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Spin Mop vs. Steam Mop, How to Choose?

Are you planning to buy a mop but are torn between a steam mop and a spin mop? Continue reading to learn their comparison and know which most suits your needs.

Both steam and spin mops are popular handheld tools useful in cleaning floors. However, these mops differ in various aspects. Continue reading as we compare spin mop vs. steam mop to help you decide the most suitable for your floors.


Facts About Traditional Spin Mop

why do you need a spin mop

A traditional spin mop comes in a pair – mop and bucket. Furthermore, it doesn’t have a power cord, so it does not require electricity to use it.

A spin mop makes cleaning easy and completely hassle-free. All you do is fill your bucket with your ideal cleaning solution, and you will be good to start cleaning.

Here are the pros and cons of a traditional spin mop.

What We Like Spin Mop About?

what do we like spin mop about

1. Abrasion-resistant fiber clothing pad

A traditional spin mop is made of a soft microfiber clothing pad at the lower surface that is gentle to work on every floor. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about scratches or abrasions on your flooring with this mop.

2. Less water needed

A spin mop requires significantly less water to clean than a regular mop.

3. Less physical effort

A spin mop is not only quick but also requires less physical effort. The mop has a microfiber head that glides smoothly on floor surfaces without extra exertions.

Also, most buckets have wheels that enable you to move the bucket around as you clean, eliminating the need to carry the cleaning solution around.

In addition, with a spin mop, you do not have to bend down and wring out the excess water from the mop head. Instead, the spinning strainer on the bucket removes the excess water.

4. Effective cleaning

A spin mop is a thorough cleaning that provides effective cleaning. Its fiber head easily dislodges even the hardest stains and dirt specks from your floor, leaving it sparkling clean.


What We Dislike Spin Mop About?

what do we not like spin mop about

1. It is expensive than regular mop

A spin mop is more expensive than a regular mop.

2. The mop head needs to be changed regularly

One of the disadvantages of using a spin mop is that its head requires changing once in a while, depending on how frequently you use it.

Also, the mop heads explicitly designed for spin mobs are a bit more expensive than the regular mop heads.

3. It requires space

A spin mop comprises a bucket, a mop, and other accessories. Unlike a simple traditional mop, a spin mop will occupy larger storage space.

4. The mop handle and head detach.

When you apply more pressure, the middle or bottom part of a spin mob sometimes detaches, which is inconvenient.

Who should buy a spin mop?

A spin mop is ideal for anyone looking for a mop that does not require electricity but provides effective cleaning with less physical effort.


Facts About Steam Mop to Clean and Sanitize

why do you need a steam mop

Steam mops are versatile appliances that offer thorough cleaning throughout the home from indoors to out. Here are the pros and cons of this handy tool.

What We Like Steam Mop About?

1. Safe for kids and pets

One of the advantages of a steam mop is that it is safe for kids and pets. This mop does not use any toxic chemicals while cleaning.

It only uses steam. Therefore, even after washing, your pets and kids can work on the surface without risking their lives.

2. Get rid of germs

Another great thing about steam mop is that it cleans your floor and sanitizes. A steam mop kills harmful germs and bacteria that may be present on the floor. Therefore, if the health of your family matters, this is your ideal mop.

3. Less effort

Using a steam mop, you complete the cleaning activity faster and require less scrubbing effort. You need to fill the mop tank with the cleaning solution and connect it to the power outlet. Then you glide it around as it does the job.

What We Dislike Steam Mop About?

1. Requires batteries or electricity

Unlike a spin mop, a steam mop needs batteries or electricity to enable it to emit steam. Therefore, a steam mop is not ideal when cleaning ample space or outdoors since you need to be near a power outlet.

2. More Expensive

A steam mop is more expensive than a traditional mop. Also, you will have to incur electricity costs every time you are using the mop.

3. It is heavy

Most steam mops are a bit heavy, weighing around 6 to 10 pounds. Therefore, if you are planning to use it on a building with several levels, be ready to carry it up and down the stairs. Check for more lightweight steam mop we picked for you.

Who should buy a steam mop?

A steam mop is ideal for anyone looking for a mop that sanitizes and is safe for kids and pets. Also, it is the best option when dealing with stubborn dirt and stains.


