Top 10 Best Electric Mop Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

best electric mop

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Electric mops are taking over in the market due to the convenience they offer in their utility. Unlike the traditional mops that are operated manually, electric mops are powered by electricity, which limits the use of your energy and other cleaning items like the bucket. The article features reviews of the top 10 best electric mop on the market and the buying guide to help you to decide.

best electric mop


Top 10 Best Electric Mop on The Market List


Top 10 Best Electric Mop on The Market Reviews

Making sure the electric mop you select is suitable for the floor(s) in the home or office is not easy. The following are the top ten best electric mops you will find on the market today.

1. Best Overall -Bissel Mop for All Floors and Carpet


  • This is a versatile cleaning appliance
  • Operating it is easy and fast
  • The cleaner provides excellent results, thanks to the two equipped tanks
  • The cleaner collects the dirt as you clean


  • Not really great for rugs

If you are looking for an all-round cleaning appliance for your house floor, then this model from BISSELL will serve you. It is a multipurpose cleaning steam mop that offers both dry and wet cleaning options. Therefore, you can comfortably clean hard floors and carpets. Cleaning up with this mop is relatively easy and fast as it vacuums the floor while washing it. The available powerful motor enables the steamer to clean even the hard floors, respectively.

This cleaner is equipped with a microfiber cloth pad and a nylon brush that works simultaneously to clean the surface. The microfiber cloth cleans the floor while the nylon brushes pick any dirt or debris dropped on the floor.

There are two equipped tanks whereby one store clean water while the other one collects all the rinsed water from the ground to ensure you have clean water. Anyone can use this cleaning appliance as it is easy to operate with the equipped one-touch button.

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2. Best Cost-effective -Bissell Electric Floor Mop


  • This mop cleaner is quite affordable
  • There is a large water tank
  • Carrying it to different rooms is easy
  • Working with the mop is fast and convenient
  • Lightweight and easy to operate


  • Difficult to move hard-to-clean dirt

If you need a mop cleaner that will leave your hard floors sparkling clean without straining your bank account, then get this model. The cleanser retails at a fair price as opposed to other mops. Although it is recommended for hard floors alone, this cleaner ensures to remove the dirt and debris on the floor pretty fast.

The cleaning head scrubs off any stuck dirt on the floor without damaging it. The available large water tank ensures you cover a large area as the water does not run out fast. Therefore, this is a perfect mop cleaner for people with large homes or office use.

There are different cleaning accessories, which include a scrubbing pad for removing the stuck debris and a microfiber clothe for rinsing the floor. This mop cleaner is light in weight for comfortable carrying when moving it to different areas or rooms in the house. The mop header releases just the required cleaning solution to prevent excessive wetness on the floor.

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3. Best for Hardwood Floors -ENLiF Floor Cleaner


  • You can add the fragrance of your choice when cleaning with this mop.
  • The mop has a LED light to provide visibility in poorly lit areas.
  • You can move to different areas when cleaning due to the cordless design.
  • Mop offers different cleaning options.


  • It is a bit expensive

One of the most outstanding features of this mop cleaner is the cordless design. This means that you can freely move to different corners or areas of the room when cleaning with it. This electric mop can clean a wide range of floors, such as hardwood, and even tiled floors. Also, not only does it clean the floor, but it also leaves it polished and shining for a long time.

This mop comes with different cleaning options that range from wet wiping, dry wiping, and even waxing. So, you can choose your preferred cleaning mode based on the amount of dirt or the floor you are cleaning.

The appliance has a water tank equipped with a nozzle that oozes the required steam to clean the floor. The large water tank stores a lot of water so you can clean a large area at ones. It is super light in weight for easy carrying when working or moving to different rooms. You can comfortably clean even the darkest places in your area thanks to the LED light that provides illumination.

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4. Best Cordless -Bissel Electric Spinning Mop


  • It is cordless for freedom of movement when cleaning
  • The mop cleans and buffs the floor for shining purposes
  • The water tank releases the cleaning solution in the perfect mounts
  • Working with this mop is relatively easy


  • Not for rugs and carpet

This mop offers two cleaning options, which are the cleanup and buffing. The mop is recommendable for hardwood as it cleans and buffs it thus, leaving the floor looking shiny. The electric mop is cordless, and thus, maneuvering around the room when cleaning is quite convenient. The presence of the powerful motor saves the time twice as it powers the appliance to scrub off any type of dirt or mess on the floor.

One thing to note, though, is that this cleaning mop is not ideal for large areas. It is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that lasts for about 15 to 20 minutes when used continuously. But, it is quite convenient for cleaning and easy to control. There is only one press button for controlling the functionality of this mop.

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5. Best Affordable -Hommit Electric Cordless Floor Mop


  • Cleaning with this mop is quite comfortable as the handle is adjustable
  • You can clean both hardwood and tiled floors with this appliance
  • Cordless design
  • Operating it is relatively easy and fast


  • The batteries do not last for long

Other than the fair price that this electric mop is sold at, it also features an adjustable handle for comfort when working with it. So, it is a convenient mop to use by different heights. There are four replaceable cleaning clothes to ensure you achieve the best cleaning solution in the house. Other cleaning accessories packed with this mop include the reusable mop pads. So, all you need to do is clean the rugs after every use.

