Top 5 Small Steam Mop Reviews for 2021

Unlike the conventional mops that use detergent and bleach to clean the floor, a steam mop is a modernized mop that uses steam to clean and disinfect your floors. With the help of a microfiber pad located underneath, it can collect all dirt in-floor or carpet. Using small steam mops to clean your home and offices is the best choice for any cleaner who suffers from dust and chemical allergies.

When you use small steam mops, the cleaner can remove all small mites, dust particles, and kill germs without using harmful detergents. To all these benefits, all you need is a functional small steam mop and water.

In this guide, we will discuss: the benefits, how to choose, how a steam mop works, the ideal floor types, and a review of the five best small steam mops.


5 Best Small Steam Mops On the Market


How to Choose a Small Steam Mop?

When picking and choosing the best small steam mop for your floor in the market, it is advisable to consider these factors that will enable you to make an informed choice.

  • The Surface of Your Floor

You can clean all hard surfaces with a small steam mop, but it is advisable to follow specific consideration when cleaning the hard floor that requires special attention like hardwood floors.

A hardwood floor requires you to have a small steam mop with an adjustable steam setting. With this feature, your mop can control the moisture and heat your floor receives.

For an individual who intends to use the mop on carpets, it is advisable to ask if the small steam mop has a carpet attachment that protects it during cleaning.

  • Easy to Use

When buying a small steam mop, it advisable to ensure that you check the user-friendliness of your mop. Brilliant steam mops that are easy to fold flat or swivel clean floors and furniture more efficiently.

Ensure that your mop handle is adjustable even if you do not have a mobility issue to avoid bending too much.

  • Surface Area

It is good to note the entire size that you will be cleaning with this steam mop. For people with large homes and clean buildings with multiple stories, they should consider buying a small steam mop with a larger water storage tank.

A larger tank solves a frequent refilling problem, and it will save you time. Also, whether the floor is small or large ensures that your mop’s cord is long enough to enable you to do multiple rooms surfaces without having to unplug it.

  • Fast Heat

An ideal small steam mop will take on a higher side thirty seconds to heat-up. As a result, it saves you as the user a lot of time, enabling you to plan your time effectively when cleaning multiple floors.

  • Clean Material

For individuals who intend to clean their delicate surfaces, they should ensure that their mop has a microfiber cloth to protect their floors from scratches.

Microfiber cloth can be easily cleaned and recycled several times, and it is useful in picking small dirt particles. Also, ensure that it has any other accessory that you require to clean particular floors.

  • Availability of Accessories

Before you purchase a small steam mop, ensure that the accessories such as the cleaning cloth are readily available in your local store if it gets worn out after use.


Top 5 Small Steam Mop Reviews

1. Best Overall -Light N Easy Floor Steam Mop Cleaner


  • Comes with a triple-layered microfiber pad
  • Flexible mop head of hard-to-reach areas
  • Super light design
  • Cleans smoothly different floor types


  • The water tank is not detachable

It is one of the best small steam mops in the market and highly rated steam cleaners. This cleaner has a steamer with 1150w that provides powerful steam enabling the mop to remove stubborn stains without tiring you.

It is lightweight, making the cleaner easy to operate and move around.

  • Long cable – this steam mop cleaner comes with a 20feet cord that allows a comprehensive coverage around the house. It enables you to clean hard to reach areas in your house. This feature makes the cleaning process easy and convenient.
  • Thick mop pad – this mop has three layers of mop pads that are powerful enough to remove stubborn stains. The mop pad is also reusable.
  • Multi-functional – Light N Easy steam mop is suitable for cleaning all kinds of floors. It can steam mop tiles, hardwood, laminate floors, vinyl floors, among others.
  • Manual control – it has a manual pump that allows you to control the quantity of steam released. This feature is best as it offers protection while dealing with delicate floors.

