatively light in weight, which makes it easy to maneuver under your furniture as well as other tight spaces that are often hard to reach.

In this article, we shall be taking you through the Turbo Microfiber Mop review in order for you to understand the product better.


The Overview of Turbo Microfiber Mop

Equipped with an incredible looped design, the Turbo Microfiber Mop is highly effective when it comes to getting rid of dirt, animal hair, and other debris. In addition to being a great mop, Turbo Microfiber Mop is machine washable; this makes the cleaning process relatively easy and less tiresome.

The Turbo Microfiber Mop is relatively slim, which makes it ideal for individuals living in an apartment. With most apartments having a relatively small space for storing cleaning tools, this microfiber mop features a small and compact design that makes it best for apartment use.

In addition to that, this mop is highly versatile; in fact, it is highly compatible with several floor designs, including hardwood, laminate, tile, bamboo, and cement. This means that you can always use this mop in cleaning your kitchen floor, living room floor as well as the bathroom floor. The mop is ideal for cleaning everything except for carpets.

As a pet-owner, you must be familiar with the fur problem; the Turbo Microfiber Mop has been designed to help solve this problem. This product is capable of getting rid of a pet’s hair from different surfaces.

  • Effective - Designed to pick up dirt, dust, pet hair, and other debris, these mops for floor cleaning know how to make a clean sweep around the home, apartment, dorm, office, and more.
  • Swivel Action - Take this hardwood floor mop for a spin! It features a 360-degree rotating head to effortlessly wipe up messes in every direction.
  • Adjustable - Our floor cleaner has a sturdy, aluminum, telescoping handle that extends up to 60" for easy cleaning on windows or walls, under the couch, and every other nook and cranny.
  • Compatibility - The dust mop's machine-washable microfiber and scrubbing pads are compatible with the Swiffer Wet Jet, Shark, Bona, Bissell, Libman, o-Cedar, and other mops.
  • Multipurpose Cleaner - Whether used as a wet or dry mop, these microfiber mops for floor cleaning work wonders on wood, tile, laminate, vinyl, and other types of floors.


Main Features of Turbo Microfiber Mop

turbo microfiber mop for all types of floors

Keeping your house clean is not only meant to impress our guests but also to improve our physical health. For example, dust mites are responsible for triggering asthma in some people.

The Turbo Microfiber Mop is highly effective when it comes to keeping cleaning and leaving your house sparkly clean.

This mop achieves this with utmost ease thanks to incredible features. Some of the features equipped in this mop that makes it stand out from other mops to include:

  • High-quality

If you are looking for a professional commercial grade floor mop for cleaning your apartment, home, office, dorm, basement, laundry, or bathroom, then you should consider the Turbo Microfiber Mop.

This product features an extra length lightweight microfiber mop system designed from a hard and durable aluminum alloy as well as reusable and washable pads.

The incredible long handle makes this microfiber mop ideal for dry cleaning your floor and best for wet mopping or scrubbing your floor.

  • Great value

This microfiber mop is not only highly durable but also relatively affordable. With a 360-degree swivel spin head, the Turbo Microfiber Mop is an industrial-grade which has been designed to offer effective cleaning.

The product is affordable and offers premium quality at the same time. This low-cost mop features reusable pads and comes with a replacement refill with no self-wringing required.

  • Machine Washable

The Turbo Microfiber Mop is not only machine washable but also eco-friendly. The product comes with 2 machine washable microfiber pads; these pads can be rewashed, reused, replaced, and refilled.

You can reuse these microfiber pads over and over again, and you can wash it up to 100 times with the washing machine hence saving you money and protect the environment.

The mop pad can easily be attached to fixed Velcro on the mop’s head, and it can be detached and washed with the utmost ease. This makes the ideal greenwash mop system for both adults and kids.

  • Light in weight

Turbo Microfiber Mop is relatively light in weight and features the perfect size for mopping.

The mop features a 35 to 60-inch telescoping handle with a 17 inch large 360-degree rotating mop head. This mop has been designed to best suit both tall and short individuals. This design makes it relatively easy to reach some of the hard to reach spaces including up on your windows and under the couches.

  • Perfect for all surfaces

This microfiber mop is ideal for cleaning dirt, pet hair, and dust from different floor surfaces, including vinyl, hardwood, tile, cement, and linoleum, among others.

This means that you can always use this microfiber mop in cleaning your bathroom, kitchen, office, windows, and bedrooms with the utmost ease. The mop works perfectly with vinegar spray on the floor.


