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8 Best Steam Vacuum Cleaner Reviews for 2022

Considering that cleaning is one of the main chores within a household, the selection of cleaning appliances to use is not a decision to take lightly.

Poor cleaning techniques fail to eliminate dirt and dust and can result in the inhibition of pests. Discussed below are the best steam vacuum cleaner considered the best picks for any of your cleaning needs.

  • Quick Picks
Best Pet Friendly – Bissell Symphony Vacuum Cleaner
Best MultifunctionalSteamfast SF-370 Steam Cleaning

can I use vacuum on concrete floorsIs Steam Cleaning Better Than Mopping?

In most cleaning situations, steam cleaning is better than regular mopping as it does more than just clean the surface. It allows for the removal of tough stains and ingrown mold, lessening chances of further growth due to fast drying time.

Steam cleaners are dual purpose as they not only clean your floors, they do so while sanitizing them as well. Since steam reaches a higher temperature than that of boiled water, it can kill up to 99.99% of germs, thus allowing for a clean, germ-free environment safe for the children.

Steam cleaning leaves little or no water behind, thus eliminating potential accidents and injuries on children and pets within the household. They are also eco-friendly and safe for children, as no detergents are added.

Steam cleaning saves you both time and energy as it lessens the manual labor that goes into scrubbing. As long as you do aa a pretreatment, moving the steam cleaner along the specific area is quick and effortless.


Where Can I Use Steam Vacuum?

best floor cleaner for flooring

The steam vacuum can be used on various surfaces in your home, let check it out.


Many types of floors such as vinyl, porcelain, and ceramic floors can be cleaned using steam cleaners.

However, it is good to ensure that the type of your floor cannot be harmed by steam in any way. Below are the types of floors that can be cleaned using steam vacuums:

  • Tiles

You can use steam cleaners on ceramic tiles that are both on the floor or the walls. This helps to efficiently remove any dirt residue that cannot be removed through other cleaning methods.

  • Hardwood floor

Steam cleaning hardwood floors is essential and better than cleaning them using other methods. This is because hardwood does not work well with too much water and since it is just little amounts of water that is released by steam cleaners, they remain the best option.

  • Concrete floors

Concrete floors can be cleaned using steam cleaners to effectively remove all the dirt like gum, grease, stains, and odor from the small crevices through the help of the high steam temperature and pressure.

  • Vinyl plank floor

Steam mopping is essential since it kills most of the germs. However, use steam cleaners at half power and avoid direct contact of steam with the planks.

This is because too much heat damage planks by bending them or by loosening them.


Steam cleaners are not only effective on carpets but also rugs. The steam released completely sanitizes your carpets and frees them from stains and odor.

Other Things on which Steamer and Vacuum cleaners can be used


Furniture fabrics are cleaned using special types of cleaners such as upholstery steam cleaners which are less cumbersome and work effectively with couches.

  • Sofa

Steam cleaning your sofa helps to easily deodorize and sanitize it hence brightening the sofa fabrics. This method is eco-friendly unlike using harsh chemicals to do the cleaning.

  • Upholstery

To clean your upholstery at home using steam cleaners, you just require to follow simple steps and you forget all the stains, grease, and allergens that have remained stubborn over time.


Sweat and stains easily penetrate your mattress over a short period. To effectively remove them, vacuum clean your mattress first then run steam cleaner on the surface of the mattress and allow it to dry. Do this at least once in few months.


Best Steam Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

steam vacuum for carpet

Below are the factors to consider when choosing your vacuum cleaner:

  • Is it lightweight to use?

When deciding on buying a steam vacuum cleaner, the conflicting decisions will be weight versus task. Light steam cleaners allow for quicker and tireless cleaning, while heavier models provide a more in-depth cleaning.

  •  Does it have high pressure?

Steam cleaners that can reach higher levels of temperature and subsequent higher pressure are the best choice because they have a higher cleaning efficiency.

You will need steam of high-pressure when high levels of cleaning efficiency are required especially in concrete crevices or in extremely dirty areas.

  • What is your budget?

You can get steam mops at very reasonable prices while some models will be available to you at very high prices but the good thing is that they can perform a variety of cleaning jobs.

You can get affordable steam vacuum cleaners at a price range of between $130 and $180.

  • What are the attachments and accessories?

Right accessories and attachments may include but are not limited to a thin nozzle, wire brush, or upholstery brush.

These accessories make certain tasks easier. For instance, a thin nozzle will help you to push steam forward while an upholstery brush will ensure that steam is directed over a wider area.

