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Top 5 Best Mop for Rubber Floors Reviews for 2022

The padding and the spring you feel underfoot are things you will never dissociate from rubber floors. However, what you might not know is that these rubber floors, like any other type, deserve unparalleled care. But, unless you have a good mop, this will remain a pipe dream.

Various aspects go into finding the right mop for your rubber floor. Investing in doing so will ensure that you get the best results in the long run. Here are a few invaluable insights you might not want to ignore.

what is the best way to clean rubber gym floors

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In a hurry? Pick a mop from our top recommendations!

With an aluminum metal body assuring you of enhanced durability: Turbo Microfiber Mop

With a stainless steel mop dry basket for quick drying: Simpli-Magic Mop

With aluminum material handle and metalhead that offers an excellent grip when holding it: Turbo 360 Mop

With 360-degree swivel pole reach different parts of the floor: MR.SIGA Professional Microfiber Mop

What Type of Mop Should You Use On Rubber Floors?

different types of mop

As mentioned, not all types of mops will suit your rubber floor. Thanks to their rugged texture, you will need to be careful about which mop to use. Here are the few types you will find to be more reliable.

1. Steam mops

You can hardly overlook the effectiveness that comes with steam cleaning rubber floors. With steam mops, you will effortlessly disinfect and refresh this rubber without the use of harsh chemicals.

What is more, it tends to encourage quicker drying, which ensures that the water spots do not seep into the subfloor. Remember, subfloors like plywood could develop mold if water gets in.

2. Microfiber mops

These mops tend to be much faster and thorough, as they grab more dirt, debris, and even debris on rough textures.

Whether you are doing light cleaning or deep-cleaning, you will hardly regret using microfiber mops.

3. Sponge mops

The use of sponge mops has grown much more popular in the recent past, thanks to their effectiveness.

These mops come in handy in cleaning uneven surfaces, as they effortlessly and aggressively grab dirt and debris from the rubber floor.

4. String mops

If you are looking for enhanced scrubbing power and absorbency, you will not go wrong with these string mops.

Besides, these mops will effortlessly help in cleaning hard-to-reach areas and corners, giving you the convenience you so deserve. While you will get them affordably, always keep in mind that wringing them could be a hassle sometimes.


How to Choose a Mop for A Rubber Floor?

mop rubber floors

Undoubtedly, your focus will always be on how to get the best mop for your floor. During this time, there will be a need to pay attention to the following variables.

1. Check the wringing mechanism

One of the most vital aspects when cleaning rubber floors is understanding how much moisture you need.

With the right wringing mechanism, this will hardly be a hassle. In-bucket wringers tend to be much better, as they tend to protect you from splashes.

In contrast, you could choose mops with manual wringers, but be ready to twist to squeeze to remove any excess moisture.

2. Is it easy to maintain

There is no denying that easy maintenance is worth appreciating at any time. Preferably, you should pick mops that are machine washable, including chenille and microfiber ones.

If you were to pick sponge mops, you might have a hard time maintaining it. However, sponge mops guarantee you the best results when cleaning.

3. Decide between dry and wet mops

Wet mops will often come in handy in deep-cleaning the floor. On the other hand, you might consider dry mops if you intend to do no more than a dusting.

One of the best ways to beat this challenge is to choose a mop that can be used for both wet and dry purposes. Here, you will find microfiber mops to be better for you.


Top 5 Best Mop for Rubber Floors Reviews

Here are the ultimate five choices you will hardly want to overlook.

1. Best Overall – Turbo Microfiber Mop for Multiple Floors


  • Great for both dry and wet cleaning purposes
  • Machine-washable microfiber pads
  • Relatively easy to clean
  • Assembling it will take the least time


  • Might not be ideal for much larger areas

microfiber mop for rubber floors

This product is not only highly-rated but also comes as a commercial-grade option. It comes with an aluminum metal body, which assures you of enhanced durability and sturdiness.

The mop comes with a 360-degree swivel head, which will effortlessly reach different parts of the floor and under the furniture. Ideally, the swivel head aims at giving you an easier time during cleaning.

Besides being eco-friendly, this mop tends to be machine-washable. That means that the microfiber pads will be washed, reused, and replaced with much ease. The pads tend to get attached to the Velcro without too much hassle too.

Check the Price on Amazon


2. With a Dual-spout Bucket – Simpli-Magic Mop and Bucket for Rubber Floors


  • Bigger mop head for larger areas
  • Self-wringing system
  • Robust construction
  • High absorbency level


  • Tall people might have to bend to mop

spin mop cleaner for rubber floors

Simpli-Magic Spin Mop comes with a microfiber mop head, which assures you of no streaks left behind.

This mop head ensures that the floor dries much faster, and it can comfortably pick hair and dust easily. Further to this, this microfiber mop head is machine washable.

This product comes with a stainless steel mop dry basket. This robust construction is a surefire way of getting the durability you so deserve. Ideally, it is a dual-spout bucket whose spinning design that allows you not to get dirty. The self-wringing system that this mop boasts of will assure you of convenience.

Check the Price on Amazon


3. All-in-one System – Bona Premium Spray Mop with Refillable Cartridge


  • Super effective cleaning with an extra-large mop head
  • Machine-washable
  • Easy to use
  • Assures you of a perfect grip


  • The pole is not very long

spray mop for rubber floors

If you are looking for the right spray mop, look no further than Bony Spray Mop. It comes with a refillable cartridge, which cushions you against buying cartridges from time to time. Besides, refilling your cartridge tends to guarantee you enhanced convenience.

