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Hurricane Spin Mop Review

Despite mopping being one of the least loved house chores, the process can be fun and enjoyable with the right tool. This is where the Hurricane spin mop comes in; this mop has been engineered to make the whole cleaning process fun and relatively less tiring.

With the Hurricane 360 spin mop, you will no longer have to worry about cleaning and disinfecting your floor. To further understand the product, we shall be taking you through the Hurricane Spin Mop review in this article.


The Overview of Hurricane Spin Mop

No need to get your hands dirty, the Hurricane Spin Mop is equipped with a foot pump that allows an individual to wring the mop head without having to use their hands.

This mop is by far one of the best mops and buckets you can find in today’s market. It has been designed to help in cleaning practically anything and everything; with this product, you will be picking up dirt and spin it away.

All that is required of you is to dip the mop’s head in the washer side and then release all the dirt into your bucket. Once this is done, place it in the dryer section and step on the pedal to spin away all the excess dirt and water hence leaving you with a clean mop head that is dry and ready to clean your floor even more.

The best part of using this mop is that you will never have to touch the disgusting mop head while cleaning.

In addition to that, the Hurricane Spin Mop is equipped with a super absorbent microfiber head that absorbs up to 10 times its weight, and it will not streak or drip. Moreover, the mop head is washable and reusable hence saving you a significant amount of money.

Looking for a mop that is not only effective when it comes to cleaning but also highly durable can be very challenging. Fortunately, with the Hurricane Spin Mop, you are guaranteed both of these features at a very affordable rate.

The product is highly affordable and guarantees maximum efficiency when it comes to disinfecting your surface and getting off any tough stain when used with the right detergent or disinfectant.

  • NEXT GENERATION MOP & BUCKET SYSTEM: it’s not just a mop, it’s an entire cleaning system that spins away germ-filled dirty water away. No more touching dirty, unsafe, disgusting mop heads and no more getting down on your hands and knees! And there’s no need to sweep and mop because you’ll be able to do both with Spin Mop. Whether you’ve got spilled soda, coffee grinds, sugar, or ketchup, Spin Mop cleans it all in just one pass!
  • SUPER-ABSORBENT SPINNING MOP HEAD: our spinning microfiber mop heads grab liquid and messes so you’re not pushing the mess, but actually picking it up in the microfiber fingers. They’re super-absorbent and pick up 10x its weight in dirty, unsanitary liquid. The gross liquid is trapped inside the microfiber and does not drip.
  • LAYS FLAT: Hurricane Spin Mop lays flat so you’ll never have to bend over and move furniture. Easily reach under your tables, sofas, and more without having to move anything. There’s no more back-breaking work!
  • GETS EVERY NOOK & CRANNY: you’ll love how it reaches against baseboards, maneuvers behind your toilet, and other impossible-to-reach areas that your old, germy sponge mop can never reach. Plus, it won’t leave streaks or scratch floors!
  • POWERFUL HARD SURFACE CLEANER: use on hard surfaces like tile, travertine, wood, laminate, and more to clean and sanitize your floors. Add your favorite cleaning concentrate or bleach to the spin bucket to thoroughly disinfect your home.


Main Features of Hurricane Spin Mop

hurricane spin mop and bucket set for home deep cleaning


With this mop, cleaning under your furniture has become relatively easy; reaching areas that used to difficult to access has become relatively easy.

The mop is equipped with a pivoting head that has made cleaning under your furniture and other narrow areas relatively easy. More standout features are as follows:

  • 360-degrees rotating mop

The Hurricane Spin Mop is equipped with a head that can rotate 360 degrees. The rotating mop is capable of delivering a powerful centrifugal force to aid in getting rid of dirt with the utmost ease.

The force has made the cleaning process become much more comfortable. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy the full benefit of a 360-degree rotating mop while cleaning tight spaces, especially beneath your furniture.

Moreover, with the rotating head, cleaning the cabinet and other hard-to-reach places has become relatively easy. You can always angle the rotating mop head low, allowing you to access these surfaces with the utmost ease.

  • Mop head

Hurricane Spin Mop features a mop head that is designed using microfiber. You are always guaranteed quality and incredible performance when using this mop head.

The best part is that the mop head does not leave water on the floor, making the cleaning process less tiresome. With this mop head, you can always soak excess water from your floor.

With Hurricane Spin Mop, the mop head wrings itself. This process is not only simple but also requires less effort. In addition to that, the mop head features a high-quality design, which is relatively easy to clean, and it is machine washable.