This mop is compatible with both hardwood and tiled floors. It is cordless for comfortable movement around the room or house when cleaning. This mop comes with two rechargeable batteries to ensure you cover a large area when cleaning. The medium-sized water tank equipped at the bottom releases enough water to wet the mop head for effective cleaning. It has a high cleaning power, and thus, you don’t need to add other cleaning chemicals.

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6. Best Vacuum Cleaner -Comforday 3 in 1 Electric Mop


  • This mop can perform upholstery cleaning jobs
  • The ergonomic handle ensures comfort when working
  • It performs different cleaning jobs
  • The mop is light in weight


  • This vacuum mop cleaner is not ideal for spacious rooms

This is a perfect all-round cleaning appliance for every home. There is no limit to the areas you can clean with this mop as it is compatible with different floors and other items, including the car. It is equipped with an LED light to enable you cleaning even on the dark corners of the room. This appliance is cordless, and thus, moving around when cleaning is easy. The ergonomic hand provides a comfortable holding point when working.

This cleaner has different cleaning brushes to enable you to clean other surfaces, including the hardwood floors. There are three cleaning options provided by this mop. It automatically sweeps, vacuums, and even cleans the floor ones it is switched on. This cordless cleaning mop comes with different cleaning accessories, including microfiber clothe, for cleaning smooth surfaces.

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7. Best Scrubber -Hommitt Electric Spin Scrubber


  • This is a versatile cleaning appliance
  • The battery is quite long-lasting
  • Wireless for easy moving around
  • Offers multiple cleaning options


  • The battery takes a long time to charge

If you need a mop cleaner that can scrub off dirt and messes on the floor, then get Hommit wireless electric spin cleaner. The appliance comes with three scrubbing brushes to exchange when cleaning. You can clean just any areas of the house as it comes with an extension arm to reach even the furthest parts of the room.

Other than mopping floors, this cleaner can be used to wash furniture, car, bathroom tubs, and sinks, among others. This electric cleaner is powered by a rechargeable battery that can last for up to 1 and a half when used consistently. So, it is a perfect cleaner for commercial areas use. Note that this cleaner has four brush heads to fix when cleaning different ways. It is also sold with a warranty for quality assurance.

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8. Best for Pet Owners -Bissell All in One Wet Dry Vacuum and Mop


  • This cleaner is ideal for homes with pets
  • Operating it is relatively easy
  • Cleans both hardwood and carpeted areas
  • It has both dry and wet cleaning options


  • The cleaner may leave waster on the floor, especially if you move over one area many times

This is a 2 in 1 one cleaning appliance that offers both dry and wet cleaning options. Therefore, you can use it to clean both carpet and hard floors. This cleaner has both a cleaning pad and vacuuming option where it absorbs all the debris and dirt on the floor while cleaning. This also ensures there is no excessive water left on the floor for fast drying up. If you have a pet in the house, this cleaner will ensure to keep the room free from the pet fur.

It has a pet brush roll that removes the hair stuck on the carpets, furniture, or even on the floor. There are two cleaning accessories, which are the brush roll and microfiber clothe for cleaning hard floors and the rugs. The cross pet cleaner is light and thus moving it to different places when cleaning is fast and efficient. Note that this cleaner can mop up to a 12-inch area in width, and the powerful motor facilitates its quick cleaning process.

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9. Best Lightweight -Eufy HomeVac Cordless Mop


  • This is a lightweight cleaner for comfortable moving around
  • The mop comes with a wall mounter for convenient storage
  • Cleaning it up is easy as the dirt holder is easily detachable
  • The lithium battery is quite durable


  • The handle is a bit shorter than other models hence may not suit for very tall people

A lithium battery powers this cordless upright cleaner; hence there is no cord to distract you when moving around to clean the room.  The battery is quite durable, as it can last for up to 50 minutes when cleaning.

The cleaner offers both mop and vacuum services so you can comfortably clean different areas in the house. The vacuum has a powerful suction that absorbs all the dirt and debris on the floor for fast cleaning results. This feature also makes it a reliable and convenient cleaning appliance for homes with pets.

Carrying the cordless cleaner is easy since it is made in a lightweight design for a comfortable hold and carrying. For quality assurance, this clean is backed up with 15 months warranty against any factory defects.

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10. Best for Laminate -Gladwell 3 in 1 Electric Mop


  • This is a cordless cleaner that allows flexible movement in the rooms
  • Setting it up to different cleaning programs is quite easy
  • There are two motors to power its functionality
  • There is dual technology essential for cleaning different types of messes


  • The battery does not last for too long, especially when sued to clean spacious rooms

This mop is recommended for professional cleaning jobs as it features three cleaning modes. It has a spinner, scrubber, and even waxer for cleaning different surfaces. It fits various floors, including hardwood, where it waxes it to give an excellent shiny finish. The dual cleaning heads allow one to cover a large area when cleaning and also achieve outstanding results. Working with this cleaner is a walk in the park since it is easy to use.

