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Top 5 Best String Mop Reviews for 2022

The string mops are manually operated mops ideal for cleaning the most finished floors such as tiles. It is made with cotton or rayon materials in the form of yarns, which are then attached to a mop head. These mops are manual because one has to use hands when wringing water to dry a floor.

The twist mops come with a wringing system attached to the bucket, and others have a pedal attached to the bucket for wringing out the water. Let’s see what is the best string mop that you can choose from.

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The top 4 products we highly recommendations for you. You will never go wrong with them!

Double looping design mop to prevent the threads from fraying: O Cedar Heavy Duty String Mop

Super lightweight and heavy-duty mop with a comfortable length to use: Quickie Wet Mop

Quick-drying microfiber mop with thick and quality material strings: O Cedar MicroTwist Mop

Ideal mop for home and commercial cleaning jobs with looped edges: Tidy Tools String Mop


Is String Mop Worth Buying?

The answer is yes! The cotton string mops are the perfect mops to buy for cleaning. This is because these mops have high absorbency, and they also scrub stains and stuck dirt on the floor pretty easily and quickly.

The string mops are reusable because they are washable after every use. The mops are easy to use since there is no much assembling needed when setting it up to clean.

The mops that have multiple plies and looped edges are quit durable and clean the floor faster, leaving it with less water for quick drying. The string mops are quite affordable when compared to other mop types and can last for a long time if maintained accordingly.


What Can I Use String Mop For?

cleaning Home with a string mop

  • Wiping the Floors

Although the string mops are not as strong as other microfiber cleaning mops in scrubbing off stains on the floor, they are quite reliable in wiping the floors.

The string mops are made with cotton and rayon material, which have a high absorption level because they don’t easily get saturated by wetness when cleaning.

In this case, these mops do a great job of wiping off spillages on the floor. You can use the string mops to wipe the water, and other liquids or even food spillage on the floor.


  • Cleaning Small Section of the Floor

The string mops can comfortably access the areas that other mops cannot reach. The string mops are flexible and can easily fold to clean up high or cornered and slim areas like the grouts.

Also, this feature makes it easy for the mops to reach in between the tiles and other cracks on the floor to clean or wipe waters.


  • Cleaning the Floors

The cotton string mops are perfect for cleaning both large and small areas in the room. The swabs are easy to use because all you need is a bucket of water and cleaning solutions.

The string mops are bendable in case one wants to reach the furthest corners of the room or under the furniture for efficient cleaning.

Although these types of mops may require one to employ a lot of force, especially when wringing the water, they are perfect for cleaning different areas of the floor.


Tips for Choosing a String Mop

best string mop

  • Choose a Mop with High Absorbency

If you need a string mop that will effortlessly clean all types of stains and dirt, plus dry the floor easily, well you need to consider the rate of absorbency.

The string mops are crafted in different yarn materials, which are cotton, rayon. The mops with the cotton yarns have good absorbency rates while the rayon mops have quick absorbency rates.

So, if you need a mop that will clean the most frequented areas may be at the office, consider getting the rayon mops because they dry the floor quickly.

On the other hand, the cotton mops are perfect for cleaning multiple stains and scrubbing the floors.


  • Multiple Yarns

The thick yarns on the mops offer convenience when cleaning as they save the cleaning time by covering a large floor area.

So, always choose a mop that has a high number of plies if at all you need a string mop that takes lesser cleaning time.

Also, the thicker the mop is, the higher the absorbency rate and vice versa. More strings add durability to the mop because they get the cleaning done quickly.


  • Opt for Looped End Mops Over the Cut Edge

The cut edge mops are the most common mops on the market, but the durability is quite limited. These types of mops don’t do clean well because they tend to flare, leaving the yarn threads on the floor.

So, which is the best choice? Well, looped string mops are the ultimate choice if you are looking for a durable mop that will do a thorough job in cleaning. The looped mops do not flare or unravel, plus they cover large areas when cleaning to save time.


  • Choose a Comfortable Handle Size

Your comfort when cleaning with the mop should be a factor to consider when buying the cleaning tool. Moreover, if you are buying a mop to be used by more than one person, consider the size of the handle to make sure it is convenient for all people using it.

Some swabs have adjustable handles a great feature for people who need a flexible mop to fit multiple heights and to clean different corners.


