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Can You Use a Steam Mop on Linoleum? Surprising Answer!

A steam mop is one of the convenient and wonderful tools you can use to loosen the dirt on the floor and kill bacteria or small mites.

With this cleaning tool, you can have a faster and more efficient way to clean your floor. Unfortunately, the Steam mop is not an effective method for all types of floors.

This fact then brings to you one of the ideal questions: can you use a steam mop on linoleum? Since it is one of the best methods, let’s see if you can use it on the linoleum floor or not.


Are Steam Mops Good For Linoleum Floors?

are Steam Mops Good For Linoleum Floors

The steam mop is not recommended on Linoleum floors; however, it can be good on Linoleum floors when appropriately used.

Since the steam mop does not use a harsh chemical or cleaning agent, it is ideal for cleaning Linoleum floors. With the Steam mop, you will be able to heat the water in the water tank of the steam mop and then utilize the steam to dissolve the dirt or stain.

It is also the best method since, apart from removing dirt, the Steam mop also sanitizes the floor by killing the tiny insects, germs, or bacteria on the floor. Therefore under proper use, the steam mop is suitable for linoleum floors.


Can You Steam Clean Linoleum Floors?

can you steam mop linoleum floors

Yes, you can steam clean linoleum floors. Keeping in consideration, can you use a steam mop on linoleum?

Since the answer is yes, then there are different ways to use the linoleum floor and clean it. How you will do it will depend on the steam mop you will use.

Examples of the best steam mop you can use in this case are the Bissell, shark steam, Oreck steam, and VonHaus mop.

Note that the linoleum floor is one of the floors that are very sensitive to contact with excess water. Excess water deforms the appearance of the linoleum floor.

Therefore before choosing any of the Steam mops, you need to know how long it can take for the mop to spray the steam and what amount of steam it can produce at a time. Please don’t go for the steam mop that stays for longer before it produces the steam since it can damage your surface.

For better results, you can clean the linoleum floor with the steam from the mixture of water, vinegar, and a detergent, but if you do not have them, you can use the water, and you will get the best result.


Can I Use A Steam Mop On Waterproof Laminate Flooring?

Can I Use A Steam Mop On Waterproof Laminate Flooring

You can use a steam mop on a waterproof laminated floor but under caution. First, before you do it, you should refer to your manufacturer manual and see the procedure you can follow when using the steam mop.

With the manufacturing manual, you will be able to get a guaranteed technique that will help you clean the floor perfectly and maintain its quality for an extended period.

Note that though the laminate floor is termed a waterproof floor, it is susceptible to moisture. Another thing is that with time and exploration to direct heat, the floor can get damaged, and it will lose its waterproof capability.

When the waterproof floor feature is damaged, your floor will show tear and wear a sign and make you vulnerable to water.

Therefore for you to use Steam Mop on the laminated floor, the floor must be in good condition, and do not use extremely hot steam to mop the floor.


How To Steam Clean Linoleum Floors?

Another question that you need to address, apart from can you use a steam mop on linoleum, is how to steam clean the linoleum floor.

If you want to use the steam mop on the linoleum floor, you must avoid harmful chemicals and detergents since they can affect your flooring. Here is the procedure to steam clean linoleum floor:

To steam clean the linoleum floor, first, you need to use a vacuum cleaner to sweep the floor.

1. You will have to set it to the lowest steam on your steam mop.

2. If you want to apply the steam to the linoleum floor, you should avoid doing it directly to the floor but apply it on a mop pad and then use it to clean the floor.

3. When moping, you should do it in a continuous motion and avoid the head of the mop being in one position since it can damage your linoleum floor.

4. Note that you should do it with caution. Never apply the steam directly to your floor, avoid using high steam settings, and never use harmful chemicals; the water is enough.


Do’s And Don’t When Use Steam Mop On Linoleum Floors

When Use Steam Mop On Linoleum Floors

To get the best result and avoid some pitfalls, you need to know the do’s that govern the steam mop on the linoleum floor and the don’t.


Wipe the dirt on the floor before you steam clean

For better results and to avoid leaving behind residue, you need to sweep the floor and remove the dirt before the cleaning process with the steam mop.

1. Low steam settings

Use low steam settings on your linoleum floor; with that level, you will be able to maintain your floor appearance and quality.

2. Cleaning after use

You should clean the mop when you finish cleaning the floor before moving to another place or room. It will help remove the dirt soaked in the mop and prevent transferring to another floor or having a hard time in the following cleaning process.


1. Do not use any steam mop

There are different mops on the market, but not all are best on the linoleum floor. Before picking one, read the recommendation and see if it is suitable for the linoleum floor.

2. Do not hold the mop head in one place.

Holding the head of the mop in one place for a long time may lead to hot steam in the area or spraying a lot of steam which will intron affect the floor.

3. Do not lead a large pile of dirt with it.

If there is an area with a pile of dirt, never use the steam mop; instead, sweep away the place and finish the cleaning with the steam mop.


What Floors Should You Not Use A Steam Mop On?

Not all flooring types can be clean using the steam mop. For instance, it is not recommended to use a steam mop on floors like unfinished vinyl planking, cracked tiles, unfinished wooden floors, and many others.

You cannot use the steam mop because the floor might have small cracks, or the material used to make the floor is not water-resistant. When the floor may absorb the water, the appearance and the quality of the floor will be deformed.



The primary concern in this post was: can you use a steam mop on linoleum? As you have read above, it is possible, but under caution. Also, not all the floor types can be clean with the steam cleaner.

Therefore before you use any steam mop, you need to confirm from your floor manual and see if it is recommended to use a given steam mop or not. If you don’t know the flooring type, consult an expert before you make any mistake that will, in turn, cost you.

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