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Bissell Steam Mop 1806 vs 1940, Which One Wins?

Though Bissell has released a few different steam mop models over the years, two, in particular, have become the most popular- the Bissell Steam Mop 1806 and 1940. Both of these machines boast advantages and disadvantages, but users have been debating which one is better for some time now.

This article will review both the steam mop 1940 and 1806. Keep reading the article to get well-detailed information. Let’s get started!

Why Do People Have Trouble Making a Choice Between Bissell 1806 and 1940

Bissell Steam Mop 1806 vs 1940

Have you wondered why it is difficult to choose between the 1940 and 1806 steam mop? These two are different from the rest of the steam mops in the market. Furthermore, both of them are manufactured by one company.

The two steam mops have great features and a slight difference between them. The similarity in their features can make you have difficulty deciding which one to buy.

Moreover, these steam mops complement each other in their differences, making it more challenging to choose between them.


The In-depth Review of Bissell Steam Mop 1806

why should you by bissell 1806 steam mop

The Bissell 1806 steam mop has unique features that make it superb for cleaning the floors and various surfaces. The features include:


1. Steam settings

steam level of bissell steam mop

It has three digital buttons, one button for controlling the steam mop power and two other buttons that help you navigate between high steam and low steam output. The floorhead allows you to see the dirt you lift through the floor and windows.

You will also benefit from a spotting brush that does an excellent job of cleaning tough messes and grout lines. The microfiber pad contains an elastic band, ensuring the floor head is secure. Moreover, the pad contains a place for putting a scent disc that boosts fragrance.

2. Maneuverability

Just because this steam mop is powerful does not mean it is heavy. It weighs 5.7 pounds. It has a triangle loop handle and a pivoted floor head. Moreover, the steam mop is easy to navigate between furniture and corners.

The floor head spans twelve inches, which makes it cover a large surface in a pass. The steam mop has a twenty-five power cord giving you plenty of reaches.

Furthermore, you can access the scrub brush by pushing the pedal towards the floor and detaching the floor head from the tank.

3. Water reservoir

It contains a twelve amperes heater that includes a ninety-ounce reservoir that has two benefits. The first benefit is that the large capacity supports the steam mop enabling you to work for long hours if the tank is full.

Furthermore, it takes thirty seconds for the steam mop to have continuous steam. If the water temperatures reach optimum, the light will illuminate from the indicator. The water tank is permanently attached and has a measuring cup.

However, the tank has a frosted window that allows you to check the water level and determine a time to refill.

4. Cord Length

1806 has a twenty-five feet long cord that enables you to work on large areas at a faster rate. The 1806 steam mop has the most extended cord length compared to other steam mops. If you have a large floor to clean, you should go for this steam mop.

5. Power Supply

The power output of a steam mop will determine how well it functions. High power output will produce thick steam, which is excellent for heavy-duty dirt. The 1806 steam mop works at a power output of 1450 watts. That is why it has thick steam for removing dirt from your floor surfaces.

 Special design

speical design of bissell 1806 steam mop

The Bissel 1806 has a branded spot boost brush that is behind the nozzle. If you are not using the spot brush, you will flip it up and out and it will be out of your way. Moreover, if you encounter tough stains, you can flip the brush down and clean stains.

It contains two steam levels. It also has two microfibers, one for scrubbing grime and stains and another for fragile floors.


how will steam mop work for you

How bacteria and germs are removed is an essential factor in choosing a steam mop. The 1806 steam mop is designed to clean sealed floors such as tile, vinyl, and linoleum. You also use it to steam carpets.

The 1806 steam mop has mopping cloths attached to the elastic band underneath the cleaning head. It has two pads, a tougher pad for grime and stain, and a soft pad for cleaning fragile floors.

It has a thirty-second heating time which allows you to clean dirt before it spreads. 1806 has twelve amperes producing a pressured steam for cleaning the surface.

Moreover, it has two steam levels, both high and low. The Bissell 1806 has a SPOTBoost brush that you can use to remove grime and stain on the floor.

Pros and cons


  • It has a twenty-five-inch cord length.
  • It contains a spot boost brush.
  • It is friendly with tall people.


  • It has slightly less power of 1450 watts
  • It has two steam settings.


How to use it properly?


The 1806 steam mop works best by ensuring you remove all the grit and dirt. Suppose you want the best results, first, vacuum or sweep the floor because if your floor is heavily soiled, you will smear dirt on every part of the floor with hot steam.

How to maintain it?

After cleaning, unplug your steam mop; when done cleaning, always empty the tank, clean the nozzles, change your mop pads if need be, and clean the exterior of the steam mop when you are done with the cleaning.



The In-depth Review of Bissell Steam Mop 1940

bissell 1940 steam mop review

The Bissell 1940 steam mop has unique features that make it do a good job when it comes to cleaning. The features include:


1. Steam setting

The 1940 steam mop contains a digital control button that allows you to choose between three options high, medium, and low. It has two viewing windows.