The handle features control buttons for choosing the cleaning option. The available cleaning settings enable one to set the appliance in different cleaning options. The powerful motor equipped on this mop cleaner powers the mop to deliver excellent and fast cleaning results.

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Buying Guide on Purchasing the Best Electric Mop

best electric mop

What to Look for When Buying the Best Electric Mop?

The Electric mop is an electric-powered mop equipped with a relatively large cleaning head. The electric mop works by swiveling around the floor to remove the dirt and other stubborn messes on the floor.

When buying any electric appliance, everyone needs to find the best and most convenient appliance to make their work easy. So, if you are planning to head to the shop to buy an electric mop, the following are crucial things to look for.

  • Floor compatibility

The first thing to look for is the kind of floor that the electric mop can clean. The mops are designed to clean different floors where some work for different floors such as hardwood, laminate, vinyl and many others, while others work for sensitive floors. So, make sure to choose the mop that will clean your floor well without damaging it. These appliances contain details of the kind of floors they can clean. If you have different floor types in your house, choose a mop that can comfortably clean all these types of floors.

  • Your needs ( sanitization)

The majority of the electric mops are designed with disinfecting power whereby they eliminate a high percentage of germs and bacteria that may be on the floor. This is a crucial thing to consider, especially if you have pets who mess in the house, or if you have toddlers in the house. Note that not all the electric mops have this feature, and so, ensure the mop you opt for has it.

  • The size of the head

Electric mops come in a variety of cleaning head sizes. Some have relatively large heads while others are made with small heads. Therefore, if you have a large house to clean, consider choosing a mop that has a large cleaning head. But, if you are looking for a mop to clean small areas like the bathroom. Opt for a mop with a small head so you can easily reach even the smallest parts.

  • The cleaning accessories

How many cleaning accessories does the mop have? Well, some mops are packed with two cleaning accessories, while others have more. It is always a wise idea to choose a mop with many cleaning accessories to avoid limitations when cleaning the house. Some of the cleaning accessories packed with an electric mop include; mop pad, scrubbing, and pad microfiber pad, to name a few.

  • The size of the cord

The cord of the appliance determines the areas you can reach when cleaning with it and where to use it, so choose wisely. For example, if the connection socket is far from the rooms to clean with the mop, choose a mop with a large cord to ensure convenience and comfort. The electric cables are designed with different sizes ranging from 25 to 70ft long.

  • A warranty

A warranty is a crucial document to look out for when buying an electric mop. It guarantees the durability of the appliance and also acts as your security in case the mop develops defects after using it for a short period. Therefore, make sure to ask for a warranty on buying the appliance. An excellent electric mop should be sold with a two or more years warranty.


How to Use an Electric Mop?

electric mop clean

  1. Fill the water reservoir tank with water

Some electric mops clean the floor with the use of steam instead of water. The mops are designed with water tanks where one is required to fill the tank with water for when cleaning. The water tank is usually situated at the top of the plastic structure. So, locate the water tank and pour it in clean water using the measuring cup packed with the mop. If the mop does not have a measuring cup, use a funnel to pour in water to avoid spilling on other parts of the mop. Some precautions to take when filling the water include:

  • Make sure the water reaches the areas marked “Max” on the tank.
  • Ensure the water is above the lowest level on the tank.
  • Secure the tank well with the locking cap.
  1. Plug the electrical cord to the power

The power cord is usually packed in a cord holder. So, unveil it from the holder and find the nearest power socket to connect the cable. You must note the right volt to connect the appliance to avoid damaging it. The standard connecting voltage for the majority of the electric mops is around 120 to 125 volts. But note that the models vary and thus, some mops may require higher or even lower volt connection.

 3. Wait for the device to heat

The mop will take some time to heat up to a level where it can easily release the hot steam for cleaning. This process takes around 15 to 30 seconds to complete. Again the manufacturers indicate the right time to give the mop to heat up before cleaning.

  1. Switch on the steam pump

The electric mops are equipped with control buttons to run it when cleaning. Therefore, switch on the steam button so the device can pump the steam to wet the mop head. Make sure the head is entirely wet before moving the mop to clean.

  1. Mop the floor

Ones the mop head is wet, start to clean the floor. You should move the mop in a back and forward motion to get excellent results. This makes it easy to remove dirt and even focus on a section at a time. Mop until the water almost runs out.


Tips for using when cleaning:

  • Make sure to work in a small portion at a time to get good results and save time.
  • Overlap the mop strokes so the head can collect all the dirt or messes on the floor.
  • Don’t allow the water tank to run out entirely to prevent damaging the mop.



The best electric mops reviewed above are easy to use and quite convenient for cleaning different types of floors. Always ensure to check the floor compatibility when choosing the cleaner mops before buying it to ensure it suits your floors. Also, if you need a mop that does not restrict movements, consider getting the cordless models.