It is an all-in-one system that ensures you have an easy time cleaning the floor. Remember, it features a microfiber cleaning pad and a spray mop, which means you will not need to mops to do the task.

Its flexible corners will assure you of enhanced convenience. With this, the mop will effortlessly reach different corners and hard-to-reach parts of the house without much struggle.

Check the Price on Amazon


4. With a removal Scrubber – MR.SIGA Professional Microfiber Mop


  • Comes with a dirt removal scrubber
  • Double side microfiber & plush mop cloth
  • Innovative fabric Clip-on design
  • Maneuvering with it will hardly be a hassle


  • Might not for very tall people

microfiber mop flat hardwood tiles

Mr. SIGA has proven to be the best for anyone looking for a flat mop.

Ideally, it is a double-sided product, which allows you to not only mop but also dust with ease. The two sides will often feature a plush mop cloth and a microfiber pad. That means that you will be free to use the two sides interchangeably.

Its 360-degree swivel pole will get you smitten. It allows you to reach different parts of the floor, including under the furniture. The double-locking telescopic system can only make things better and more flexible for you.

Check the Price on Amazon


5. Steam Mop – Shark S3501 Steam Pocket Mop for Rubber


  • Both sides can be used for cleaning
  • Deep cleaning without harsh chemicals
  • Friendly in houses where there are pets and children
  • Easy to assemble
  • Very affordable price for a steam mop


  • The cord is a bit short

steam mop for rubber floors

It will be unfair not to mention this incredible steam mop. It is one that you will hardly regret if you considered it.

Shark S3501 Steam Mop comes with two cleaning sides, which allows you to extend your mopping session.

It will also ensure that you have a more seamless time when doing so. What is more, these two padded sides are not only easy to clean but also machine-washable.

Its ability to handle germs is remarkable. Thanks to the increased temperature provided, you will be sure of up to 99.9% effectiveness in killing pathogens.

Check the Price on Amazon


How Should You Quick Clean Rubber Flooring?

best mop for rubber floors

There is no denying that cleaning your rubber floor can be a little tricky. However, that does not mean that it is way different from what you do with other floors. Here are the steps you will have to consider in this regard.

1. Vacuum any dusty or dirty surface

It will always be vital to start with vacuuming, with the difference being that you will not need a beater bar on the vacuum. Instead, you will find backpacks more valuable for you.

Vacuuming is much better when cleaning these rubber floors, as it picks contaminants, debris, and dust from textured floors more effortlessly.

2. Use neutral cleaners when spraying

Nothing could be as imperative as the use of neutral cleaners on rubber floors. These cleaners are not only safe but also effective.

Besides, they will ensure that the integrity of your floor gets maintained. Most experts will suggest that you keep away from chemical products when cleaning these floors, as they could readily degrade the surface of your rubber floor.

3. Extract any remaining dirt

Wet cleaning will often come in last in rubber floor cleaning. The best method to embrace at this time will be dual surface extraction, which ensures that soil gets blasted away using pressurized water.

Further to this, both water droplets and sand get picked up by the sponge mop or squeegee wand.

4. Clean regularly

It will be best to clean your rubber floor daily or weekly, depending on the foot traffic it withstands. Such will be the right time for you to consider damp mopping, as it will help in maintaining the integrity of the floor.

Carry out deep-cleaning periodically. Deep-cleaning will require impressive studded rubber brushes for the best results.

5. Buff it

Take the time to buff your rubber floor, as it helps in restoring the sheen of your rubber floor. However, it will be best if you considered using a professional-grade buffing machine.

Each of their attachment should have premium-grade fibers and fibers and plastic fittings, as they tend to guarantee better results.


How to clean black rubber?

Take the time to follow the following steps when cleaning your black rubber:

  1. Ensure that you remove any debris or dirt from the surface
  2. Make a mix of dishwasher soap, vinegar, and water
  3. Using the right mop or sponge, dip into the sudsy mix and wipe the black rubber surface
  4. Rinse your sponge or mop with clean water
  5. Wipe off any spills on the surface
  6. Let the surface dry


FAQs About the Mops for Rubber Floors

how to remove rubber odor out of mats

1. Can I wet rubber floors?

There is hardly any harm in wetting your rubber floor, as these floors tend to be water-resistant. It will suffice to mention how incredible a waterproof and water-resistant surface rubber is. Even so, it will be vital to ensure that you do not get them too wet.

2. What is the best cleaner for rubber floors?

Adding a little vinegar into your cleaning water will come in handy for you. You could apply this solution to your mop or a piece of cloth you will be using

If you are looking forward to a touch of fragrance, a squeeze of lemon, or even a few drops of your favorite essential oil, will come in handy.

Above all, ensure that you avoid any acidic or aggressive chemical cleanser, as this could readily degrade the surface. There will also be no need for you to use scouring pads in this process.


Final Verdict

In conclusion, you will hardly resist the desire to maintain the sheen of your rubber floor. What will make the difference is how you handle the cleaning process.

With these insights on how to mop and which mops to use, you are sure of a much more satisfactory experience altogether. Do not shy away from embracing and even improving on these invaluable insights.

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