It is suitable for cleaning big sticky stains. Moreover, it contains a reusable microfiber pad. If you want to be using a scent disc, you will insert one in the mop pad.

2. Water reservoir

The 1940 steam mop makes the water hot at 1500 watts. Its water tank holds sixteen ounces of water. It has a light indicator to show that your water is hot enough. Moreover, it takes thirty seconds to heat the water continuously to ensure you remove all the dirt on the floor.

The 1940 steam mop tank detaches completely from the mop. A portion of the water tank is opaque and another half-transparent part. The transparent part allows you to check the water level for a refill.

3. Maneuverability

The 1940 steam mop is a lightweight machine that weighs six pounds. It also has a looped D handle and has a swivel steering. Using this steam mop, you can clean your carpet since it is compatible with a carpet glider attachment.

If you compare the Bissell 1940 and 1806, you will notice that both have shaped floor heads. The floor head measures twelve inches in width. The floor head spans an entire foot.

4. Power supply

The Bissell 1940 has a high power output and produces thicker steam which is excellent for cleaning heavy grime and dirt. Most steam mops have a power output ranging between 1000 to 1800 watts.

However, the 1940 steam mop has a power output of 1500 watts, making it superior to the Bissell steam mops. It has fifty more watts than 1806. If you prefer more power output, you should purchase this steam mop.

5. Cord length

The cord length of the Bissell 1940 is twenty-three inches long. The 1806 steam mop is two inches longer than the 1940 steam mop. The 1940 Bissell steam mop is useful in cleaning small rooms and spaces. The power cord in this steam mop is kept in the popout shaft.

Special design

features of steam of 1940

It has an easy scrubber for removing tough stains. It also has an attachment for a carpet glider to help deep clean your carpets.

Moreover, it has three steam levels that include high, medium, and low. It has a removable water tank.


The 1940 steam mop is designed for cleaning purposes. It removes dirt and grime from floor surfaces. Also, it has mopping cloths attached to the elastic band. Furthermore, it has a tough and soft pad for cleaning.

The Bissell 1940 is designed to use twelve amperes which pressurize the steam for effective cleaning of your floors. It takes thirty seconds to heat water to ensure your cleaning is continuous and dirt does not spread. The 1940 steam mop has three high, medium, and low steam levels to ensure you achieve your desired cleanliness.

The Bissell 1940 has an easy scrubber brush that helps to remove stuck-on dirt, grime, and tough stains.

Pros and Cons


  • It has three steam settings high, medium, and low
  • It has sixteen ounces of tank capacity
  • It has 1500 watts of power


  • It has a twenty-three inches long cord
  • It does not do well with tall people with 28.6 inches

How to use it properly?

To clean your surface properly, you need to ensure you vacuum and sweep the floor first. Moreover, make sure the tank has enough water. Check to ensure that your steam mop is plugged correctly for effective cleaning. After cleaning, store the steam mop in a safe place.

How to maintain it?

After you are done cleaning, unplug your steam mop, and clean the exterior of the steam mop. Also, when you are done cleaning, always empty the tank, clean the nozzles, change your mop pads if need be, and always store the steam mop in a safe place.


Similarities between Bissell 1940 and 1806

  1. Both steam mops take thirty seconds to heat water.
  2. Both steam mops have optional scrubbers.
  3. Both steam mops have two special pads: a rough pad and a soft pad.
  4. Both steam mops are designed with twelve amperes.


Differences between Bissell 1940 and 1806

  1. The Bissell 1940 has a removable water tank, while the Bissell 1806 has a permanent water tank.
  2. The Bissell 1806 has 19 ounces and the Bissell 1940 has 16 ounces.
  3. The Bissell 1806 has a twenty-five inches long cord, while the Bissell 1940 has a cord length of twenty-three inches.
  4. The Bissell 1940 has three steam levels, while the Bissell 1806 has two steam levels.
  5. The Bissell 1940 has a power output of 1500 watts, while the Bissell 1806 has 1450 watts.


Who Should Choose 1806 and Who Needs 1940?

You can choose Bissell 1806 if you have large floors to clean or spaces. It has a large water capacity to ensure a continuous cleaning process.

If you have a small area or room to clean, you can use the Bissell 1940. It is very powerful and has three steam levels and is lightweight.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Bissell is better, 1940 or 1806?

The Bissell 1940 is better than the Bissell 1806 because it has three steam levels high, medium and low.

2. Which Bissell steamer is the best?

The Bissell 1940 is the best compared to all Bissell steamers.

3. Is the Bissell PowerFresh steam mop worth it?

Yes, it is worth it. The Bissell PowerFresh steam mops are of the best quality in the market. They make floors spotless and you will get value for your money.


In conclusion, the Bissell 1940 and Bissell 1806 are the best steam mops. Both of them have their similarities and differences. Moreover, they both serve the exact need of cleaning floors.

Feel free to use this article as a guide to help you in choosing between the two steam mops. Furthermore, you can share this article with friends, family, and colleagues. Thanks for reading through the article.

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