A wire brush will help you to efficiently clean your oven.

  • How about the size of the water tank?

Small water tank steam cleaners usually take a short time to produce steam but you have to keep adding water until you are through with cleaning. They usually have a water capacity of about 350 milliliters.

Large water tank steam cleaners, on the other hand, will keep you waiting for a considerable amount of time before they can produce steam but you don’t have the hassle of adding water frequently. They usually come with a water capacity of about 1.5 liters.


Best Steam Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

There are limited options of steam vacuum cleaners on the market, therefore, here are some vacuums and handheld and portable steam cleaners as well.

  • Steam Vacuum

1. Best Overall – BISSELL Symphony Vacuum and Steam Mop


  • Lightweight allowing easy maneuverability,
  • Sterilizes floors and surfaces quickly making them safe for children,
  • Ideal for use on any floor surface since it does not leave any sticky residue
  • Offers a two-year limited warranty
  • It has a large water container, thus no interruptions for refills


  • It is not ideal for use with hard water as sediments build up in the steamer clogging it

Deducing from its name, the BISSELL Symphony Vacuum and Steam Mop is a 2-in-1 cleaner ideal for hardwood and ceramic floors.

This dual accomplishment is made possible by the breadth of the cleaning path and the tank capacity.

Due to its temperature higher than that of boiling water, the steam emitted sanitizes up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria on cleaned surfaces.

It bears touch digital control buttons that simplify cleaning jobs while allowing for switching between functions. You can decide to vacuum while steaming at the same time or separately—this characteristic, alongside the 5-way adjustable handle and quick release mop pad tray for smooth movements. The Dry Tank Technology installed helps keep your tank dry while steaming, thus no injuries from spillages.

Check the Price on Amazon


2. Pet Friendly – Bissell Symphony Vac & Steam All-in-One Vacuum Cleaner


  • Cleans up dirt and stains effectively without the need for vacuuming
  • Easy to regulate steam emitted to desired levels of heat and power required to sterilize surfaces
  • It has mop pads, which are an excellent alternative for cleaning food and spillages using one appliance
  • Pet model for pet hair and messes
  • Great on most hard floors


  • The water tank is a bit small
  • Requires repeat passes over carpet spots to pick dirt ultimately

bissell symphony steam vacuum cleaner

Owning a pet is one of the best feelings for any pet lover. Cleaning is much more comfortable with this steamer as it allows you to vacuum pet hair and dirt while giving your floors a cleaning.

The Drop IT Tank technology mounted on the steamers means that you do not come in contact with the dirt tank. This advanced technology also allows for the immediate disposal of pet waste; thus, you do not touch the disposable pads.

It is ideal for use on most floors- sealed hardwood, ceramic, granite, and marble. This flexibility affords all pet lovers the privilege to own and care for their favorite animal.

Check the Price on Amazon


  • Steam Cleaners

3. Versatile – Wagner Spraytech Steam Cleaner for Car Interior


  • Easy to fill up, prepare and use as the press of a button
  • Works effortlessly, removing accumulated dirt across different surfaces
  • Versatile in cleaning floors, bathroom, walls and stoves
  • Getting very stubborn stains out of fabric
  • Easy to use


  • Lacks a water level indicator to alert users on the need to refill for continued functionality

steam vacuum cleaner

The Wagner 915 power steam cleaner uses a pressurized system that supplies steam upon pressing a button.

Considerably a multipurpose unit, it cleans a vast range of surfaces from kitchen counters, showers, toilets, and floors to patio furniture with ease.

It is very hands-on as it gives you control over the steam produces by pulling the power trigger. The red lighting indicates the making of steam while the illumination of the green power light indicates steaming can begin.

This steam cleaner uses a chemical-free formula leaving no residue after the cleaning job. This attribute makes it safe to use around children and pets.

Check the Price on Amazon


4. For Multi-Surface – BISSELL Steam Mop Cleaner for Floors


  • Three different steam levels for your cleaning needs
  • Works with tap water seamlessly
  • Ready to use in a short time
  • Easily moves back and front enabling cleaning of hard to reach places
  • It has higher efficiency than similar steam mops
  • Comes with fragrance pads, thus leaving your floors clean and smelling good


  • At times emptying of the water tank may be problematic

steam mop for hardwood floors

The BISSELL steam mop cleaner for floors offers versatility as you can use them across different floor finishing- sealed hardwood, ceramic, granite, marble, or linoleum.