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2. Runner up -Shark Seafoam Small Steam Mop


  • Has an extra tank that enables you to clean continuously
  • It has a two side microfiber pad
  • Releases steam with just moving it forward
  • Sanitize your floor with 99% efficiency


  • No automatic shutoff
  • Does not have a water filter

Shark Steam Mop has a lightweight design with a large removable tank that makes you clean multiple rooms without refilling. Some of the features associated with this small steam mop are as follows:

  • Removable large tank – It comes with a removable extra-large tank that is easy to fill. It also uses a double-sided cleaning technology that can clean the surface with two sides.
  • Effortless clean – The mop clean and remove all grime, grease, and dirt without using any cleaning detergent, leaving your floor clean.
  • Lightweights – this mop is light in weight and makes it easy to move around during the cleaning operation.

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3. Best for Corners – Bissell PowerEdge Floor Cleaner


  • A triangular-shaped base helps in reaching out and clean corners
  • It is a lightweight tool
  • A convenient design
  • Comes with a handheld tool for cleaning countertops and sinks


  • No extra mop head included

Bissell PowerEdge Steam Mop is incredibly lightweight hence easy to lift and use it to clean above-floor surfaces such as sink and counterparts. It has a triangular-shaped mop head making it most ideal for cleaning hard to reach corners and edges of the floor.

Below are the unique features of this floor cleaner

  • Steam on-demand option – the cleaner has a steam trigger that allows you to modify the quantity of steam you need on each activity.
  • Triangular-shaped based – Bissell power edge floor cleaner is popularly known for this unique feature. This shape enables it to reach out to the tricky corners and edges that are manually hard to reach and clean.
  • Portable handheld tool – this steam mop comes with a grout tool and a bristle scrub brush for cleaning surfaces such as countertops and sinks.

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4. Best Budget – O Cedar Small Microfiber Steam Mop


  • Requires a short heating time
  • A triangular-shaped head that enables maneuverability
  • Washable microfiber pad for efficiency and convenience
  • Easy to assemble


  • The steam mop reservoir is not transparent

If you are looking for an affordable small steam mop, consider O cedar steam mop.

This mop has a flexible design that allows you to adjust the steam flow, depending on the floor surface you are cleaning. O cedar steam mop is lightweight weighing only 5lbs, a feature that makes it easy to use and move around.

The following are some of its excellent features.

  • Triangular head design – this head design enables it to reach and clean edges and corners that are difficult to reach manually.
  • Adjustable steam setting – this feature enables you to adjust the steam flow depending on the floor type. Therefore you can safely clean any floor surface with this mop.
  • Lightweight designer – O cedar small microfiber steam mop weighs only 5lbs. Its lightweight design enables you to swivel and glide your floor surfaces with ease.
  • Glider attachment – it comes with a snap-on glider useful for refreshing and cleaning carpet.

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5. Best Powerful -Shark Genius Cleaning System


  • Three levels of steam controls for different cleaning needs
  • Steam blaster for tough stains
  • Large water tank capacity
  • Touch-free technology for easy attach and remove


  • The water tank is not removable
  • It does not stand on its own

Shark Genius steam mop is one of the most potent small steam mop. This upright steam mop offers a combination of power and convenience with its flexible cleaning pads and steam blasting functions.

It has three settings of steam that enable it to adjust, depending on the fitness level and floor type. The following are some of the impressive features of this small steam mop

  • Touch-free technology – the head of this steam mop opens up with a press of a button and releases the dirty pad. You do not have to touch it with your hands, which prevents burning your hands from steamy water.
  • Intelligent steam control – this steam mop has three settings that allow you to customize the steam level needed on each cleaning job.
  • Dirt grip pads – Shark Genius steam mop has double-sided grip pads that grab and hold onto dirt.
  • Steam blaster technology – this steam mop uses this technology that entails directing a powerful jet of steam to a sticky stain, quickly breaking down the dirt.

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What Types of Floors Can I Use Small Steam Mop On?

steam mop cleaning tiles

Small steam mops are excellent and safe to clean all types of linoleum, commonly known as the vinyl floor, ceramic tiles, marble tile, concrete floor, and solid hardwood floor.

1. Vinyl floorThe vinyl floor is known to stand moisture than conventional laminate. It gets destroyed by moisture that loosens the glue, making it crack.

