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How to Remove Stains from Hardwood Floors?

Time and time again, it has been established that hardwood floors are prestigious and require high levels of maintenance. Stains may arise from dust, oil, grease, and surprisingly even water.

Hardwood floors are susceptible in addition to being prone to stains. If they are this sensitive, then how to remove stains from hardwood floors?

Well, do not panic. Stains are the norm in most households with hardwood floors. It is important that we remove these stains since ignoring them leads to even more damage to the floors.

What Causes Black Spots on Hardwood Floors?

how to get pee stains out of hardwood floors

There is a lot of controversy surrounding dark spots on wood floors. Some speculate that it is brought about by insect waste.

However, this may not be the case. So far, there are only two proven theories on the occurrence of black spots on hardwood floors.

One is the chemicals present in the floor coat. They encourage the production of oxygen, which in turn leads to the production of black rust that appears on our wooden floors.

Secondly, the spots might be a result of mold on the floors or mildew caused by moisture or inadequate ventilation.


How to Remove Black Stains from Hardwood Floors?

Dark or black stains on hardwood floors are like pests on animals, nothing but an absolute nuisance.

They are conspicuous and easily noticeable and they eliminate the beauty of the floor and the entire room.

However, just like all other problems, there is a solution to this issue. There are two ways of removing black stains:

  • Use of bleach

The process of bleaching involves lightening the stain. Bleaching can be done with three agents.

  • Hydrogen peroxide

when using peroxide, you require an old piece of cloth. Soak the old piece of cloth in hydrogen peroxide and dab it all over the stain.

Leave it to dry for a while and repeat the procedure until the entire stain is removed.

remove black burn marks from wood floor

  • Wood bleach or chlorine

Wood bleach has proven to be most effective around black stains. The bleach is highly recommended as it is not harsh on the hardwood floor.

Chlorine is the most effective and works well on food and bloodstains.

  • Vinegar

Vinegar for home-based solutions seems to be the answer to most of our cleaning problems, doesn’t it? White vinegar and a little bit of baking soda always do the trick.

  • Sanding

The use of sandpaper is also a means of removing the black stain on hardwood floors.

However, not all types of sandpapers are fit for stain removal. When sanding, use fine-grit sandpaper for your hardwood floors.

Depending on your type of floor, sanding is done differently. For a none sealed floor, sanding is done back and forth.

However, for a polished and sealed floor, sanding is done in the direction of the wood. After sanding, always vacuum the remnants of the wood.

Despite all these added advantages of hardwood floors, it involves a lot of work to execute.


How Do You Get Stains out of Hardwood Floors Without Sanding?

how to get pee stains out of wood floor

Sanding is one of the most effective ways of stain removal on hardwood floors. There are other methods of removing stains on hardwood floors.

  • Use store-bought products
  • Apply baking soda and warm water
  • Mix vinegar and warm water
  • Use hydrogen peroxide
  • Apply enzymatic cleaners
The method of stain removal largely depends on the type of stain.


How to Remove Dog Urine from Hardwood Floors?

Most dog owners know that occasionally, peeing around the house may occur. In case your dog has a slip-up around hardwood floors, to be precise, do not waste time panicking.

Quickly find a way of drying up the stain before anything else. There are a number of ways of cleaning up dog urine stains. Below are a few pointers on how to accomplish this easily.

  • Step 1:  Start by drying off the urine stain immediately.

This is done by utilizing worn-out towels or using baking powder. The baking powder is best for this situation as it absorbs the urine and the odor. To completely remove the stain, use hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar, and pour it on the spot.

  • Step 2: Soak up towels in the solution and place them over the stain.

place the towels for a few hours until the stain is completely diminished.

  • Step 3: Settle for a store-bought solution.

In this case, enzymatic cleaners are mostly recommended. The cleaners are none toxic in addition to being particularly effective in breaking down the urine stains and odors.

However, the enzymes are difficult to use, and their instructions need to be followed later.

The enzymatic cleaners also discourage the dog from going back to the same spot in addition to reducing the smell and discoloration.


How to Remove Scuff Marks from Wood Floors?

Scuff marks are very irritating and unappealing on our wooden floors. They easily appear on our floors and may be difficult to remove.

There are several ways of removing scuff marks from our floors, even without requiring the assistance of a professional.

Here are a few tips on how to achieve this.

  • Step 1: Prepare a sponge and warm water.

This is done by dipping the sponge in warm water and gently wiping the affected area in circular motions until the marks disappear.

However, this method is not recommended for stubborn scuff marks or marks that have been there for a long time.