The inbuilt flip-down easy scrubber ensures you cut through tough stains and sticky messes. The smart set digital steam control, further boosting your cleaning power as you choose the steam strength based on the cleaning need.

Additional accessories such as the soft microfiber pad, spring breeze fragrance disc as well as a carpet glider all contributing towards a more significant cleaning experience.

Check the Price on Amazon


5. Most Multifunctional – Steamfast SF-370 Steam Cleaning


  • Boasts of good quality with durable and reliable parts considering it is made of plastic
  • Safe for all sealed flooring surfaces
  • It has high performance with its ability to remove even the toughest of stains
  • No overheat during cleaning, and it produces a substantial amount of steam
  • Excellent customer care service to ensure you get the replacements and or spare parts you may need


  • Handle sometimes gets uncomfortably hot


steam cleaning for carpets

Its large tank capacity provides up to 45 minutes of uninterrupted steaming, thus allowing for cleaning of large surfaces within the home.

It also offers maximum portability with its 15-foot power cord, integrated cord wrap, carry handle, and wheels. Additionally, there is a 6.5-foot hose that eases cleaning in the hard to reach places.

The Multifunctional -Steamfast SF-370 Steam Cleaner offers 15 accessories to increase its versatility with components such as squeegees, scrub tools, utility brushes, and jet nozzle.

The use of hot pressurized steam quickly eliminates grease, stains, and molds from a broad spectrum of surfaces. This chemical-free cleaning results in deep cleaning and sanitizing while protecting your surfaces.

Check the Price on Amazon


  • Vacumm

6. High Pressure – Tineco Pure ONE S12 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


  • Has adequate suction for cleaning multiple floors
  • It is lightweight and compact without compromising cleaning power
  • Flexible movement around congested rooms
  • Automated adjusting power suction depending on dirt levels and conserves battery power


  • A bit expensive if you are looking for a budget vacuum

Tineco Pure smart cordless

The Tineco Pure ONE S12 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a one-of-a-kind machine due to the inbuilt iLoop™ Smart Sensor Technology that senses hidden dirt and debris.

The appliance is a lightweight, cordless design that facilitates easy maneuvers through every room. This ease of movement enables you to achieve deep cleaning of the entire house as you push and pull across desired surfaces.

The automated self-adjusting suction power works in real-time, extending the runtime to nearly 100 minutes. This allowable time further boosting your cleaning confidence and making the endeavor worthwhile.

The Pure One S12 comes with accessories such as the mini power brush, Pre-filters, Soft dusting brush, and the dual charging wall-mounted dock.

Check the Price on Amazon


7. Super Large Water Tank – BISSELL PowerBrush Carpet Steamer and Shampooer


  • Comes with two water tanks increasing the holding capacity,
  • The flow indicators signal when dirt water needs emptying or if there is need to refill detergent, thus, increasing efficiency
  • Tough on stains regardless of their nature or how long they have been there
  • Fitted with a 25-foot cord that makes it possible to complete most of your cleaning from one plug point


  • It is a little expensive for a typical homeowner looking for a pocket-friendly purchase

bissell carpet vacuum cleaner

Getting dirt, soil, stains, and spillage from your house floors and other surfaces is more manageable with the BISSELL PowerBrush carpet steamer and shampooer in hand.

With a tank capacity of ¾ gallon, cleaning of carpets, bare floors, and upholstery are faster due to lack of process interruption for refills or emptying.

Additional attachments such as the 5-row rotating dirt lifter power brush further improves the efficiency with which the appliance operates. These dirt lifter power brushes are fitted with stiff bristles in a wavy arrangement on rotating brushes to scrub off persistent stains.

It also has a hard floor solution, and the fiber cleansing formula ideal concentrates for the deep cleaning of sealed hard floors, carpets, and rugs.

Check the Price on Amazon


8. AlL-in-one – Bissell PowerFresh Vacuum and Steam mop


  • It is easy to use
  • It can be maneuvered in several ways
  • It is very efficient due to its vacuum cleaning capabilities and steam cleaning


  • Relatively expensive

bissell steam and vacuum cleaner

Bissell PowerFresh Vacuum and steam mop enables you to easily clean your floors in one single step without the need to do many and tedious cleaning steps.

That is made possible by the vacuum cleaning capabilities, while the steaming capabilities ensure that 99.9% of germs and bacteria are eliminated from the surfaces since these germs cannot survive in extremely high temperatures.

You can switch between vacuum cleaning and steam cleaning with the help of the touch digital controls which is not complicated at all and nearly anyone can use this mop.