Turbo Microfiber Review

Overall Score: 9.4/10

cheap turbo microfiber mop



Brilliant features

  • This microfiber mop comes equipped with two reusable cleaning pads; this helps in eliminating the need to purchase disposable floor cleaning wipes.
  • You can use the pads either when wet or dry when cleaning messes on your floor.
  • Ideal for cleaning with plain water.
  • Prevents sticky floors.
  • Best for removing dust, dirt and pet’s and human hair.
  • Ideal for cleaning different floor surfaces.

Watch out for

  • Lacks self-wringing system.


Is Turbo Microfiber Mop Worth the Price?

Yes, Turbo Microfiber Mop is worth the price. This product has been specially designed to help in making the cleaning process much more comfortable. Furthermore, it best suits both the elderly and the disabled.

In addition to that, its lightweight design makes it relatively easy to clean your home without being exhausted. While its small and compact design makes it best for use in apartments and homes where there is insufficient room for storing cleaning tools.

The Turbo Microfiber Mop is ideal for cleaning different floor surfaces without causing any damage to the floor.


Final Verdict

If you are looking for a mop that will help you save money, then the Turbo Microfiber Mop will be best for you.

This product has been designed to help save money and save the environment thanks to its usable and washable machine pads.

In addition to that, Turbo Microfiber Mop is constructed from a highly durable aluminum alloy; this helps in boosting its longevity significantly.

As we conclude, we hope that you have found this article useful.

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Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop Review

Steam cleaning is an excellent way of ensuring your home is always clean and fresh. You get to take a shorter time to remove mold, mildew, dirt, and other stubborn stains from your floors. If you are planning to buy a steam cleaner, the Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop is a great choice.

Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop comes with fabulous cleaning capabilities that make it popular with many homeowners. It highlights high-quality features, given its affordable price.


Overview of the Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop

One fantastic thing about the Bissell Powerfresh steam mop is that it can remove up to 99.9 percent of bacteria and germs on your floors without the use of expensive detergents. This helps you to create a safe environment for your family members and pets as well.

You can use this product to clean hard sealed surfaces, including tile, vinyl, marble, stone, laminate, hardwood floors,and cleaning carpet. Also, it comes features a water tank that has a capacity of 16 oz that’s large enough to ensure you clean a larger space for a longer time.

Another feature that you will find impressive about the Bissell Powerfresh mop is that it comes with three steam settings.  There is a high, low, and medium setting, which enables you to experience different strengths when cleaning. For instance, you will find the high setting particularly helpful when cleaning tough messes and stains.

One feature that is different from other market options is the spring breeze aroma disk. Whenever you want your house to have a pleasant scent when cleaning, you can put the aroma disk into the mopping pad.

Overall, as mentioned earlier, many great features are packed in the Bissel Power Fresh mop that makes it seamless for everyone to use. It is undoubtedly an ideal choice when it comes to steam cleaning.


Key Features of the Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop

  • Smart Steam Control

One brilliant thing you will love about the Bissel steam mop is that it lets you experience different steam settings. The steam settings are located at the front-facing top of the mop’s body, which means you do not have to bend when switching between the settings.  You can switch between high, medium, and low settings.

The high setting is great for cleaning messes that are already dry and proving to be quite challenging to clean using the low and medium settings. You can use the low setting to clean messes with lower viscosity such as spilled tea, juice, milk, water, coffee, etc. The medium setting would be an excellent choice for cleaning messes with a higher viscosity such as porridge, baby food, ice cream, peanut butter, and jelly.

  • Strain Reliever Handle Design

The handle construction features a highly durable hollow short aluminum rod alongside a handlebar. The handlebar is also rubberized to give you a firm grip when using the mop, so it doesn’t slip from your hands when cleaning.

Moreover, the rubberized handle is fitted at a convenient angle on the aluminum rod to ensure that your wrist the least strain possible.

  • Removable Water Tank

As mentioned earlier in this article, this steam mop comes with a convenient water tank at the top. The good news is that the water tank is quite easy to refill, and there is no need to stop your steam cleaning completely when doing so.

You do not have to wait for the Bissel mop to cool down to start refilling the tank. This is a convenient feature in the Bissel Powerfresh mop that is not present in even high-end steam mop models.

The water tank has a capacity of 16oz. This gives you the convenience of cleaning a more extensive area before your next refill. It’s also worth mentioning that this model comes with a 23-foot code that makes it easier to maneuver when cleaning different rooms without changing power outlets.

  • Low Profile Mop Head

The Bissell Powerfresh steam mop comes with a low profile head that is 12.5 inches wide. This means that it covers a large surface area when you are steam mopping. Moreover, its low-profile design allows for easy and convenient storage under most cupboards.

