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Best Dust Mop for Laminate Floors Reviews for 2022

Laminate floors are known to be one of the best floors ever and you need to keep them looking brand new. A wrong dust mop can cause scratches on the floor. So, it’s critical to get the best dust mop for laminate floors.

We’ll be talking about tips on dusting laminate floors and how to choose the right dust mop for your laminate floors. Let’s check it out!

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Guide on Choosing a Dust Mop for Laminate Floors

There are a few things you need to look at before purchasing a dust mop for laminate floors; a dust mop should have several features that provide excellent results when they are combined. Here are some features the best dust mop should have.

best dust mop for laminate floors

1. Head Size

When buying a dust mop, look at the size of its head; the head size depends on the kind of furniture you have on the laminate floor. The size of the mop head depends on you; if you find it challenging to work with a bigger one, you can purchase one that is small and suits your needs.

Choose one depending on the number of furniture you have; a small-headed one is good for a floor with a lot of furniture because it can reach everywhere while a big one suits a floor with less furniture.

2. Swiveling Head

A good dust mop should have a head that can turn in any direction. This makes your work of cleaning easy since cleaning under the furniture and corners will be very easy.

3. Adjustable Height

Purchase a mop with adjustable handles because with that; everyone can use it without having any problems.

Tall and short people can use this kind of mop apart from that. The adjustable height allows one to reach all ends under the furniture, all the corners, and above the floor.

Luckily, there is a dust mop with an adjustable handle – Eyliden Microfiber Mops

4. Durability

No one loves buying new mops frequently, and therefore you need to buy a long-lasting mop. For you to know a good and long-lasting one, you should read through other people’s reviews. These reviews can give you an idea of the kind of product you are yet to buy.

5. Weight

Buy a lightweight mop because it’s very easy to use, unlike a heavy one. Heavy ones might look strong but gives you a hard time when cleaning.


What Is The Best Dust Mop For Laminate Floors?

There are several mops for laminate floors, but there are those known to be the best, and these are:


Best Wooly – Sladust Big Wooly Dust Mop for Laminate Floors

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Flat Dust Mop and Microfiber Pads Refills

flat dust mop and sweeping clean mop

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Best Cotton -JINCLEAN 24” Dust Floor Mop for Laminate Floors

cotton dust mop

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These are the best dust mops for laminate floors; if in case you need one for your floor, just pick from the above mentioned few. These dust mops clean your floor without leaving behind any scratch hence doing the job brilliantly.


How Often Should I Dust Clean My Laminate Floors?

You can dust clean the floor as much as you can, wash them a minimum of every two weeks, but if you have pets or if you walk in with shoes, it means that you should dust clean the floor regularly. The best way to maintain any type of floor is by cleaning it and generally taking good care of it.

You should not wait until the floor is too dirty so that you can clean that gives you a hard time, laminate floors should be cleaned regularly, sweep a dry dust mop across the floor surface every day to remove dirt. You want your floor to look good, which is why you are required to do the cleaning now and then.

Laminate floors are cheaper and easier to take care of, but you should not ignore dust cleaning it because the more you leave it, the more the development of dirt and dust. You need to put a little effort to put it in good condition.


Tips and Guides on Cleaning Laminate Floors?

Just like any other floor, laminate floors should always be cleaned and maintained. Here is what you need to know about maintaining your laminate floors; most of us have no idea on how to clean these floors. Always keep in mind that laminate floors should never come in contact with moisture since it’s made with wood.

dust clean laminate floors

1. Avoid Using Wet Mops

While cleaning laminate floors, avoid using wet mops or steam cleaners because it damages your floor, never leave liquids on the floor; instead, you should use a dust mop for laminate floors to get rid of any spill as soon as possible.

If there are some tough spots that give you a hard time while cleaning, just use nail polish, and it will get rid of the spots.

Using a hard floor attachment, always vacuum or sweep your floor to get rid of any dirt that might dull the floor, clean the floor with cleaning products that are meant for cleaning only hardwood floors.

Avoid washing the floor with these products: oil soap detergent, water, and soap the products will cause harm to your floors by making them swell, warp, and delaminate.


2. Avoid Scrubbing Your Floors

Even when the floor is too dirty, don’t use rough products to scrub it, for instance, steel wool, chlorinated cleaners, and abrasive cleaners.

If you come across chewing gum or wax spots, just harden the spot using ice and simply remove it with a plastic scraper and be careful enough not to scratch the floor surface; after that, clean the place using a damp cloth.

For your laminate floor to look good for years, you are advised to use a microfiber mop for laminate floors, avoid fabric softeners at any cost because they contain chemicals and when used on the floor it can cause dulling over time.

To keep your laminate floor beautiful, use the right products don’t try some products that are not meant for your floor type.

Dust mops work best for laminate floors; it is always good to get the best option from the market to help you clean your laminate floor. It is good to ensure the floor is in a good state at any given time.



Can Swiffer be used on laminate floors?

Yes. Swiffer is a great and safe dust microfiber mop to use on the laminate floor. What is more, Swiffer Wetjet is also safe to use on the laminate floor. Click here to check it out.


Final Words

Laminate floors are simply the best and can last longer if you only take good care of them, apart from that you should also know how to clean them, how often to dust clean them, how to choose a dust mop for laminate floors and the best dust mop for laminate floors.

Laminate flooring is durable and easy to clean, that is why most people prefer this kind of flooring, and especially those people who dare too busy and can clean the floors only ones.

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