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Is it okay to Vacuum Hardwood Floors?

Most people get confused about what to do to maintain their hardwood surfaces perfectly. And among the frequently asked questions is if vacuuming can protect and treat the hardwood floors.

Surely, is it ok to vacuum hardwood floors? We got you covered. By the end of below, the guide will have a perfect and practical answer to these questions in your fingerprints.


Will Vacuum Damage Hardwood Floors?

can you use vacuum in hardwood floorsIis it ok to vacuum hardwood floors? The short answer to this question is yes.

However, it will also be challenging to receive vacuum benefits if you don’t use it right.

For example, if you happen to vacuum your hardwood floors with vacuum delicate rugs that have aggressive powerheads or with a carpeting head, you decrease your flooring lifespan.

Therefore, vacuuming the hardwood floors is a good thing when done properly. The right vacuum tends to exceed your needs on hardwood floors without damaging them.

Essentially, your vacuum is powerfully made to help remove all annoying debris, even from tricky crevices in the hardwood floor. They are superior when it comes to mopping practices and stains on hardwood floors as they are designed to such dirt and debris straight away. So, when looking for a vacuum for your hardwood floor, consider the type and quality since it makes a real difference.

In most cases, a canister vacuum stands as the most preferred choice for hardwood floor vacuuming activities. And this is because it is made with an oval, long floor brush that is attached. In this case, the vacuum is great to aid someone be in complete control, gentler on hardwood floors, and reach hard corners.


Should You Sweep or Vacuum Hardwood Floors?

is it ok to vacuum hardwood floors

Of course, everyone has her or his preferred methods when it comes to cleaning hardwood floors. But what is the more effective and efficient technique? Which team are you, vacuum or broom. Today we settle this debate for you.

While sweeping is also a great method you can rely on to clean dirt and debris on your hardwood floors, vacuuming tends to do it better by getting rid of all fine particles and dust that sweeping might miss.

In addition, is important to learn the advantages of vacuuming hardwood floors in compassion to sweeping to keep every one of you free on which one to choose.

Why vacuuming hardwood floor

In most cases, people believe that vacuuming the floors can spoil them due to the hard brush attachments, but this is not the case.

With modern technology, vacuum cleaners have really made cleaning things easier. They have invented soft-bristled and easy-to-use brush attachments accessible with vacuum cleaners. And below are the top benefits of vacuuming your hardwood floors:

  • Less labor-intensive
  • The drapes and blinds are be cleaned using vacuum cleaners
  • Vacuum reaches even in tricky areas where brooms may fail to reach, such as cracks and corners.
  • This method is much quicker
  • You don’t need to bend over to empty dustpans
  • Makes it more effective when cleaning the area rugs right along with the wood floors
  • Comes with various attachments of kinds of the household scenarios like right spaces or flooring types.
  • Easier and more effective when it comes to getting rid of debris and dirt as they are fully equipped with HEPA filtering.
  • Provides a deeper and more impressive cleaning which can increase your hardwood floors’ lifespan
  • Less likely to typically kick dust into the air, which can be a benefit for allergy sufferers cleaners.

Why sweeping hardwood floors

When you visit many households, you are probably to find a broom and a dustpan. Yes. Sweeping is a common task many people try to clean their hardwood floors, and as we said, it’s also another great option with the below advantages:

  • It does not require electricity.
  • You don’t need to worry about bad or belt requirements
  • Usually, don’t leave scrape or scratch marks on the hardwood floors
  • Don’t require a lot of space for storage
  • Reach spaces like the gaps between countertops and stoves
  • Sweeping is easy and doesn’t require maintenance

As you can see, vacuuming or sweeping depends on what exactly you want to accomplish and your preferences. Both tools are great in their own ways for specific situations. For example, if the regular cleaning of your hardwood floors may require a vacuum for excellent results.

On the other side, cleaning your home after a successful renovation might need a broom for a perfect cleaning. The only difference is that vacuums are more of modern technology and are meant to make cleaning tasks easy, efficient, and super quick. And this makes vacuuming win in most cases.


How to Vacuum Your Hardwood Floors without Leaving Scratches?

Vacuuming carpets is quite different compared to vacuuming hardwood floors. The number reason why people easily scratch their floor when vacuuming then is because they use the same force applied when vacuuming carpets.

Further, keep in your mind that not all hardwood floor requires a similar level of care. Therefore, you should first examine the traffic right on your hardwood floors and establish the best cleaning schedule, which makes more sense.

The general rule to not is that hardwood floors need to be vacuumed weekly and wet cleaning for two to one month. But less or more frequently, based on the traffic, Let’s talk about how to vacuum a hardwood floor and not leave a scratch:

First, choose the appropriate vacuum cleaner.

It is important if you get a cleaner with a soft surface that won’t spoil your floors even in regular cleaning. And the great way to determine if a clean has soft and smooth enough surface is by visiting the shop where it is and touching it. And when intending to purchase a cleaner with wheels, ensure they have rubber. Rubber wheels save your money, time and clean without damaging your surface.

Second, apply something on your floor before vacuuming.

Of course, there are different mixtures to utilize to keep your floors healthy-looking and polished. The best wood-care products makes it slightly slippery to avoid excessive friction when you start vacuuming it. In this case, the vacuum will glide with ease right on the hardwood floor and therefore end up without scratching your floor.

Third, work your way all around the surface, cleaning small area at a time.

Go slowly not to damage your floor. And when you across any spot which may need a quick touch-up, consider cleaning it with a water-damped clean paper towel, then wipe dry.

Fourth, vacuuming along the specific grain.

Like with the mopping of the wooden floors, vacuum right along grains. In this way, you will be able to suck up all dirt and maintain your hardwood integrity. Going against the grain tends to increase the friction which comprises the wood floors.

It’s important if you avoid the below common mistakes when cleaning hardwood floor.

  • Using the carpet vacuum
  • Not cleaning enough
  • Using oil or wax-based cleaners
  • Using steam cleaners and conventional mops
  • Using vinegar, water, or soap



At this point, I hope you now know it is okay to vacuum your hardwood floors. In addition, the few tips I have provided are enough to help aid in keeping your favorite hardwood floor healthy and nice after vacuuming. They are expensive yet worth investing, so it’s your duty to take good care of your floor, thus enhancing their durability.


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