It has two antimicrobial microfiber pads. This means that you will not have to endure a sticky, smelly mop after cleaning. The mop comes with soft padding as well as a hard one. The soft one is ideal for regular use, while the hard scrubby one is great for tougher jobs.

  • Lightweight, Easy Maintenance

This product weighs only six pounds, making it easy to carry around from one room to another as you do your cleaning.  Further mop, this steam mop is easy to maintain, unlike other steam mops. You will only have to replace the filter occasionally to ensure the optimal performance of the mechanical parts.

  • Polarized Plug for Safe Use

One of the best safety features about the Bissel Powerfresh mop is the integrated polarized plug. The plug is handy as it helps to prevent electric shocks when using the device. As mentioned earlier, this steam mop is safe to use on different kinds of floors, including hardwood, marble, tile, vinyl, and stone, and you don’t have to worry about scratches.

  • Maneuverable Swivel Head

There is a maneuverable swivel head positioned in between the head and the main body of the mop. The swivel allows you to manipulate the mop as you do your cleaning seamlessly.

There is no need to worry about it breaking as it is highly durable compared to those in other models. The swivel joint allows for 270 degrees rotation for you to perform all your steam cleaning operations smoothly.

  • Fragrance Disc

As the name suggests, this steam mop comes with fragrance discs to give you the much-desired fresh scent when you are steam cleaning. Your floors will have a sweet scent whenever you use this model and will remain sparkling clean.

To add a touch of freshness onto your floors, insert the fragrance discs into a pouch located in an inner pouch on the microfiber pads’ inner side before attaching them on the mop’s head.


Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop Review

Overall Score: 9.2/10


Brilliant features

  • Low profile cleaning mop for convenient storage under cabinets
  • Comes with three smart steam settings
  • Detachable and easy to refill the water tank
  • Comes with two microfiber pads with antimicrobial properties
  • Kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and other harmful germs without the use of harsh chemicals
  • Long power cord for easy maneuverability when cleaning

Watch out for

  • Better to use along with a water filter to guarantee the longevity of the mop
  • The steam produced is hot; thus, it is recommended to wear shoes when operating to prevent your toes from getting burnt


Bissell Powerfresh Vs. Shark S3501 Steam Mop

The shark S3501 mop is more affordable compared to the Bissel Powerfresh steam mop. When it comes to efficiency in terms of performance, the shark S3501 works quite similarly to the Bissel Powerfresh steam mop.

Both steam mops can remove up to 99.9 percent of germs, leaving your floors clean and fresh, thus safe for your family member and pets. The Shark S3501 steam mop can also do a great job cleaning messes and stains easily.

One thing that makes the shark S3501 different from the Bissel Powerfresh mop is that it comes with a flip-over mopping pad, which offers you an entirely new surface to aid your cleaning. Rather than wash the side of the mopping pad that is dirty, you can flip it over and continue with your mopping. This dramatically reduces your cleaning time.

It is also worth mentioning that the shark S3501 doesn’t come with the fragrance discs like the Bissel Powerfresh. The fragrance discs leave your floors smelling fresh when you are done cleaning.


Final Verdict

In summary, the Bissel Powerfresh steam mop is undoubtedly a timeless addition to your home.  Aside from the fact that it allows you to clean stubborn messes, you get to get rid of up to 99.9 percent of bacteria and other germs.

It is highly lightweight, easy to use, and maintain. A major plus about the Bissel Powerfresh 1940 mop is that you do not need to use any harsh chemicals when cleaning, thus making it highly eco-friendly. Overall, this mop posses all the great features that make it a popular choice for most homeowners today.


  • Clean and sanitize sealed hard floors without the use of harsh chemicals; Eliminates 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria with the natural power of steam
  • Power through tough, sticky messes with the flip down easy scrubber
  • Choose from high, medium, or low steam based on your cleaning needs with the smart set digital steam control
  • Features swivel steering and a 23 foot power cord. Ready to use in 30 seconds
  • Includes: (1) microfiber soft pad, (1) microfiber scrubby pad, (2) spring breeze fragrance discs, and a carpet glider. Power rating: 1500 watts. Power Source: Corded
  • Packaging graphics may vary
  • Easy Scrubber flips down and reaches down to the grout and crevices.
  • SmartSet Steam Control for light cleaning to heavy messes.
  • Spring Breeze fragrance discs insert in the mop pad for a fresh, clean scent while you steam mop.
  • Removable water tank you can easily fill at the sink.
  • Low-profile mop head cleans into corners and edges.