  • Step 2: Apply baking soda and warm water.

This is achieved by mixing the baking soda with warm water to create a thick paste.

  • Step 3: Get a piece of cloth to wipe over the marks.

After completely removing the scuff marks, wipe the area with a clean damp cloth, then completely dry it later.

  • Step 4: Use an ordinary pencil eraser.

It seems like the pencil eraser not only eliminates assignment mistakes but also scuff marks; who knew this simple stationery could be even more useful?

Apply a gentle amount of pressure on the area and ensure your eraser is clean so as not to damage your floor further. Gently sweep off the remaining eraser debris.

  • Step 5: Use a tennis shoe or a tennis ball.

Well, it’s n secret that scuff marks can be caused by shoes, but shoes might also remove them. But not all shoes can execute this task. I advise you to go to a tennis shoe that has a rubber sole.

Rub the heel of the shoe firmly against the mark, and you will be surprised at how effective this method is. Alternatively, acquire an old tennis ball.

Cut off an x pattern and firmly attach it at the end of your broom handle. Apply an adequate amount of pressure and rub away the mark.


How to Remove White Rings and Watermarks from Wood Floors?

Most stains on wood floors are mostly caused by liquid-based substances. This should not cause any worry or panic at all, as they are easily removed by easily acquired substances.

Here are a few ways on how to remove white stains on wood floors.

  • Step 1: Use mineral oils and mineral spirits.

Apply the mineral oil or the mineral spirits on a cloth and gently wipe the marked area. Repeat this until the markings are obliterated.

  • Step 2: Get baking soda paste, hydrogen peroxide, or mayonnaise.

In all these situations, the said substance is gently applied to the marking until the stain is removed.

  • Step 3: Apply your hairdryer.

The hairdryer is not only useful to the hair but surprisingly to the floor as well.

When using the hairdryer, use the nozzle attachment and start on the lowest level of heat possible. Direct the heat on top of the stain but not directly into the wood so as not to damage it.


How to Get Other Stains out of Hardwood Floors?

There are a lot of substances that can contribute to the staining of hardwood floors.

Here are some substances that cause staining and useful tips on how to remove them.

  • Dirt stains

Dirt stains are the easiest to remove, especially if they are on the surface. Gently dust off the surface using a dry mop or simply just vacuum the floor.

This method is, however, effective for dust particles that are just on the surface. For particles that are nudged into the wood, it is advisable to use warm water and white vinegar to wipe the floor.

  • Oil stains

These stains are brought about by greasy foods that may have accidentally fallen on the floor.

They are easily removed from our floors; for this to be possible quick action needs to be taken as soon as staining occurs.

First, find a way to instantly dry the oil stain; this is done by using baking soda or old newspaper.

After you have fully absorbed all the oil from the floor, remove all the newspaper or vacuum the baking soda gently. Suppose this doesn’t entirely remove the stain using a mild detergent and scrub the floor until the stain is removed.

  • Dark water stains

When a water stain becomes dark, it means it has been there for a while, and quick action was not taken to dry it off.

Dark water stains imply that the stains are deep into the wood; thus, more severe measures have to be taken.

Soak the affected area in hydrogen peroxide or consequently use warm water and vinegar to also soak the area.

Ensure the area is soaked long enough until the stain is completely removed.

  • Old cat urine

Cats are adorable pets, but once in a while, they pee on the floor despite being litter trained.

If this occurs, there are several ways of tackling this problem.

Firstly always drain the urine before anything else. You can achieve this by using towels or baking soda.

Alternatively and the best option is to use enzymatic cleaners. These cleaners are manufactured specifically to deal with urine stains on wood floors, in addition to discouraging the pet from marking the same spot again.


How to Prevent Water Stains on Hardwood Floors?

get pee stains out of wood floor

Water stains are common with hardwood floors. There are ways of preventing water from damaging our hardwood floors. Here are a few tips on how to achieve this.

  1. Always go for quality products when cleaning your floors. Avoid harsh chemicals that would ruin your floor.
  2. In case of any water spill, quickly dry the affected area to prevent staining.
  3. Ensure you remove wet or moist items such as carpets, shoes, or mats on the floor.
  4. Fix any leaks or plumbing problems around the house.
  5. Always use a sealant on your floor.



Stain removal on hardwood floors is a tricky subject. There are a lot of things involved in stain removal, specifically around hardwood floors, since they are super sensitive.

Always follow the correct guidelines on how to remove specific stains, and always keep in mind that not all stains are removed in the same way.

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