To eliminate excess moisture in this floor, the use of a small steam mop gives excellent results. It only takes less than 30 seconds to dry this type of floor using a steam mop.

2. Ceramic floors – It is brilliant in ceramic or porcelain tile. Though ceramic floors are joined together with mortar, it makes them safe to clean with steam mop even if the tile is old or cracked.

3. Solid hard floor – All sealed hardwood floors can withstand the hot heat that is released by a small steam mop. Although it is not advisable to use this mop on the unsealed hardwood floor, this is because of the hot moisture that can damage the floor.

4. Marble tile – It is more efficient in cleaning your maple floor. When cleaning your marble floor using this type of mops, you can regulate the moisture for better results.

5. Concrete floorsConcrete floors are easy to clean with small steam mops. The microfiber pad can easily extract all dirt and build upon this floor with a lot of ease.


Benefits of Small Steam Mop

best shark steam mop

Cleaning your house or office floor with a small steam mop enables you to eliminate grime, bacteria, and dirt quickly with a lot of ease. Using these mops, you don’t have to use any chemicals, thus its eco- friendly.

The following are some of the benefits of using the small steam mops on your floors:

1. Cost-effectiveness – When cleaning your carpets or floor with a small steam mop, buying detergents and bleach is not needed. Also, using this mop to clean is easy and requires no technical expertise, all that is needed is clean water.

As a result, you save the environment and save your pocket from buying costly detergent during cleaning and hiring extra labor.

2. Safe for pets and children – With a small steam mop, pet lovers and parents with little kids don’t have to worry about the hair and far left on their floor when the children are playing. This mop removes all fur and hairs hence saving you from using other modes of cleaning.

3. Prevents Allergies – Some people get allergic reactions from dirt and also when they clean their floor surfaces using chemical detergent. Dirt particles make them sneeze and have running noses, while chemical detergents leave them with skin rashes.

Using a steam mop, they are guaranteed a life-changing experience. Cleaning with this mop protects your lungs from dust, and also your skin is safe from reacting from cleaning detergents.

4. Safe, dry, and non-toxic – Cleaning your floor with this small steam mop will instantly dry it, and no detergents or chemicals are required. As a result, people who own this mops saves our environment from chemical pollution.

The heat produced by this mops is 99% able to kill germ and bacteria; thus, there is no need to use dangerous chemicals that are not eco-friendly. For parents with young children, this is a must-have mop.


How Does A Steam Mop Work?

After you have bought a Steam mop, it works by utilizing steam to deep clean surfaces such as tiles, laminated floors, and hardwood floors. All steam mop starts by heating the water inside its storage tank to 248 degrees Fahrenheit.

Though many steam mops have one jet that releases dry steam, the best steam mop has up to 15 jets. With the help of multiple steam jets, the microfiber pad attached to the head of the steam mop gets enough moisture.

As the microfiber cloth dampens, it loosens to remove stains and dirt on the floor. As it heats intensely and attains the right temperature, it becomes easy for the steam mop to kill 99% of the germs and bacteria on the floor. Any fleas, mites, or anything small crawling in your floor gets killed by the heat and swept off by the microfiber pads.

For a small steam mop with a two-sided head, they help you clean using the two cleaning approach. As the steam produced continues to be released, it softens the grime stuck on your floor, and the microfiber pad assists in picking it up. It is advisable to note that the soft part of your cleaning pad is usable in cleaning hardwoods floor while the other side that is more abrasive is usable in cleaning abrasive stains on tiles and other floors.




A small steam mop is the best floor cleaner for porcelain, marble tiles, vinyl, concrete, and reliable hard floor. It is a must-have mop for homeowners with a large or small floor that require cleaning regularly.

With its ability to clean using only plain water with no additional cleaning detergent needed, it has proved to be all-natural and eco-friendly. Parents with young children, pet lovers, and people who get allergic reactions from cleaning with detergent and dirt; buying a small steam mop will help clean their homes with ease.

The review of best overall, runners up, best with corners, best with your budget, and best power small steam mop will act as a guide on which brand you should consider buying.