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Steam Mop Cleaner Solution FAQs

A steam mop cleaning solution is great for anyone who wants a cleaner that works just like a steam mop but leaves the wood floors sanitized and ready to dine on. Not only are they tough enough to remove grime and dirt without the use of harsh chemicals, but they also don’t leave any residue behind.

When using a steam mop you have to wipe or vacuum up your floors when finished; if you do not, then months later you will see grime and dirt caked on your floors. This article provides you with frequently asked questions about Steam mop cleaner solutions.


Can You Use Dish Soap In A Steam Mop?

is it safe to use dish soap in a steam mop

Yes, you can use dish soap in your steam mop but you should look for an enzyme-based product. These products have the right enzymes to clean and sanitize carpets and floors.

Dish soap is an excellent cleaner for use with a steam mop, but as a cleanser, it doesn’t offer the same cleaning as a steam mop cleaner. Dish soap is a good alternative if you want to save money and not need to buy vinegar.


Can You Use Detergent In A Steam Mop?

will detergent be used in a steam mop

Yes but not recommended. Detergent can be used in your steam mop but it will leave behind a sudsy residue when you are done cleaning.

You can go back over your floors with a piece of microfiber cloth to remove the suds, or use another steam mop cleaner product then rinse the microfiber cloth after cleaning with detergent.

Detergents do not offer the same cleaning as a steam mop cleaner. It is recommended to only use detergents that are non-alkaline, unscented, and free of dyes.

Although it is not necessary to add detergent to your steam mop solution, it can be a great substitute for a mop. Adding detergent along with your steam mop cleaner will allow you to achieve the cleanest floors possible, as well as how long to wait before rinsing the floors.

Depending on the detergent you use and how dirty your floors are, some types of detergents may leave behind suds which will attract dirt and dust.


Can You Put Essential Oils In A Steam Mop?

Can You Put Essential Oils In A Steam Mop

Essential oils are excellent for sanitizing and killing odor-causing bacteria. However, using essential oils in a steam mop is not recommended.

Essential oils can be harmful to your floors and may cause damage to your wood floors. Remember that essential oils are extremely concentrated and should only be used as part of your steam mop cleaning solution, not as a stand-alone product.

Read more about why essential oils are not good for a steam mop.


Can You Put Murphy Oil Soap In A Steam Mop?

can you usea Murphy Oil Soap to steam clean

Murphy Oil Soap should not be used in a steam mop as it is too alkaline. There are many proprietary products that use Murphy Oil Soap as a base and some contain leave-behinds and residue.

These products all contain detergents, fillers and other ingredients that do not work well with steam mops and will eventually leave your floors with an unattractive grime build-up.


Can You Use Vinegar In A Steam Mop?

Can You Use Vinegar In A Steam Mop

Yes, water and vinegar are a great combination for cleaning floors. Adding a couple of drops of vinegar to your steam mop solution will decrease the amount of soap you use, keeping the floor cleaner for longer.

You will also notice that floors are easier to clean as they don’t get as sudsy or dirty. You can also use white distilled vinegar as an alternative.

It can be used in place of a steam mop cleaner, however, it has the same drawbacks as other cleaners. Vinegar will leave behind a residue that attracts dirt and dust. However, if you want to save money and make your own cleaning solution then vinegar is a great choice!


Can You Put Pine Sol In A Steam Mop?

can you use Pine-Sol to steam mops

Pine Sol is a great dish soap or cleaner. It is unscented and doesn’t leave behind any sticky residue. You can add it to your steam mop solution, but use it sparingly as it may leave behind a film on your floors that may attract dirt.


Can I Put Bleach In My Steam Mop?

Can I Put Bleach In My Steam Mop

If you are trying to disinfect your floors and remove stubborn grime and dirt that won’t come off using the steam mop vacuum, then adding bleach to your steam mop solution can be a great choice.

But be careful not to use too much because it can leave behind an unattractive film on your floors that will attract dirt and debris. Always follow the manufacturer’s directions when adding bleach to your steam mop solution.


Can You Steam Mop With Angry Orange?

Can You Steam Mop With Angry Orange

Yes, you can use Angry Orange in your steam mop solution. It will not leave behind a residue, but it can be very irritant to your nose and throat.

Try this product in a small space with a test run first. This is not an effective sanitizing solution for hardwood floors and may cause damage if applied to carpets as well.


Can I Steam Mop After Pest Control?

can you use steam mop after Pest Control

If you are using a pest exterminator to get rid of pests, you should wait until all the pests have been removed before using your steam mop.

Once the exterminators’ work is done, you can use your cleaner as usual but follow the directions on the bottle about how to clean up, as well as what to do with any leftover residue.


What Solution Do You Use In A Steam Mop?

what are the best cleaning solution to use with spin mop

It is best to use a solution specifically for cleaning steam mop floors. Products such as vinegar and lemon juice can be used as a substitute but should be used with caution.

Water alone will work but it is not very effective on hardwood floors. A steam mop cleaner can be used by itself or diluted with water or vinegar. You should make sure that your mop can pick up the correct amount of solution and not leave behind any residue.



Steam mopping is a great way to make your floors cleaner, more sanitized and easier to clean. Mops would not give you the same clean like a steam mop and are only beneficial if you don’t want to spend money on a steam mop.

It is important to use the correct steam mop cleaning solution for the best results. Steam mops can be used for both hardwood and vinyl floors. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s directions when using your product. Steam mops are effective when applied correctly to their intended surface.

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