Spin Mop vs. Steam Mop, How to Choose?

spin mop vs steam mop

Here is a comparison between a spin mop and a steam mop in terms of cleaning results, ease of cleaning, price, flooring types, and versatility

  1. Cleaning result

A spin mop and steam mop differ in terms of their cleaning results. Although a spin mop effectively floors, a steam mop offers a higher cleaning performance. A steam mop effectively removes stubborn dirt and stains that, in some cases, a spin mop can remove.

A steam mop pad is more potent than a spin mop since it runs using power. Also, a steam mop releases a scorching vapor that kills bacteria and germs present on the floor. Therefore, a steam mop will be ideal if you need a mop that can clean and disinfect your flooring.

  1. Easy to clean

When it comes to cleaning the mop, a spin mop is easier to clean than a steam mop. A spin mop has a microfiber head that is removable and washable.

It is easy to remove the microfiber head from the handle and then machine wash it. On the other hand, cleaning a steam mop involves a procedure. You will need to clean the water tank, the nozzles, and the mop pads.

  1. Price

One of the main differences between spin and steam mops is their difference. Although a steam mop can clean and sanitize simultaneously, it is usually more expensive than spin mops.

Therefore, if you are looking for a low-budget mop, a spin mop will be ideal.

  1. Flooring types

A spin mop is ideal for cleaning all types of floors, from tiles to hardwood. It uses a microfiber on its head, which is exceptionally soft and cannot damage any flooring.

A spin mop does cause scratches or marks, making it a good choice among many homeowners. While on the other hand, a steam mop is not suitable for all kinds of floors. Experts do not recommend using a steam mop with gaps such as vinyl tiles.

Also, it is not best to clean vinyl floors because it can breach the adhesive used to make the floor fade. A steam mop is also not suitable for cleaning a hardwood floor because water can make them swell hence damaging it.

A steam mop is safe for cleaning porcelain and ceramic tile floors. Therefore, when choosing between a spin mop and steam mop, ensure you consider your floor type.

  1. Versatility

Although a steam mop is quicker than a spin mop, a spin mop is more versatile. Since a steam mop requires electricity or batteries, it cannot be helpful in cleaning areas without a power outlet.

You can carry around your buck and mop and clean wherever you want with a spin mop.

Also, a steam mop is not as effective as a steam mop while cleaning the furthest end corners of a room.


Electric Mop VS Steam Mop, Which One to Choose?

is electric spin mop better than a steam mop

Unlike a steam mop that emits hot water vapor to clean, an electric mop sweeps and mops the floor using friction from rotating scrubbing or soft-touch pads onboard a water tank. Here are the pro and cons of an electric mop:


1. Cleans effortlessly

One of the main advantages of an electric mop is that it does not require the user to exert any physical effort. The mop easily glides across the floor, reducing the cleaning effort.

2. Less water

An electric mop uses less water. The mop comes on board with a water tank and dispenses it with an on-demand spray on the floor when you need it.

3. Customizable

Electrical mops feature options that you can adjust depending on your cleaning needs. Also, most electrical mops come with both scrubby and soft-touch pads. You can easily switch depending on the mess you are cleaning.


  • An electrical mop cannot soak up a large amount of liquid.
  • It limits you to areas you can clean because it relies on electricity. You cannot clean an area without a power outlet.
  • Attaching the scrubby pads or soft-touch pads is somehow tricky.

If you are looking for a mop that can clean without your physical effort, an electrical mop is ideal for you.

Also, it is an excellent option if you have a hand, wrist, or other mobility issues. i.e., arthritis.



  1. Is spin mop better than steam mop?

Both spin mop and steam mop are effective in cleaning floors. A spin mop is easy to use, but a steam mop is a better option in terms of the level of performance.

A steam mop is better at removing stricter dirt and stains and sanitizing. However, your choice between a spin mop and a steam mop will depend on your budget, type of floor, and many more.

  1. Do spin mops work better?

Yes. A spin mop is an all-rounded cleaning solution. It has a soft microfiber head that can be used in almost all floor types because it does not leave behind any scratches and abrasions.

A spin mop is ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach areas and uses less water. Also, it is versatile since you can carry it around the bucket and mop anywhere you want.

  1. Does a steam mop clean as well as a regular mop?

A regular mop helps clean a spill or dirty spill quickly. However, a steam mop cleans the dirt and kills germs and bacteria that may be present on the floor.



Many homeowners get stuck between buying a spin mop and a steam mop. These two mops differ in so many aspects. They also both have advantages and disadvantages. We hope this article will help you decide on the type of mop to buy.


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