Top 5 Best String Mop Reviews

1. Best Overall – O Cedar Heavy Duty String Mop


  • It has thick cotton strings with high absorbency
  • Securing the mop head to the handle takes a few minutes
  • The mop has a high cleaning power to fit home and commercial use
  • This mop is quite light in weight


  • Maybe too large for small areas

o cedar string mop

Apart from being manufactured by one of the top best mop manufacturing companies in the world, this strong mop from O cedar is convenient in cleaning solutions.

The cleaning pad is made of heavy-duty cotton material that is suitable for heavy-duty cleaning.

The mop is ideal for both home and commercial use because the thick cotton strings absorb dirt and lock it for fast cleaning.

The mop also absorbs most of the water on the floor for quick drying. The edges of the strings of the mop feature double looping design to prevent the threads from fraying.

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2. Budget Mop – Quickie All Purpose Cotton Wet Mop


  • Great for fast cleaning
  • The mop provides multiple cleaning solutions
  • It has quality material design to ensure durability
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty


  • The broom gets heavy when dipped in water

cotton wet string mop

If you are looking for a multifunctional mop that can clean, scrub, and even wipe floor surfaces. Well, Quickie all-purpose string mop is a perfect option.

The mop cleaning pad features thick and heavy-duty cotton strings that scrub off any dirt and stuck messes on the floor. Working with the mop is easy and convenient because it only weighs 1 pound.

The handle of this cleaning mop measures 48 inches long a comfortable length that allows one to clean even the further areas or under the furniture in the room.

The handle is made of powder-coated steel handle material for durability even after constant exposure to the wetness.

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3. High Absorbency Power – O Cedar MicroTwist Microfiber Mop


  • The mop strings have high absorbency power
  • Leaves no water stains
  • The mop has a self-wringing mechanism
  • Easy to use


  • The mop head does not hold firmly for long

microfiber string mop

You don’t need to hustle when wringing out water to rinse the floor with this O cedar mop model because it easily does the work for you.

The freehand ratching mechanisms ensure to wring out the water. This mop also has thick and quality material strings that clean the dust and other debris off the floor on the first pass.

The heavy-duty cotton material strings absorb the water off the floor for quick drying up. Removing the mop head from the handle takes a few seconds since all you need to do is twist the head and remove the mop pad.

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4. Prefect Handle Height – Tidy Tools Industrial Grade String Mop


  • The handle is adjustable from 39 to 60 inches long
  • The mop head has quality cotton strings design
  • Suitable for both home and commercial places
  • Great price for its value


  • The handle needs care

commercial String cotton mop

The extendable handle on this string mop provides a perfect and comfortable working height for most people.

The mop is ideal for home and commercial cleaning jobs as it cleans the floor quick thanks to the high absorbency design. The mop head has cotton strings that feature looped edges to prevent the strings from fraying.

The height of the mop handle extends from 39 to 60 inches long. The heavy-duty material construction of the mop head makes it a quality mop for cleaning different messes, including animal messes.

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5. Cotton Mop – Quickie Cotton Deck Mop With Super Absorbent Yarn


  • Leaves no streaks on the floor
  • It has a long handle
  • The mop has a good absorbency
  • The cotton strings are strong and tightly joined for convenient cleaning


  • The mop gets pretty bulky on dipping to the water

cotton deck mop

The cotton material yarns on this string mop have a high absorbent design that dries up the floor fast. This feature makes it a perfect mop for busy areas like in restaurants or office corridors.

The mop head has cotton yarns that are joined together with wire wounds to hold them together for long.

The handle of this mop measures 48 inches long, a convenient size for multiple heights. The handle has steel material crafting with powder coating to safeguard it from rust or corrosion. The handle has a hook for easy hanging the mop to store or to dry on outdoors.

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If you are looking for an affordable mop that can efficiently clean even the tightest corners of the floor at home, the string mops are the perfect options.

The string mops may not be as reliable when it comes to getting rid of tough stains or disinfecting the floor, but the high absorbency and flexibility makes them the perfect choice for wiping spillages and cleaning the finished floors.

The above reviewed five brands are the top best string mops on the market today. Use the above tips to guide you in choosing the right string mop for either home or commercial cleaning uses.

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