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Top 7 Best Wet Mop for Hardwood Floors Reviews 2022

It does not matter how often you vacuum or sweep, the hardwood floor can lose its shine and luster. However, you do not want to scratch shiny surfaces nor use harsh chemicals and materials.

Therefore, a gentle touch is all that is needed, and you need to have the right tools for cleaning tasks. Thus, you need the best wet mop for hardwood floors.

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No much time to looking for the wet mop for the hardwood floor, pick one for these recommendations:

Wet Mop Bucket Uses Centrifugal Spinning Technology: Hurricane Spin Mop

Wash and Vacuum at the Same Time to Suck Large Particles: Tineco iFLOOR Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

For Pets in Your Home or Suffer from Allergy: Swiffer Sweeper Dry

Dispensing the Right Amount of Solution for the Perfect Clean: Bona Hardwood Floor


Can I Wet Mop Hardwood Floors?

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Yes. It does not matter whether your hardwood floor is decades old or you recently installed it. There is a need to take care of it and know how to clean it the right way.

Always consider using floor protection systems. For instance, you may need felt pads and furniture coasters when deep cleaning.

Other than only being cost-friendly, they help you avoid the hassle involved with moving of heavy furniture pieces.

You could consider wet mopping your hardwood floor if it is soiled here and there. In this case, you need a damp mop to do away with the embedded grime and extra dirt.

The magical microfiber can come to your rescue. Some of the above damp mops have washable and removable microfiber heads. The truth is that a microfiber mop has many benefits to offer.

First, it attracts dirt to the fiber. Moreover, it does not hold onto much moisture. That means you can get the floor clean without damaging the wood.

There are times you need to use some extra water to get the floor clean. If it is dirty, or ought to be disinfected, you can use the floor cleaner.

Nowadays, there are different products you can find on the market that can help deliver sparkling clean floors. Always try any of the above-recommended wet microfiber mops.


Top 7 Best Wet Mop for Hardwood Floors Reviews

1. Most Overall – Microfiber Mop Cleaning for Floors

If you need fast cleaning, then you should consider Microfiber Mop Cleaning for Floors. You do not have to move messes around.

Instead, you can use this mop to deep clean and get rid of the stubborn messes. In fact, you will find it to be perfect for grout, garages, basements, extra dirty floors, and tiles.

microfiber mop for hardwood floors

Key Features

1. Premium Quality

You should note that this is a commercial-grade mop for your apartment, dorm, home, bathroom, basement, laundry room, or office.

In fact, it is lightweight with strong aluminum alloy and washable pads. You can use it for dusting and sweeping.

2. Machine Washable

The mops come washable pads. That means they can be rewashed, reused, replaced, and refilled.

Therefore, you can reuse the microfiber now and again. Ideally, you can wash the pads up to 99 times in the washing machine to protect the environment and save money.

3. Lightweight Design

This unit can rotate 360 degrees and it has an adjustable telescoping handle. It is made of tough, lightweight aluminum alloy and can be used to clean even hard-to-reach areas in the kitchen.

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2. With Splash Guard – O Cedar EasyWring Wet Spin Mop for Hardwood Floors

O Cedar Spin Mop is a powerful mop that is simply one of the best commercial wet mops in the market. Its exclusive design with a built-in wringer allows for easy use.

You can use this mop for deep-cleaning as it absorbs and removes tough grime and dirt. Its high-quality pedal activates spin wringing.

spin mop and bucket

Key Features

1. Easy to Spin

You only need to hold the mop loosely and then step on the pedal for it to activate the wringer. The unit is perfect for mopping all the hard floor surfaces with no wet hands or bending down.

2. Splash Guard

You can keep water spray and splash inside the bucket as you spin.

3. Easy to Maneuver

This mop has a triangle mop-head that is designed to clean into the corners. Also, the mop head is designed to rotate 360 degrees so that it maneuvers and fits under the furniture and corners.

4. Safe for All Floors

The microfiber is not only effective but also safe on any given floor surface. You will find it great for cleaning carpets, tiles and even hardwood floors.

5. Deep Cleaning

The microfiber has the power to absorb and remove tough grime and dirt. Also, you can use this unit wet or dry.

6. Easy Maintenance

All the components are washable and detachable. When you place the appliance on the storage tray, you protect the floor from the water drops to ensure your floors are tidy and clean.

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3. Large Mop Head – Bona Hardwood Floor Spray Mop

Bona Spray Mop is a one-stop solution for cleaning and revealing the natural shine of the floors. The unit includes residue-free cleaner in a washable microfiber pad and refillable cartridge.

You can use this spray mop to clean hardwood floors to remove dirt, grime, and dust revealing the beautiful floors.

The secondary grip allows for the extra cleaning power and the retractable hook that makes storage quite easy.

hardwood floor spray mop

Key Features

1. Versatile

This mop provides everything that you require to get perfectly clean. The unit has a quality spray mop and cleaning pad.