This mop has one microfiber soft pad and one microfiber scrubby pad. The mop can be best used on hard floors such as hardwood, ceramic, granite, and marble.

Check the Price on Amazon


Top Brands of Steam Cleaner and Vacuum

  • Hoover

Most of the Hoover products are available as handheld models while others are upright models and they are mostly used to clean carpets.

If you are interested in Hoover mop, Consider Hoover PowerDash steam mop, a popular and hot sale product from Hoover.

  • Shark

Shark produces products that have attachments that enable them to clean several surfaces and they are mostly used to perform heavy-duty cleaning projects while they sell at affordable prices.

To clean extremely dirty surfaces, try Shark steam mop.

  • Dyson

Dyson produces steam cleaners that apply the concept of cyclonic separation technology to efficiently remove dust and allergens from the surfaces.

Dyson torque drive vacuum cleaner is a hot sale product that is good for deep cleaning.


Can I Use Steam Vacuum to Clean My Car?

There is no suitable steam vacuum for cars.

However, if you wanna clean your car, you can use a small vacuum first and then use handheld steam clean.


How to Steam Clean Carpet?

Steam cleaning helps remove dirt and problematic stains that would otherwise be difficult. For great results following the steps below;

  1. Reposition your furniture to protect them,
  2. Pre-vacuum your carpet to remove excess dirt,
  3. Fill up the steam cleaner with water,
  4. Put the steam cleaner on and leave it to heat up for a few minutes,
  5. Thoroughly clean your room from the far ends coming in moving it in long strokes, and
  6. Removal of the excess water and leave to dry completely.


Do You Really Know How to Use Steam Vacuum Properly?

Using a steam cleaner is easier than you thought. When using a steam vacuum cleaner to clean your interior surfaces, the first thing is to read the instructions on how to use it. This ensures efficiency and prevents damages to the cleaner.

Fill water in the water container of your vacuum cleaner and add some soap products which will help you to clean easily and produce some pleasant fragrance.

Plugin the vacuum cleaner to an electrical source and start rubbing the surface while pressing the button for releasing steam and absorbing moisture accordingly.

Allow the surface you have cleaned to dry and discard any excess water from the vacuum cleaner and wipe it dry.



best steam vacuum cleaner

1. What can I clean with a steam vacuum cleaner?

You can clean nearly every surface using a steam cleaner as long as it cannot be damaged by heat exposure. From sealed hardwood floors, carpets, leather upholstery, mirrors, windows, kitchen appliances to car exteriors, the list is endless.

Whether the end game is deep cleaning your surfaces or the removal of problematic stains, a steam vacuum cleaner does it well.

2. Does steam vacuum cleaning damage floors?

Although steam cleaning does a beautiful job on most floors, it is not advisable to continue steam cleaning damaged floors, especially hardwood floors.

Doing so tends to exaggerate the damage as the water and heat exposure slowly sips in through fractures, further wearing out the floor. It is, therefore, advisable to overcome the need for steam cleaning on your impaired floor.

3. Is a steam vacuum cleaner suitable for cleaning the carpets?

Yes, you can steam clean your carpet as it offers an excellent opportunity for deep cleaning and sanitizing carpets. Due to its cleaning technique of combining hot water and chemicals, cleaning goes further than the surface—this kind of cleaning results in the removal of dirt, debris, allergens, and stubborn stains.

4. Do steam cleaners also vacuum?

Steam cleaners work by using superheated steam which is directed to the surface that requires cleaning. This superheated steam is essential since it easily removes all the stains on the carpet and kills all bacterial.

Most steam cleaners not only use steam but also come with inbuilt vacuum cleaners that help to remove all the debris even from the base of the carpet.

5. What is the best steam vacuum cleaner?

The best steam vacuum cleaners are ones that come with special features that enable them to perform tasks efficiently.

Some may come with large water tanks that help you to clean for long without the need to refill water while others are lightweight to help you reach as many surfaces as possible.

Considering such features and based on customers’ feedback, the Vaparmore steam cleaning system is one of the best if not the best. It is lightweight, has more attachments, and can clean more surfaces compared to many steam vacuum cleaners.



It is important to frequently deep clean our surfaces to kill hidden bacterias and pests for improved health. Children and pets, unfortunately, are the most affected; thus, if your house is home to any or both of them, deep cleaning should be more of a ritual than an obligation.

Purchasing the right appliances for the job considering the nature of cleaning you need and the versatility of the cleaning device is usually the first step towards a clean home. After all, clean spaces, smiling faces!

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