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How to Dry a Mop Quickly to Prevent Mold and Smell?

Mopping your floors is a critical part of your cleaning process. The only thing is, what do you do with the mop once you’re done? You can’t leave your mop unattended once you’re finished mopping.

If you leave it alone, then you have the risk of mold building in your mop and you’ll have to throw it away. No one want’s to clean with a moldy mop because you could infect your house with mold. To avoid that mistake, take a few minutes after each time you mop and clean it.

It’s okay if you don’t know how to clean it. Keep reading for steps to clean your mop in different scenarios and different types of mops.


How to Dry a Mop in an Apartment?

how to dry a mop

It may be difficult for you to dry a mop in an apartment. An apartment does not have as much space as a house.

One thing you can do is get some string and put it from one side of the apartment to the other. Remember, that the mop head will be heavy because it’s wet.

Be sure the string that you use is thick, sturdy, and wide enough for the mop head to go on it without the mop falling off. Once you made sure the string is steady and ready for use, place the mop head on the string and let it air dry.

Understandably, this option may not work for you if you have children running around or you’re having guests that will be there any minute.

Another option you can do is dry the mop on the balcony. Many apartment buildings have a balcony on the second story. You can drape the mop head over the balcony and wait for it to dry. If you don’t live on the second story or higher, then look outside your apartment on the bottom floor.

Some apartments have a small patio with railings. You can drape it over the railing. If you live on the first story and you don’t have a patio, then drape it over a chair.

You can also dry your mop head on a clothesline but be sure to rinse the excess water before you leave it on there. If you don’t, the water will drip on the floor and someone could slip.


How Can I Make my Mop Dry Faster?

how to dry your mop faster

You just finished mopping your floors and guests are coming over any minute. What do you do with your mop?

Guests don’t want to come over to see your mop in dirty water. You have to dry it fast before they arrive. One way you can dry your mop fast is to use a hairdryer.

That may sound crazy, but it will work. Before you begin, be sure that there isn’t any water around the cord. It’s best to rinse out the excess water, so there will not be any water dripping as you dry the mop.

Another way is to hang it up with the mop head facing toward the ceiling. You can put it somewhere where no one will see, such as in the shower. Lean it against the shower wall, and then close the shower curtain.

To dry your mop faster, the first thing you may think about is to stick it in the dryer. It is not recommended because the strings on your mop will wind up tangled, and it will take forever to get them undone. The microfibers will also be damaged, and they won’t clean your floors as well.


Where Are the Best Places to Leave the Mop to Dry?

As long as it’s not raining, anywhere outside would be a good place. The sun will dry it out and you can bring it inside the next day ready to use for the next time you need to mop your house.

If you’re not able to leave it outside for a day, then you can store it anywhere inside your house. As long as it’s off the floor and in a dry area, your mop head will be dry.

See how to restore the mop and bucket after you dry the mop.


Tips on Drying your Mop

Tips on Drying your Mop

There are several types of mops. Below you will find out how to dry each type of mop so you will be prepared to dry your mop next time you are cleaning your house.

1. Cotton Mops

Cotton mops are allowed to be put in the dryer, but the temperature can not exceed 180 degrees. Put the mop head in the dryer at the lowest speed possible.

If you were to put your mop on high heat, it will damage your mop the more times you dry it on high heat.

2. Sponge Mops

An easy way to dry sponge mops is by putting them outside in the heat to dry. The best way to help them dry faster is by wringing out as much water as you can.

3. Microfiber Mops

Microfiber mops are very easy to clean because they’re disposable. Take it off the mop and throw it away. You need to throw it out right after you’re done mopping. Don’t let it sit there because it will start to stink.

4. Steam Mops

To dry a steam mop, wait for it to cool before you remove the mop head and let it air dry.


Things to Avoid to Maintain your Mop

You don’t want to end up replacing your mop heads all the time. To prevent that, there are several things you should avoid while drying your mop.

1. Avoid using the dryer

Many mops cannot handle the dryer because it will get tangled up, and it’s not good for the microfibers.

2. Avoid leaving the mop on the floor

Never put a wet mop on the floor. It will stink up your home and you will have to do extra cleaning to get rid of the smell. Always hang it up to dry and keep it off the floor.

3. Avoid putting up the mop

Never put the wet mop out to dry without cleaning it first. The cleaner you used to clean the floor is on the mop head mixed in with the dirt that you mopped up.

Rinse the mop off first before you begin laying it out to dry. The best solution to clean the mop is to use vinegar and hot water mixed together.


Concluding Thoughts

The point of understanding the tips to dry your mop is so you don’t have to deal with the agonizing chore of deep cleaning your mops often.

By following these tips, there are things you can avoid doing so you won’t damage your mop and have to buy a new one every time you use it. These tips will help you get through the tough part of cleaning your mop, and then you’ll get faster at cleaning and drying the mop.


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