You can as well replace this mop head with much ease since it features a removable design. When dry, the mop head can be used to get rid of the pet’s hair and dust on a bare floor.

  • Highly-durable

The Hurricane Spin Mop features a handle designed from stainless steel and a frame made from aluminum; therefore, you don’t have to worry about rust anymore. Its durable construction has made the spin mop ideal for frequent use and best for deep scrubbing.

Compared to other buckets available in today’s market, the Hurricane Spin Mop is by far the most durable and very useful. In addition to that, it is pocket-friendly, which makes it a significant investment.

  • Relatively easy to use

The main aim of a mop is to clean the floor without much struggle, and that’s what you will receive when using the Hurricane Spin Mop. This product has been designed to be relatively easy to use and move around while cleaning your floor.

Weighing 2 pounds, the Hurricane Spin Mop is relatively light in weight, making it highly portable and easy to move with it around your house while cleaning.

Furthermore, the mop has an arrow printed on it to show your cleaning direction. With this product, cleaning your floor will be a breeze.

  • Cleaning

Hurricane Spin Mop is a highly versatile mop designed to clean any floor. Irrespective of how dirty your floor is, this mop is very effective when it comes to cleaning it.

You can always use the mop in cleaning your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, and other rooms. The mop offers a gentle and deep clean; therefore, you can always clean your floor with this mop without causing any damage.


Hurricane Spin Mop Review

Overall Score: 8.8/10

hurricane spin mop for all floors review

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Brilliant features

  • Features a highly flexible structure
  • Equipped with a microfiber mop head which is machine washable
  • Ideal for cleaning hard to reach surfaces
  • User-friendly and light in weight
  • Equipped with centrifugal cleaning technology
  • Offers a superior cleaning experience

Watch out for

  • Relatively small mop head



1. Is Hurricane Spin Mop Worth the Price?

Yes, Hurricane Spin Mop is worth the price.

Due to its effectiveness in cleaning and disinfecting your floor, Hurricane Spin Mop is a great product worth investing in.

Furthermore, as an individual with back pain, this mop is worth your money; the product helps in making the cleaning process less tiresome. You will not have to bend each time while cleaning since you can rinse and get rid of dirt from your mop by stepping on the paddle present in the bucket. This helps in improving your back problem significantly.

If you are tired of damp and germ-harboring traditional mops, then it’s high time you consider investing in Hurricane Spin Mop. With this mop, you can always clean all the hard to reach surfaces with the utmost ease. The mop is equipped with a brilliant mop head that has revolutionized floor cleaning.

You can always use the spin mop wet or dry thanks to its advanced cleaning technology that helps in getting rid of excess water and dirt with one wash.

In addition to that, the mop features a quick-drying time thanks to its better wringing that leaves less water on your floor. With all these vital aspects, there is no doubt that Hurricane Spin Mop is worth the price.

2. How to remove the mop head from the Hurricane Spin Mop?

The Hurricane Spin Mop has been designed to be removable, allowing you to clean it or replace it when necessary. When removing the mop head, you should always take the utmost care not to damage your mop head’s configuration.

Here is what you have to consider when removing the mop head:

  • Ensure you have a spare mop if you intend to replace the older or worn-out mop head.
  • Hold your mop straight and separate the mop head yarn to reveal the pole.
  • Step on your mop heads gently while turning it.
  • Look for a C-clamp pin available near the top of your pole and then loosen it.
  • Unfasten the wing nut if present or lift-off metal bar is used to locate your spin mop if the nut is absent. Once this is done, you can remove your mop head.

3. How to wash spin mop head?

Hurricane Spin Mop is equipped with a machine-washable mop head; this makes the cleaning process relatively easy. A spin mop’s primary function is to cleaning and sanitizes your home; therefore, cleaning the mop head is vital.

To clean your spin mop head properly, you will have to follow these vital steps:

  • Detach your mop head
  • Determine the right cycle as well as detergent
  • Set your Hurricane Spin Mop head into the washing machine
  • Add some bleach for effective cleaning
  • Once cleaned, take out your mop head
  • Dry it properly before reattaching it back to its pole


Final Verdict

If you are looking for a highly effective mop when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting your floor, we highly recommend using Hurricane Spin Mop.

This mop has been designed to improve the cleaning process, making it fun and less tiresome. In addition to being effective, Hurricane Spin Mop is highly affordable, making it a significant investment.

The mop head spins and helps get rid of most dirt and access all the tough to reach corners with the utmost ease.

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