2. Large Mop Head

This unit is designed to clean 40% faster than most units based on the usable cleaning surface area. Thus, you can get work done faster.

3. Fine Mist Spray

With every pull of the trigger, the mop dispenses the right amount of solution for the perfect clean without the need to oversaturate the floors and can cause damage.

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4. Safe for Floors – Swiffer Sweeper Dry and Wet MoppingĀ 

The Sweeper Starter Kit is designed to mop and sweep your floors. Wet mopping dissolves the grime and dirt for good, trapping it and locking it away.

However, you should not use this mop on unfinished, wet, waxed, and oiled wooden boards. The mopping pad consists of an absorbent core that is made of polyester and cellulose fibers.

swiffer sweeper wet mop hardwood

Key Features

1. Eco-friendly

This unit traps and locks dust, dirt, hair, and allergens from dogs and cats dust mite and dander. Thus, this is a perfect mop if you have pets in your home or suffer from allergy.

2. Powerful

The unit is designed to lock and trap dirt deep in the cloth. In fact, scrubbing strips eliminate tough spots.

3. Safe

This mop is safer to use on finished floors. However, you should note use this mop on unfinished, waxed, or oiled wooden boards or carpeted floors as they may be sensitive to water.

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5. Cordless Mop – Tineco iFLOOR Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

Tineco vacuum cleaner and mop is designed to save time by washing and vacuuming the floor easily. The unit lightweight and cordless, with up to 30 minutes of continuous cleaning.

This cleaner is safe to use on indoor hard floors that include laminate, tile, vinyl, linoleum, hardwood, and marble. The good thing about this cleaner and mop is that it is hands-free and has a cleaning system that keeps the tubes and roller clean.
cordless vacuum cleaner

Key Features

1. Maneuverable and Cordless

The unit is lightweight and has a cordless design. That means it is easy to carry around. The improved maneuverability means that it can get to tight spaces and corners. In this way, it makes daily cleaning easy and simple.

2. Wash and Vacuum

This unit allows you to wash and vacuum at the same time. It can also suck large particles and liquids. Therefore, there is no need for sweeping up before you vacuum. This ensures your hardwood floor stays clean and dry.

3. Spot Mode

This is an important feature that allows you to get rid of stains and dirt. Moreover, it offers you additional power you require for the tough stuck-on messes.

4. Effective Cleaning

This cleaner is versatile and good enough to remove tough pet messes and stains to allow easy, quick, and effective cleaning for the home.

5. Dual Tank Technology

This feature ensures that dirty and clean water are separate. In this way, it leaves your floor flesh and shiny.

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6. Adjustable Pole – 18″ Professional Microfiber Hardwood Floor Mop

This microfiber means that you do not have to use a lot of water that can result in streaks. Rather it uses less amount of water. It is thicker for added absorbency and the microfiber is perfect for scrubbing.

Other than a dusting, this unit collects debris such as removingĀ pet hair. With two different types of microfiber, this unit can pick up both large and small debris. In fact, you will find this unit perfect for dusting.

Professional Microfiber Hardwood Floor Mop

Key Features

1. Adjustable Handle

The unit is made of durable stainless steel and can adjust from 42 to 70 inches. With the comfortable foam grip at the top, you can easily store it by hanging it.

2. Durable

This unit has Velcro glued to it. In this case, the Velcro is recessed in the frame so that it does peel off even after continuous use.

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7. Gentle Cleaning Surface – Hurricane Spin Mop with Bucket Hardwood Floor Cleaner

You should note that if the mop head is not clean, then you are not cleaning the floors. Ideally, you are only spreading dirt around. There is a need to mop with a clean mop head after every dip in the bucket.

This is the right cleaning system that is designed to spin away dirty water from the mop head. In this case, the water collects in the bucket and you can clean your floors in a matter of minutes.

Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Key Features

1. Gentle Cleaning Surface

With the innovative 360-degree mop head, you can wipe gently over a wide range of surfaces to have a polished and clean surface.

2. Bucket Included

Unlike the bucket with a wringer, the wet mop bucket uses centrifugal spinning technology to clean the mop head.

3. Easy to Maneuver

This mop is lightweight and compact for easy maneuverability. In fact, it weighs less than 2 pounds.

4. 360-degree Pivoting Head

You can easily reach each cranny and nook when cleaning the kitchen floor with the pivoting head that can reach everywhere.

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Not all the head mops can clean hardwood floors with the same effectiveness. For instance, you can find some that are effective for general cleaning while others are perfect for spot cleaning or heavy traffic. Ideally, it is a combination of the machine and material.

Even if you have the best wet mop for hardwood, it will be useless if you cannot use it. Therefore, you should get a mop that is easy to use. In most cases, it is advisable to go for a simple machine.

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