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H2O Mop x5 Review – Your Ideal Steam Cleaner

Thane has earned its reputation from the fine equipment it produces. And among the many types of equipment it makes, the H20 X5 steam cleaner is at the forefront. This steam mop is perfect for cleaning all types of floors, ranging from hardwood and laminate to stone. The H20 X5 steam cleaner seamlessly and adequately cleans grime and sanitizes surfaces with the help of steam. So, if you hunt for a steam mop that works excellent on all types of floors, consider this versatile model. The H20 X5 mop removes all dirt and grease without leaving chemicals or residue on the floors.

Furthermore, it is one of the most lightweight steam cleaners you’ll ever find. Apart from that, its maneuverability is on another level, very easy. Who wouldn’t want a floor cleaner like this? In fact, you have to add this model to your favorite cleaning equipment. In this h2o mop x5 review, you will know everything you ought to know about this steam cleanr, from its benefits to what people like and dislike. By the end, you will have a concrete decision about this steam cleaner.


Why Are H20 X5 Steam Cleaners So Popular?

h2o steam mop review

The h2o mop x5 has made it easier to clean and sanitize your floors without any hassle. It uses water for cleaning and sanitizing surfaces and those places that are hard to reach, thus removing almost all microorganisms and bacteria.

  • H2O X5 steam cleaner comes with a detachable water tank to help you clean large areas without refilling the water tank every time. Besides, the tank has a faucet for water refilling.
  • There is no need to add detergents and chemicals as the steam can only remove dirt and stains.
  • The steam gets hot faster, which makes it great equipment for quick cleaning.
  • Offers easy maneuverability.
  • It’s a 5-in-1 steam cleaner for cleaning hard floors, carpets, windows, garments, and Upholstery and is a handheld unit.
  • H2O X5 mop has a power cord measuring 6m to help you access any tight corner, and it weighs less than 5lb for easier carrying.

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Thane H2O MOP X5 Review: Why Choose This One?

From its pros, cons, advantages, and what other people say, we have come up with a review that’ll broaden your knowledge about the H2O X5 steam cleaner. So, let’s get started!

1) . Highlights and features

highlights of H20 X5 Steam Cleaner

  • One dirt grip pad

The H2O X5 mop comes with one microfiber cleaning pad to remove any dirt around your house.

These pads are washable, have a higher rate of absorption and dry quickly, and can last for a long time when well kept.

But, it’s highly advisable to replace them when they have served you for some time.

  • Hand-wash or machine wash the dirt grip pad.

If you see it fit to wash the pad by machine or by hand, you can do so. No damage will be experienced.

  • Refillable water tank

This steam cleaner comes with a large water tank, so there is no need to refill it each time. It holds a maximum of 400ml of water which is just sufficient to clean 100sg feet.

Distilled water is advisable to use while cleaning. You should empty the water after using the mop and then store it properly to prevent destroying the water tank.

  • Lightweight design

It’s a slim and versatile model that makes it easier to maneuver around. Also, you can use it in different areas of your home, for instance, in the windows, bathroom, and hallways.

The H2O X5 mop features a round metal brush head that fits in any tight corner for proper cleaning. At 8.58 pounds, this steam cleaner ranks among the lightest models on the market.

  • Easier to assemble

It’s very easy to assemble the H2O X5 mop. With instructions comprehensively outlined, you won’t find it hard to assemble this equipment.

Besides, the instructions are so simple that you won’t find them tricky to understand, and there is no need for manuals as every part is clearly shown to help with the assembly procedure.

  • One-Touch for variable steam

The H2O X5 has superb steam power. With just 1500 watts of steam power, this model heats up in 20 seconds producing hot steam bubbles.

Besides, it has three levels of steam power for excellent cleaning. After plugging in power, it begins to heat up immediately.


2). What you may like about it?

natural cleaning of h20 X5 steam cleaning

  • Ease of use

This steam cleaner is quite easy to use. You just add water to the tank, wait for like 20 seconds for the water to heat up, and start cleaning. It will clean your floors effectively, and you will have already finished within no time.

  • No need to use harsh chemicals

Only steam is used, so there is no need to add chemicals. The grime and impurities will be eliminated from the surfaces with the help of steam. Besides, the chemicals damage the steam mop.

  • Pet-friendly

Since no chemicals are used in the mop, it’s thus considered safe for cleaning homes with pets. Chemicals can irritate the skin of your pets, which might affect their health.


3). What you may dislike about it?

The water tank requires frequent replenishment.

  • Water in the tank lasts about 10mins max.
  • The power cord sometimes gets in the way while refilling the water tank.
  • Microfiber pads need to be changed after about 40mins of continuous use.

4). Cleaning performance for different tasks

 H2O Mop X5 Basic Mop 5 in 1 All Purpose Hand Held Steam Cleaner

H2O MOP X5 is a quite new way of cleaning that’s effective and more hygienic than other conventional methods. It achieves a higher hygiene degree and enhances cleansing power just by changing the water to steam with the help of a microfiber floor cloth to improve absorbency.

When it comes in contact with surfaces, grime and dirt are removed quickly. Since this model uses active steam power without soaps or detergents, it’s environmentally friendly.

5). Is it worth buying?

Yes. This is a great product to buy due to the benefits it brings. Due to its portability, cleaning power, and functionality, it is an ideal product that each home should own. You cannot go wrong with this steam mop.

It works on all types of floors, so if your floor is made of laminate, stone, or wood, there is no need to worry as you’ve got it covered. The outstanding 5-in-1 functionality is what makes many people leave other models for it. In short, it is worth your money.

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How to Use it Properly to Mop Your Floor?

Before using the H2O MOP X5, ensure that it is unplugged from the power source.

  • Fill water in the water tank up to 400ml and attach the round copper brush to the main body.
  • Choose the Steam Regulator Positions- You can either choose 1, which represents Low, 2 which represents Medium, 3, which represents High, or 4, Hot spray. You can change the positions while using the mop.
  • After that, plug the Power Cord into the grounded electrical outlet. RED light means power is on. The Power Switch is indicated with O for OFF and I for ON. Wait for Greenlight, which is an indicator for ready to use. It takes about 20 seconds.
  • When you see the GREEN light, press Power Switch ( O / I ) to lower position to put it ON.
  • The steamer will begin emitting steam.
  • Put it on the floor to start cleaning the dirt off.



1. Can you put vinegar in the H2O steam mop?

Yes. Vinegar won’t damage the mop but enhance its cleaning power.

2. What is the difference between H20 X5 and HD?

H20 HD has a built-in filter that is removable, while the H20 X5 has a filter that isn’t removable. Also, the H20 HD comes with a foldable handle for easier storage.

3. Does the X5 steam mop work?

Yes. The 5 in 1 steam mop achieves a higher hygiene degree by converting water to steam with the microfiber floor cloth for absorbency.



For regular and light cleaning, the X5 steam mop comes in handy. From this h2o mop x5 review, you can deduce that this steam cleaner is a must to have. It does wonders on the wood flooring and uses a simpler approach of just steamer and water.

So, if you are still accustomed to your traditional way of cleaning by using a bucket and a mop, you should try the steam mop. The h2o mop x5 will make your floors spotless clean! Get yours today!


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